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					ARTS 2001                   Dramatic realism to “real” realism

Notice on this chart how the idea of “realism” fluctuates from one art period to the next. We’ve been comparing different
periods of art by comparing how realistically the human figure is portrayed. We will now look at how the dramatic realism of
the Baroque period begins to push art towards a “new” realism—a reality based not on what we see but what might be….

                                                                              1.   What period gave birth to interior designs
                                                                                   with fancy ornamentation like the image
                                                                                   at left?
                                                                              2.   What group of people supported this
                                                                              3.   What are some of the characteristics of
                                                                                   this style?

                                      Left: Fragonard: The Swing
                                      Below: Boucher: Judgment of Paris

                                                                                          4.   How do the subjects of these
                                                                                               paintings differ from the
                                                                                               subjects of Renaissance

                                                                                          5.   How do the paintings
                                                                                               resemble the Baroque
Read this article ( and view this Powerpoint presentation on Romanticism: before answering the following questions.

                                                               Left: David: Oath of the Horatii

                                                                    6.   After his visit to Rome, what became Jacques-
                                                                         Louis David’s goal in painting?

Above: Ingres: La Grande Odalisque

       Right: Delacroix: Death of Sardanopolis

    7. Although NeoClassicism is considered by many to be a type of Romanticism, the two paintings
       above represent two very different types of paintings: one, based on the “old way,” and the other,
       a radical new idea in painting. What were the characteristics of each style of painting?

                                                   Left: Goya. The Third of May

                                                   8. Goya’s paintings of the horrors of war opened the door for
                                                   a new type of painting and even new careers—careers that
                                                   are very much a part of our world today. What is this style of
                                                   painting called? What careers today relate to Goya’s