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									                                                       Susie Leonard Weller, M.A
                                              Empowering Healthy Relationships at Home & Work
                                                with Whole-brained Tools for Transformation

                                                (509) 255-6676 or
                                              1206 S. Liberty Drive, Liberty Lake, WA 99019

  Yes, Susie--I want to discover my thinking preferences, and my back-up style under stress.
              Send me more information to strengthen my communication skills.
     ADDITIONAL RESOURCES & SERVICES FROM SUSIE                   Regular          WEB
                                                                   Price          Special
  30 Whole-brained Tips Report to Manage Stress From Head to Toe                     $7.50           FREE

Receive individual, or couples coaching with Susie, a Certified Thinking         $97 per hour     Save $30!
Styles Consultant & Life Coach. Discover how to “sweeten” your life                              $67 per hour
with P.I.E.S. (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, & Spiritual) Intelligences.
                                                                                 $499 through       Enjoy a
                           Herrmann Brain Dominance                                Herrmann      fantastic 50%
                          Instrument & Profile Package                           International.    savings at
                                                                                      Visit          $247
      Identify Your Thinking Style with an Internationally Validated           for more details
       120 Question Assessment
      Recognize Your Back-up Style When Stressed
      Create a Brain-Compatible Career Match
      Strengthen Your Communication Skills At Home and Work
      Make Whole-brain Decisions Using All Four Thinking Styles
      Receive an individualized 60-Minute Consultation to Apply Your
       Thinking Style Profile to All Areas of Your Life.

Enjoy a customized workshop for your business, school or group                                   Negotiable Fee

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