Tom Basile NYSGOP Resignation Letter by CelesteKatz


                                        EDWARD F. COX

June 18, 2011

Hon. Edward F. Cox
Chairman, New York Republican State Committee
315 State Street
Albany, New York 12210

Mr. Chairman:

Over the last two years, starting before you assumed the Chairmanship, I have been privileged
to help realize your vision of a stronger Republican Party for the people of New York State.
That vision was to develop a sustainable, independent, active Republican institution that
provided a variety of services for local committees that would aid them in winning elections. In
the summer of 2009, at your direction, a ten-point plan was developed to help achieve these

I am proud to say that we have met many of those ambitious objectives that were established
including providing ongoing counsel, increased direct local financial assistance, new training
programs, better intra-party communications, improved media accessibility and other assistance
to help ensure victories across the state. Our local assistance program in 2009, multi-faceted
statewide effort last year and our grassroots training initiatives in 2011have helped make this
party more dynamic and more effective than in years prior.

New York Republicanism is on the rise due to our message that resonates with a broad cross-
section of voters, great candidates, strong local leadership, and a re-energized donor base due
to your efforts. As you know, State Parties don’t run campaigns and they don’t fund them. They
help ensure that an infrastructure is sustained that can help spread our message and support as
many candidates as possible.

There is more work to be done to rebuild our party, but due to certain personal and professional
considerations I believe that now is the right time for me to move on. I shall leave my current
post effective July 31, 2011 to permit a proper operational transition. It is my hope to continue
offering strategic counsel to you and the Party and contribute in other ways to the ongoing
success of this institution under your leadership.

What we have done could not have been accomplished without the hard work and dedication of
a wonderful staff who endured a running start to this administration in 2009 and the busiest
political season this state had seen in more than 30 years in 2010. Both elections yielded
historic victories for our Party. Past and present staff, consultants and faithful volunteers each
has my deep appreciation for their responsiveness and constant counsel.
I particularly want to thank all of our State Vice Chairs and County Chairs for all their support,
cooperation and constant guidance. I will be reaching out to them in the coming days to
personally express my appreciation. We have a great group of County Chairs and I hope this
Party will continue to serve their needs.

As you well know, a strong New York Republican Party is not only good for our state but
important for the health of our cause on a national level.

Carrie and I wish you and the team continued success. Thank you for the opportunity to serve
your administration, our great Republican Party and the people of New York.


Thomas J. Basile
Executive Director
New York Republican State Committee

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