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					                        Welcome to the Medinah Park District
                     22W130 Thorndale Avenue • Medinah, Illinois 60157 • Ph. 630-893-2560 • Fax 630-893-0932

    Board of Commissioners                                              Office Hours: Monday – Friday     8:30 am – 5:00 pm
                                                                        Thorndale Recreation Center Closings:
    Thomas Jansen               President                                             September 1, November 27, December 25
    Rick Main                   Vice President
    Lance Murphy                Commissioner
    Thomas Guarino              Commissioner                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                                                       General Information ............................................ 2, 3, 28, 30-31
    The Board of Commissioners meet at 7:30 pm on August 20,
    September 17, October 22, November 19 and December 17,                Rentals and Services ............................................................ 28
    2008 at the Thorndale Recreation Center. The public is                Registration ........................................................................... 31
    encouraged to attend.                                                 Parks and Facilities Map ....................................................... 25
    Staff                                                                 NEDSRA ............................................................................... 29
    Administration                                                     Early Childhood ................................................................... 8-11
    Anne Templin                Administrative Assistant                  Preschool ............................................................................... 11
    Tom Connolly, CPRP          Director
                                                                          Tots ..................................................................................... 8-10
    Recreation Department
                                                                       Youth ............................................................................ 6-7, 12-19
    Bruce Baum, CPRP            Superintendent of Recreation
    Logan Rietz                 Recreation Supervisor                    General ............................................................................. 12-19
    Carol Healy                 Recreation Supervisor                     Sports .................................................................................... 12
    Pam Chapman                 Registrar
                                                                          Trips ...................................................................................... 6-7
    Jennifer Puglise            Receptionist
    Barbara Pasala              Receptionist                           Teens ...................................................................... 6-7, 19, 20-23
    Parks Department                                                     General ....................................................................... 19, 20-23
    Vince DeGrado               Superintendent of Parks                   Trips ...................................................................................... 6-7
    Richard Kropacek            Maintenance
                                                                       Special Events ............................................................. 4,5
    Police/Safety Department
                                                                       Adults ........................................................................... 6-7, 22-25
    William Kassal              Police Chief
                                                                          General ............................................................................. 22-25
    Richard Brawner             Police Lieutenant
    Timothy Marino              Police Deputy                             Sports .................................................................................... 23
    Mark Goode                  Safety Coordinator                        Trips ...................................................................................... 6-7
    *CPRP – Certified Park and Recreation Professional                 Seniors .............................................................................. 6-7, 24
                                                                       Fitness ............................................................................... 26, 27
                                                                          The Fitness Room ................................................................. 26
                                                                          Open Gym ............................................................................. 27
    Mission Statement and Goals
    The Mission of the Medinah Park District is to enhance
    the quality of life of Park District residents and visitors
    - Providing safe, fun and enjoyable recreation
    - Promoting sound and effective use of Park District
    - Preserving and maintaining open space

    The goals of the Medinah Park District are:
    - To create, monitor and maintain a high standard of
      safety in all Park District operations and services.
    - To create in our residents an awareness of the ben-
      efits provided by our programs, parks and services.
    - To provide services for all ages and abilities, and to
      meet the needs of an ethnically diverse population.                                                                           Periodical Publication:
    - To provide quality services through professionalism.                                                                          Autumn 2008
                                                                                                                                    Medinah Park District
                                                                                                                                    Tri-Yearly Publication
                                                                                                                                    Issue #08-3

2                                                          Medinah Park District
                                                                          General Information
Icons                                                                     the program. Full refunds will be issued for programs cancelled
The program guide uses icons to represent important information           due to low enrollment. If a program has an advertised deadline
pertaining to specific programs or services. Key Code boxes are           date listed in the brochure description, the program will be can-
located throughout the brochure and contain the information that          celled after that date if registration has not reached the minimum.
relates to the icons that are used.
                                                                          Americans with Disabilities Act
Co-operative Program –                                                    The Medinah Park District is committed to accessibility for individu-
Parent/Child Program –                                                    als with disabilities and strives to provide equal, integrated partici-
Adult Trip Walking Levels –                                               pation in all programs, services and activities. The park district’s
                                                                          policy is to reasonably accommodate all qualified program appli-
Co-operative Programming                                                  cants in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
The Medinah Park District co-ops with the following leisure agen-         We welcome the questions, comments and concerns of interested
cies to provide program opportunities for you and your family:            community members regarding district ADA compliance.
Addison Park District, Bloomingdale Park District, Itasca Park Dis-
trict, Roselle Park District and the Wood Dale Park District .            To arrange for auxiliary aids or accommodations enabling individu-
                                                                          als with disabilities to participate in park district public meetings, or
                                                                          to request publications in a special format (audiocassette, large
Employment Opportunitites
                                                                          print) call 630/893-2560 or write to 22W130 Thorndale Avenue,
The Medinah Park District is looking for qualified, enthusiastic people
                                                                          Medinah, IL 60157.
for a variety of positions. Applications for part time employment are
accepted year round. Persons interested in teaching or supervis-          Inclusive Recreation Programs
ing a recreation program should contact the Superintendent of Rec-        In a continuing effort to meet the needs of residents with special
reation at 630/893-2560. Persons interested in working in our parks       needs, NEDSRA (see page 29) and the Medinah Park District pro-
department should contact the Superintendent of Parks at 630/893-         vide inclusive recreation services. This means that individuals with
2560. Applications can be picked up at the park district office at        disabilities can participate in programs offered by the park district.
22W130 Thorndale Avenue. The Medinah Park District is an equal            This inclusive recreation environment provides residents with dis-
opportunity employer.                                                     abilities greater choices for their leisure time and allows all resi-
                                                                          dents to learn about one another as they participate together. Let
Notary Public
                                                                          the park district and NEDSRA know of your special needs and in-
If you are in need of a Notary Public, the Medinah Park District can
                                                                          terests so that we can provide the support necessary for success-
help. We have a Notary Public on staff who will notarize documents
                                                                          ful inclusion. By communicating your needs, the park district and
free of charge. To take advantage of this service, please call the
                                                                          NEDSRA can be prepared to provide you with appropriate services.
park district at 630/893-2560 to arrange for an appointment.
                                                                          Field Conditions
Insurance Disclaimer                                                      Daily field conditions for youth soccer, baseball and softball can be
The Medinah Park District is committed to conducting its recre-           obtained by calling 630/893-2925 after 4:00 pm daily.
ational programs and services in the safest manner possible and
holds the safety of participants in the highest regard. Participants,     Visit Our Website
and parents registering their child in recreational programs, must        The Medinah Park District’s website is located at
recognize, however, that there is an inherent risk of injury when You can peruse programs, review
choosing to participate in activities.
                                                                          board of commissioner meeting minutes and agendas, download
Please recognize that the Medinah Park District does not carry            a printable registration form, find an application for employment or
medical accident insurance for injuries sustained in its programs.        view our site and stay informed. If you have suggestions or ideas
The cost of such would make program fees prohibitive; therefore,          for our website, please contact us at 630/893-2560.
each person registering themselves or a family member for a rec-
reational program/activity should review their own medical insur-         Where, Oh Where, Can My Little Dog Go?
ance policy for coverage. It must also be noted that the absence          Here’s the scoop. Dogs and their owners are welcome in many of
of medical insurance coverage does not make the Medinah Park              our parks – as long as the pets are on a leash, under control of the
District automatically responsible for the payment of medical ex-         owner at all times and owners clean up after their animals. Out of
penses. The Medinah Park District requires that all program par-          courtesy to others using our parks, pet owners must take
ticipants or legal guardians sign a Liability Waiver and Release          responsibility and help to keep our parks clean. For those who
form at the time of registration. Your understanding and coopera-         are looking for a place to run their dogs, the Forest Preserve District
tion are greatly appreciated.                                             of DuPage County has several dog exercise locations in area
                                                                          preserves including Mallard Lake in Hanover Park and East Branch
Program Guide Changes/Errors Disclaimer                                   in Glendale Heights. Contact the Forest Preserve District at 630/
Due to the large amount of information available in the Medinah           933-7248 for rules, locations and additional information.
Park District brochures, errors and changes before and after pub-
lication may occur. While we attempt to locate and correct all er-
rors in the proofing process, some items are missed. We apolo-
gize for any errors that may occur and will attempt to advise you of
any changes as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience
and understanding when these situations arise.

Program Cancellations
Programs that do not reach the advertised minimum registration
number at least 1 week prior to the start of the program will be
cancelled due to low enrollment. Participants will be notified of the
cancellation during the week prior to the advertised start date of

                                            Visit Our Website:                                                  3
           Family Fest 2008
                                     Thorndale Park
                                       Saturday, August 23
                                        11:00 am – 4:00 pm
                                  Come celebrate Family Fest at Thorndale Park. Everyone is invited!
                                  Enjoy games, class demonstrations, live entertainment, raffles and great
                                  food. Stroll through organization and craft show booths. All activities are

Scheduled Entertainment / Events
•     Miller’s Petting Zoo: 11:00am-4:00pm
•     Craft Show and Business Expo: 11:00am-4:00pm                                                  First 200
•     5 on 5 Youth Dodgeball Classic (ages 10+): 11:30am                                       School District #11
•     Clowning Around Awesome Inflatables: 11:30am-3:30pm                                       Students to Stop
•     Professor Marvel’s Amazing Flea Circus and Magic Show: 12:00pm                             at Registration
•     Toilet Seat Horseshoes: 12:00pm
•     Bingo: 12:30pm
                                                                                                Table Get Great
•     Corn Husking Contest: 12:45pm                                                               Give-Aways!
•     Bags Tournament: 1:00pm
•     CupCake the Clown (Magic and face painting): 1:00pm
•     Watermelon Eating Contest: 1:00pm
•     “British Export”: 2:00-3:30pm

    Come join us for a night under the stars. We will be camping out in the fields behind the Thorndale Recreation Center all night. Roast
    marshmallows over the fire and tell camp stories at this great family event. Bring your tents, sleeping bags and telescopes for an
    evening of fun for all. Included are a late night treat and coffee and donuts in the morning. NO PETS, PERSONAL FIRES, OR

    Location:    Thorndale Recreation Center-Ball Fields
    Fee:         $25(R)/$35(NR) per family of 4 and $5 for each
                 additional person             Min/Max: 6/10
    Age:         Families

    Code         Day           Date                Time
    5001         Fri-Sat       Oct 3-Oct 4         6:30pm-9:00am

    Registration Deadline: September 26

4                                                           Medinah Park District
                                                                                             Special Events
Get ready for fall with this fun, family event. Get your family to-
gether and bring clothes and supplies to create your own scare-
                                                                            SANTA’S CALLING
crow. Medinah Park District will provide the hay/stuffing and the           Jolly Old Saint Nick will be calling children 3-8 years old to check
post. Watch the crows fly away when you and your family install             their Christmas lists. To make arrangements with Santa, call the
this fun-loving guest at the park district. All scarecrows will be judged   Park District at 893-2560 between November 12 and December
and the winner will be announced on October 27th.                           10, 2008. Calls will be made to the children on December 12 be-
                                                                            tween 3:30 -6:00pm.
Location:      Thorndale Recreation Center                                  Medinah Park District Residents only!
Fee:           $7.00 / familly
Min/Max:       5/15
Deadline:      Oct. 5, 2008

Code           Day            Date                 Time                     CANDY CANE COUNTING CONTEST
5008           Sun            Oct 12               1:00pm                   Are you good at counting and guessing? Stop by the Thorndale
                                                                            Recreation Center between Thanksgiving and Christmas and take
RESIDENTS / PARK PARTICIPANTS: Please stop by the                           a guess at how many Candy Canes are in the big jar! Winners will
Thorndale Recreation Center, Oct. 13-Oct. 26, to cast your vote for         be announced on Monday, December 22.
your favorite scarecrow. Ballots will be available at the front office.
Winner will be announced on October 27.                                     Location:     Thorndale Recreation Center
Please, one vote per person.                                                Age:          3-8 years
                                                                            Fee:          Free
                                                                            Date:         Guess: November 28 through December 20.

MONSTERS, PUMPKINS & WITCHES, OH MY!!                                       GINGERBREAD HOUSES
You never know who you will see at the Medinah Park District this           The holidays aren’t complete without making a Ginger-
night! Wear your costume as we have some Halloween fun with                 bread House! Medinah Park District will provide all the
games, music and a costume parade. Each participant will receive            supplies you need to create a unique Gingerbread House
Halloween goodies. Come and see who will be here for this non-              – perfect for decoration or to eat! Parents are invited to
spooky fun event.                                                           assist their child in the process, as holiday music plays in the back-
Location:    Thorndale Recreation Center-Heritage Room                      ground.
Fee:         $8(R)/$12(NR)                Min/Max: 10/75
Age:         4-12 years                                                     Location:     Thorndale Park – Arts Room
                                                                            Fee:          $7(R)/$10(NR)
Code           Day            Date                 Time                     Age:          4-12 years
5002           Fri            Oct. 24              7:00-8:30pm              Min/Max:      8/12

Registration Deadline: October 19                                           Code          Day           Date                 Time
                                                                            5000-A        Fri           Dec 19               4:00-5:00pm
                                                                            5000-B        Fri           Dec 19               5:15-6:15pm
HOLIDAY PARENT’S NIGHT OUT                                                  Registration Deadline: December 12
This fun-filled night doubles as a holiday party for the kids and
an evening out for mom and dad! Pizza dinner and lots of holi-
day activities will keep the kids occupied while parents finish up             MORNING WITH SANTA
their holiday shopping or enjoy an evening out on the town.                    What is Santa’s favorite snack? Cookies of course!! Come and
                                                                               enjoy decorating home made sugar cookies for a great holiday
Location:      Thorndale Park                                               treat or a gift for someone special. Of course, Santa will be here for
Instructor:    Park District Staff                                          you to give him your list.
Fee:           $10(R)/$15(NR)
Age:           5-12 years                                                   Location:     Thorndale Recreation Center
Min/Max:       8/20                                                         Age:          2-12 years with parent
                                                                            Fee:          $7(R)/$10 (NR)           Min/Max: 10/20
Code           Day            Date                 Time
5007           Fri            Dec 12               5:00-9:00pm              Code          Day            Date                Time
                                                                            5009          Sat            Dec 6               10:00-11:30am
Registration Deadline: December 5
                                                                            Registration Deadline: December 1, 2008

HOLIDAY ART STOPS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Looking for something for the kids during school holidays? Join us for one or more of these holiday special event activities. We will be
making a craft or a snack for each of the following holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Register for all three dates and
save! Registration deadlines are one week prior to class date.

Location:      Thorndale Recreation Center – Arts/Crafts Room               Code          Day           Date                 Time
Instructor:    Medinah Park District Staff                                  5003          Mon           Oct 13               10:00-11:00am
Age:           5-10 yrs.                                                    5004          Tue           Nov 11               10:00-11:00am
Fee:           $7(R)/$10(NR) – each class                                   5005          Mon           Dec 22               10:00-11:00am
               $18(R)/$27(NR) – all three classes                           5006          (Register for all three events)
Min/Max:       6/12
                                             Visit Our Website:                                               5
OPRYLAND CHRISTMAS 2008                                                    DIRTY DANCING
Join us this holiday season for another Fancy Free Holidays ex-            Experience the excitement and romance of the classic story as never
tended tour. This 4-day, 3-night trip is filled to the brim with all the   before – live on stage. It’s a timeless story of first love, full of heart-
seasonal “Country Christmas” highlights of Nashville, Tennessee.           pounding music, pure dance energy, and breath-taking emotion.
Included in this trip:                                                     The hugely anticipated stage show of Dirty Dancing features the
                                                                           tantalizing dance sequences and the hit songs from the best selling
    •    Deluxe motor coach transportation (video equipped,                movie soundtrack including (I’ve Had) The Time of my Life, Hungry
         washrooms, overhead storage, reclining seats, coach               Eyes, Hey Baby, and Do You Love Me?, plus brand new scenes,
         less than 2 years old).                                           more sensational dancing and even more classic songs. You’ll have
    •    3 nights lodging at the Opryland Hotel and 3 meals                ‘the time of your life!’ Price includes front balcony ticket and trans-
         (1 lunch cruise, 2 dinners)                                       portation.
    •    Belle Meade Plantation
    •    Ryman Auditorium                                                  Location:           Cadillac Palace Theater, Chicago
    •    Louise Mandrell Holiday Dinner                                    Fee:                $80(R)/$90(NR)
    •    Opryland’s “ICE” display                                          Age:                Adults                   Min/Max: 7/13
    •    General Jackson cruise                                            Bus Departs:        Thorndale Recreation Center - 11:30am
    •    Radio City Rockettes Spectacular
    •    4 star rated hotel                                                Code           Day             Date           Time
    •    Home pickup and return service                                    5803           Wed             Dec 3          11:30am-6:30pm
    •    Full Time Fancy-Free Tour Director
                                                                           Registration Deadline: September 10, 2008
A detailed itinerary is available at the Medinah Park District. Trip
cancellation/interruption insurance ($66.00) is included in the price
of your trip unless optioned out of .

Location:     Nashville, Tennessee
Fee:          $1,064 (R) – double occupancy *
              $1,049 (R) – triple occupancy *                              SHOPPING ON MICHIGAN AVENUE
              $1,434 (R) – single occupancy *
              *Rates are per person. A $166 deposit is due                 Join us for our popular annual holiday shopping spree to Michigan
              at registration and is non refundable after                  Avenue in Chicago! We will drop you off near Water Tower Place
              9/1/08. Deposit includes trip insurance ($66)                shopping center, and you’ll be on your own to enjoy shopping and
              Final payment is due 50 days before                          lunch. This time we’ll venture down Michigan Avenue to take a closer
              departure.                                                   look at the lights after our shopping, before heading home.
Age:          21 years and older
                                                                           Location:           Michigan Ave., Chicago
Code          Date                          Departure Time                 Fee:                $15(R)/$25(NR)
5810          Nov 30-Dec 3, 2008            8:00am (approx.)               Age:                All Ages             Min/Max: 7/14
                                                                           Bus Departs:        Thorndale Recreation Center - 9:00am
Registration Deadline: September 1, 2008
                                                                           Code           Day             Date             Time
Cancellation Policy: If insurance is not purchased, cancellation           5805           Wed             Dec 10           9:00am-5:00pm
charges will be assessed as follows:
    •   46 or more days prior to departure-Full Refund                     Registration Deadline: December 3, 2008
    •   45 to 22 days prior to departure-$770
    •   21 days or less prior to departure-No Refund

    Did you ever wonder why your favorite trip gets cancelled? Each trip requires careful planning and sometimes this means that
  deadline dates for final counts are 3-6 weeks before a scheduled trip. If the participant count is not high enough by the deadline date,
  we must cancel or forfeit our deposit. For this reason, we suggest that if you see a trip that strikes your interest, sign up for it as soon
  as possible. This will ensure the participant count is high enough to keep the trip going!

    All trip return times are approximate. Transportation is provided by the Medinah/Roselle Park District bus or van unless otherwise
  noted. Just a reminder that the Park District bus has no air conditioning (we do keep it warm during the colder months!)

     Refunds requested after the registration deadline will not be granted unless the trip registrant’s spot can be filled.

    We attempt to give you as much information as possible regarding the amount of walking required during each trip. The symbols
  below will allow you to make a more informed decision regarding trip registration:

     Average walking
     Moderate walking
     Heavy walking

                                            Visit Our Website:                                                    7
Early Childhood
TOT ROCK!                                                                BABY AND ME
Rhymin’ and rockin’ and singin’ songs; having fun all day long! You      This class is designed to be full of fun, knowledge, networking and
and your tot will delight in exploring classic nursery rhymes in this    socialization. In Baby & Me, you will enjoy the company of others
one-of-a-kind musical adventure known as Tot Rock! We will play          with babies ages 3 – 12 months. Miss Kris will facilitate the class
with rhythm instruments like bells and clackers, share props like        and bring topic ideas, toys, songs, play activates, massage tech-
balls and beanbags and explore sensory items like bubbles and            niques and a listening ear. Baby and Me will have a flexible class
feathers. In addition to improving your tot’s newly acquired motor       structure to meet the needs of the babies.
skills, we provide structured and unstructured time to encourage
socialization. Sign up for both fall sessions as there will be a new     Location:     Johnston Recreation Center, Bloomingdale
rhyme each week. Tot Rock time is “Rhyme Time” this fall !!              Instructor:   Kris Clark
                                                                         Fee:          $46(R)/$56(NR)                Min/Max: 1/3
Location:      Thorndale Recreation Center - Heritage Room               Age:          3-12 months w/parent
Instructor:    Rock-It Productions, Inc.
Fee:           $44(R)/$54(NR)            Min/Max: 2/3 per district       Code          Day           Date                Time
Age:           walkers – 20 months w/ parent                             5207-A        Thu           Sep 11-Oct 23       9:00-9:45 am
                                                                         5207-B        Thu           Nov 13-Jan 15*      9:00-9:45 am
Code           Day            Date                Time
5200-A         Mon            Sep 8-Oct 20        9:15-9:55am            *No Class: 11/27 12/25, 1/1
                              (No class 10/13)
5200-B         Mon            Oct 27-Dec 8        9:15-9:55am

No Class: 10/13, 11/24                                                   ENERGY EXPRESS
                                                                         Kids will love this class! Tumbling, singing and dancing while mov-
                                                                         ing to music, balance beam and a host of other fun activities will be
                                                                         building blocks to better motor skills. Parent interaction helps your
KID ROCK I & II                                                          child develop motor and social skills. Please wear comfortable cloth-
If your child likes music and likes to explore, then Kid Rock is just    ing. No siblings are allowed in class.
what you are looking for! “Exciting Explorations” is our theme this
fall. Our explorations will include: a pumpkin patch, outer space,       Location:     Johnston Recreation Center, Bloomingdale
an apple orchard and much more. We will combine imaginative              Instructor:   Gymnastics staff
play and fun and learning with songs and rhymes, rhythm instru-          Age:          18 months-28 months w/parent       Min/Max: 1/3
ments and props, gross motor skills and movements. Kid Rock I is
an introduction to imaginative play and gross motor movements            Code        Day     Date                Time              Fee
while Kid Rock II encourages independence as parents are invited         5208-A      Mon     Sep 8-Oct 27*       9:15-10:00am      $32/$42
to attend the first and last class of each session. Learn, dance and     5208-B      Wed     Sep 10-Oct 29       10:00-10:45am     $35/$45
play the Rock-It way.                                                    5208-C      Wed     Sep 10-Oct 29*      6:00-6:45pm       $35/$45
                                                                         5208-D      Sat     Sep 13-Nov 4        10:00-10:45am     $35/$45
Location:       Thorndale Recreation Center-Dance Room                   5208-E      Mon     Nov 10-Jan 12*      9:15-10:00am      $32/$42
Instructor:     Rock-It Productions, Inc.                                5208-F      Wed     Nov 12-Jan 21*      10:00-10:45am     $35/$45
Fee:            $44(R)/$54(NR)            Min/Max: 2/3 per district      5208-G      Wed     Nov 12-Jan 21*      6:00-6:45pm       $32/$42
                                                                         5208-H      Sat     Nov.15-Jan 24*      10:00-10:45am     $32/$42
Code         Day         Date                     Time
Kid Rock I (20-36 months w/parent)                                       *No Class:    10/13, 11/24, 11/26, 11/29, 12/22, 12/24, 12/27,
5201-A       Mon         Sep 8-Oct 20             10:00-10:40am                        12/29, 12/31, 1/3
5201-B       Mon         Oct 27-Dec 8             10:00-10:40am
5201-C       Mon         Sep 8-Oct 20             11:30 am-12:10pm
5201-D       Mon         Oct 27-Dec 8             11:30 am-12:10pm

No Class: 10/13, 11/24

Kid Rock II (30-60 months)
5202-A       Mon         Sep 8-Oct 20             10:45-11:25am
                                                                                THANKS TO
5202-B       Mon         Oct 27-Dec 8             10:45-11:25am               OUR VOLUNTEERS
No Class: 10/13, 11/24                                                       The Medinah Park District wishes to express our
                                                                             deep appreciation to those who have volunteered
                                                                             their time in our various programs and athletic

    Register Early                                                           Spring Youth Soccer League 2008: Brian Harmon,
                                                                                                              Paul Kopulos
    Nothing kills a class quicker than low registration! Classes that
    do not meet minimum registration requirements one week prior
    to the program start date will be cancelled. Please help us by           Spring T-ball League 2008: Gina Merendino,
    not waiting until the last minute to register.                                                      Rob Steetz

8                                                            Medinah Park District
                                                                                         Early Childhood
                                                                           WIGGLE TIME
              Look for your Winter/Spring, 2009                            Come and enjoy a one-on-one time with your child in a fantastic
              program guide to be delivered the                            setting. Activities include climbing, crawling, jumping, balance
                                                                           beams, parachute balls and singing while moving to music. With
                week of November 24, 2008.                                 the parent’s interaction, you will help your child develop motor skills
                                                                           and social skills. Please wear comfortable clothes. No siblings
                                                                           allowed in class.

LITTLE LEARNERS                                                            Location:     Johnston Recreation Center, Bloomingdale
Join other parents and children in this class designed especially for      Instructor:   Gymnastics staff
toddlers. Songs, games and creative learning stations help to en-          Fee:          $35(R)/$45(NR)
hance our toddler’s overall development and introduce basic con-           Min/Max:      1/3
cepts. There are opportunities to explore new topics and time to           Age:          12-17 months w/parent
practice social skills such as sharing and listening. All children must
be accompanied by a participating adult. No siblings are allowed in        Code          Day            Date                 Time
class.                                                                     5216-A        Wed            Sep 10-Oct 29        9:00-9:45am
                                                                           5216-B        Wed            Sep 10-Oct 29        6:00-6:45pm
Location:   Johnston Recreation Center, Bloomingdale                       5216-C        Sat            Sep 13-Nov 4         9:00-9:45am
Instructor: Kris Clark                                                     5216-D        Wed            Nov 12-Jan 21        9:00-9:45am *
Fee:        $46(R)/$56NR)                 Min/Max: 1/3                     5216-E        Wed            Nov 12-Jan 21        6:00-6:45pm *
Age:        1-2 years w/parent                                             5216-F        Sat            Nov 15-Jan 24        9:00-9:45am *

Code           Day            Date                 Time                    *No Class: 11/26, 11/29, 12/24, 12/27, 12/31, 1/3
5210-A         Thu            Sep 11-Oct 23        10:00-10:45am
5210-B         Thu            Nov 13-Jan 15 *      10:00-10:45am

*No Class: 11/27, 12/25, 1/1

LITTLE PRO’S                                                               MICRO SOCCER
If your 2 or 3 year old loves to run, jump and play ball then this class   This “small version” of soccer is a great way for your child to be-
is for you! Try out a different sport each week with the coach. You        come familiar with this up and coming sport! The playing field is
and your child will learn ways to warm up, cool down and have fun          smaller and so is the number of players on the field. This allows
while getting fit. All children must be accompanied by a participat-       each child more opportunities to handle the ball and develop skills.
ing adult. No siblings allowed in class.                                   Basic soccer skills that are taught include dribbling, passing and
                                                                           kicking. Class time is split between instruction, skill development &
Location:   Johnston Recreation Center, Bloomingdale                       playing time. This is a great way to get your child ready for our
Instructor: Kris Clark                                                     spring soccer league.
Fee:        $46(R)/$56(NR)               Min/Max: 1/3
Age:        2-3 years w/parent                                             Location:     Thorndale Park
                                                                           Instructor:   Park District Staff
Code          Day            Date                 Time                     Fee:          $24(R)/$34(NR)
5211-A        Thu            Sep 11-Oct 23        11:00-11:45am            Age:          4-5 years
5211-B        Thu            Nov 13-Jan 15*       11:00-11:45am            Min/Max:      8/15

                                                                           Code          Day            Dates                Time
*No Class: 11/27,12/25, 1/1                                                5204          Wed            Sep 17-Oct 22        5:30-6:30pm

This class is a big hit with 3 to 5 year olds who love to run, jump,
and play ball. Children learn basic sports skills along with ways to
warm up, cool down, and have fun while getting fit. Sample a dif-
ferent sport each week with your coach. Classes are designed to
improve listening skills, instill a sense of teamwork and enhance            We Love Parents, however....
overall physical development in your child-all while having fun!             With your child’s best interest in mind, parents are asked not to
                                                                             attend their child’s class unless invited by the instructor. We
Location:     Johnston Recreation Center, Bloomingdale                       have found that the quality of instruction has often been af-
Instructor:   Kris Clark                                                     fected by parent and/or sibling distractions, interruptions and
Fee:          $46(R)/$56(NR)       Min/Max: 1/3                              various other concerns during class time. It is of equal impor-
Age:          3-5 years                                                      tance that children have quality leisure time with their peers.
                                                                             Our instructors welcome the opportunity to discuss a registrant’s
Code        Day           Date                    Time                       progress with parents before or after class, time permitting.
5212-A      Thu           Sep 11-Oct 23           12:30-1:15pm               Thank you for your cooperation.
5212-B      Thu           Nov 13-Jan 15*          12:30-1:15pm
5212-C      Thu           Nov 13-Jan 15*          1:30-2:15pm
*No Class: 11/27,12/25, 1/1

                                            Visit Our Website:                                                 9
Early Childhood
PARENT & TOTNASTICS                                                     PIXIE CHICKS
                                                                        Pre-K students get an introduction to the world of Pixie Chicks
Parents and tots can experience the sport of gymnastics together.
                                                                        cheerleading, poms and baton. After mastering the basics of all
This program will teach the parent how to spot the basics in gym-
                                                                        three sports, the Pixie Chicks will learn to Ready, Set, and Shout in
nastics, working on gross motor skills, coordination and body aware-
                                                                        mini routines. Come join the fun.
ness. Parent interaction is the key to each child’s fun. Class attire
can include sweats, warm up suits, etc. Please no snaps or over-        Location:   Johnston Recreation Center - Bloomingdale
alls and no shoes. Siblings are not allowed in class.                   Instructor: Gymnastics staff
                                                                        Fee:        $40(R)/$50(NR)        Min/Max: 1/3
Location:      Johnston Recreation Center, Bloomingdale
Instructor:    Gymnastics staff
                                                                        Code          Age      Day       Date           Time
Min/Max:       1/3
                                                                        5214-A        3-5      Mon       Sep 8-Oct 27* 5:00-5:45pm
Age:           29-35 months w/parent
                                                                        5214-B        3-5      Mon       Nov 10-Jan 12* 5:00-5:45pm
Code     Day      Date              Time              Fee
                                                                        *No Class: 10/13, 11/24, 12/22, 12/29
5213-A   Mon      Sep 8-Oct 27 *    10:15-10:45am     $32(R)/$42(NR)
5213-B   Wed      Sep 10-Oct 29     7:00-7:30pm       $35(R)/$45(NR)
5213-C   Mon      Nov 10-Jan 12*    10:00-10:30am     $35(R)/$45(NR)    SCOOBY TENNIS CLUB
5213-D   Wed      Nov 12-Jan 21*    7:00-7:30pm       $35(R)/$45(NR)    Scooby Tennis is back! Children will be introduced to basic tennis
                                                                        skills while having fun. Each child will receive a t-shirt and certifi-
*No Class: 10/13, 11/24, 12/22, 12/24, 12/29, 12/31                     cate of completion. Children needing a racquet should specify this
                                                                        upon registering.

                                                                        Location:     Johnston Recreation Center - Bloomingdale
                                                                        Instructor:   Kris Clark
LITTLE HOOPS                                                            Fee:          $51(R)/$61(NR)         Min/Max: 1/3
Our instructional/team program prepares the future WIBA player.         Age:          3-4 years
Participants will learn fundamental skills, basic techniques and im-
provement of motor skills required for the game of basketball in a      Code          Day            Date                 Time
team environment. Players will use junior sized balls and shorter       5215          Thu            Sep 11-Oct 23        1:30-2:15pm
hoops to build confidence. Games will take place on Saturday
mornings in Wood Dale, Itasca or Medinah. Game schedules will
be handed out the first or second week of practices which take
place on Fridays. Team t-shirts will be provided. Volunteer coaches
and assistant coaches are vital to our programs. Please call if you
are interested in coaching. This program is in conjunction with the
Itasca, Wood Dale and Medinah Park Districts. Saturday game times       In partnership with Crayola and based on child centered learning
to be determined.                                                       principles, Abrakadoodle provides comprehensive, educationally
                                                                        sound art education to children ages 20 months to 12 years. On -
Location:      Thorndale Recreation Center, Medinah                     going continuous curriculum emphasizes the importance of cre-
Instructor:    Volunteer Coaches                                        ativity – all while having fun! Each series of lessons offers unique
Fee:           $50(R)/$60(NR)        Min/Max: 7/12                      experiences designed to foster creativity while never doing the same
Age:           4-6 years                                                lesson twice. Each child will take home a framed piece of art after
                                                                        each class – labeled with information about key concepts or vo-
Code           Day          Date                Time                    cabulary introduced in each lesson.
5209           Fri-Sat      Oct 24-Dec 12       5:15-6:00pm (Fri)
                                                                        MINI DOODLERS
*No Class: 11/28, 11/29                                                 Children develop their creativity through carefully designed lessons
                                                                        that ignite the imagination and develop skills. Using real artists’
                                                                        materials including watercolors, tempera paints, oil pastels, cre-
                                                                        ative tools and more, the children create masterpieces that are truly
KINDERGARTEN AFTERNOON ADVENTURES                                       Location:   Wood Dale Recreation Complex (Tuesdays)
Afternoon Adventures are available to morning kindergarten chil-
                                                                                    Thorndale Recreation Center-Arts Room (Fridays)
dren. Join us for an afternoon of fun with crafts, gym activities and
                                                                                    Itasca Park District (Saturdays)
other exciting adventures. Eat lunch then join us for some after-
                                                                        Instructor: Abrakadoodle Staff
noon fun. No class November 27.
                                                                        Fee:        $60(R)/$70(NR)                   Min/Max: 4/10
Location:      Thorndale Recreation Center                              Age:        3-6 years
Instructor:    Suzanne Schwarz
Fee:           $54(R)/$64(NR)                                           Code          Day            Dates                Time
Age:           5-6 yrs                                                  5218-A        Tue            Sep 23-Oct 28        11:30am-12:15pm
Min/Max        6/12                                                     5218-B        Tue            Nov 4-Dec 16         11:30am-12:15pm
                                                                        5218-C        Fri            Sep 19-Oct 24        10:30-11:15am
Code           Day          Date                Time                    5218-D        Fri            Oct 31-Dec 12        10:30-11:15am
5203-A         Mon/Thu      Sep 22-Oct 27       1:00-3:00pm             5218-E        Sat            Sep 20-Oct 25        10:30-11:15am
5203-B         Mon/Thu      Nov 3-Dec 8         1:00-3:00pm             5218-F        Sat            Nov 1-Dec 13         10:30-11:15am

                                                                        No class: 11/25, 11/28, 11/29

10                                                        Medinah Park District
                                                 Early Childhood - Preschool
PRESCHOOL (2008-2009)
The Medinah Park District Preschool program offers your child a comfortable, safe and fun environment for
learning. Our program is semi-structured and focuses on developing socialization, self-confidence, fine and large
motor skills as well as pre-kindergarten and kindergarten readiness skills. The children will develop these skills at
their own pace through play, craft projects, stories, songs and special activities. Our main goal is to help your
child acquire the joy of learning and attending school. Children must be toilet trained and be the appropriate age
by September 1, 2008. Registration must be done in person and proof of age is required. A $25 non-
refundable deposit is required at time of registration to hold a spot for the 2008-09 school year. (see
payment schedule and options below) Initial Registration taken after August 13 requires first trimester pay-
ment in full.
Our Preschool follows the attendance schedule of Medinah Elementary District #11.
Location:    Thorndale Recreation Center
Instructors: Carol Healy, Geri Becker, Carol Drozdowski

Age:                3 years            Min/Max: 8/18                 Age:                 4 years                  Min/Max: 8/20
Fee:                $254/tri.(R)/$284/tri.(NR)                                Fee:                  $306/tri.(R)/$336/tri.(NR)

Code   Day   Date                              Time                         Code           Day         Date                 Time
5205-A Tu/Th 9/9/08-5/21/09                    9:00-11:00am                 5205-C         M/W/F       9/8/08-5/22/09       9:00-11:15am
5205-B Tu/Th 9/9/08-5/21/09                    1:00-3:00pm                  5205-D         M/W/F       9/8/08-5/22/09       12:45-3:00pm

Payment Due Dates for Tri-mester Payments:
1ST trimester – August 15, 2008                                               ABOUT OUR PRESCHOOL STAFF
2ND trimester – November 14, 2008                                             Our Head Teacher is Carol Healy. Carol has been with
                                                                              the park district since 1993 and has 17 years of instruc-
3RD trimester – February 15, 2009
                                                                              tion experience in preschool settings. She attained her
                                                                              Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education, spe-
Full Year Payment Option:                                                     cializing in Early Childhood Education, from Northeast-
3 year olds - $737(R)/$827(NR)                                                ern Illinois University. Her objective is to have the chil-
4 year olds - $893(R)/$983(NR)                                                dren enjoy school and gain the confidence to achieve.
                                                                              Our Assistant Teachers, Geri Becker and Carol
                                                                              Drozdowski, share the position. Geri teaches on Tues-
                                                                              days, Wednesdays and Thursdays and has been with
                                                                              the program since 1998. Carol teaches on Mondays and
                                                                              Fridays and has been with the program since 1999. Both
                                                                              of our assistants have years of experience working with
TWOOSY DOODLERS                                                               children in a preschool setting.
This is a special art class just for toddlers and parents (or helpers).
Little fingers will experiment with painting, gluing, sticking, printing
and creating, while developing fine motor, language and self-help
skills. This is an “I can do it!” class that is fun and creative! Each      PLAY SCHOOL
session has new activities and moms and helpers get to play too.            Play School is for the child who is not quite old enough for our nine-
                                                                            month preschool program but is ready for lengthy social interaction
Location:   Wood Dale Recreation Complex (Tuesdays)                         away from mom. Songs, stories, simple craft projects and of course,
            Thorndale Recreation Center-Arts Room (Fridays)                 playtime will help develop your child’s socialization skills. It will
            Itasca Park District (Saturdays)                                also help your child become more comfortable in a “school” envi-
Instructor: Abrakadoodle Staff                                              ronment. Supervision is provided by two instructors. No diapers
Fee:        $60(R)/$70(NR)                   Min/Max: 4/10                  will be changed during class time.
Age:        20-36 months with parent
                                                                            Location:      Thorndale Recreation Center - Arts & Crafts Room
Code          Day            Dates                Time                      Instructor:    Carol Drozdowski & Shari Caboor
5217-A        Tue            Sep 23-Oct 28        10:30-11:15am             Fee:           $69(R)/$79(NR)
5217-B        Tue            Nov 4-Dec 16         10:30-11:15am             Age:           2 ½ - 3 ½ yrs.                 Min/Max: 7/12
5217-C        Fri            Sep 19-Oct 24        9:30-10:15am
5217-D        Fri            Oct 31-Dec 12        9:30-10:15am              Code           Day           Date                Time
5217-E        Sat            Sep 20-Oct 25        9:30-10:15am              5206-A         Wed           Sept 10-Oct 22      9:30-11:00 am
5217-F        Sat            Nov 1-Dec 13         9:30-10:15am              5206-B         Wed           Oct 29-Dec 10       9:30-11:00 am
No class: 11/25, 11/28, 11/29
                                            Visit Our Website:                                              11
Youth Programs
YOUTH BASKETBALL LEAGUE                                                  WINTER BREAK MINI SPORTS CAMP
The Medinah Park District offers this league for both boys and girls     The mini sport camp is designed for boys and girls in grades 1-8.
in grades 3rd-8th. Focus will center around individual instruction,      The camp will focus on teaching the fundamental skills of baseball,
teamwork, and friendly competition. Weekly practices begin in late       softball, basketball, tennis and soccer. Instructors for the camp are
November and games against other local park district (Roselle,           former Lake Park student athletes. Pick one or all four to help your
Bloomingdale, Glendale Heights) teams start in January. Games            child develop and improve their skills in a specific sport.
are played at home and on the road.
We rely on volunteer coaches to help run this program. Please indi-      Location:   Thorndale Recreation Center- Gym
cate on your child’s registration form if you are interested in coach-   Instructor: Former Lake Park Athletes
ing a team. Registration fees will be refunded to all head coaches       Fee:        $15/session(R)/$23/session(NR)
at the conclusion of the season.                                                     $ 55/four sessions(R)/$65/four sessions(NR)
                                                                         Ages:       1st-8th Grade
Location:     Thorndale Recreation Center - gymnasium                    Min/Max:    6/12
Instructor:   Volunteer Coaches
Fee:          $54(R)/$64(NR) + $17 jersey fee**                          Code       Day       Date         Age            Time
              $64(R)/$74(NR) + $17 jersey fee** (after October 18th)     Softball/Baseball
Min/Max:      8/10 per team                                              5413-A     Mon       Dec 22       1st-4th Gr.    10:00am-12:30pm
                                                                         5413-B     Mon       Dec 22       5th.-8th Gr.   1:30-4:00 pm
**Uniform Fee
All new participants must purchase a jersey. Returning partici-          Basketball
pants may purchase a jersey if needed, or use a jersey from a            5414-A     Tue       Dec 23       1st-4th Gr.    10:00am-12:30pm
previous year.                                                           5414-B     Tue       Dec 23       5th-8th Gr     1:30-4:00pm
Registration Deadline: October 18, 2008 (late registrations will
be accepted only if the grade level has an opening on a team             Tennis/Badminton
roster).                                                                 5415-A    Mon    Dec 29           1st-4th Gr.    10:00am-12:30pm
                                                                         5415-B    Mon    Dec 29           5th-8th Gr.    1:30-4:00pm
January – March 2009                                                     Soccer
Code             Grade                                                   5416-A        Tue    Dec 30       1st.-4th Gr    10:00am-12:30pm
5400             3rd & 4th                                               5416-B        Tue    Dec 30       5th-8th Gr.    1:30-4:00pm
5401             5th & 6th
5402             7th & 8th                                               All Four Camps
                                                                         5417-A     M/Tu      Dec 22,23,29,30 1st-4th Gr. 10:00am-12:30pm
BOYS LEAGUE                                                              5417-B     M/Tu      Dec 22,23,29,30 5th-8th Gr. 1:30-4:00pm
January – March 2009
Code             Grade                                                   Registration Deadline: Dec. 15 or Dec. 22, 2008
5403             3rd & 4th
5404             5th & 6th
5405             7th & 8th
                                                                         LET IT FLY FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE
                                                                         Are you ready for some football? Here is your opportunity! Put
                                                                         your cleats on and get ready for hail marys and big defensive stops.
                                                                         Teams will be coached/lead by Medinah Park District staff mem-
                                                                         bers. The first three weeks will be for coaching/instruction followed
                                                                         by three weeks of games.
Would be wizards are guaranteed to have a great time in this class       Location:      Thorndale Recreation Center-Ball Fields
as they learn fascinating tricks from a professional magician! Amaze     Instructor:    Medinah Park District Staff
friends & family with mind reading and tricks using playing cards,       Fee:           $48(R)/$58(NR)
ropes & coins! And don’t worry, although the tricks are really con-      Min/Max:       14/28
vincing, they are easy to learn and anyone can look like a pro in no     Age:           5th – 8th Graders
time! Children are grouped by age and always learn tricks that are
age appropriate. Additionally, you can sign up again and again,          Code           Day            Date                Time
brand new tricks are taught each session!                                5406           Wed            Sep 17-Oct 22       5:00-7:00pm
Location:      Itasca Recreation Center – Iris A                         Registration Deadline: September 10
               350 E. Irving Park Road, Itasca
Instructor:    Gary Kantor
Fee:           $18(R) / $27(NR)           Min/Max: 5/30
Age:           5-12yrs                                                     Say Cheese
                                                                           Photographs and videos are periodically taken of people
                                                                           participating in Park District programs and activities. All
Code          Day            Date          Time
                                                                           persons registering for Park District programs/activities or
5436-A        Tue            Oct 21        5:15-6:10pm                     using Park District property thereby agree that any photograph
5436-B        Wed            Dec 17        6:45-7:40pm                     or videotape taken by the Park District may be used by the
                                                                           Park District for promotional purposes including its promotional
                                                                           videotapes, brochures, fliers, website promotions and other
                                                                           publications without additional, prior notice or permission and
                                                                           without compensation to the participant.

12                                                          Medinah Park District
                                                                                      Youth Programs
SHOTOKAN KARATE                                                         SHOTOKAN KARATE (continued)
Through a variety of activities, children and adults will develop co-
ordination and personal safety skills in a well-supervised setting.     Location: Community Center (3rd floor)
All classes are taught by instructors of the Illinois Shotokan Karate             1919 Walnut Street, Hanover Park, IL
Club under the direction of John DiPasquale, four time National
Champion, former U.S. Karate National Coach and National Fac-           Day           Date              Fee
ulty Member of ACEP.                                                    Wed           Sep 3-Dec 10      $ 122/$167*

Location:     Community Recreation Center                               Pre-Karate (5-7 years)
              505 N. Springinsguth, Schaumburg, IL                      Code         Time               Level
                                                                        5409-A       4:00-4:45pm        Beginner/Continuer
Day           Date               Fee                                    5409-B       4:50-5:35pm        Inter/Adv. (2 or more sessions)
Tues          Sep 9-Dec 16       $122/$167*
                                                                        Youth (7-14 years)
Pre Karate (5-7 years)                                                  Code         Time               Level
Code         Time                Level                                  5409-C       5:40-6:35pm        Beg./Cont. (White-Orange)
5407-A       4:00-4:45pm         Beginner/Continuer                     5409-D       6:35-7:30pm        Intermediate (Yellow-Green belts)
5407-B       4:50-5:35pm         Inter/Adv. (Stripe belts & Up)         5409-E       7:35-8:35pm        Advanced (Purple Belt & Up)

Youth (7-14 years)                                                      Adult (High School and older)
Code         Time                Level                                  Code        Time              Level
5407-C       5:40-6:30pm         Beginner/Cont. (White Belt)            5409-F      8:35-9:35pm       Beg./Cont. (White-Yellow)
5407-D       6:30-7:25pm         Novice (Orange-Blue belt)              5409-G      *8:35-10:00pm Inter/Adv. (Blue belt & up)
5407-E       7:30-8:30pm         Inter/Adv. (Green belts & up)
                                                                        Note: Beginning students will not be permitted to register into the
Adult (High School and older)                                           current session after the second class has met. Registration for
Code         Time             Level                                     Continuers through Advanced students will be accepted after the
5407-F       8:35-9:35pm      Beginner/Cont. (White-Yellow belt)        start date, but full class fee will be required.
5407-G      *8:35-10:00pm     Inter/Adv. (Blue belt & up)
                                                                        Special Note: Uniforms and Belt testing are options available
                                                                        through the ISKC instructor.
Location:     Meineke Recreation Center
              220 E. Weathersfield Way, Schaumburg, IL

DAY           DATE            FEE
Sat           Sep 6-Dec 20    $122/167*                                 PEE WEE TAE KWON-DO
              (9/6/08 Youth/Adult classes only will meet at Jane        Tae Kwon-Do is a martial art emphasizing improved physical well
              Adams Jr. High)                                           being and positive mental health. Tae Kwon-Do is one of the most
                                                                        challenging of the martial arts and the classes stress good flexibil-
Pre-Karate (5-7 years)                                                  ity, speed and strength. Students can expect an aerobic workout
Code         Time                Level                                  and a well disciplined, strict environment. New students need to
5408-A       2:45-3:30pm         Beginner/ Continuer                    contact the Medinah Park District prior to attending the first class.
5408-B       3:35-4:20pm         Intermediate/Advanced                  Classes meet multiple times/week.
Youth (8-14 years)                                                      Location:     Thorndale Recreation Center
Code         Time                Level                                  Instructor:   Jeff Sjodin
5408-C       1:30-2:30pm         Beginner/Continuer (White belts)       Fee:          $47/month(R)/$57/month(NR)
5408-D       2:30-3:30pm         Novice (Orange-Yellow belts)           Age:          7-12 years
5408-E       3:30-4:30pm         Intermediate (Blue-Green belt)         Min/Max:      3/15
5408-F       *4:30-6:00pm        Advanced (Purple-Black belt)
                                                                        Code          Dates
Adult & Parent/Child (Children 8-14 yrs.) # Fee is per person           5410-A        Sep 3-29 (No class 9/1)
Code         Time               Level                                   5410-B        Oct 1-31
5408-G       #1:30-2:30pm       Beginner/Continuer (White belts)        5410-C        Nov 1-29 (No class 11/28)
5408-H       #2:30-3:30pm       Novice (Orange-Yellow belts)            5410-D        Dec 1-31 (No class 12/24, 31)
5408-I       #3:30-4:30pm       Intermediate (Blue-Green belt)
5408-J       *#4:30-6:00pm Advanced (Purple-Black belt)                 Monday, Wednesday, Friday
                                                                        6:00-7:30 pm

              Look for your Winter/Spring, 2009                         10:00am-12:00pm
              program guide to be delivered the
                week of November 24, 2008.

                                           Visit Our Website:                                            13
Youth Programs
The Medinah Park District’s youth dance          Location:        Thorndale Recreation Center – Dance Room
program offers a wide variety of classes at      Instructors:     Lori DeLascio, Kimberly Ford
various levels for children. Classes are of-
fered in ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop dance.
Our instruction staff have years of experi-      Dates:
ence teaching all types of dance and bring                Tuesdays:         September 16, 2008 – April 14, 2009
a sound, upbeat and fun style of learning to
our classes.                                              Wednesdays:       September 17, 2008 – April 15, 2009
                                                          Thursdays:        September 18, 2008 – April 16, 2009
This eight month dance program will culmi-
nate with our 15th annual Dance Recital in
April, 2009. Children enrolled in dance will              No Class:       Nov. 26, 27; Dec. 22 - Jan. 3; Mar. 30 - Apr. 3
have the opportunity to participate in the
recital. Costume ordering will take place in
December, 2008. Dancers must be enrolled
in the entire eight month program to be in
                                                 CLASS LEVELS                Pre-requisites
the recital. Appropriate dance shoes and         Preschool Dance         No previous dance experience required (3-5 yrs)
attire are required for each type of class.
                                                 Beginning               No previous dance experience required (4-6 yrs)
                                                 Level I (Adv/Beg)       Beginning Dance or equivalent
                                                                         (Minimum 7 yrs. old +)
Instruction Staff                                Level II (Intermediate) Level I or equivalent (Minimum 9 yrs. old +)
                                                 Level III (Int/Adv)     Level II or equivalent (Minimum 11 yrs. old +)
LORI DELASCIO                                    Dance Company (Int/Adv) Must have Level II dance ability and familiarity
Lori graduated in 1990 with a B.A. in the-
                                                                         with tap (8-14 yrs. old)
atre dance from Northern Illinois University.
Her studies include classical ballet, mod-
ern, Spanish dance, jazz, tap and musical           •     Dancers must meet age and training requirements for each class.
theatre. Lori discovered her passion for            •     Dancers must be appropriate age by September 1, 2008 or have
dance education while instructing dance for               instruction staff approval.
8 years at the Blackberry School of Ballet
                                                    •     The instruction staff may move students to appropriate classes as
in Elburn, IL and as Orchesis Director at
Schaumburg High School. Performances                      necessary.
include work with the Pheasant Run Dinner
Theatre in St. Charles and the Los
Preferidos Spanish Dance Company in
Evanston. She is anxious to share her tal-
ents and commitment to dance by enhanc-
ing the lives of young children.

Kim Ford, starting her 3rd year with the
Medinah Park District dance program, has
studied many areas of dance including bal-
let, tap, jazz, hip-hop, clogging and lyrical
and has competed on both the regional and
national levels. Kim was a member of the
Bartlett High School varsity dance team and
just completed her first season as a mem-
ber of the Dance Team of the Chicago
Slaughter, a professional indoor football
team. Kim has also taught dance at the
Hanover Park Park District for the past three
years and is excited to share her talents with
the Medinah Park District dance students.

14                                                        Medinah Park District
                                                                                       Youth Programs

                                                                                         TECHNIQUE CLASS DESCRIP-
                                                                                         T     I    O     N     S
                                                                                         Twinkle Toes– (3 & 4 years) Ballet basics
                                                                                         and creative movement will be the focus.
                                                                                         Rhythm, coordination and performance
                                                                                         skills will be developed. Pom pons, batons
                                                                                         and scarves will be used during class. Stu-
                                                                                         dents should wear leotard, tights and ballet
                                                                                         shoes. All dancers must be toilet trained
                                                                                         before starting class.

                                                                                         Ballet –Instruction in classical ballet. Class
                                                                                         includes barre work, floor work and ballet
                                                                                         combinations set to classical ballet music.

                                                                                         Tap –. The tap steps will be built into com-
                                                                                         binations. Combinations will include turns,
                                                                                         movement across the floor and speed, clar-
                                                                                         ity and sound.

                                                                                         Jazz – Emphasis on jazz technique. Danc-
                                                                                         ers will work on fun combinations set to
                                                                                         popular music.

                                                                                         Hip hop – Students will learn the latest new
                                                                                         dance moves as this style allows the body
                                                                                         to move freely and funky.

                                                                      Min/               Medinah Dance Company—The Dance
Code     Tuesday           Age        Time             R/NR Fee       Max    Staff       Company members will participate in a com-
5411-A   Twinkle Toes      3-5        11:15-12:00pm    $159/$169      6/8    Lori        petitive dance program and have more per-
5411-B   Beg. Tap/Ballet 4-6          12:05-12:50pm    $159/$169      6/8    Lori        formance opportunities. The Company will
5411-C   Beg. Tap/Jazz     4-6        12:55-1:40pm     $159/$169      6/8    Lori        prepare for the Recital’s opening/closing
5411-D   Medinah Dance Co. 8-14       6:00-7:15pm      $189/$199*     6/16   Kim         dances, attend at least one regional com-
                                                                                         petition to compete with other dance pro-
                                                                      Min/               grams and join in other possible no cost
Code     Wednesday          Age       Time             R/NR Fee       Max    Staff       events throughout the year. The Dance
5411-E   Twinkle Toes       3-5       10:35-11:20am    $159/$169      6/8    Lori        Company’s emphasis will be on perfor-
5411-F   Beg. Tap/Ballet.   4-6       11:25-12:10pm    $159/$169      6/8    Lori        mances solely and a rewarding addition to
5411-G   Tap/Jazz II        9+        6:00-6:45pm      $159/$169      6/12   Kim         a technique dance class. (at left) Enroll-
5411-H   Hip Hop/Jazz II    9+        6:50-7:35pm      $159/$169      6/12   Kim         ment in a technique class is highly recom-
5411-I   Hip Hop/Jazz III   11+       7:40-8:25pm      $159/$169      6/12   Kim         mended.
                                                                                         Technique Combination Classes will touch
                                                                      Min/               on each dance style.
Code     Thursday           Age       Time             R/NR Fee       Max    Staff
5411-J   Beg. Tap/Jazz      4-6       4:10-4:55pm      $159/$169      6/8    Lori
5411-K   Hip Hop/Jazz I     7+        5:00-5:45pm      $159/$169      6/16   Lori
5411-L   Tap/Jazz I         7+        5:50-6:35pm      $159/$169      6/16   Lori
                                                                                         * Additional pro-
                                                                                         gram fees to off-
                                                                                         set competition
                                                                                         and extra oppor-
                                                                                         tunity charges
                                                                                         may apply based
                                  Dance Dress Code
                                                                                         upon registration
                                  Ballet—Leotard, tights, ballet shoes, ballet skirt
                                                                                         fees incurred.
                                  (optional). Hair securely fastened in the back.
                                                                                         Costuming addi-
                                  Tap/Jazz/Hip Hop—Form fitting dance attire, i.e.       tions and fees
                                  leotard, jazz pants, camisoles. No jeans or baggy      (approx. $50)
                                  sweat pants. Proper foot wear required. No gym         may also be in-
                                  shoes.                                                 curred.

                                        Visit Our Website:                                         15
Youth Programs
Location: Johnston Recreation Center, Bloomingdale                      Panda Bears (Formerly Petite Elites)
Instructor: Gymnastics Staff                                            This class is for the more advanced junior gymnasts NOT in kinder-
                                                                        garten. Panda Bears will place an emphasis on proper technique,
Min/Max: All gymnastics classes have a maximum                          strength, coordination and grace. Instructors consent is required
            enrollment space of 3 students from Medinah.                for this class.
                                                                        Fee:           $46(R)/$56(NR) – (5421-A)
Beanie Bears (Formerly Tumbling Teddys I)                                              $49(R)/$59(NR) – (5421-B thru 5421-F)
This class is for the new 3-3 1/2 year olds to the gymnastics pro-      Age:           4-5 years
gram. The Beanies will have fun by learning basic tumbling skills,
body awareness and gross motor skills. This is a pre-gymnastics
class for tots.                                                         Code          Day           Date                Time
Fee:            $38(R)/$48(NR) – (5418-A, 5418-E, 5418-F)               5421-A        Mon           Sep 8-Oct 27        6:40-7:40pm
                $41(R)/$51(NR) – (5418-B, 5418-C, 5418-D,               5421-B        Tue           Sep 9-Oct 28        12:15-1:15pm
                                  5418-G, 5418-H)                       5421-C        Fri           Sep 12-Oct 24       9:00-10:00am
Age:            3 years                                                 5421-D        Mon           Nov 10-Jan 12       6:40-7:40pm
                                                                        5421-E        Tue           Nov 11-Jan 13       12:15-1:15pm
Code          Day           Date                        Time            5421-F        Fri           Nov 14-Jan 23       9:00-10:00am
5418-A        Mon           Sep 8-Oct 27        11:00-11:30am
5418-B        Mon           Sep 8-Oct 27        6:00-6:30pm             No Class: 10/13, 11/24, 11/25, 11/28, 12/22, 12/23, 12/26,
5418-C        Thu           Sep 11-Oct 30       12:15-12:45pm                     12/29, 12/30, 1/02
5418-D        Fri           Sep 12-Oct 24       10:15-10:45am
5418-E        Mon           Nov 10-Jan 12       11:00-11:30am           Grizzly Bears (New Class!)
5418-F        Mon           Nov 10-Jan 12       6:00-6:30pm             Designed specifically for boys in mind. The Grizzly Bears will fea-
5418-G        Thu           Nov 13-Jan 22       12:15-12:45pm           ture customized strength and conditioning instruction on the boy’s
5418-H        Fri           Nov 14-Jan 23       10:15-10:45am           equipment.
                                                                        Fee:         $67(R)/$77(NR)
No Class: 10/13, 11/24, 11/27, 11/28, 12/22, 12/25, 12/26, 12/29,       Age:         4-5 years
          1/01, 1/02
                                                                        Code          Day           Date                Time
Teddy Bears (Formerly Tumbling Teddys II)                               5422-A        Tue           Sep 9-Oct 28        9:00-10:15am
This class is for the 3 1/2 to almost 4 year olds new to the gymnas-    5422-B        Thu           Sep 11-Oct 30       1:30-2:45pm
tics program. The Teddy’s will have fun by learning basic tumbling      5422-C        Tue           Nov 11-Jan 13       9:00-10:15am
skills, body awareness, and gross motor skills. So come join the        5422-D        Thu           Nov 13-Jan 22       1:30-2:45pm
fun. This is a pre-gymnastics class for tots.
Fee:           $41(R)/$51(NR) – (5419-A, 5419-E, 5419-F)                No Class: 11/25, 11/27, 12/23, 12/25, 12/30, 1/01
               $44(R)/$54(NR) – (5419-B, 5419-C, 5419-D,
                                    5419-G, 5419-H)                     Kodiak Bears (Formerly Kindernastics I)
Age:           3 1/2 to almost 4 years                                  This class is for gymnasts enrolled in kindergarten. The class places
                                                                        an emphasis on proper technique, strength, coordination and grace.
Code          Day           Date                        Time            Skills taught include: front and back rolls, cartwheels, round offs,
5419-A        Mon           Sep 8-Oct 27        12:10-12:50pm           beam drills, jumps, pivot turns, pullovers and hip circles as well as
5419-B        Tue           Sep 9-Oct 28        6:00-6:40pm             body awareness, turns and leaps.
5419-C        Thu           Sep 11-Oct 30       12:50-1:30pm            Fee:            $46(R)/$56(NR) – (5423-B, 5423-C)
5419-D        Fri           Sep 12-Oct 24       10:45-11:25am                           $49(R)/$59(NR) – (5423-A,5423-D,5423-E,5423-F)
5419-E        Mon           Nov 10-Jan 12       12:10-12:50pm           Age:            Kindergarten
5419-F        Tue           Nov 11-Jan 13       6:00-6:40pm
5419-G        Thu           Nov 13-Jan 22       12:50-1:30pm            Code          Day           Date                Time
5419-H        Fri           Nov 14-Jan 23       10:45-11:25am           5423-A        Thu           Sep 11-Oct 30       10:30-11:30am
                                                                        5423-B        Fri           Sep 12-Oct 24       1:30-2:30pm
No Class: 10/13, 11/24, 11/25, 11/27, 11/28, 12/22, 12/23, 12/25,       5423-C        Fri           Sep 12-Oct 24       5:30-6:30pm
          12/26, 12/29, 12/30, 1/01, 1/02                               5423-D        Thu           Nov 13-Jan 22       10:30-11:30am
                                                                        5423-E        Fri           Nov 14-Jan 23       1:30-2:30pm
Koala Bears (Formerly Little Flipsters)                                 5423-F        Fri           Nov 14-Jan 23       5:30-6:30pm
This is a pre-gymnastics program for kids who have not yet entered
kindergarten. The program emphasizes the development of gross           No Class: 11/27, 11/28, 12/25, 12/26, 1/01, 1/02
motor skills and basic tumbling, balance beam, bars and vault skills.
Advancement to the next level will be based upon an individual
evaluation of the student’s coordination, strength, interest in gym-    Polar Bears (Formerly Kindernastics II)
nastics and attention span within a group setting.                      To enroll in this class, a gymnast must pass skill evaluation. Knowl-
Fee:           $47(R)/$57(NR)                                           edge of all skills taught in Kodiak Bears is required. Skill goals
Age:           4-5 years                                                include: handstand rolls, one-handed cartwheels, round-off re-
                                                                        bounds, back bends, kick overs, all beam drills and bar require-
Code          Day           Date                Time                    ments to include jumps, turns, squat mounts, pullovers, and swing-
5420-A        Tue           Sep 9-Oct 28        10:30-11:20am           ing skills as well as dance jumps and leap series with variations.
5420-B        Tue           Sep 9-Oct 28        6:40-7:30pm             Instructor consent is required.
5420-C        Wed           Sep 10-Oct 29       11:00-11:50am           Fee:            $76(R)/$86(NR)
5420-D        Fri           Sep 12-Oct 24       12:30-1:20pm            Age:            Kindergarten
5420-E        Sat           Sep 13-Nov 4        11:00-11:50am
5420-F        Tue           Nov 11-Jan 13       10:30-11:20am           Code          Day           Date                Time
5420-G        Tue           Nov 11-Jan 13       6:40-7:30pm             5424-A        Tue           Sep 9-Oct 28        1:15-2:45pm
5420-H        Wed           Nov 12-Jan 21       11:00-11:50am           5424-B        Thu           Sep 11-Oct 30       9:00-10:30am
5420-I        Fri           Nov 14-Jan 23       12:30-1:20pm            5424-C        Tue           Nov 11-Jan 13       1:15-2:45pm
5420-J        Sat           Nov 15-Jan 24       11:00-11:50am           5424-D        Thu           Nov 13-Jan 22       9:00-10:30am

No Class: 11/24, 11/25, 11/28, 11/29, 12/20, 12/23, 12/24, 12/26,       No Class: 11/25, 11/27, 12/25, 12/30, 1/01
          12/27, 12/30, 12/31, 1/02, 1/03

16                                                         Medinah Park District
                                                                                      Youth Programs
Beginners I                                                              Beginners
Beginners I places an emphasis on proper technique, strength,            Enrollment in this class is based upon a skill evaluation test and
coordination and grace. Skills taught at this level include -Tum-        instructor consent is required. Skill goals include: Handstand
bling: front and back rolls, cartwheels and round offs - Beam: beam      rolls, back extension rolls, round-off rebounds, walkovers, front lim-
drills, jumps, pivot turns and handstands - Bars: strength, pullovers,   bers, starting flip-flops, squat mounts, toe turn, tuck jump, hand
hip circles and swings – Dance: body awareness, jumps, turns and         stands, round-off dismounts, cartwheels, pullovers, hip circles, sole
leaps.                                                                   circle dismounts, mill circle, squat-ons and pendulum swings.

Fee:          $67(R)/$77(NR)                                             Fee:          $98(R)/$108(NR) – (5428-A)
Age:          1st–8th grade                                                            $104(R)/$114(NR) – (5428-B, 5429-A)
                                                                                       $80(R)/$90(NR) – (5429-B)
Code          Day            Date                Time                    Age:          1st-8th grade
5425-A        Tue            Sep 9-Oct 28        4:30-5:45pm
5425-B        Wed            Sep 10-Oct 29       4:00-5:15pm             Code          Day           Date              Time
5425-C        Tue            Nov 11-Jan 13       4:30-5:45pm             5428-A        Mon/Wed       Sep 8-Oct 28      4:00-5:30pm
5425-D        Wed            Nov 12-Jan 21       4:00-5:15pm             5428-B        Mon/Wed       Nov 10-Jan 20     4:00-5:30pm
                                                                         5429-A        Mon/Sat       Sep 8-Nov 4       4:00-5:30pm (Mon)
No Class: 11/25, 11/26, 12/23, 12/24, 12/30, 12/31                                                                10:30am-12:30pm (Sat)
                                                                         5429-B        Mon/Sat       Nov 10-Jan 24     4:00-5:30pm (Mon)
Beginners I / II                                                                                                   10:30am-12:30pm (Sat)
This class is a combination of both Beginners I & Beginners II. The
gymnast will work on both levels depending upon the ability of the       No Class: 10/13, 11/24, 11/26, 11/29, 12/22, 12/24, 12/27, 12/29,
gymnast. Instructor consent is required.                                           12/31, 1/03

Fee:          $80(R)/$90(NR)                                             Intermediates
Age:          1st-8th grade                                              To enroll in this class, the gymnast MUST pass a skill evaluation.
                                                                         Skill goals: Floor – Pirouette, back extensions, round-off rebounds,
Code          Day            Date                Time                    back walk-overs, back limbers, front walkovers, flip-flops. Beam –
5426-A        Thu            Sep 11-Oct 30       4:00-5:30pm             squat mounts, full toe turns, double jumps, handstands, round-off
5426-B        Sat            Sep 13-Nov 4        9:00-10:30am            dismounts, cartwheels, leaps. Bars – Glide Kips, front hip circles,
5426-C        Thu            Nov 13-Jan 22       4:00-5:30pm             casting drills, squat-ons, counter swings. Instructor consent is
5426-D        Sat            Nov 15-Jan 24       9:00-10:30am            required.

No Class: 11/27, 11/29, 12/25, 12/27, 1/03                               Fee:          $130(R)/$140(NR)
                                                                         Age:          1st-8th grade
Beginners II
To enroll in this class, gymnast must pass a skill evaluation and        Code          Day           Date              Time
instructor consent is required. Skill goals include handstand            5431-A        Tue/Sat       Sep 9-Nov 4       4:00-6:00pm (Tue)
rolls, one-handed cartwheels, round off rebounds, back bends, beam                                                10:30am-12:30pm (Sat)
drills, squat mounts, pullovers, hip circles and swinging skills.        5431-B        Tue/Sat       Nov 11-Jan 24     4:00-6:00pm (Tues)
                                                                                                                  10:30am-12:30pm (Sat)
Fee:          $80(R)/$90(NR)                                             5430-A        Tue/Thu       Sep 9-Oct 28      4:00-6:00pm
Age:          1st –8th grade                                             5430-B        Tue/Thu       Nov 11-Jan 22     4:00-6:00pm

Code          Day            Date                Time                    No Class: 11/25, 11/27, 11/29, 12/23, 12/25, 12/27, 12/30, 1/01,
5427-A        Tue            Sep 9-Oct 28        4:00-5:30pm                       1/03
5427-B        Tue            Nov 11-Jan 20       4:00-5:30pm
                                                                         Flip Flop Clinic
No Class: 11/25, 12/23, 12/30                                            Do you want to improve your tumbling for cheerleading? This is the
                                                                         class for you. You will be working through the basic progressions of
                                                                         tumbling skills to get you ready for more of the advanced tumbling

                                                                         Fee: $47(R)/$57(NR)
                                                                         Age: 3rd–8th grades

                                                                         Code               Day      Date                 Time
                                                                         5432-A             Wed      Sep 10-Oct 29        4:45-5:30pm
    Girls : Leotard, biker shorts or Unitard (no straps, zip-
                                                                         5432-B             Wed      Nov 12-Jan 21        4:45-5:30pm
    pers or belts)
    Boys: Shorts & t-shirt / tank top (no street clothes)
                                                                         No Class: 11/26, 12/24, 12/31
    Children must be appropriate age and toilet trained by
    the first day of class. The gymnastics coaches reserve
    the right to place gymnasts into the class best suited to
    their abilities. If the gymnastics coach feels your child has
    been placed in the wrong class, he or she will notify you of
    the necessary change.

                                           Visit Our Website:                                            17
Youth Programs
                                                                          Code     Level   Session          Time            Age       Min/Max
SWIM LESSON PROGRAM                                                       5412-A     1          1        12:00-12:30        3-7         1/5
Through a new cooperative arrangement with the Addison Park               5412-B     2          1        1:35-2:05          4-10        1/5
District’s Club Fitness facility at their Centennial Park location, the   5412-C     3          1        2:15-2:45          5 & up      1/6
Medinah Park District is able to offer swim lessons and junior mem-       5412-D     4          1        2:15-3:00          6 & up      1/7
bership benefits for children age 3-14 years. Classes range from          5412-E     5          1        1:30-2:15          7 & up      1/7
30-45 minutes in length and you can choose from a number of               5412-F     6          1        12:50-1:35         8 & up      1/7
sessions throughout the autumn and early winter seasons.                  5412-G     1          2        12:00-12:30        3-7         1/5
                                                                          5412-H     2          2        1:35-2:05          4-10        1/5
Initial swim lesson registration includes a 1-year Club Fitness Jun-      5412-I     3          2        2:15-2:45          5 & up      1/6
ior Membership and the initial swim lesson fee is included in the         5412-J     4          2        2:15-3:00          6 & up      1/7
cost of the annual Club Fitness Junior Membership. As a Club              5412-K     5          2        1:30-2:15          7 & up      1/7
Fitness member, an individual may then take as many swim lesson           5412-L     6          2        12:50-1:35         8 & up      1/7
sessions as they wish at the lower lesson rate (see lesson rates          5412-M     1          3        12:00-12:30        3-7         1/5
below). Club Fitness Junior Membership benefits include:                  5412-N     2          3        1:35-2:05          4-10        1/5
                                                                          5412-O     3          3        2:15-2:45          5 & up      1/6
      •    Discounts on all swim lessons and other youth aqua             5412-P     4          3        2:15-3:00          6 & up      1/7
           programs.                                                      5412-Q     5          3        1:30-2:15          7 & up      1/7
      •    Discounts on all youth fitness programs at Club                5412-R     6          3        12:50-1:35         8 & up      1/7
      •    Free family open swimming at Club Fitness                      Level Descriptions
           (scheduled 2x per week).                                       Level 1 – (Recommended ages 3-7)
      •    Discounts on youth personal training.                          Focusing on enjoyment and safety, participants are introduced to
      •    Free use of Club Fitness towels.                               the water. Swimmers will be encouraged to enter the water on
      •    Use of Club Fitness locker rooms which are reserved            their own and move away from the side with basic locomotion and
           for members only.                                              supported flotation skills.
                                                                          Level 2 – (Recommended ages 4-10)
SWIM LESSON PROGRAM                                                       With continued safety issues discussed, this level is designed to
All swim lesson registrations take place at the Medinah Park District’s   progress the swimmer to unsupported floating, gliding and breath-
Thorndale Recreation Center. Initial swim lesson registration in-         ing skills. Students should be able to jump in ‘hands free’ and feel
cludes a Junior Membership in Club Fitness at a total cost of $75.00.     comfortable with their face in the water.
Future swim lesson registrations will run at a significantly lower rate   Level 3 – (Recommended ages 5 & up)
within the membership year (see lesson rates below) provided a
                                                                          Rhythmic breathing and improvement of stroke technique for front
child is registered and is issued and shows a Club Fitness mem-
                                                                          and back crawl are the focus of this level. Swimmers must be
bership card. Membership cards (with photo) will be issued on the         able to swim away from the pool’s edge for a short distance.
first day of class at Club Fitness.
                                                                          Level 4 – (Recommended ages 6 & up)
Location: Centennial Recreation Center Club Fitness                       Improving skill competency is emphasized at this level. Deeper
          1776 W. Centennial Place, Addison                               water work, treading water work and endurance are introduced.
Ages:     3-14 years                                                      Swimmers must be able to swim the length of the pool.
Day:      Saturdays                                                       Level 5 – (Recommended ages 7 & up)
Fees:     $37(R)/$55(NR) – (Levels 1-3) *                                 This level focuses on technical review of front and back crawl and
          $45(R)/$63(NR) – (Levels 4-6) *                                 elementary backstroke. Endurance is stressed. Swimmers must
                                                                          be able to perform all of the main strokes, except for the butterfly
            *First session of lessons costs $75.00 and includes           stroke.
            Club Fitness Junior Membership. Additional lesson             Level 6 – (Recommended ages 8 & up)
            fees are listed above.
                                                                          The main objective of this course is to fine tune all of the strokes.
Dates:      Session 1 – (Sept 6-Oct 11)                                   Swimmers will also be conditioned and prepared for competitive
            Session 2 – (Oct 18-Nov 22)                                   swimming. Swimmers must be able to perform all of the strokes
            Session 3 – (Dec 6-Jan 17) - No class December 27             fluidly.
                                                                          Swim Lesson General Information
Swim Testing Dates:
         September 3, 2008          5:00-5:30pm (Session 1)               Student Instruction: Swim students need to be 5 minutes early to
         October 11, 2008           6:15-6:45pm (Session 2)               each class. Please show up at least 20 minutes prior to your first
                                                                          class to take your photo for your membership card.
         November 22, 2008          6:15-6:45pm (Session 3)
                                                                          Observation: As a courtesy to the instructors, parents are not
Attendance at a swim testing date is highly encouraged for new            allowed on the swimming deck area. Parents are reminded that
participants. Participants should register first. If a student has to     this is a continuous program and each child will develop at his/her
be moved into another skill level, a spot is guaranteed for them.         own rate.
                                                                          Age: Recommended ages shown are used as a general guide-
                                                                          Refund Policy: The Addison Park District’s policy for lessons does
                                                                          not accept refund, transfers, or letters of credit after the 2nd day of
                                                                          class. There will be no make up lessons for cancelled classes.
                                                                          The Medinah Park District will honor this policy.

18                                                           Medinah Park District
                                                                       Youth/Teen Programs
ICE SKATING AND ICE HOCKEY LESSONS                                         MEDINAH TEEN SCENE
Center Ice of DuPage-Skating School offers a comprehensive in-             One Friday Night each month, 6th-8th grade students will take over
structional ice skating program, varying in abilities from beginners       the Medinah Park District’s Thorndale Recreation Center. Activities
to advanced, ages 3 to adults, in a well lighted, state-of-the-art fa-     include basketball, volleyball, music-live DJ, and dancing. Pack-
cility. Our instructional ice skating classes feature a controlled stu-    aged concessions will be available for purchase. Parents must en-
dent to teach ratio, free practice times, a free public skate/skate        ter the building to sign participants in and out. Participants must
rental pass and bring a friend pass. All children registering for any      pay at the door. Dress and conduct codes will be enforced.
of the hockey classes will receive one complimentary jersey per
year. All instructors are members of PSA (Professional Skaters             Age:           6th – 8th Grade
Association) and/or the ISI.                                               Fee:           $5.00
                                                                           Dates:         September 19
Location:     Center Ice of DuPage, 1N450 Highland Ave.,                                  October 17 (costume night)
              Glen Ellyn                                                                  November 21
Fees:         Range from $111.00 to $145.00/session depending                             December 19
              on class
Classes:      Held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays                   Day            Time
              Please contact the Medinah Park District for specific        Friday         7:30-10:00pm
              class offerings, skill levels, class times and registra-
              tion information.

Fall session #1:     Week of August 26 – October 18
                                                                           THE “ULTIMATE” FRISBEE CLASS
Code:                5433-A Ice Skating                                    Ever seen a group of people playing Ultimate Frisbee and wanted
                     5433-B Hockey                                         to join, but just didn’t quite know how to play? Ever wonder how
Fall session #2:     Week of October 21 – December 20                      they throw the Frisbee accurately, even from such strange angles?
Code:                5434-A Ice Skating                                    Well, now is your chance to learn! Ultimate Frisbee is a great sport
                     5434-B Hockey                                         that combines skills from several sports and also provides a great
                                                                           cardiovascular workout. This class will cover throwing techniques,
                                                                           rules of the game, strategy, and effective drills for honing your skills.
No Class: November 1, 25, and 27                                           Frisbees will be provided for class use.

                                                                           Location:       Thorndale Recreation Center/Park
                                                                           Instructor:     Medinah Park District Staff
                                                                           Fee:            $18(R) / $27R)               Min/Max: 6/12
                                                                           Age:            13+

                                                                           Code           Day            Date                 Time
                                                                           5600           Tue            Aug 26-Sept 30       5:30-6:30pm
A unique art program offered by Abrakadoodle that teaches chil-
dren ages 4-10 about painting on a variety of canvas surfaces with
acrylics. Canvas paper, canvas board and stretched canvas will be
used while exploring the versatile medium—acrylics. Master artists
will be introduced along with vocabulary and technique. Students
will take home 4 acrylic works of art. If you love to paint, this is the
class for you!
                                                                             CREATE A CLASS
Location:     Itasca Park District                                           Do you have an idea for a class or program you would
Instructor:   Abrakadoodle Staff                                             like to see offered by the Medinah Park District? Better yet,
Fee:          $80(R)/$90(NR)                     Min/Max: 4/10               do you have a special interest or talent you would like to
Age:          4-6 years old (*)                                              share with others? The Medinah Park District is looking for
              7-10 years old (**)                                            new program ideas and local ‘hidden’ talent to teach or lead
                                                                             various recreational classes. We are always looking for new
Code          Day            Date                 Time                       instructors with creative ideas. If you have a particular interest
5435-A        Fri            Sep 19-Oct 10        4:00-5:00pm*               or talent and are willing to lead activities, please contact Bruce
5435-B        Fri            Oct 31-Nov 21        4:00-5:00pm*               Baum by phone at 630-893-2560 or by email at
5435-C        Fri            Sep 19-Oct 10        5:15-6:15pm**    
5435-D        Fri            Oct 31-Nov 21        5:15-6:15pm**

  We Love Parents, however....
  With your child’s best interest in mind, parents are asked not to attend their child’s class unless invited by the instructor. We have
  found that the quality of instruction has often been affected by parent and/or sibling distractions, interruptions and various other
  concerns during class time. It is of equal importance that children have quality leisure time with their peers. Our instructors welcome
  the opportunity to discuss a registrant’s progress with parents before or after class, time permitting. Thank you for your cooperation.

                                                             Medinah Park District                                                              19
This new class offering will introduce students to the basic funda-
mentals of using watercolors as an art medium. Each participant
will learn to use the color wheel and how to paint a variety of pic-
tures provided by our instructor. No experience in required. A sup-
ply list is available at the Thorndale Recreation Center’s front desk.
Cost of supplies (approximately $60) is not included in the registra-
tion cost. Registration deadline is Sept. 12.

Location:      Thorndale Recreation Center – Arts & Crafts Room
Instructor:    Jack Sartain
Fee:           $75(R)/$85(NR)
                                                                         OBEDIENCE TRAINING
Age:           16 years and older                                        Learn what it takes to make you and your dog a great team!! Join
Min/Max:       5/12                                                      fellow puppy owners in group training classes instructed by Linda
                                                                         Wallenberg, a certified private instructor by Animal Behavior & Train-
Code           Day           Date                Time                    ing Associates, Inc. All dogs enrolled must be wearing
5712           Wed           Sep 17-Nov 5        7:00-9:00pm             a well fitted buckle collar with ID tags, have a 6’ leash in
                                                                         good condition and have all necessary shots to begin
                                                                         class. A copy of vaccination papers are required at reg-
                                                                         istration or on the first evening of class. Please bring
                                                                         paper towels and baggies in case of accidents. The
                                                                         first class session is for orientation and problem solving
                                                                         for the handlers. Do not bring your dog to the first class on
                                                                         September 17. Bring treats for your dog as positive training meth-
                                                                         ods will be used.

                                                                         This class is for puppies age 10 weeks to 5 months or dogs need-
                                                                         ing socialization. We will cover all puppy issues such as nipping,
                                                                         jumping, biting, barking, chewing, housebreaking and so-
                                                                         cialization. You and your puppy will be introduced to basic
WONDERFUL WARDROBE WORKSHOP                                              obedience skills and your puppy will earn a graduation
Do you find yourself looking into a closet full of clothes and still     certificate.
saying “I can’t find anything to wear?” Fashion consultants Eliza-
beth Threadgill and Mary Ann Lehman will teach you the secrets of        Location:       Thorndale Recreation Center - Gymnasium
sizing, fit, shape, fabric selection, coordination, and accessorizing    Instructor:     Linda Wallenberg
that will make your wardrobe work for you! Learn how to select and       Fee:            $89(R)/$99(NR)
put together outfits that work for your individual body type and         Handler Age:    Adults (18+)    Min/Max: 3/12 dogs
lifestyle. Transforming your wardrobe could transform your life.         Code        Day          Date             Time
When you know you look good, you feel great!                             5701        Wed          Sep 17-Oct 29    6:30-7:30 pm

Location:      Roselle Park District – Clauss Recreation Center          CANINE GOOD CITIZENSHIP CERTIFICATION
               (Chestnut Room)
Instructor:    Elizabeth Threadgill, Mary Ann Lehman                     PROGRAM
Fee:           $25(R)/$35(NR)                                            Show off your dog’s good behavior in public by taking this AKC
Age:           Adults                                                    Canine Good Citizen certification program and conclude the pro-
Min/Max:       2/5                                                       gram with an optional test for the skills learned. This
                                                                         program will earn your dog the CGC certification
Code         Day     Date        Time                                    showing it is mannerly in public with people and other
5711         Sat     Nov 8       10:00 am-12:30 pm                       dogs, by passing the 10 step program. Take the
                                                                         class and test with Linda Wallenberg, who is a
                                                                         certified CGC evaluator of this AKC program. Par-
CERAMICS                                                                 ticipants may register for the class without being
Welcome back to this popular class! Create your own gifts and/or         obligated to taking the test or you may take only the
household items. Ongoing work projects carry over from session           test if your dog has previous obedience training.
to session while new opportunities exist each session as well. Be-
                                                                         Location:          Thorndale Recreation Center - Gymnasium
ginner and experienced students are welcome. Registration fee
                                                                         Instructor:        Linda Wallenberg
does not include supply costs.
                                                                         Fee:               $130(R)/$140(NR) - class
Location:      Thorndale Recreation Center - Arts & Crafts Room                             $10(R)/$15(NR) - test
Instructor:    Pat Sibigtroth                                            Handler Age:       Adults (18+)        Min/Max: 3/12 dogs
Fee:           $39(R)/$49(NR)                Min/Max: 8/12
Age:           18 years and older                                        Code          Day          Date                 Time
                                                                         5702          Wed          Sep 17-Nov 12       7:45-8:45 pm (class)
Code           Day           Date                Time                    5703          Wed          Nov. 19             7:45-8:45 pm (test)
Session I
5700-A         Tue           Sep 2-Oct 21        7:30-9:30pm
Session II
5700-B         Tue           Oct 28-Dec 16       7:30-9:30pm
20                                                          Medinah Park District
This fun, high energy class will combine cardio and strength train-
ing through the use of weights, stability balls, bands and more.
This workout, led by a certified personal trainer, will raise your heart
rate using interval training to burn calories while having fun work-
ing out with a group.

Location:     Thorndale Recreation Center – Fitness Room
Instructor:   Diane Schrager
Fee:          $180(R)/$190(NR)
Age:          18 years and older
Min/Max:      4/4

Code          Day            Date                  Time                    A TASTE OF LATIN AND BALLROOM DANCE
5713          Wed, Fri       Sep 17-Oct 24         9:00am                  Will you be the next participant in Dancing with the Stars? Discover
                                                                           the wonderful world of Ballroom and Latin dancing in this introduc-
                                                                           tory course. Improve your skills, learn new steps and how to lead
MEN’S ADULT BASKETBALL LEAGUE                                              and follow. You will have fun dancing the Waltz, Cha Cha, Fox Trot,
This Sunday morning slow break league plays a round robin sea-             Swing and Rhumba with just a few hours of enjoyable instruction.
son, followed by a single elimination tournament for the top four          Couples are recommended but not necessary and couples will not
teams in the league. The league runs by IHSA rules with licensed           rotate partners. Singles are not guaranteed a partner. Please wear
officials. A captain’s meeting will take place on Thursday, Novem-         comfortable clothing and shoes.
ber 6, 2008 at 6:30 pm at the Thorndale Recreation Center.
                                                                           Location:   Wood Dale Recreation Complex
Location:     Thorndale Recreation Center - gym                                        111 E. Foster Avenue, Wood Dale
Fee:          $390/team + $5/NR player                                     Instructor: Dance Techs, Inc.
Age:          18 years and older                                           Fee:        $42(R)single/$52(NR)single                Min/Max: 8/30
Min/Max:      4/8 teams                                                    Ages:       16 years and older
Code          Day          Date              Time
5710          Sun          Nov 16-Feb 15     10:00am -1:00pm               Code          Day            Date                 Time
                           (no games: 11/30, 12/28, 1/4)                   5707          Fri            Oct 3-Oct 24         7:30-9:00pm

  MEDINAH PARK DISTRICT                                                    Looking for an exciting and fun way to tone and sculpture your body?
  GIFT CERTIFICATES                                                        Here is your chance. Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue, hip rolls and
  Give the gift of recreation! Gift certificates are now available         shimmies – put it all together with high energy Latin and interna-
  for purchase at the Thorndale Recreation Center. Certificates            tional music and you’ve got Zumba. This dance and fitness based
  can be priced at any increment. This is the perfect gift for that        workout is fun, effective and easy to follow. It is a “feel good” work-
  “hard to buy for” person.                                                out like no other that is great for the body and mind. Our master
                                                                           instructor will guide you through a series of unique moves and com-
  Look for your Winter/Spring, 2009 program guide to be deliv-             binations providing you with a dynamic interval style workout. No
  ered the week of November 24, 2008.                                      dance experience is necessary and all fitness levels are welcome.
                                                                           Come join in on the Zumba party ! Drop in rate is $9.00 per class.

                                                                           Location:   Johnston Recreation Center – Aerobics Room
                                                                                       172 S. Circle Avenue, Bloomingdale
                                                                           Instructor: Lora Kozur Troesken
WALKING CLUB                                                               Age:        16 years and older
Put on your walking shoes and join us as we walk the walk! This is         Fee:        $50(R)/$60(NR)
a great way to socialize, motivate each other and exercise all at          Min/Max:    1/3
one time. Pedometers will be used to track our steps and miles.
Walking route maps will be available or make your own. We will             Code          Day            Date                 Time
meet at the Thorndale Recreation Center.                                   5708-A        Tue            Sep 9-Oct 14         6:00-7:00pm
                                                                           5708-B        Tue            Nov 4-Dec 9          6:00-7:00pm
Location:     Thorndale Recreation Center
Fee:          $10(R)/$15(NR)                      Min/Max: 4/15
Age:          18 yrs. and older

Code          Day            Date                 Time                       Register Early
5716-A        Mon/Thu        Sep 22-Oct 29        9:30am
5716-B        Mon/Thu        Sep 22-Oct 29        5:15pm                     Nothing kills a class quicker than low registration! Classes that
                                                                             do not meet minimum registration requirements one week prior
Registration Deadline: September 12                                          to the program start date will be cancelled. Please help us by
                                                                             not waiting until the last minute to register.

                                            Visit Our Website:                                              21
POWER COOKING SHOW                                                 FIND THE CLOWN IN YOU
Do you need more time to prepare dinners? Are you running out of   Is everybody always calling you a ‘clown’? Here is the chance to
ideas for great family meals? How about 3 meals in 45 minutes! A   find the clown in you. This is a comprehensive class to learn all the
Pampered Chef Consultant will demonstrate just that. Come and      basic clown skills and the “Business of Clowning” taught by 2 award
join us for some Power Cooking. Each code session is the same      winning professional clowns. We will cover make-up, costuming
class.                                                             (on a budget) and character development as well as basic balloons,
                                                                   face painting, performance skills and fun clown magic for birthday
Location:     Thorndale Recreation Center- Arts/Crafts Room        parties and other events. All the knowledge and resources you will
Instructor:   Julie Walter                                         need for a fun-filled hobby or as a new business venture! Come
Fee:          $8(R)/$12(NR)                                        clown around with us !! The final class will be a small clown show
Age:          18 yrs & older                                       open to friends, family and the public. All supplies are provided
Min/Max:      6/12                                                 with exception of optional beginner make-up kit ($10).

Code          Day          Date              Time                  Location:     Thorndale Recreation Center – Arts Room
5715-A        Thu          Sep 25            9:15-10:45am          Instructor:   Pam Mitchell & Lori Jacobs
5715-B        Thu          Sep 25            1:15-2:45pm           Fee:          $65(R)/$75(NR)
5715-C        Fri          Sep 26            9:15-10:45am          Age:          15 years and older
5715-D        Fri          Sep 26            1:00-2:30pm           Min/Max:      4/12

Registration Deadline:     September 18, 2008                      Code          Day           Date                Time
                                                                   5714          Mon           Sep 22-Nov 10       7:00-8:30pm

                                                                   Registration Deadline:      September 17, 2008

     The Medinah Park District, in conjunction with Platt Hill Nursery in Bloomingdale, brings you this exciting
     new series of gardening and horticulture seminars before you put your garden to bed this fall. The
     professional horticulturists at Platt Hill will provide you with innovative tips and tricks of the trade about
     the subject titles below. These seminars provide a great opportunity to learn new skills or simply brush
     up on your understanding of gardening and yard care. Sign up for all 3 series titles and save!!
     Registration deadlines are 1 week prior to class date.
     Location:           Thorndale Recreation Center
     Instructor:         Sandy Peracas – Platt Hill Nursery
     Fee:                $4(R)/$6(NR) – each class
                         $10(R)/$15(NR) – all three classes
     Age:                18 years and older
     Min/Max:            10/20

     Code           Day         Date                      Time
     Planting & Pruning of Trees and Shrubs
     5704-A         Wed         Sep 24                    7:00-8:00pm
     Winterizing your Pond
     5704-B         Wed         Oct 8                     7:00-8:00pm
     Basic Landscape Design
     5704-C         Wed         Oct 22                    7:00-8:00pm
     5704-D Register for all 3 classes

22                                                     Medinah Park District
                                                                           HATHA YOGA
                                                                           It’s Hatha Yoga for all levels! The perfect fitness program resulting
                                                                           in overall improvement in your physical, emotional and spiritual well-
                                                                           being. You’ll learn to relax your mind and body through proper
                                                                           breathing practices, Yoga postures, deep relaxation and medita-
                                                                           tion techniques. Emphasis is placed on gentle stretching, strength-
                                                                           ening, and balancing exercises. You’ll gain the added benefits of
                                                                           improved concentration and stress reduction which is so important
                                                                           for today’s lifestyle! Please bring a large bath towel or mat to class.
                                                                           Comfortable clothing is requested.

                                                                           Location:   Clauss Recreation Center – Sycamore Room
                                                                                       555 W. Bryn Mawr, Roselle
                                                                           Instructor: Karol Kuehn (certified instructor)
                                                                           Fee:        $59(R)/$69(NR) – (5709-A,5709-B,5709-C,5709-F)
                                                                                       $50(R)/$60(NR) – (5709-D)
                                                                                       $41(R)/$51(NR) – (5709-E)
PILATES                                                                    Age:        16 years and older
Pilates is mat-work designed for everyone; young, old, athletic or         Min/Max:    1/4
sedentary. Come enjoy a non-impact, safe and effective exercise.
Pilates will strengthen muscles as well as improve flexibility, bal-       Code          Day            Date               Time
ance and posture. Watch your body tone and re-form with each               5709-A        Wed            Sep 10-Oct 15      7:00-8:00pm
class. Your mind and body will love the way it looks and feels – you       5709-B        Fri            Sep 12-Oct 17      7:00-8:00pm
will love the results. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a        5709-C        Wed            Oct 22-Nov 26      7:00-8:00pm
mat and small towel. Instructor Sue Garcia is Pilates certified and        5709-D        Fri            Oct 24-Nov 21      7:00-8:00pm
holds six other national fitness certifications with a solid understand-   5709-E        Wed            Dec 3-Jan 7        7:00-8:00pm
ing of nutrition, physiology and anatomy.                                                               (no class 12/24, 12/31)
                                                                           5709-F        Fri            Dec 5-Jan 9        7:00-8:00pm
Location:   Thorndale Recreation Center – Dance Room
Instructor: Sue Garcia
Fee:        $63(R)/$73(NR)
Age:        16 years and older
Min/Max:    5/15
                                                                           TAI CHI
Code          Day            Date                 Time                     Tai Chi was developed centuries ago as a series of relaxation exer-
5705-A        Mon            Sept 8-Oct 20        9:30-10:20am             cises, a system of self-defense and to aid in meditation. This class
5705-B        Mon            Nov 3-Dec 15         9:30-10:20am             would be an excellent addition to any fitness program for improving
                                                                           both mind and body. This course will teach elementary principles
                                                                           of Tai Chi, including proper breathing and meditation techniques,
                                                                           stress reduction, as well as traditional movements of the art. Class
                                                                           will be held outdoors while weather allows. Participants should
                                                                           register directly with the instructor on the first day of class
TAE KWON-DO                                                                each month.
Tae Kwon-Do is a martial art emphasizing improved physical well
being and positive mental health. Tae Kwon-Do is one of the most           Location:     Thorndale Recreation Center
challenging of the martial arts and the classes stress good flexibil-      Instructor:   Joe Prignano
ity, speed and strength. Students can expect an aerobic workout            Fee:          $75/month
and a well disciplined, strict environment. New students need to           Age:          16 years and older
contact the Medinah Park District prior to attending the first class.      Min/Max:      1/10
Classes meet multiple times/week.
                                                                           Day      Date
Location:     Thorndale Recreation Center – Heritage Room                  Sat      Sep 6-27
Instructor:   Jeff Sjodin                                                  Sat      Oct 4-25
Fee:          $60/month(R)/$70/month(NR)                                   Sat      Nov 1-29
Age:          13 years and older                                           Sat      Dec 6-27
Min/Max:      3/15
Code          Date                                                         10:00 - 11:00 am (Beg)
5706-A        Sep 3-29 (No class 9/1)                                      11:00 am – 12:00 pm (Adv)
5706-B        Oct 1-31
5706-C        Nov 1-29 (No class 11/28)
5706-D        Dec 1-31 (No class 12/24, 12/31)

Days & Times
Mon., Wed., Fri     6:00-7:30pm
Sat.                10:00am-12:00pm

                                            Visit Our Website:                                             23
AGING                                                                     Get connected at the 13th annual Senior Lifestyle Expo! The North-
We all must adapt to changes in our vision as we age. Dr. Kristen         eastern Illinois Area Agency on Aging is proud to present this 2-day
Langner will help you understand many of the common vision prob-          festival of activities, focused on offering older persons and their
lems associated with aging. This presentation will address com-           families opportunities to discover new and valuable information, all
mon issues like reading problems, dry eye, cataracts, glaucoma            while having fun!
and AMD. The program is designed to help you better understand            The best part is that all this information is under one roof at Drury
your next visit to the eye doctor. Ample time will be allowed for         Lane in Oak Brook. Attractions include:
Q&A. This is a MUST SEE for both seniors and family members
caring for older adults.                                                         •    Health and Wellness Area
                                                                                 •    Fun & Educational Seminars
Location:     Thorndale Recreation Center – Arts & Crafts Room                   •    100+ Product and Service Exhibitors
Instructor:   Dr. Kristen Langner, OD                                            •    Interactive Game Show Challenges
Fee:          $4(R) / $6(NR)                                                     •    Give-aways and Drawings
Age:          Adults                                                             •    Senior ‘Idol’ Competition
Min/Max:      6/15                                                               •    Entertainment
                                                                                 •    Food Vendors
Code          Day            Date           Time
5717-A        Thu            Oct 9          7:00-8:30pm                   Location:     Drury Lane – Oak Brook
5717-B        Thu            Nov 13         7:00-8:30pm                   Fee:          $6.00 (includes entrance ticket and
                                                                                        van transportation)
                                                                          Age:          Seniors
                                                                          Min/Max:      5/10

                                                                          Code          Day           Date                Time
                                                                          5100          Thu           Sep 4               9:00am-1:30pm

                                                                          Registration Deadline: August 27, 2008

                                                                          MEDINAH SENIORS CLUB
                                                                          The Medinah Seniors Club is an organization for adults fifty-five
                                                                          and older. The club meets on the second Friday of each month at
                                                                          the Thorndale Recreation Center. Club activities include bingo,
                                                                          theme parties, special luncheons, class demonstrations and guest
                                                                          speakers. Club members arrive at 12:00 noon for cake and coffee
                                                                          followed by the monthly business meeting at 12:30 PM. Special
PROTECTING VISION – PROTECTING                                            programs are offered on a monthly basis followed by bingo. Mem-
INDEPENDENCE                                                              bership fees are nominal. Please call 893-2560 for additional Club
Aging is inevitable. Vision loss does not have to be. A critical factor   information.
in maintaining independence as we age is preventing vision loss.
                                                                          Upcoming Meetings:
Join Dr. Kristen Langner as she discusses important steps in pre-
                                                                                    September 12           Regular Meeting and Bingo
vention and early detection of sight threatening disease. This pro-
                                                                                    October 10             Oktoberfest Celebration
gram looks more specifically at glaucoma, AMD and diabetic retin-
                                                                                    November 14            Regular Meeting and Bingo
opathy. Learn the symptoms and steps you can take to protect
                                                                                    December 12            Holiday Celebration
your vision for a lifetime of healthy sight. Bring your questions as
there will be time for Q&A. Great for seniors and those caring for
older adults.

Location:     Thorndale Recreation Center – Heritage Room
Instructor:   Dr. Kristen Langner, OD
Fee:          $4(R) / $6(NR)
Age:          Adults
Min/Max:      6/20

Code          Day            Date           Time
5718-A        Thu            Oct 30         7:00-8:30pm
5718-B        Thu            Dec 11         7:00-8:30pm

24                                                           Medinah Park District
                                                                                                                          Enjoy Our Parks

                                                                                                                                                                    Sand Volleyball
                                                                                                                                                                                      Fitness Center
                                                                                                                          Soccer Fields
                                                                                                          Tennis Courts

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Picnic Tables

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Nature Area

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Parking Lot
                                                                                                                                                      Ice Skating

                                                                                            Ball Fields

                                                                                                                                          Sled Hill


1. ...................... Thorndale Recreation Center      x                                                                                                                          x                                                        x           x
8. .............................Commuter Parking Lots

                                         Park Sites
5. .........Goodenough Park, (Lloyd & Woodview)                       x                                     2                                                                                                                                                     3.5
6. ........Manary Park, (Lawrence & Plum Grove)                       x             x          1                            1                                                                                                                                 x x 12
2. ...........Meacham Creek Park, (Thorndale Ave.)                                  x                                                                                                                            x                 x                          x   12
4. ..................Nordic Park, (Fairway and Nordic)        x                                             2                                                                                                                                                     2.5
3. .................Riha Park, (Glendale..N of Sunset)        x                              1                                                                                                           x                                                    x    7
7. .......Springhill Park (Glendale-N of Sunnyside)           x                              1                                                                                                                                                                     3
1. .....................Thorndale Park, (Thorndale Ave.)    x 2                     x       *5 *4                                         *x *x x                                                        x x                       x           x              x   30

                                      School Sites
     Medinah Intermediate School, (Medinah Rd.)                                                x                            x
           Medinah Middle School, (Granville Ave.)                                                                          x

                                   Visit Our Website:                                                                                                                                                                                             25
Fitness Room
                                                              FITNESS EQUIPMENT
 Hours of Operation:
   Mon.-Fri., 6:00 AM-9:00 PM                                 CARDIOVASCULAR
                                                              3 Life Fitness 9500HR Treadmills
   Sat.,      7:30 AM-5:00 PM
                                                                with Heart Rate Monitor
   Sun.,      9:00 AM-3:00 PM                                 2 Life Fitness 9500HR Cross-Trainers
                                                                with Heart Rate Monitor
 Closed: New Years Day, Easter, Memorial                      1 Life Fitness Lifecycle 9500HR
 Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving                   Recumbent Exercise Bike
 Day & Christmas Day.                                           with Heart Rate Monitor
                                                              1 Life Fitness Lifecycle 9500HR
 Special Holiday Hours: 8:00 AM-Noon                            Upright Exercise Bike
 Good Friday, Thanksgiving Friday, Christmas                    with Heart Rate Monitor
 Eve, New Years Eve
                                                              • Lat Pulldown/
* ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE                        Non-              Low Row
                             Resident          Resident       • Arm Curl/Tricep Press
Individual adult             $119              $164           • Leg Extension/Leg Curl
   (22 & over)                                                • Leg Press/Calf Press
Couple or additional adult   $199              $244           Hammer Abdominal Board
Senior (60 & over)           $ 79              $119           Hammer Body Weight Back Extension
Student (17-21 years)        $ 79              $119           Dumbbells weighing 5 - 50 lbs.
Corporate (Minimum of three)                   $134 each

                                                                RULES AND REGULATIONS
* RENEWAL RATES                                                 Proof of residence is required when purchasing
Members renewing an Annual Membership on or up to 30
                                                                a membership.
days before their expiration date will receive the Renewal
                                                                All users will be required to check in with their
                                                                membership card at the front desk prior to entering
                                   Resident Resident            The Fitness Room.
Individual adult                   $ 99          $144           Members must be 17 years or older.
Couple or additional adult         $179          $224           Users must provide their own towel and lock.
Senior (60 & over)                 $ 59          $ 99           Please wear appropriate attire when using The
Student (17-21 years)              $ 59          $ 99           Fitness Room. Shirts must be worn at all times and
                                                                athletic shoes are required.
                                                                A couple is two adults living at the same address. A
                                                                couple must register at the same time.
Individual Adult/Senior/Student $ 49           $ 64
                                                                All individuals under the age of 18 are required to
1 MONTH Individual                $ 30         $ 38             have a parent or guardian’s signature before utilizing
DAILY RATE Individual             $ 4          $ 6              The Fitness Room.
                                                                Facility closure due to maintenance and/or special
There is a $5 replacement fee if pass is lost.                  events is considered in the fee schedule. There are
                                                                no fee adjustments or compensation for down time
                                                                of one week or less.
                                                                REFUNDS will be considered in cases of relocation
                                                                or illness. (Doctor’s note required for illness.)
                                                              Membership Benefits:
           Receive FREE Week                                  • Personalized orientation through the equipment
        During Month of September                               by appointment.
                                                              • Free open gym for running, walking or basketball
             Redeem at Front Office.                            when the gym is available.
                                                              • Locker facilities / showers.
        (current members are not eligible)

26                                                Medinah Park District
                                                                       Fitness / Open Gym
                                                                      ANNUAL OPEN GYM MEMBERSHIP PASS
                                                                      An annual open gym membership pass allows a participant to
                                                                      use the gym during set open gym times for no additional fee.
                                                                      The pass is good for one year (Sept. 1, 2008 - Aug. 31, 2009).

                                                                      The fees are as follows:
                                                                                  PASSES       RESIDENT
                                                                                  1002-0       GRADES 1ST - 8TH                 $20.00
                                                                                  1002-1       HIGH SCHOOL & ADULT              $25.00
                                                                                  1002-0       GRADES 1ST - 8TH                 $40.00
                                                                                  1002-1       HIGH SCHOOL & ADULT              $50.00
                                                                                      PASS MUST BE PRESENTED
                                                                                    UPON ENTERING THE FACILITY.
                                                                      Purchase your pass at the Thorndale Recreation Center, 22W130
                                                                      Thorndale Avenue. Bring one of the following proofs of residency
                                                                      along with Picture I.D.:
                                                                                          Property Tax Bill
                                                                                          Voter Registration Card
                                                                                          Utility Bill
                Personal Training                                     (If you are under 18 years, a parent must accompany you to ob-
                                                                      tain this pass.)
          The Medinah Park District offers                            A parent’s photo I.D. may be used to obtain a Medinah Park Dis-
              personal training at the                                trict picture I.D. for a child or teen, but the parent must be present
   Thorndale Recreation Center Fitness Room.                          when registering.
        All Sessions are 1 hour in length
                                                                      Once you receive your picture I.D. pass, you must present it ev-
                   1 session =$49                                     ery time you enter the gym.
               6 session pack = $249                                  DAILY RATES:
                                                                      $3.00/DAY - RESIDENT (PROOF REQUIRED)
                                                                      $5.00/DAY - NON-RESIDENT (OR THOSE WITHOUT PROOF
                                                                      OF RESIDENCY)
                                                                      Lost I.D. may be replaced at a cost of $5.00

                                                                     The original dance exercise phenomenon! Each 60 minute class
                                                                     offers a blend of jazz dance and exercise science set to your favor-
                                                                     ite music – Top 40, jazz, country, funk and classics. Easy-to-follow,
                                                                     fun choreography includes a gentle warm up, 30-minute aerobic
                                                                     workout, muscle toning and strengthening segment with weights,
                                                                     and a stretch finale.

                                                                     Registration taken at class. Registrants may start at any time.

                                                                     Location:              Thorndale Recreation Center
                                                                     Instruction Staff:     Karen Eisentraut and Diane Wiest
                                                                     Ages:                  16 years and older
               Open Gym Schedule                                     Fees:                  $37/month EFT or $89 (8 weeks)
            September - December 2008                                                       $25 Joining Fee

                                                                     Days          Time
Monday           7:00-9:45pm       Adult Basketball
Tuesday          7:00-9:45pm       Youth Open Basketball             Mon.          4:00-5:00pm

Thursday         7:00-9:45pm       Youth Open Basketball                           7:30-8:30pm
Saturday         2:00-4:45pm       General Open Gym                  Tues.         9:00-10:00am

                                                                                                                        k of
Sunday           12:30-2:45pm      Family Open Gym                                 7:30-8:30pm
                                                                     Wed.          4:00-5:00pm
                                                                                                                      T. 8
*Hours are subject to change without notice due to seasonal class    Thurs.        9:00-10:00am

and league scheduling!                                                             7:30-8:30pm
                                                                     Sat.          8:00-9:00am
Schedules will be posted at the Thorndale Recreation Center.

                                        Visit Our Website:                                              27
Corporate Sponsor / Rentals

            Show Your Community Support - Be a Corporate Sponsor
           Help the Park District continue to provide the Medinah community with quality parks,
                    natural areas and recreation programming through sponsorships.
     Showcase your business                                                     Choose the appropriate
     and show your community                *Summer Concert Series              event to reach your
     support with a sponsorship!                  *Family Fest                  target audience!
                                                *Easter Egg Hunt
     Event attendance ranges              *Daddy/Daughter Date Night            Receive recognition of
     from 50 participants to                  **Morning with Santa              your sponsorship through
     hundreds of festival goers!             *Medinah Seniors Club              Park District publicity!

     Various pricing options are                                                To discuss the right event
     available to meet the financial                                            for your business, call
     needs of your company!                                                     Bruce Baum at 630/893-2560.

     There are many special events that would greatly benefit from in-kind donations such as gift certificates,
     coupons and/or small gifts. To inquire about these sponsorship opportunities, please call the Medinah
     Park District at 630/893-2560.

                             Park and Facility Rental Permits
         Need a convenient site to hold an organization or business meeting? Want an indoor space to hold
         a child’s birthday party? Would an outdoor playing field and pavilion be a perfect spot for a family
         reunion? Now is the time to start planning for these events and the Medinah Park District can help
         with our indoor and outdoor facility rental space!
         The Park District has both indoor and outdoor facilities that can be rented by the hour for family
         functions, club and school activities, civic group meetings or athletic events.

                                                               THORNDALE PARK
                                                               OUTDOOR PAVILION
                                                               $20 / hour (resident)
                   HERITAGE (max 100)                          $35 / hour (non-resident)
     $30 / hour (resident)  $40 / hour (non-resident)          • The above fees include a park district supervisor
                ARTS & CRAFTS (max 20)                           who is on duty the entire time of the rental.
     $15 / hour (resident)  $25 / hour (non-resident)
                 DANCE STUDIO (max 50)                         ATHLETIC FIELDS/TENNIS COURTS
     $25 / hour (resident)  $35 / hour (non-resident)          $15 / hour (resident)
                      GYM (max 300)                            $25 / hour (non-resident)
     $35 / hour (resident)  $45 / hour (non-resident)
                                                                  Reservations must be made at least 2 weeks in
                                                                  advance. A $20 reservation fee and application is
 The use of the Park District kitchen is included in the
                                                                   required to reserve a date and space. Additional
 fee when available (1st come, 1st served basis).
                                                                          fees may apply for larger groups.
 • The above fees include a park district supervisor                    Call 893-2560 for more information.
   who is on duty the entire time of the rental.

28                                               Medinah Park District
    The Medinah Park District and Northeast DuPage Special Recreation Association (NEDSRA) are partners
    in service to positively impact individuals with disabilities through diverse recreation opportunities and
    community services. A wide variety of recreational and social programs are designed and delivered to
    thousands of children and adults who may need specialized staff, services or equipment to assist them in
    their pursuit of recreation and leisure interests. The benefits of recreation are endless, and, together, we can
    make a difference and improve
    the quality of life for everyone!
    The Benefits Are Endless!

    NEDSRA offers these exciting
    program opportunities:
    • Special Olympics
    • Wheelchair Athletics

    • Social Clubs and Trips
    • Outdoor Recreation

    • Cultural Arts and Art Therapy

    • Day Camps
    • Inclusion

               If you know someone who has a disability or special need who can benefit from the
              wide variety of recreation opportunities available through NEDSRA, please complete
             the form below. As a first-time participant, you will receive a $10.00 program voucher.
             For more information on how to get involved, or the comprehensive services available,
                          call us at 1-630-620-4500, extension 132. Let the fun begin!


    Detach Form & Mail

    Name:_______________________________________________ Phone: __________________________
    I know someone who might benefit from special recreation opportunities for people with disabilities.
    Please call this individual listed below:
    Name:_______________________________________________ Phone: __________________________

    Mail information on available services to:

    Name: ______________________________________________ Phone: __________________________
    Street:_______________________________________ City: ____________________________________
    State/Zip: _____________________________________________________________________________

            Cut and mail form to: NEDSRA, 1770 W. Centennial Place, Addison IL 60101-1076
                              To learn more about NEDSRA, visit

                  Visit Our Website:                                            29
Registration Information
Registration                                                       Registration Fees
3 Easy and Convenient Ways to Register                             Cash, personal checks, money orders and VISA or
                                                                   MASTERCARD may be used to pay for Park District regis-
           You may bring your registration form directly to        tration fees, membership fees or services. Checks and
           the Registration counter at the Thorndale Recre-        money orders must be made payable to the Medinah Park
           ation Center, 22W130 Thorndale Avenue.                  District.
           You may mail your registration form to the Medinah      Class Cancellation Changes
           Park District, 22W130 Thorndale Avenue,
           Medinah, IL 60157.                                      Most programs have a minimum and maximum number of
                                                                   openings. If your class is cancelled due to low enrollment,
           You may fax your registration to the Medinah Park       the park district will make every attempt to offer an alterna-
           District at 630/893-0932. MasterCard and Visa are       tive class when available or will credit a family account or
           accepted. The registration/waiver form must be          provide for a full refund. A class is generally cancelled 7 days
           fully completed and signed.                             prior to its start date. Please be aware that certain programs
                                                                   have special registration deadlines that will be listed if differ-
Registration Hours                                                 ent than the general 7 day period.
Walk-In program registration will be accepted during regular
                                                                   Minimums and Maximums
Thorndale Recreation Center building hours of 8:30 am –
9:30 pm Monday through Friday, 7:30 am – 5:00 pm on Sat-           A class minimum is established to make sure that a program
urday and 9:00 am – 3:00 pm on Sunday.                             has enough registration support to justify holding the pro-
                                                                   gram. Since most instructors are paid per class period, run-
Medinah Park District residents receive preference during          ning classes with less than the minimum of registrants would
program enrollment periods and may register for programs           be a drain on the financial network of the District. A vast
upon receipt of the seasonal program guide. Registration is        majority of our recreation programs are self-sufficient. If a
taken on a first come, first serve basis. Non resident regis-      class does not meet the minimum number of participants, it
tration will begin on August 25, 2008. Non resident registra-      may be cancelled. In these cases, registrants will be noti-
tion rates are 1.5 times the resident fee with the additional      fied.
fee not to exceed $10.
                                                                   Maximum numbers are established to maintain the safety
All registration fees must be paid in advance. Persons en-         and quality of a program. The more students, the less indi-
rolling after the start date of a program will be required to      vidualized attention. We keep student/instructor ratios low
pay the entire program fee. Pro-rating of class fees will not      to insure you get what you pay for: a higher quality program.
be accepted.                                                       Room capacity and ratios are primary considerations for the
                                                                   maximum number listed.
Are You a Resident?
The Medinah Park District has definitive boundaries that take      Waiver Forms Required
in parts of Roselle (zip code 60172), Itasca (60143) and           A signature is required on the waiver portion of all registra-
Medinah (60157). In fact, you may be a resident of the             tions. Please read the waiver in full before signing. Registra-
Medinah Park District and your neighbors next to you or            tions can not be processed without the waiver portion signed.
across the street from you may not be residents of the park        Insurance requirements dictate the need for signatures.
                                                                   Returned Check Policy
Why is this important? In a word, Medinah Park District resi-
dents support the district by paying property taxes to the         We gladly accept personal checks as payment for registra-
district while non-residents do not. Residents are thus af-        tion fees. If, for any reason, a check is returned to our office
forded special privileges and benefits.                            marked “NSF” we will contact you. You will be required to
                                                                   submit a full cash payment, as well as a bank service charge,
How do you know if you are a resident? If you are a property       in order to maintain your registration in your particular pro-
owner, look at a copy of your most recent tax bill. If the         gram of interest. Class privileges will be suspended and new
Medinah Park District is listed, you are a resident. If you        registration will not be accepted until payment is received.
rent, call us at 630/893-2560 and give us your address...we
will be able to tell you if you are a resident or not.             Refunds
What about those privileges? To begin, residents receive           Refunds for programs will not be made once a program has
the first opportunity to register for our seasonal program of-     begun unless the program is cancelled by the Park District,
ferings (non-residents have to wait). Secondly, residents who      the participant moves from the district or the participant pro-
register for our programs and services are charged a lower         vides a medical transcript from his/her physician. Trip re-
user fee than non-residents and facility rental charges are        funds will not be made after the registration deadline unless
also less expensive for residents. It’s not that we dislike non-   the ticket can be resold.
residents. In fact, we appreciate their patronage. There are      An administrative fee of $2 will be charged on all refund re-
often times when resident program registration alone does         quests except when a program is cancelled by the Medinah
not allow a program to run and non-residents pick up the          Park District. In addition, your refund will be prorated if any
difference, which then allows a program to take place.            classes were attended. Refunds can take up to two weeks
30                                                                to process.
                                                       Medinah Park District
          Medinah Park District                                                       REGISTRATION/WAIVER
     22W130 THORNDALE AVE. MEDINAH, IL 60157                                          (Please print all information neatly and carefully)
         (630) 893-2560 * fax (630) 693-0932

Payee’s Name _________________________________ Family Name ____________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip __________________________________________ E-mail _________________________________________

Home Phone (            ) ______________________________ Work/Emerg. Phone (                      ) ____________________________

 Method of Payment                   Card # __________________________________________________ Exp. Date _________
  ❏ Cash              ❏    Visa
  ❏ Check             ❏    Master    Name ____________________________Signature ________________________________
  ❏ Credit Card              Card              (Please print as it appears on card)

 CODE#             PROGRAM NAME                     FEE                PARTICIPANT’S NAME                     BIRTHDATE         SEX     TRANS. #

                                                                      Do you Need Any Accommodation, in accordance with the
                                                                      Americans with Disabilities Act, to effectively participate in the
                                                                      activity above? Yes ❏ No ❏

As a participant or parent/guardian of participant(s) in these program(s)/activities, I recognize and acknowledge that there are certain risks
of physical injury, and I voluntarily agree to assume the full risk of any injuries, including death, damages or loss, regardless of severity,
that I or my minor child/ward may sustain as a result of participating in any and all activities connected with and associated with such
programs/activities held on or off District property (including transportation services/vehicle operation, when provided).

I further agree to waive and relinquish any and all claims I or my minor child/ward may have as a result of participanting is these programs/
activities (held on or off District property) against the Medinah Park District, including its officials, agents, volunteers, employees, independent
contractors and servants (hereinafter collectively referred as “Medinah Park District”).

I do hereby fully release and forever discharge and agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Medinah Park District from any and
all claims from injuries, including death, damages or losses sustained by me or my minor child/ward and arising out of, connected with, or
in any way associated with the activities of these programs(s) (held on or off District property) or the transportation services.

I hereby authorize and give consent to the Park District to photograph/video my child or me, and without limitation, to use such photographs/
video in connection with promoting/advertising the services, programs and facilities of the Park District, without consideration of any kind.

In the event of an emergency, I authorize District officials to secure from any licensed hospital, physician, and/or medical personnel any
treatment deemed necessary for me or my minor child’s immediate care and agree that I will be responsible for payment of any and all
medical services rendered.

I have read and fully understand the above important information, warning of risk, assumption of risk, waiver & release of all claims and
photo/video authorization.
                                                                                                  If registering via fax your facsimile signature
SIGNATURE of Adult/Parent/Guardian 18 years of age or older.                                      shall substitute for and have the same legal
                                                                                                  effect as an original form signature.


                                            Visit Our Website:                                                   31
22W130 THORNDALE AVENUE                       PRE-SORT STANDARD
MEDINAH, ILLINOIS 60157                         U.S. POSTAGE
phone: (630) 893-2560
                                                MEDINAH, IL
                                                 Permit No. 5

                             Box Holder
                          MEDINAH, IL 60157

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