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                                 • Room rates start from just £30 per night.
                                        • As well as receiving an exceptionally warm welcome,
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                                                      • The hotel is ideally placed both for
                                                      business meetings in the Manchester area
                                                     and Town matches in the North West.
                                                   • Holts real ale is just £1.62 a pint!

                                             For enquiries and reservations
                                              Tel: 0161 861 0385
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                                                                                           SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 
At about 9.45 pm on Tuesday
11 March I sat back and relaxed
with a glass of Jura Special
                                     will be there to greet us if we
                                     make it?
                                        On the face of it, the adminis-
                                                                            people who won’t talk to us on
                                                                            a regular basis? My mind keeps
                                                                            going back to the following state-
Reserve and contemplated the         tration order offers the club the      ment from David Bosomworth
potential joys of mid table medi-    potential to achieve what most         at the end of August in response
ocrity, safe in the knowledge that   of us have craved for many years       to an article in the Courier. ‘The
the final score of 3-2 against       – a totally clean slate and the        nature of those articles, press comment
Torquay confirmed a couple of        chance to rebuild from a sound         following the match against Histon
moments earlier had put Town         base. Add to this the distinct         and Geoff Ralph’s statement in the
12 points clear of the drop zone.    probability that the East Stand        Courier yesterday, could well have com-
Experience should have told          will be finished during next sea-      promised a deal that was making
me that things are never this        son and a positive future seem-        progress and one that was, prior to
cut and dry supporting Halifax       ingly beckons. However, was            that, likely to have been concluded
Town and, sure enough, less          administration the only option         within a 7 to 10 day period i.e. before
than 72 hours later an admin-        left? To be honest, I don’t know.      the end of August’. ’I repeat, the deal
istration order had been drawn       We are not really getting one          was probably only 7-10 days away,
up, approved by the courts and       side of the story, let alone both.     prior to these releases’. What was
it was now only a matter of time     Were the likes of Ray Moreland         this really all about? The pay-
before a ten point deduction         and Gameplan made a fair offer,        ment of all football debts whilst
would put Town firmly back           would they ever have sold, was         seemingly allowing other debts
in the relegation mix. Following     it really stalemate? We will prob-     to go unpaid both before and
Halifax Town can be likened          ably never know.                       after this date may give us a clue.
to climbing a high mountain.            Something also still doesn’t feel   Also, the ‘revelation’ that the tax
During the ascent, what looks        right. The overriding question I       bill is £250,000 is probably not
like the summit is aimed for but     want to ask the Consortium is          too surprising when you take
on arrival it becomes clear that     – Why? Have they seen some             into account the careful wording
this is only a lower level, the      potential we have all missed?          of the statement made on 31
real summit is still ahead. How      Why would anyone who hasn’t            October when the Consortium’s
many more false summits are we       got a connection with Halifax          solicitor Adrian McDonald con-
going to have to endure before       Town want to get so involved?          firmed ‘we have transferred suf-
we reach the top, are there any      The Consortium’s non fan               ficient funds to pay the peti-
more potentially deadly crevasses    focussed attitude doesn’t help         tion debt’. Of course we are
to still watch out for and what      here. How can we begin to trust        all grateful that the consortium

 SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75                                                     ont’internetatwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
have kept the club going but, at                  the Victoria Theatre contribu-       Conference title 12 months later.
the moment, with the selective                    tors who converted their loans       Is there a core at the club at
payment of creditors and the                      into shares. Why just these peo-     the moment that could do the
unwillingness to promote any                      ple would be a fair question at      same? Quite arguably there is
meaningful commercial activity,                   this point. I suppose where I        but they only have eight games
it is just that.                                  am coming from is that it would      left to prove it. The next three
    The administration order, if                  be recognition of ordinary folk      games, which are all at home,
it goes as the Consortium plan,                   who put money in they prob-          are going to be crucial to Town’s
takes them beyond 75+1% share                     ably couldn’t really afford with     survival. We claimed ten points
ownership, it effectively takes                   no real expectation other than       in the first week or so of March.
them to 100% which puts them                      receipt of a nominal stake in the    To repeat this again in April
in total control with no-one to                   club they passionately want to       would be a massive boost. Our
answer to. I am not necessarily                   succeed. At the time, their con-     first target has to be 20th place
saying that this is a bad situation               tributions were vital in getting     and I think the teams we have
to end up in. Nice people can do                  us to where we are today. A big-     to watch out for are Altrincham
nice things. However, life is full                ger gesture would be to allow        and Farsley. Of the others in the
of imperfections and to put it                    the Trust to keep its shares.        mix, Northwich are on a roll fol-
bluntly, shit happens! Just look                     I don’t think there can be any    lowing their successful takeover
at Gretna as a prime example.                     doubt that the administration        and Weymouth are a bit unpre-
They put all their eggs into one                  order has affected on the pitch      dictable at the moment but will
basket with Brooks Mileson and                    performances. Four straight          probably do just enough.
now that he is gravely ill with a                 league defeats and no goals             As I close this editorial I will
brain infection he has withdrawn                  scored since it was announced        leave you with an excerpt from
his financial support and Gretna                  is more than enough evidence         a posting on the official mes-
are in real danger of folding. It                 for me. Not surprisingly, this has   sageboard which claims to be
may seem disrespectful to sug-                    plunged Town into a relegation       from Steve Kerrigan. Regardless
gest we start preparing for life                  position for the first time this     of whether or not it really is, the
after the Consortium before they                  season. With the teams around        sentiment is well worth taking
have had the chance to fully take                 us showing at bit of form, the       on board. ‘So, if I could ask any-
over but I would suggest that we                  big question is - how can we         thing of fans who were terrific
would be foolish not to.                          reverse this slide? Yet again, my    for the biggest part of my time
    Respect cuts both ways. If                    thoughts return to Halifax Town      at the Shay, it is to really rally
the plan comes off and we have                    v Macclesfield on Wed 30 April       behind Chris and the boys and
a debt free Halifax Town play-                    1997. After a depressing 1-0         make them know you are right
ing in the Conference National                    defeat at Rushden the previous       behind them as this league is not
next season starting on zero                      Saturday, the team came of age       a league to be feared but some-
points then I think we owe                        that evening, led passionately       times the odd poor shout can
it both to ourselves and the                      by Kevin Hulme and ably sup-         really do a players head in when
Consortium to work together                       ported by Mick Norbury, Paul         the above mentioned problems
and give it a real go. Clean slate                Stoneman and Jamie Murphy.           exist. As you all embark on what
all round. What I also think                      We now need the current crop         will be a huge month for Town
would help build some bridges                     of players to step forward and       good luck – SK’.
would be if the new owners                        show a similar passion for the          Thanks for your continued
offered a retained share holding                  club. The core of the squad that     support.
to the Shay 500 members and                       drew with Macclesfield lifted the                     SIMON DENTON

THISISSUESPONSOREDBY haDDock & comPany SolicitoRS                                         SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 
                                      ofwheretheclubwasonthis       approvalinvotesbycreditors
NEWS REvIEW                           date.                              andShareholders.

HalifaxTownwentintoadminis-       CURRENT POSITION                     ENvISAGED OUTCOME AS
trationontheeveningoffriday     The Administrators explained      DETAILED IN THE MEETING
1 march. Administrators           that the (post cvA) total       NOTES
BegbiesTraynorarenowrun-          amount owed to creditors of     Subjecttoapproval,itislikely
ning the club on a day to      Halifax Town fc is approxi-      that a new company will be
daybasis.Theadministration        mately £1,100,000. This           formedbywhoeverpurchases
orderwasdeemednecessary           consists of: Hm Revenue          the club. The distribution of
bytheconsortiumlookingto         & customs £0,000                sharesinthiscompanywould
take over Halifax Town. They     generalTraders£0,000and         beamatterforthenewown-
neededapracticalwaytopro-        loans totalling £800,000, of     ers. The existing company
tect the club from creditors     which approx £00,000 are        wouldceasetoexist.
following a winding up order     owedtotheconsortiumlook-
that was issued by former        ingtotakeoverthecluband       OTHER INFORMATION
chairman Ray moreland.             £00,000 to previous direc-         T
                                                                           • here are no footballing
moreland claims that he is       tors.                                creditors,whichreducesthe
owed £7,9.8. The debt,                                                likelihood of problems with
whilst not massive in the        THE ADMINISTRATION                     HmRevenue&customsor
grand scheme of events,           PROCESS                                thefootballAssociation.
waseffectivelythestrawthat       • dvertisement offering the
                                        A                                    T      i n r         t a
                                                                           • heres o eason o ssume
broke the camel’s back. By         club for sale to appear in     thefootballconferencewill
issuing the winding up order,      the financial Times news-         administer penalties other
moreland was opening the            paper on Tuesday th            thanthestandardtenpoint
floodgatesforotherstocome          march.                               deduction.
forwardwhichcouldhaveput           E
                                      • xpressions of interest          T
                                                                           • hecostofrunningtheclub
the club in a very vulnerable     to be submitted (up to        whileinadministrationand
position. The granting of the      weekslater).                        the Administrator’s costs
administration order meant           O
                                      • ffers to be submitted (1      have been underwritten by
that the winding up petition       weeklater).                         the consortium interested
that was scheduled to be           c
                                      • ompany           voluntar y      inpurchasingtheclub.This
heardatthemanchestercivil          Arrangement (cvA) to be          meansthereisnoneedto
Justice centre on march 17         published(1weeklater)             terminate the employment
didnottakeplace.                    m
                                      • eeting to approve cvA (      of any staff, although new
                                        weekslater).                        contractscannotbesigned
Ontheeveningofwednesday            The whole process is             until the process is com-
19 march, representatives          expected to take around six       plete.
of Administrators Begbies          to seven weeks if everything
Traynor, the Supporters club      goessmoothly.Itshould,how-       Thetwosupportersorganisa-
andtheSupporters’Trustmet        ever,bestressedthatdelays       tionsrepresentedatthemeet-
together so that an under-        wouldbeincurredifadditional     ingwishedtoplaceonrecord
standing could be gained of      time is required by potential   thattheysharetheconfidence
thecurrentsituation.Thefol-       purchasers,theproposalsare       oftheAdministratorsthatthe
lowing is our understanding       challengedortheyfailtogain     football club will emerge at

 SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75                                                    ont’internetatwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
the end of this process in a               Ossett Albion,” said a club         tions have a profound effect
financially healthy state and                 statement. “we will provide          onthefullprofessionalgame
inapositiontoviewthefuture                 a further response to the           and these require a level of
inapositivelight.                              wRcfA in due course, but            understanding when a com-
                                                  that will not alter the county     petition involves the senior
Townhavebeenexpelledfrom                     fA’sdecision,asthereisno           professionalgameandsemi-
the west Riding county cup                   right of appeal.” The state-         professional/part amateur
and fined £1,00 for field-                   mentwentontosuggestthat            elements of the game. “To
ing five ineligible players in               it was a fault with the west      askseniorclubstoplayinthe
thetieagainstOssettAlbion.                   Riding county fA cup rules          west Riding county cup and
In the courier, Dave fletcher                which had led to this lat-          not play their fully registered
explained what happened as                    estexpulsion.Oftheremain-            (both with the fA and The
follows. Twelve months ago                    ing members of the squad,           football conference), regular
the Shaymen were expelled                     Rob Scott, Jake wright and          firstteamplayersinthecom-
from the competition when it                 Daryl Taylor were injured,           petitionismostunusual.”
emerged that youth teamer                     Adam Quinn was nursing a
SimonRawnsley,whobagged                       sore Achilles, Jon Shaw was         Ourcongratulationsandbest
oneofthegoalsinaremark-                     ill, Danny forrest was out          regardsgototheclub’smajor
able1-winoverPontefract                    on loan and Nathan Joynes           sponsor, grand central, fol-
collieries, had also scored                   wassuspended.Thatleftjust           lowingthenewsthattheirfull
for Bradford Park Avenue in                  11 other registered full-time        london to Sunderland serv-
a previous round. This time                  Town players, all of whom           ice is now up and running.
theentirebenchforthegame                    played in the -1 win. Brian       Thefullservicestartedon1
withOssett-Adamlegzdins,                     O’callaghan, who has since           march and was detailed on
TomSharpe,craigNelthorpe,                     departed the Shay, picked            thegrandcentralwebsiteas
Anthony griffith and Simon                    up an injury in the first half,   follows: grand central’s full
Ainge-wereineligibleasthey                  Andy campbell played an              service of three high speed
were on loan and temporary                   houronhisreturnfrominjury          trainsineachdirectionperday
signingsarenotallowedunder                   before being replaced and            from Sunderland to london
thecompetitionrules.Allfive                  Alex Bailey, who was strug-          kings cross will begin on
would have been allowed to                   glingwithagroinstrain,also         Saturday(1march).weekday
play in either an fA cup or                cameoff.“whatwedohope              departures from Sunderland
fA Trophy tie and griffith,                  is it will allow the county fA    to london will be at 0..
who had appeared in an ear-                  to re-assess and if need be,       (0.onSaturdays),1.0
lier round at farsley celtic,                bring certain rules in line         and 17.0, with northbound
Ainge and Sharpe all made                    with the modern game,” the          servicesfromkingscrossto
appearances in the second                     statementcontinued.“Onan             Sunderland at 08.0 (07.7
half. “we were disappointed                   International and National            on Saturdays), 11.7 and
with the outcome despite                      basis, fIfA and the fA are         1.0.OnSundaystheserv-
our letter to the committee,                 responsible for creating sig-         ices from Sunderland will be
providing what we believed                    nificant rule changes in the        at 09.10, 1. and 18.,
were and are more than rea-                  game of football regarding           returningfromking’scrossat
sonablereasonsforchoosing                     transfer windows, short-term          08.,1.and18.0.All
and playing the team that                    loan players, long-term loan         grand central’s Sunderland
we did in the game against                  players etc. “These altera-           to london services call 4
THISISSUESPONSOREDBY haDDock & comPany SolicitoRS                                             SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 7
                                     for a journey, whether they     Please give as generously
NEWS REvIEW                          bookinadvanceorbuyonthe       asyoucantohelpeasethe
                                     dayoftravel.”                      financial burden for wayne
4 at Hartlepool, Eaglescliffe                                          andhisfamilyoverthecom-
(for Teesside), Northallerton,    The Shaymen will be on the     ingweeks’.
Thirsk and York. This long      telly again when the Setanta
awaited launch of the full      teamrollintotownon10April     It’s the time of the sea-
service follows delivery of      to screen the re-arranged fix-   son yet again when we ask
grandcentral’ssixthandfinal     tureagainstEbbsfleetUnited.      membersandsubscribersto
Powercar,aswellasthefirst     kick-offisat7.pmandthe      startthinkingabouttheSDS
three carriages for its third   coveragestartsat7.0pm.          Player of the Season award. 
HighSpeedTrain(“HST”)set.                                            Avotingsliphasbeeninclud-
following the launch of the                                          ed in the postal copies  of
new timetable it will now be   SDS ROUND-UP                         thisissue.Postalvotesneed
possible for the first time                                          toreachtheaddressonpage
for travellers from the South   long standing rivalries go       threebySaturday19Aprilat
East to make a day trip to    outofthewindowwheninju-         thelatest.votescanalsobe
Tees-sideandwearside,with-        riessuchastheoneweare         cast by e-mail to shaymen.
out the need for one or two   about to detail unfortunately    downsouth@ntlworld.com or
changes of train en route.      happen.wethereforehadno         by text to 0770 7777.
Tom clift, managing Director     hesitationindonating£0of       As well as the name of the
of grand central Railway         SDSfundswhenwesawthe           playerbeingvotedfor,voters
company, comments: “After         followingontheHalifaxTown       are also asked to include
lengthydelayswhiletheover-       message board. ‘for those        their own name. This is
haulworkonourrollingstock      people who don’t know, last     par ticularly impor tant for
fleet has been completed, I     Saturday’sAfcHalifaxgame         text votes. E-mail and text
am delighted that we have       against Burnley had to be       votes will be accepted up
finally reached the position     abandonedafter17minutes          until10.00pmonSunday0
of being able to launch our    whenoneoftheBurnleyplay-        April. we expect to be mak-
full timetable. Since launch     ers, wayne mcIntosh, suf-         ing our award at the End of
of our interim service on 18   fered a serious leg injury.     SeasonPresentationEvening
December, we have had a         Sadly,waynebrokehisfibula       onAprilfollowingthelast
great deal of positive cus-      aswellassufferingligament       game of the season against
tomer feedback about how         and tendon damage in the        Stevenage Borough. The
spacious the carriages are,      unfortunateincidentandeve-        event is being held at the
the friendliness of our staff   ryone at Afc wishes him a      weaversanditcouldwellbe
and the excellent value for     speedy recovery. wayne is        the last major Halifax Town
money we offer. I am confi-     selfemployedandhispartner       eventtobeheldthereassum-
dentthatwewillnowbeable       hadababyonlythreeweeks         ing the East Stand rebuild
tofurtherbroadentheappeal       ago. Halifax Town Afc have      goesaheadasplanned.
ofgrandcentralserviceswith      given the Afc lads permis-
afargreaterrangeofjourney      siontoholdabucketcollec-        SDS7      is    scheduled
opportunities and a simple       tion before and at half time   for release in early June.
fares structure, where pas-       of this coming Saturday’s        members and subscribers
sengers pay the same price      game against weymouth.            will automatically receive

8 SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75                                                   ont’internetatwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
their copy in the post the                 neverhappenedandaweek           weekdayevenings.Theideal
day after we go to print.                  laterNelthorpewasrecalled        candidate would be some-
If you usually purchase a                   early by Doncaster. It has      one who has the time to
copy at the Shay and don’t                 all,perhapsnotsurprisingly,      get involved, is prepared to
want to miss out, you can                  gone quiet since mid-march       stand up for the member-
obtain a copy by sending a                 and with hindsight we can       ship and challenge where
cheque,payableto‘Shaymen                     respect and appreciate why       there are challenges to be
Down South’, for £1.0 to                   thefundswerenotaccepted         made,ispreparedtorespect
the address on page three.                  in early march. The bottom      any confidentialities as nec-
Alternatively, our regular fan-               line is that, on top of the   essary and, to prevent any
zine sellers will be happy to              £00 already handed over         possibleconflictsofinterest,
relieveyouofanextra£1.0                   this SDS financial year, we     is not a board member of
andanoteofyournameand                     have made the club aware        the Supporters’ club or the
address any time between                     thatwehave£,00sitting         Supporters’Trust.Ifyouare
nowandtheendofthesea-                      in the bank awaiting a good    interested in this role then
son.Paypalisalsoanoption.                  home. This is made up of       we would like to hear from
E-mail the SDS address for                  approximately £1,800 SDS          you.
further details of this pay-                 funds and £1,00 cleared
mentmethod.                                  goal-o-meter sponsorships.         Sales of SDS merchandise,
                                                 giventhattheclubhasnow         whenwehavemadeitavail-
You might be surprised to                   enteredaperiodofadminis-         able, have tailed off quite
learn that it is not always                tration,itisunlikelythatthe    dramatically over the last
par ticularly easy to give                   money in the SDS account        yearorsoandleftabitofa
moneytoHalifaxTown!with                     will be released in the next   holeinourbudget.Havethe
no-oneofficiallyatthehelm,                  few weeks. we will update       badges, fridge magnets and
the challenge of when and                   you in SDS7 but rest           key rings run their course?
to whom we hand over our                   assured the hard earned          Are we not marketing them
annual donation has been                     money is safe and is prob-      correctly? Are there other
quite vexing. we had a                      ably of more use where it      avenues we should be pur-
go at communicating with                     currently is than if we had    suing? All feedback greatly
the consortium (it’s prob-                    managedtohanditoverjust        received.Ifyouwouldliketo
ably easier to get an audi-                 before the notice of admin-      helpdesignourmerchandise
ence with the Pope!) via                    istration.                         orbecomeamatchdayseller
the Trust and whilst they                                                        then please feel free to get
weren’t prepared to give us                 Ithasbecomeapparentover         intouch.
the top secret direct com-                   thelastfewmonthsthatthe
munication route (yes, it                    SDSwouldbenefitfromhav-          Each supporters’ group has
has been pointed out that                   ing a local representative.      its niche. Ours are the goal-
SandalBmwisinthephone                      Thiswouldbesomeonefrom          o-meter,thisfanzineandour
book!) a message did come                   the Halifax area, or nearby,    unique merchandise. If any-
back that the consortium                     who would be willing to rep-    one has any other sugges-
were interested in the SDS                  resenttheSDSatanyappro-         tionsthatdon’ttreadonthe
paying for craig Nelthorpe’s                 priate meetings or gather-        toesoftheHTScortheHTST
loan period. we waited for                  ingsastheyareannounced.         then we would like to hear
the official follow-up which                 These would most likely be      fromyou.
                                                                                             SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 9
                                     a total of 1 appearanc-         looked out of sorts in the
TEAM FAX                             es for chesterfield during a     twogamesthatheplayedfor
                                     spell that lasted for nearly     Town and was released at
The following updates the        sixyears.                        the end of his first month at
informationgiveninSDS7:                                                theShay.
                                     TOM CLARKE
              IN                     DEfENDER                              TOM SHARPE
                                     Signedonamonth’sloanfrom        DEfENDER
MARK WHITEHOUSE                      Huddersfield Town. clarke          Returned to Nottingham
STRIkER                              madeaveryimpressivedebut         forestafterhismonth’sloan
Signed from Ossett Albion        against Stafford Rangers at       period was up with three
until the end of the season,   the end of february and put     gamesunderhisbelt;the-
with the option for an addi-    inmanymorequalityperform-         drawatNorthwichvictoriaand
tionalyear,afterimpressingin    ances before his loan period     both games against Bishops
theNorthernPremierleague         ended following the Oxford        StortfordinthefATrophy.
club’s county cup match          gameattheShay.
at the Shay. The deal also                                           STEvE TORPEY
includes Town playing a pre-     SANTOS GAIA                           wINgER
seasonfriendlyatOssettand       DEfENDER                              Torpeyhasagreedaloandeal
agreeingasellonclause.         Signed on loan from grays        withStalybridgecelticforthe
                                     Athletic until the end of the   rest of the season. He has
DANNY FORREST                        season. gaia has previous         also been told that his con-
STRIkER                              conference experience play-         tractwillnotberenewed.
BackattheShayafteramonth      ing for Exeter and Stevenage
onloanatHucknallTown.           Borough                               DARRYN STAMP
GARETH DAvIES                                    OUT                       Stamp initially agreed a loan
DEfENDER                                                                   deal with Northwich victoria
SignedforTownfollowinghis       BRIAN O’CALLAGHAN                     fortherestoftheseasonbut
release from chesterfield at     DEfENDER                              hassincebeenrecalled.
the end of January. Davies,     Another of the ‘now you see
who is  years old, made      him, now you don’t’ brigade.     CRAIG NELTHORPE
                                                                           Recalled by Doncaster on
                                                                           march 11 as his second
                                                                           month on loan came to an
                                                                           end. Nelthorpe impressed
                                                                           greatly during his first few
                                                                           games and is a player who
                                                                           could have a bright future in
                                                                           away an early goal in the

10 SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75                                                   ont’internetatwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
sds shorts
                                                         NOW THERE’S AN IDEA!
IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!                                 whenTownvisitgrayson1Aprilanyyoung-
Histon may well turn out to be one season       sters who make the trip will get in for just a
wondersbutjusthowcanavillagesideholdits        quid as the following article form the grays
ownintheconferenceNational?Histonchair-            website explains. ‘children in Thurrock will
man gareth Baldwin gave the following wise        have the opportunity to watch a match at
wordstotheNonleaguePaper(NlP).‘while             grays Athletic football club for just £1. The
attendancesarenicetohave,theyaren’twhat          Blues‘ home game against Halifax Town on
we run our club on. Our critical lifeblood is   April1willbea“kidsforaQuid”fixturefor
commercialactivityandwithoutitwewouldn’t          both the home and away supporters. grays
beabletodowhatwedo.wehaveeightpeo-             Athleticchairman,mikewoodwardsaid:“This
pleontheboardandsevenofthemhavetheir           season has been a testing time for our sup-
own businesses. They underwrite everything          porters and the community with the delay of
soweareneverdependentonourattendanc-              the proposed move and we hope that this
es.wegenerateaquarterofamillionpounds           inducement shows how grateful we are for
ayearbeforeanyonecomesthroughtheturn-             theircontinuedsupport.”
stiles.Thatallowsustoplanproperly,buildbit        Onthedayofthematchtherewillbearaffle
bybitandIthinkthathasreallyhelpedusin         for the children with several prizes including
executingwhatwedoandsurvivingatthelevel         the chance to be a match day mascot for a
we’reat’.TheNlPcolumnistthenwentonto            futuregameandasignedfootballdonatedby
say ‘with a population of just ,09, Histon     JJBSports.Anychildunder1yearsoldwhen
areproving-likeRushdenandforestgreen            accompaniedbyafullpayingadultwillgetinto
–thatsizedoesn’tmatter.Ifitdid,teamslike       the game for just £1. This offer is limited to
gatesheadwouldn’tbeintheUnibondleague.            onechildperadult.

                                                                                     SETANTA DIDN’T
                                                                                     SEEM vERY PROUD
                                                                                     OF THEIR OWN
                                                                                     with most media
                                                                                     the most likely place
                                                                                     to get a score update
                                                                                     when Town were at
                                                                                     Nuneaton?         Surely
                                                                                     the answer would be
                                                                                     screen they had 4
THISISSUESPONSOREDBY haDDock & comPany SolicitoRS                              SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 11
4 championship, football league, Scottish           the board and the wider management team
leagueDivisionThree,fATrophy,conference           in securing the long-term future of the club.
North, conference South but no mention            AspreviouslystatedbytheTerrasTrust,the
of their own sponsored competition – even        wessexStadiumisandwillremaintheproper-
thoughtheirmainsportschannelwasshow-              tyofthewfc.However,talksareongoingfor
ing a Southern Section match live. whilst        wessexParklimitedtobegrantedanoption
it’s probably no surprise the public at large   to acquire the wessex Stadium in return for
didn’t particularly warm to the early stages     providing the club with a new purpose-built
ofthecompetition,it’sabitmuchwhenthe           stadium (which must be to a minimum of
main sponsor also shows a distinct lack of      football league standard). Any new stadium
interest!                                            must be able to provide year-round income
                                                        over and above that generated by football
WE ARE NOT ALONE!                                       relatedactivities,alongsideothercommercial
You may be surprised to read that off the      elements which will provide additional finan-
fieldturmoilintheconferenceNationalisnot        cial and business stability for the club. Any
exclusivelyreservedforHalifaxTown!Thefol-         newstadiumwouldbeinthesoleownership
lowing is adapted from weymouth’s website         ofwfc.Discussionsonthissubjectareongo-
and shows that the Terras are also having a    ing and the Board will engage with relevant
toughtimeandonethatmightcostthemtheir          stakeholders (i.e. the Terras Trust and the
current league status in the short term and     Supporters club) before any agreement is
possiblymuchworseinthelongterm.Property         finalised. chairman of weymouth football
developers and football simply do not mix!      club, malcolm curtis, commented: “we are
Perhapsweshouldcountourblessings?                 making significant progress within the busi-
   wessex Park limited confirms that it has      nesssideoftheclub.Thisagreementispart
recently completed a transaction which has        ofthelongtermplantoensurethatwehave
resulted in the immediate injection of half      aclubfortheshort,mediumandlongterm.
a million pounds into weymouth football           The facts are that the club has a long his-
club (wfc). The inter-group agreement sees        toryoffinanciallosses,whichwerestillvery
the land surrounding the wessex Stadium           much present when I took over in October
assignedtowessexParklimited,inreturnfor         last year. Until we can completely stem the
thecashtransfer(itisnotaloan).Thewessex        flowoftheselosses,whichwilltaketime,the
Stadiumandallofitsfacilitiesremainunder         club needs cash to survive in the immedi-
the complete ownership of wfc, who will          atefuture.Byimplementingtheinitialaction
continuetohavefullanduninterrupteduseof         plan, we’ve been able to reduce the weekly
thelandsurroundingthestadium.weymouth             losses to around £7,000 a week and have
wildcats Speedway will also continue to           madegoodprogressinclearingtheremaining
operate under their current tenancy arrange-       long-termdebt”.
ment, which remains unaffected by the new
agreement. Urgent action was essential to         OH NO, NO MO
cover the club’s short-term trading losses,       It comes to something when even Uncle
whilst providing available funds for the club    mo can’t help out any more! In the past mo
toinvestinitsfuture.Althoughtradinglosses       matadarhasdoneus‘afavour’onmorethan
have been significantly reduced in recent         one occasion but not this time around. Both
months,atimelycashinjectionwasessential          hisgameshaveendedin-0defeats,farsley
to the club in order to support the work of   awayandOxfordathome.

1 SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75                                                   ont’internetatwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
Was this season’s relegation dogfight pre-des-                    play-offs, again!
tined by the fixture computer? Stevenage at                          I think we can safely say that Droylsden and
home last game of the season always sends                         Stafford are relegation certainties so for the
a bit of a shiver down my spine and for the                       remaining two places it’s perm any two from
third time in a row this fixture corresponds                      five. For your convenience, we have printed
with Town struggling at the wrong end of the                      below your very own relegation run in cut out
table. By the same logic, Stevenage probably                      and keep calendar. Hopefully we will be well
also aren’t too pleased as this scenario means                    clear by the time the men from Broadhall Way
they are pre-destined to just miss out on the                     come to town…

  POS.               nd                   1st             0th                19th              18th
                       HAlIfAx             NORTHwIcH         fARSlEY          AlTRINcHAm          wEYmOUTH
  max.Pts.             7                                    7                  1                7

  0.0       forestgreen(h)           Stafford(h)     Torquay(a)      kidderminster(a)      Oxford(h)

  08.0       kidderminster(h) forestgreen(h)         Droylsden(h)        Burton(a)           grays(h)

  10.0          Ebbsfleet(h)

  1.0            grays(a)               Exeter(a)      Oxford(a)        Salisbury(h)        crawley(a)
  1.0           Burton(a)              Torquay(a)    Ebbsfleet(a)                           Droylsden(h)

  19.0          Aldershot(h)             grays(h)    forestgreen(h)     Ebbsfleet(a)     kidderminster(h)

  .0           crawley(a)           Stevenage(a)       York(a)                            Aldershot(a)

  .0         Stevenage(h)           cambridge(h)      grays(h)        weymouth(a)        Altrincham(h)

THISISSUESPONSOREDBY haDDock & comPany SolicitoRS                                         SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 1
my haliFax town.co.uk

wemayhavemissedtheboatwhenthefleet               actuallywork?Ifmyfchastaughtusanything
sailed in and took full advantage of what my     itisthattherearefootballfansalloverBritain,
football club (myfc) had to offer but this        and indeed the world, who want something
doesn’tmeanwethatweshouldtakeoureyes             different to belong to and feel a part of.
offwhatishappeningdowninkent.likeitor           Havingbeenpartofthemyfcteamsinceearly
not,theinternetisbecomingmoreprevalentin          Novemberithasbecomeincreasinglyevident
ourdailylivesaseachweekgoesby.Thereare          tomethatthepickingtheteamandtosome
already some fantastic lessons to learn form       extent the making the decisions aspects are
myfcandthosethatgetinfirstaretheones            not the be all and end all for many people.
who are going to benefit the most. we don’t      whatmostwantisthefeelingofbelongingand
havetogonearthe‘pickingtheteam’concept           to be able to make a difference, even if that
orindeedlooktotakeovertheclub.withabit         isjustfinancially.IfAndyfromAndover,Bruce
of vision, the winning elements of the myfc       from Brisbane or chuck from colorado are
conceptcouldbeadaptedtoreallytakeHalifax          looking for somewhere to channel their inter-
Townforwardbothintermsofincreasingthe             estwhyshouldn’twebelookingtodirectitto
fanbaseandbringingsomeunitytotheclub.            HalifaxTown?Also,itmighthelpmichaelfrom
This is thinking outside of the box so may       mixenden and Sally from Siddal realise what
be a bit uncomfortable for some but, having       theyaremissingontheirdoorstep.
already missed out once, are you happy to            To take this further, let’s have a look at
sit back and let another opportunity drift by?    someofwhathasgonewellsofaratmyfc.
‘fortune favours the brave’. Those that still      DELAYED COvERAGE OF ALL CONFERENCE
thinkHalifaxTownshouldjustbealocalclub           NATIONAL MATCHES vIA THE WEBSITE
for local people need to wake up and smell       Every myfc member can now see a delayed
thecoffee.Ofcoursethelifebloodandindeed          stream of league games involving Ebbsfleet.
thesocialfabricwillalwayscomefromwithin           This is a massive plus for members as all
theHxpostcodeareabutthisisnotenough.             9,000 can now see every league game
Youonlyhavetolookaroundonmatchdaysto            regardlessofwheretheyareintheworld.
see that this is the case. Over the years the
SDS has done more than its bit in reaching       CLUB UPDATES
outbeyondtheenvironsoftheHalifaxbasin.            The opportunity for the manager, grounds-
Oftheloyal1,000whoturnupweekin,week             man,teamcaptain,secretary,indeedanyone
out, how many do you think have travelled         involvedintheclubtorecordapiecetovideo
morethan0miles?10,0,100?Theactual               thatcanbestreamedonthesite.Agreatway
numberwouldprobablysurpriseusall.             of getting a message across over and above
   SohowcouldmyHalifaxTown.co.uk(myHTfc)             thewrittenword.

1 SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75                                                      ont’internetatwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
A GIvING PORTAL                                          couldeasilyseewhatisonoffer.forexample,
Anappealwentoutrecentlytomemberswho              a virtual match day sponsorship tour could
wouldbepreparedtohelpfundanovernight             reallyhelpselltheactualproduct.
withinhoursover£,00wasraised.Ifthere           vOTING FOR A SOCIETY BOARD
isonethingIhavelearntfrombothmySDS             Thishasjusttakenplaceatmyfcsoitisnot
and my myfc work is that people are more        possible to comment in detail. The process,
likelytodosomethingifitinvolvesaminimal         however,waswellreceivedbymostmembers.     
amountor,indeed,noeffort.Thegivingpor-            Should the opportunity/necessity arise at
talissimplyalinktoPayPalsoalltheperson        Halifax Town we could, through the website,
hastodoispressabutton(oncetheyhave             haveareadymadevotingstructureinplaceto
done the initial set up) and the donation is    helpkeeptheclubgoing.
                                                         learning from these experiences and more,
A COMMUNICATION OPPORTUNITY                              myHTfc could further develop into the hub
Anarticlewentonthewebsiteofferingadver-           forallthingstodowithHalifaxTownandalso
tisingspaceintheprogrammeforaforthcom-            bethejointlyownedspringboardfortheSDS,
ingmatch.withinhours,sevenpageswere            Supporters’ club, Trust and consortium to
sold.Again,thewholeprocesswasmadeeasy            all start working together. A membership fee
thereforetherewasaresponse.                         could be introduced to help pay for the posi-
                                                         tion this idea would inevitably bring about.
THE OPPORTUNITY TO RESPOND                               Exclusivemembercontentsuchasthedelayed
There is a vibrant forum community and arti-      matchcoveragecouldthenbeintroduced.
cles section that facilitates interaction within      Ihaveonlyreallyscratchedthesurfacehere
myfc.                                                  ofwhatcouldbepossiblewithabitofdrive,
                                                         thought and application. No-one else, apart
AN ONLINE SHOP                                           fromBiggleswadeUnited,hasreallygonedown
myfcproductcanbepurchasedatthetouch              thisrouteyetandtherichestpickingswillprob-
ofabutton.TheEbbsfleetUnitedonlineshop           ablygotothosethatgetinfirst.Biggleswade
hashadtobecompletelyrevampedduetothe            United started their version, myBUfc, about
largedemandforproducts.Areliableandeasy          sixmonthsagoandhavereportedlygot1,000
to use on-line shop really encourages people      members. However, they have followed the
tomakeapurchase.Italsoallowsproductsto          myfc route a bit too closely and at step five
beshowcasedandtrialled.                           witharegularfanbaseof0theclubisprob-
A SHOWCASE OPPORTUNITY                                      couldmyHTfcbethewayforwardforHalifax
A well managed ‘one stop shop’ website            Town?Itwouldtakesomerealapplicationand
would showcase Halifax Town to the world.         commitmentfromalmosteveryoneinvolvedat
Nike have just agreed a shirt sponsorship         HalifaxTown.However,ifmyHTfcwasseento
dealwithmyfc.Theyhaven’tdonethisoutof           beownedbyeverybody,inadditiontoincreas-
thegoodnessoftheirhearts.Nikehaveseen            ingthefanbase,itcouldbethedrivingforce
theopportunitytoshowcasetheirproductwith          to getting everyone working together, pulling
myfc and sell bucket loads. Having all the       in the right direction and achieving a level of
informationinoneplace would also help sell       successthatwecanallbeproudof.
the club commercially as the world at large                                           SIMON DENTON

THISISSUESPONSOREDBY haDDock & comPany SolicitoRS                              SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 1

What player is more loved among fans than a reliable goalscorer? Town have had a few down the

The latest craze on the television, it seems,
The latest craze on the television, it seems,   were drawn at first division Manchester City
                                                        were drawn at first division manchester city
is the screening of programmes where
is the screening of programmes where view-           inthesecondroundofthefAcup.A-draw
                                                        in the second round of the FA Cup. A 2-2 draw
ers vote to select, or get rid of, a star. We’ve        earned a Shay replay in which Town were
                                                        earned a Shay replay in which Town were
had pop idol, ice skating, dancing and now the          awardedapenalty.Dixonhadhiseffortsaved
                                                        awarded a penalty. Dixon had his effort saved
search is on to find a new Oliver. Never before         by goalkeeper mitchell and the tie ended
                                                        by goalkeeper Mitchell and the tie ended
has the public voted more, all in the name of           scoreless before city won the second replay
                                                        scoreless before City won the second replay
light entertainment.                                    -0atOldTrafford.Backintheleague,though,
                                                        3-0 at Old Trafford. Back in the league, though,
   So then, in keeping with the theme, who
   So then, in keeping with the theme, who              Dixon continued to score and his brace in a
                                                        Dixon continued to score and his brace in a
would you vote for if the subject were Halifax          -1homewinoverDurhamcityinmarchwas
                                                        2-1 home win over Durham City in March was
Town’s greatest goal scorer ever? There may
Town’s greatest goal scorer ever? There may             his fourteenth of the season. for Dixon and
                                                        his fourteenth of the season. For Dixon and
be some strikers who instantly spring to mind           histeammates,defendersgeorgeParkinand
                                                        his team mates, defenders George Parkin and
to be voted off but who would be kept on? Who           Bennywheelhouse,thatmatchwastheendof
                                                        Benny Wheelhouse, that match was the end of
would be the champion goal scorer?                      theirTownseasonastheywerealltransferred
                                                        their Town season as they were all transferred
   The choice is yours, of course but here are          tofirstdivisionBurnleyforacombinedfeeof
                                                        to first division Burnley for a combined fee of
some of the leading candidates.                         £,100.
                                                           christmas day 19 provided Town fans
                                                           Christmas day 1924 provided Town fans
ERNEST DIXON                                            with a welcome extra present. Dixon had
                                                        with a welcome extra present. Dixon had
1922-1924 and                                           returned from Burnley and made his second
                                                        returned from Burnley and made his second
1924-1929                                               debutina1-0homewinoverlincoln.Hewas
                                                        debut in a 1-0 home win over Lincoln. He was
Appearances 253
Appearances253                                         soon back in the scoring groove, netting a
                                                        soon back in the scoring groove, netting a
Goals 132 (inc.17in
goals132 (inc. 127 in                                  hat-trick in a -1 away win at chesterfield in
                                                        hat trick in a 3-1 away win at Chesterfield in
The Football League)                                    January19.Histwelveleaguegoalsmade
                                                        January 1925. His twelve league goals made
Goal per game ratio 0.52
goalpergameratio0.52                                him joint top scorer alongside Billy Howson
                                                        him joint top scorer alongside Billy Howson
Hat tricks 2
Hat-tricks2                                            andArthurSeabrook.
                                                        and Arthur Seabrook.
Hat trick plus 1
Hat-trickplus1                                          In 19-19 he became the first Town
                                                           In 1925-1926 he became the first Town
Ernest Dixon was Town’s first Football League           player to score 0 goals plus in a football
                                                        player to score 20 goals plus in a Football
legend. After making his debut on the open-             leagueseason.Hisfourgoalsina-1home
                                                        League season. His four goals in a 4-1 home
ing day of the 1922-1923 season, he quickly             win over Rotherham United were part of a
                                                        win over Rotherham United were part of a
discovered his shooting boots, scoring a hat            total of 1 as Town finished fifth, their
                                                        total of 21 as Town finished fifth, their high-
in a -0 division three north home win over
trick in a 3-0 division three north home win            est league position at the time. The season
                                                        est league position at the time. The season
over Bradford Avenue in September of that
Bradford Park Park Avenue in September of             after,19-197,heandTownbothwentone
                                                        after, 1926-1927, he and Town both went one
that year. His 19 league goals made him the             better; he scored  goals as Town finished
                                                        better; he scored 22 goals as Town finished
leading scorer in 1922-1923. It was a position          fourth.Thefollowingtwoseasons,Dixonkept
                                                        fourth. The following two seasons, Dixon kept
he would hold for seven seasons.                        providing the goals, 19 and 17 respectively
                                                        providing the goals, 19 and 17 respectively
   The following season, 19-19, Town
   The following season, 1923-1924, Town                but Town slipped in to mid-table and beyond.
                                                        but Town slipped in to mid-table and beyond.

16                                                                           ont’internetat www.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
                                                                             on t’internet atwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
years but who is the greatest? Philip Ashworth unravels the stats to help you decide…
yearsbutwhoisthegreatest?Philip Ashworthunravelsthestatstohelpyoudecide…

In September 1929, Dixon scored twice in a 3-
InSeptember199,Dixonscoredtwiceina-             bowed out of the cup 2-0 at home to Luton in
3 draw at Tranmere in his eighth season as a              the fifth round but Chambers kept scoring in
                                                          the fifth round but chambers kept scoring in
Shayman. Alas, Town were in a financial crisis            theleague.Hescoredhisfirsthat-trickina-
                                                          the league. He scored his first hat trick in a 5-
and he returned to the first division after being         1homevictoryovermansfieldinTown’sfinal
                                                          1 home victory over Mansfield in Town’s final
sold to Huddersfield.                                     homegameoftheseason.Inthelastgame,
                                                          home game of the season. In the last game,
   Almost 80 years after his last game, Ernest            chambers’ penalty was Town’s only reply to
                                                          Chambers’ penalty was Town’s only reply to
Dixon still holds the record of scoring most
Dixon still holds the record of scoring most              Rotherham’s six but it enabled him to reach
                                                          Rotherham’s six but it enabled him to reach
Football League goals for Halifax Town (127).             thetwentygoalmark.
                                                          the twenty goal mark.
                                                             The season after, 19-19, chambers
                                                             The season after, 1933-1934, Chambers
BILL CHAMBERS                                             continued to score, as Town again reached
                                                          continued to score, as Town again reached
1932-1934                                                 the third round of the fA cup, losing -1 at
                                                          the third round of the FA Cup, losing 3-1 at
Appearances 79
Appearances79                                            Bolton. It might have been a different story
                                                          Bolton. It might have been a different story
Goals 54
goals54                                                  though had chambers not been impeded by
                                                          though had Chambers not been impeded by
Goal per game ratio 0.68
goalpergameratio0.68                                  therefereewhenhehadagoldenopportunity
                                                          the referee when he had a golden opportunity
Hat tricks 3
Hat-tricks3                                              tomakethescore-0.In19,henettedhat-
                                                          to make the score 2-0. In 1934, he netted hat
Hat trick plus 1
Hat-trickplus1                                          tricksinhomewinsoverchesterfield(-0)and
                                                          tricks in home wins over Chesterfield (5-0) and
Bill chambers made his Town debut as an
Bill Chambers made his Town debut as an                   Southport(-)beforebecomingthefirstTown
                                                          Southport (6-2) before becoming the first Town
inside forward at the beginning of the 1932-
inside forward at the beginning of the 19-         playertoscorefivegoalsinafootballleague
                                                          player to score five goals in a Football League
1933 season. He progressed reasonably well                gameina-winoverHartlepoolsUnitedin
                                                          game in a 6-2 win over Hartlepools United in
in this position, scoring six goals before
in this position, scoring six goals before                April. He again scored in the final game of
                                                          April. He again scored in the final game of
christmas. The team’s progress was in the
Christmas. The team’s progress was in the                 theseasonwhichenabledhimtobecomethe
                                                          the season which enabled him to become the
fA cup, where they had reached the third
FA Cup, where they had reached the third                  first ever Town player to score 0 goals in a
                                                          first ever Town player to score 30 goals in a
round. The catalyst to chambers’ success
round. The catalyst to Chambers’ success                  season.HewasthentransferredtoBoltonfor
                                                          season. He was then transferred to Bolton for
though was the switching of roles with Maurice            £,00.
wellock, making him centre forward. In his
Wellock, making him centre forward. In his
first game in the number nine shirt, he scored                      vALENTINE
                                                          ALBERT VALENTINE
twice in a 3-2 win at Tranmere. The week after            19-197
he did the same, this time in a 3-0 FA Cup third          Appearances 124
round win at Doncaster. In the fourth round,
round win at Doncaster. In the fourth round,              Goals 91
Town gained a scoreless draw at chester. In
Town gained a scoreless draw at Chester. In               Goal per game ratio 0.73
theShayreplay, chambers had to vacate his
the Shay replay, Chambers had to vacate his               Hat tricks 1
centre forward position due to injury. He still
centre forward position due to injury. He still           Hat tricks plus 2
played his part in a famous triumph though as             whenaplayerscoresgoalsinaseason,
                                                          When a player scores 26 goals in a season,
his through ball in extra time enabled Charlie            he’sagoodplayerwho’shadagoodseason.
                                                          he’s a good player who’s had a good season.
Davies to score the winner in a 3-2 win. Town             When that figure is his worst season sta- 4
                                                          when that figure is his worst season 4
THIS ISSUE SPONSORED BY haDDock & comPany SolicitoRS
4 tisticthenthatplayerisextraordinary.Such        STEvE NORRIS
were the amazing feats of Albert valentine.       1990-199
valentine signed for Town from macclesfield        Appearances66
for £00 before the 19-19 season as           goals39
a replacement for Bill chambers, a difficult      goalpregameratio0.59
enoughjobinitself.                                   Hat-tricks1
   Hetooktothetasklikeaducktowateras          when strikers have a prolific season they
Town went on a promotion chase. valentine         usuallyplayvirtuallyallseasonandinasuc-
scored on his debut, a -1 home win over        cessfulteam.SteveNorrisbrokethesenorms.
mansfield,andthenaveragedagoalagame.             Townstartedthe1990-1991seasonbadly.By
A -1 win at Southport, which included            theendofSeptembernotonlyhadtheyfailed
valentine’seleventhgoalintheeleventhgame          towinanyoftheopeningsevenleaguegames,
sawTownontopoftheleague.                          theyhadn’tevenscoredagoalinthem–not
   His sixteenth goal in the same number          one.Atthispoint,managerJimmccalliogdid
ofmatchescameina-1homewinversus                one of Town’s best ever transfer deals. He
Accrington which put Town and Tranmere             paid £0,000 plus Tony fyfe to carlisle in
six points clear of the chasing pack. In         returnforNorris.Hemadehisdebutathome
December and Januar y, though he suffered          toScunthorpeonOctober,a0-0drawtaking
a thigh muscle injur y which led to a barren    Town’s scoreless league games to eight. His
spell of him not scoring in seven matches        firstgoalcameinthenextgame,Town’sninth
in which Town picked up only four points         oftheseason,whenhescoredthesecondin
from 1. The situation did improve in the        afirstgoal,firstwin,-0victoryathisoldclub
spring,notmoresothanonmarch,when               carlisle.Thiswasfollowedbyabraceina-
hescoredfivegoalsina-homewinover             draw at York and Norris the goal scoring leg-
New Brighton. In the end, Town finished as       endwasupandrunning.Thehighlightsofthe
runners up, just two points behind champi-         season were two extraordinary home games
onsDoncaster.valentinescoredastillclub            in which Town were -0 down but stormed
recordofleaguegoalsinaseasonfrom              backtowin.AthometoBlackpoolinOctober,
just7appearances.                                     Norris opened Town’s account with a penalty
   The following season, 19-19, Town            as they went on to win -. In march, Town
struggled, finishing seventeenth. valentine          entertained walsall, who scored twice in the
thoughcontinuedtoscorefreelyandachieved           firstthreeminutes.Badturnedtoworsewhen
what no other Town striker has ever done         goalkeeper Jonathan gould suffered a facial
beforeorsincebyhittingthe0goalmarkin          injury and was replaced in goal by Tommy
consecutiveseasons.Histallyincludedafour          graham.ANorrispenaltyjustbeforehalftime
goalhaulina-homewinoverOldhamand             gave hope. In the second half, Norris and
scoringtwicesixtimes.                                strikepartnerIanJuryeffscoredtwiceeachto
   In 19-197, his exploits continued as         giveNorrisahat-trickandTownaremarkable
Town rose to seventh. This included scoring       win.Hisgoalina-0lastdayhomewinover
fourtimesina-1homewinoverRotherham             Aldershotensuredhescored0leaguegoals
and, unusually, a hat-trick in defeat as Town    inaseasonforTown.Hewasthefirstplayer
lost-atHartlepools.                                todososinceAlbertvalentine.Norris’sform
   He left at the end of that season to join   apart, the season was a disappointment as
Stockport who had just been crowned third         Townfinishedthirdbottomoftheleaguewith
divisionnorthchampions.                                points.Hewasthetopscorerinthefourth

18 SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75                                                    ont’internetatwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
divisionwhilstonlymillwall’srisingstar,Teddy         In the 1997-1998 pre-season Horsfield
Sheringham, scored more football league             wasn’tevenaregularstarterduetoworkcom-
goals then him. His  Town goals in          mitments. Indeed, considering Darren lyons
leagueandcupappearanceswasawonderful              hadscoredfourpreseasongoalsandmichael
achievement.                                             midwood had gone to Huddersfield, he was
  The following season, 1991-199 Town              perhaps fortunate to start in the opening
again got off to a slow start but on 0        fixture at Hayes. It was the correct decision.
September, Norris scored twice in a -1           Horsfieldscoredtheopeninggoalina-1win
away win at Aldershot and again the follow-       andbothheandTownneverlookedback.He
ingweekina-1homedefeattomansfield,             scoredtwiceina-0winatTelfordandthen
after which Jim mccalliog was sacked and          achieved the unusual distinction of scoring
replacedbyJohnmcgrath.HislastTowngoal            hat-tricksinsuccessiveleaguegamesasTown
wasina-0winatDoncasteronNewYears              beatYeovil-1andTelford-1attheShay.By
Day199.Hewasthensoldtochesterfield              theendofSeptember,hehadalreadyscored
for£,000.Atthetimehelefthehadmade            1leagueandfAcupgoals.InNovember,he
 first team appearances that season and         scored his third hat-trick of the season in a
scored ten goals although two were subse-          -0homewinoverHerefordandincreasedhis
quently expunged from the records because          overalltotaltogoalsbeforetheturnofthe
Aldershot were wound up. less then 18             year. fittingly, he scored at kidderminster as
monthsafterhisdepartureTownwereanon              Townclinchedthevauxhallconferencecham-
leagueclub.                                            pionshipwitha-0winon18April.Hisgoalat
                                                         welling in the final game of the season gave
GEOFF HORSFIELD                                          him0leaguegoalsandensuredhewasthe
199-1998                                               division’stopgoalscorer.
Appearances87                                              Horsfield’s prolific goal scoring continued
goals51                                                 as Town returned to the football league. He
goalspergameratio0.59                               scored the opening goal in a -0 opening
Hat-tricks3                                             day win at Peterborough and the only goal
geoffHorsfieldhadoriginallyplayedforTown          in Town’s first home league game versus
intheirfirstconferenceseason,199-199,            Brentford. His last Town goal was in a -1
making nine appearances. He returned to            win at Hull in September 1998, giving him
the club from witton Albion and made his         eightgoalsin1appearancesin1998-1999
second debut as a substitute in the infa-         before kevin keegan signed him for fulham
mous-0homedefeattowokinginOctober               for£00,000.
199 a match remembered for a bizarre                Sothereweare:Dixon,chambers,valentine,
refereeing per formance by michael Ryan.            Norris and Horsfield. All Town legends to a
HescoredhisfirstTowngoalina-1home             man.TopscorersandTopShaymen.
win over kettering in November and scored                                               PHILIP ASHWORTH
the last goal in a - last day never to be
forgottenwinoverStevenagewhichensured              Thefollowingbookshavebeenavaluablesourceofinforma-
Town’s conference sur vival. His nine goals        tionforthisarticle.The Definitive Halifax TownandHalifax
in  appearances that season showed               Town from Ball to Lillis a complete record–Johnnymeynell;
promise but like the team’s fortunes this         The Shaymen – 1911-1973andFrom Sandhall to The Shay
came to quicker fruition then anyone could        – Tony Thwaites; Milestones – TT Dickinson; Shaymen ‘till
havepredicted.                                         we die – The Road back to glory–Davidwright

THISISSUESPONSOREDBY haDDock & comPany SolicitoRS                                  SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 19
                                                                                                        more Than

 Your opporTuniTY To sponsor everY goal                                                                 £50
                                                                                                        per goal!
 scored bY halifax Town This season
 Goals scored in the following competitions will be included in the total:                                          47.50
 Blue Square Premier, FA Cup and FA Trophy.
 The minimum sponsorship per goal is 25p                                                                            45.00

 CURRENT SPONSORS ARE:                                                                                              42.50
 Rae Morris               £1.00   Clive Firth          £0.50   Scott Varley                 £0.50
 Adrian Jewell            £1.00   Martensite           £0.50   Bob Whiteoak                 £1.00                   40.00
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 Dean Albutt              £0.50   Andrew Cross         £0.25   Roy Reidy                    £1.00
 Jeanne Albutt            £0.50   Neville Lumb         £1.00   Shay & Hannah Coleman        £0.50
 Peter Beevers            £1.00   Allan Coleman        £0.50   Richard Mallinson            £1.00
 Philip Ashworth          £0.50   Glen Smyth           £0.25   Angie Firth                  £0.50
 Neil Barraclough         £0.50   Paul Holroyd         £0.50   Steve Donohue                £0.50
 Matthew Wright           £0.25   Ron Underwood        £0.50   Adele Ball                   £0.50
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 Charlie Adamson          £1.00   Geoff Butler         £1.00

 The scheme is being administered by the Shaymen Down South. To join in the Goal-O-Meter please write to:
 9 bates avenue, sowerby bridge, west Yorks, hx6 1dh stating your name and the amount of your
 To help sponsors spread the cost, and provide the club with a mid-season financial boost, we will be
 requesting settlement on the goals scored in the first half of the season at the end of December.
 Alternatively payments can be made at any time to help spread the cost.

0 SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75                                                              ont’internetatwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
  stadium updates

As we get nearer to the promised land when     the operational needs of the stadium. land
the rusting hulk of despair that is the East   hasbeenidentifiedatthesitewhichcouldbe
Stand finally becomes a shining beacon of        usedforofficesandresidentialbuildings.
hope, we present a montage of updates as           councillor David kirton, portfolio holder for
they have appeared both in the media and        RegenerationandDevelopment,said:
indirecte-mailssentfromthecounciltothe            “goodprogressisbeingmadetowardsthe
SDS.                                                   completionoftheEastStandandwehopeto
                                                        have completed the work by the end of this
UPDATE 1 – E-MAIL FROM THE COUNCIL                      year.Thebenefitsofthiscommunitystadium
21.02.08                                                willbefarreachingandwillmeetanumberof
SHAYONTRAckfORSUmmER                               councilprioritiesrelatingtohealthiercommu-
DEvElOPmENT                                             nitiesandchildrenandyoungpeople.Thesta-
PlanstobeginredevelopmentworkattheShay          diumwillbecomeausefulresourceinmeeting
Stadiumareoncoursetostartattheendof           anumberoftargetssetoutbethelocalarea
June.                                                   agreement.”
the Stadium’s East Stand through a joint         UPDATE 2 – HALIFAX COURIER 27.02.08
funded project with the Shay Stadium Trust.      wENEED£1mTOkITOUTSHAY–TRUST
Thecompletedstandwillincludeanumberof           lAUNcHESAPPEAl
communityfacilities.Earlierthisweek,cabinet       TheraceisontokitouttheShay’sEastStand
agreedtogivethecouncilpermissiontoenter         by christmas. last night the Shay Stadium
intoaconstructioncontractsoworkcanstart         Trust launched a £1 million appeal before
attheearliestopportunity.Alltendersforthe       invited guests at Dean clough, Halifax. After
projecthavetobebackinbymarch8.                 severalyearsofstagnationafinishedShaysta-
   calderdale council intends to recoup the       diumthetowncanbeproudofiswithinreach.
majority of funding put into the project by     calderdale council will spend more than £
renegotiatingtheexistingleasewiththeShay         million finishing the stand and will recoup its
Stadium Trust and marketing land surplus to      moneybysellingoffpartsoftheShaysite.The
                                                                                  SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 1
                           Trust needs to raise       HemetHalifaxofficialsyesterdayforaprelimi-
                           £88,000 through             narymeeting,whichwentwell.“TheHalifaxis
                           grants and donations        verysupportiveandkeentoseetheEastStand
                           tobringthestandinto       finished,”hesaid.“Anditwouldbeveryuse-
communityuseandforittogenerateincome.             fulforitsowninternalpurposes.”Threelocal
Theappealhasbeenroundedupto£1million             companieshavealreadyofferedservicesand
to cover start-up costs during 009 and the       goods for free. concrete company marshalls
Trust is convinced it can hit all the targets.   plchasofferedtosupplymaterials;gowerwill
march8isthetenderingdeadlineforbuilding          donate kitchen cabinet carcases; and Andy
work; a contract will be awarded on April      Thornton’swillinstallbarfittings.Thetrustis
withworkstartingonJune.Thecompletion            beingsupportedbyseverallocalorganisations
dateisDecember19andthestandshouldbe              includingActionHalifaxwhichwillidentifyfund-
ready for use on January 1. Trust fund-rais-      ingsourcesandthecommunityfoundationfor
ingchairmanPhilipHellawellsaidpartnership           calderdalewhichwilloverseethecollectionof
wasthekeytosuccessandpraisedtheunited            money.Oncefullykittedoutthestandwillhave
support from all quarters. John Shepherd,           community and conference facilities which
chiefexecutiveofActionHalifax,saiditwould         couldbehiredoutforbusinessandprivateuse
identifyfundingsourcesandtheclearsupport           andprovideanincomestreamtoHalifaxTown
fromthecommunityofcalderdalewascrucial.            andHalifaxRlfcwhichusethestadium.
John furbisher, editor of the courier, said for
too long the Shay had been an eyesore and        UPDATE 4 – HALIFAX COURIER 06.03.08
publicdisgraceandasymboloffailuretobusi-          SHAYSETfORfINAlPUSH
nesses,organisationsandindividuals.Butthe           Planners are expected to give the go-ahead
councilhadnowmadeavaluablecommitment               next week for the new-look Shay stadium.
whichwasfantasticnewsandthetrustappeal            calderdale council intends to spend more
deserved real support. Steve Duncan, chief          than £ million finishing the East Stand and
executive of the community foundation for           recoupingthemoneybysellingotherpartsof
calderdale,saidithad already attracted sup-         thestadiumsite.Theplanningcommitteehas
portfromlocalbusinessesandthefoundation            been recommended to approve the planning
wouldactasbrokerfordonationswhichcould            applicationwhenitmeetsonTuesday,subject
attract gift aid. Trust chief executive geoff      to conditions regarding lighting, drainage, the
Butler said a completed stadium would help         carparklayoutandsoundinsulation.
HalifaxTownbackintothefootballleagueand              The Shay Stadium Trust’s chief executive
HalifaxRugbyleagueclubintoSuperleague.             geoffButlersaidtherehadbeenwidespread
UPDATE 3 – HALIFAX COURIER 29.02.08                       confident they would get the backing of the
cOmPANIESBAck£1mSHAYAPPEAl                           committee.Hesaid:“Ihavebeenworkingon
companiesarerallyingtothecauseandback-             planstogetthestandcompletedforthepast
ing the £1 million Shay appeal. The money         five years and we are now ready for the final
is needed to kit out the East Stand at the      push.Planningapprovalshouldensurethatthe
Shay which will be completed later this year      workgetsunderwayinthesummerandthatit
by calderdale council. This week the Shay          iscompletedbytheendoftheyear.”Theaim
Stadium Trust launched its appeal and its          istofinishthestandwith,00seats,bars,
fund-raisingchairmanPhilipHellawellsaidthe          cafes,meetingroomsandcorporatefacilities
first responses had been very encouraging.          includingsixhospitalitysuites.

 SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75                                                      ont’internetatwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
  It will involve demolishing the weavers Bar      to be chosen next month and work will now
and more than doubling parking to a total of     begin on site in June. The stand should be
7spaces.meanwhile,businessesarebeing              completedbytheendofthisyear.councillors
asked to help raise £1 million to kit out the   haveapprovedaschemetobuildafourstorey
stand,whichthecouncilhopestohaveready             stand.Thegroundfloorwillbehometoteam
foruseonJanuary1.Thedeadlineforfirms            and officials’ changing facilities and also
totenderforthebuildingworkismarch8and          include a supporters’ bar and café, gymna-
workshouldstartonJune.                             sium, community space for various groups
UPDATE 5 – HALIFAX COURIER 12.03.08                       both ends with associated refreshment facili-
SHAYEASTSTANDgETSgO-AHEAD...AT                      ties.Thefirstfloorincludesabanquetingand
lAST                                                      conferencing suite serving up to 00 covers
The long-awaited new-look Shay stadium               with a terrace with views across the ground
moved a step closer last night when council-       and further community space. The second
lorsrubber-stampedtheproposedcompletion              floor will include offices and a further com-
oftheEastStand.The£milliondevelopment            munityshellspace,withboxesandhospitality
will include a ,00-seat stand, bars, cafes,      suiteshousedonthetopfloor.forspectators
office space and corporate facilities includ-        thestandwillprovideforaseatedcapacityof
ingsixhospitalityboxes.Parkingcapacitywill         ,00.
be more than doubled and the weavers Bar             TheShayStadiumTrusthaslauncheda£1
demolished. Thirty-five wheelchair spaces for        million campaign to fit out the stand, provid-
spectators will also be created during the         ing a number of community facilities for the
work, which should start on June  and be       wholeofcalderdale.Itishopedthatthiswill
complete for christmas. calderdale council’s         guaranteethesustainableeconomicfutureof
Planningcommitteeapprovedtheplansyester-             thestadiumandwillturntheShayintoavenue
day. committee chairman councillor grenville         thatisusedsevendaysaweek.
Horsfallsaid:“Therehavebeennoobjections               councillor David kirton, portfolio holder for
and I don’t think you’ll receive any from us,    Regeneration and Development, said:  “I am
let’sgetonwiththejob.”Thedevelopmentwill         delightedthattheplanshavebeenapproved.
bepartiallyfundedbysellingotherpartsofthe        wearenowastepclosertohavingafullycom-
stadiumgrounds.Businesseshavebeentar-               pleted sports stadium in calderdale that we
getedtoraise£1milliontokitoutthestand.          canallbeproudof.Thebenefitsofthiscom-
                                                          munity stadium will be far reaching and will
UPDATE 6 – E-MAIL FROM THE COUNCIL                        meetanumberofcouncilprioritiesrelatingto
13.03.08                                                  healthiercommunitiesandchildrenandyoung
fUllSTEAmAHEADfORSHAY                                 people. The stadium will become a useful
councillors have given the thumbs up to pro-       resource in meeting a number of targets set
posalstotransformtheShayStadium.                     out by the local area agreement. “calderdale
  work can now start on creating a first          council is committed to completing the East
class sporting facility and community hub           Stand at The Shay Stadium as soon as pos-
after designs were approved by members              sible.”
of calderdale council’s Planning committee.             Thecouncilwillrecoupthemajorityoffund-
calderdale council is working in partnership        ing put into the development by restructuring
with the Shay Stadium Trust to complete the       theexistingleasewiththeShayStadiumTrust
unfinished East Stand. A contractor is due         oncethestadiumiscompleted.
                                                                                   SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 
Everyone’sfavouriteexistentialistphilosopher,Albert          even when set against the wider historical contexts
camus, once said, ‘Everything I know most surely          thatinformandperpetuatethoserivalries.
about morality and obligations, I owe to football’. At       There are many questions about life that football
theriskofsoundinglikeanidealisticoldromantic,I          raises without providing suitable answers, some of
finditincreasinglydifficulttorelatethatsentimentto       them profound, some of them banal. One of more
themoderngame.moneyseemstoplaysuchalarge                trivial questions which has arisen is, why would a
role these days that it can be difficult to reconnect   group of players in Japan consider it a good use of
with what made you interested in the game in the        theirtimetohaveagamewhilstwearingbinoculars?
-andtalk-aboutfootballforalotofthetimebutthat       JAPANESE BINOCULAR FOOTBALL
onlyasmallproportionofthattimeisactuallyspent           It does exactly what it says on the tin: http://www.
onthegameitself:apass,agoal,asave.Themajor-            break.com/index/japanese-binocular-soccer.html In quite
ity of football thoughts have little to do with those   possiblythemostridiculousoccurrenceIhavecome
ninety-minutesandallthelittleincidentalsthatoccur         acrossinallmyyearsofusingtheInternet,Japanese
in between. Instead, I find myself wondering which        television set up a game of football between two
self-indulgedgalacticoisholdingoutforanextra0k          sides,theplayersforwhomareeachwearingapair
perweekontheirnewcontractandwhichoverseasbil-            ofbinocularsstrappedtotheireyes.mayhemensues
lionaireislookingatamapoffootballclubsinEngland        as the players attempt to locate the ball which, as
anddecidingwhichoffersthebestcombinationofego-            youwillsee,iseasiersaidthandone.Iffootballreally
massageandinvestmentreturn.Eitherway,I’velost             is all about vision and awareness, then Binocular
mysenseofperspective.Orfootballhas.                         football is unlikely to catch on. my girlfriend spent
    Iamsurecamuswouldbepleasedtoknowthat                twoyearsinJapanteachingEnglishtoschoolchildren
footballhastaughtmealotabouthonourandwhat               andhercommandoftheJapaneselanguageandher
haveyou.That,coupledwithoneortwohidingsfrom             understanding of Japanese culture is pretty good. I
myparentsdowntheline.But,inhonestyit’sprobably          showedthiscliptoher.Shewasflummoxed.
hasansweredandithasthrownupafewthingsthatI            STARS OF PANINI
justcan’texplain.forinstance,inhiswonderfulbook,         I have met one or two imbeciles in my time who
football Against The Enemy, Simon kuper investi-            merely associate the word ‘Panini’ with ‘extortion-
gates the simmering rivalry between clubs such as         ately-pricedmiddle-classcheesetoastie’.Thosewith
ASRomaandlazioandcelticandRangers,exploring              anynous,ofcourse,realisethatPaniniinfactstands
tensionswhichboiloverviolentlyontoomanyocca-              for,‘top-quality1980sfootballstickerbookalbum’.
sions. The degree of fierce animosity and outright            I loved Panini. It was even better than Shoot’s
hatred is something that I struggle to understand,        league ladders and that is saying something.

 SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75                                                                ont’internetatwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
SaturdaymorningswouldonlybecompleteifIbought               makeitup)toStJames’Parkonacrestofpopular
anewpacketofPaninistickerswithmypocketmoney               acclaimhastobeoneofthemostbizarreepisodes
whichinthosedaysamountedtomyDad’sleftover                  thisseason.BeforeSuperkevreturned,Iwasstart-
coppers, rather than the iPods and what have you           ing to wonder whether I had been too harsh in my
thatpeskyyoungstersseemtogetastheirgod-given               judgment of Newcastle fans, perhaps considering
right each week. Panini would also make monday              that after all they are true supporters who follow
mornings bearable, as you got the chance to swap           their team through thick and thin (mostly thin) and
duplicates with your friends. whole conversations             deserve a bit better for their money. But then they
couldbereducedtotwowords,namely,‘got...got...                welcomedkeeganback,confusingamediocreman-
got...got...NEED!’.                                                agement record for an illustrious one and setting
   Athttp://www.craigcullen.co.uk/ thereisanexcellent          asideanyreservationsthattheymayhavehadabout
collection of Panini stickers from 198 and 198.           his tactical awareness for an idealised view of the
Thesitehasaneatsearchfacilitysoyoucansearch              halcyon days of Premiership ascendancy. Back in
by whole teams, players and even hairstyles and             those(almost)gloriousdays,Newcastlewereonthe
facialhair.Satisfyingnostalgiaguaranteed.                      vergeofsquanderinga1-pointleadatthetopofthe
   I am unable to forget one particularly chastising        table to manchester United, whose later-to-be-enno-
experiencethatinvolvedPaninistickers.Iremember               bled manager, Alex ferguson, was engaging in his
not realising that there were two different Rangers,        tried-and-tested mind games. He hit more than one
namelyglasgowRangersandQueen’sParkRangers.                   rawnervewithkevinkeegan,suggestingthatteams
So,beingyoung,naiveandreckless,Ihurriedlystuck             triedharderagainstmanchesterUnitedthantheydid
thesilvercrestoftheformerontothespaceforthe             againstkeegan’steam.keegan’semotionalreaction
latter, believing I had finally found the Holy grail of   tothisprovocationwascapturedforposterityinthis
stickers after many fruitless exchanges at school.           ever-entertainingclip:http://tinyurl.com/35njja
pointedoutmyschoolboyerror.Totallyhumiliating.                DUNPHY v vENABLES: THIS TIME IT’S PERSONAL
                                                                    The Irish television pundit and the shadow-writer of
PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE                                               Roy  keane’s stark autobiography, Eamon Dunphy,
At times like this, with Halifax being in such a dire    recently launched an astonishing attack on the
financialstateandcallstoloyaltybeingmadeoffans            record, character and intentions of Terry venables
whohavebeentoldnottoaskanyawkwardquestions                whentheformerEngland,Spursand,erleeds,man-
suchas‘what’shappening?’forthebestpartoftwo               ager was in talks with the fAI about becoming the
years, it’s good to know that there are other clubs       nextRepublicofIrelandmanager.
with a similar line in avoidable tragedy: Newcastle            Dunhpy’s critique is captured in two parts at
United.                                                            http://tinyurl.com/3yvjbe and http://tinyurl.com/345hzx
   fatfreddieSheppard’sdistasteforthepeopleof               Theincendiarycontentledvenablestorespondthat
Newcastle,especiallyiftheybefemale,letalonehis             Dunphyhadcosthimthejob.Itiswellworthalook.
withering view of his-then star centre-forward, Alan            myDadwho,tobefair,isthefirsttoadmitthathe
‘Elbows’ Shearer, is enough to suggest a tendency           doesn’tknowmuchaboutfootball,happenedtobump
towardsself-inflictedmiseryandridicule.Andallthe            intoElTelinabarinSpainafewyearsagoandlater
claimsthatthefansmakeofNewcastlebeinga‘mas-                toldmethathehadthankedvenables‘forallthathe
siveclub’soundprettyhollowwhenyouconsiderhow               haddoneforEnglishfootball’.Idon’tknowwhether
manyyearsitissincetheywonanything.Justhowbig             venablesthoughtthathewasbeingsarcasticbutI’m
is‘massive’,bytheway?                                           pleasedthatmyDadhaslivedtotellthetale.
   Anyway, the recent return of kevin keegan from              UptheShaymen.
self-imposedexileathisSoccercircus(youcouldn’t                                                 GARETH LLEWELLYN

THISISSUESPONSOREDBY haDDock & comPany SolicitoRS                                           SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 
mostpeoplereadingthiswillbewellawareof        How different would our football supporting
the events that occurred in the Saddle Hotel   lives be today if the following had transpired
onmay1911.ThisisthedatewhenHalifax         backinmay1911?‘OldSport’hasgotalot
Towneffectivelybecameanentityandstarted         toanswerfor!
its journey along the rocky Pennine road to    Football almost came to the fore in Halifax
whereitisnow.Belowishowthismomentous          in the summer of 1911 when, following a let-
occasionisdescribedinmanypublications:            ter published in the Halifax Evening Courier
Football came to the fore in Halifax in the            from Mr A E Jones, who originally used the
summer of 1911 when, following a letter                non de plume ‘Old Sport’, suggested the
published in the Halifax Evening Courier from          formation of a football club in the town. A
Mr A E Jones, who originally used the non de           great deal of correspondence followed on the
plume ‘Old Sport’, suggested the formation             subject raised and on the evening of May 24
of a football club in the town. A great deal           a meeting of interested parties was held at
of correspondence followed on the subject              the Saddle Hotel. When the crowded meeting
raised and on the evening of May 24 a meet-            commenced, ‘motivator’ A E Jones proposed
ing of interested parties was held at the              ‘that this meeting of townsmen of Halifax
Saddle Hotel. When the crowded meeting                 heartily approves of the establishment of a
commenced, ‘motivator’ A E Jones proposed              town’s association football club and pledges
‘that this meeting of townsmen of Halifax              itself to adopt every legitimate means to
heartily approves of the establishment of a            that end’. The proposal was seconded by
town’s association football club and pledges           Mr Charles Deantry but just as it seemed
itself to adopt every legitimate means to              the proposal was about to be carried a Mr
that end’. The proposal, seconded by Mr                Brown stood up and questioned if this was
Charles Deantry was carried unanimously and            the right thing for the townsmen to channel
so brought about the birth of Halifax Town             their enthusiasm in to. He said that there was
Football Club.                                         one word in the proposal he couldn’t agree
                                                       with and that it wasn’t the sort of thing he
                                                       would like to hand down and entrust to his
                                                       children or grandchildren. A Mr Walker then
                                                       stood up and agreed with Mr Brown. Much
                                                       debate ensued and in the end all the towns-
                                                       men agreed with Mr Brown. An alternative
                                                       proposal of returning to the bar for a few
                                                       more drinks was passed and the townsmen
                                                       went on to enjoy a very merry evening with
                                                       all thoughts of association football banished
                                                       from their thoughts for ever more.

 SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75                                                  ont’internetatwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
afc halifax
horrific injury offers perspective to all
                 AFC Halifax would like to take         REcENTRESUlTS
                 this opportunity to thank every-       AfcHalifax,YorkSupporters
                one who donated to our bucket           AfcHalifax,AfcIlkestonTown
                collection in aid of a Burnley          AfcHalifax1,DroylsdenSupporters
               Supporters’ team player called           AfcHalifax,HuddersfieldTown
            Wayne. He was severely injured dur-         Supporters0
          ing our game on 23 February which             AfcHalifax,BurnleySupporters0
had to be abandoned after 17 minutes and later          (matchabandonedafter17minutes)
in hospital it was discovered that he had broken        AfcHalifax,RochdaleSupporters7
his leg and ruptured his Achilles tendon. Wayne
is self-employed and had also just become a             SUNNY SKEGGY ANYONE?
father again only two weeks before the inci-            Quick reminder that all Town fans are welcome
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       & awards nighT
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          THE WEAVERS LOUNGE – 7.30pm START
    disco, hoT buffeT & awards ceremonY
                                             TICKETS: £10
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                Home: 01422 346029 Mobile (Inc. text): 07751 110597
                        E-Mail: andrewgilchrist@btopenworld.com
                             Come along and enjoy a good night!
                                                                              SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 7
       NAME: Chris Lister                                                 NAME: Roger Bottom ley
       DETAILS: Every time                                                DETAILS: Every hat-trick                 NAME: Mat thew Wright
                                             NAME: Chr is Lister
       Halifax Town score a                                               scored by a Halifax Town                 DETAILS: For ever y poin t
                                            DETAILS: Eve ry tim
                                                                    e the player – £5
       penalty – £5                         Hal ifa x Tow n kee per                                                Town gain from behi nd in
                                            a pen alt y – £5                                                       the Blue Squa re Prem ier – £1

        NAME: Ch ar                                                       NAME: Clive Firth
                         lie Ad amso n
       DETAILS: Fo                                                        DETAILS: Every home
                        r ever y away
       po in t To w n ga                       NAME: Clive Firt h         Blue Square Premier
                         in so ut h of                                                                           NAME: Andy Connell
       Wat fo rd – £1                          DETAILS: Eve ry An dy      clean sheet kept by the
                                                                      £20                                        DETAILS: Per clean sheet,
                                               Cam pbe ll Hat-Trick –     Shayme n – £2
                                                                                                                 including cup games – £1.50

                                           NAME: M ich
                                                           ae l
                                           Mos se lm an s
        NAME: Mich ael                     DETAILS: Eve
        Mos selm ans                                      ry Con          ferenc e                                      NAME: Law
                                           match we eke                                                                                 re nc e Sh ort
        DETAILS: For every
                                                          nd in wh ich Ha
                                                                            lifa x                                     DETAILS: An
                                           sco re mo re goa                                                                              y To w n
        point more than
                                                            ls tha n Che lse
                                                                             a                                         pl ayer to sc or
                                          (we eke nds wh                              NAME: David Marne y                               e a hat- tr ick
        Woki ng that Halif ax have
                                                          en bot h play)
                                                                           – £1                                       in any com pe
                                                                                      DETAILS: Each game                              ti tio n th is
        at the end of the seaso n. – £1                                                                               se as on – £5
                                                                                      attende d by all the SMS
                                                                                      – £5
      NAME: Andrew Collins
      DETAILS: To beat                                      ew Co lli ns
                                            NAME: An dr                    e
      Aldersh ot Town in any
                                            DETAILS:      To fin ish ab ov                                        NAME: Stu art Jef fre
      compet ition – £30                                    wn    in th e                                        DETAILS: For eve ry
                                            Alde rsho t To
                                                                                                                 pen alt y that tow n get
                                             le ag ue – £150                                                                              – £5

                                                                                         NAME: Martin Bishop
        NAME: Mich aela Short                                                            DETAILS: Every time
                                                  NAME: Laur
        DETAILS: 50p for ever y                                ie                        Town win away this
                                                  DETAILS: Fo                                                         NAME: Ro
                                                              r an           y game      season – £5                            ge r Bo tt om
       pena lty scored by Town and                                                                                    DETAILS:                le y
                                                 wh ere a To wn                                                                £150
       50p for ever y pena lty that                                playe r do es                                                                  pe r sea son
                                                                                                                                                                  to SDS
                                                NOT ge t bo ok                                                        – indeed , ev
                                                                 ed . (n ot                                                          er y sea son
       Town save                                                                                                                                    (!) – if all fu
                                                                                                                     me ssage bo                                    tu re
                                               co un ting fr ien                                                                    ard en tries
                                                                  dlies or                                                                         on bo th sites
                                                                                                                    ‘co ns tructi                                    are
                                               Se ta nt a Sh iel                                                                   ve, object ive
                                                                 d) – 50p                                                                         , suppo rti ve
                                                                                                                    po sit ive in th                               an d
                                                                                                                                     eir individu
                                                                                                                                                   al con ten t’

8 SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75                                                                                           ont’internetatwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
MATCH REPORTS                                            wall and legzdins to put the visitors ahead.
                                                         Town didn’t crumble though and ten minutes
tuesday 12 February 2008                                 fromtimedebutantwhitehousewaltzedround
haliFax town 2, yoRk city 2                              two defenders to equalise. Harbin blocked a
BlUESQUAREPREmIER                                      shot and a chance nearly fell for campbell
Town’s first home league game since New           beforethefinalwhistleblewforanhonourable
Year’s Day provided an evening of rich enter-     draw.
tainment.Alargevisitingsupportandaflood-             with only the county cup and the Setanta
lit occasion added to the derby atmosphere,       Shieldtoplayforthiscouldeasilyhavebeen
whilst the tactical changes in the game all      thefirststeponalongroadoflittlemeaning.
added to the intrigue. Irrespective of forma-      It was not, and for that Town can take great
tion,Townproducedsomethingonwhichtheir            encouragementandcredit.
passing game depends, namely pace, and             legzdins,Harban,Quinn,Ainge,Doughty,Heslop,kearney
what a positive difference this made. Town        (campbell77),griffith,Nelthorpe(whitehouse70),Shaw,
startedoffonthefrontfoot,Shawhadanearly        Joynes
shotandDoughtyhadafinelongrangeeffort           ATTENDANcE,019
following a flowing move. city were extremely     ✩ SDS StaRman – Simon heslop ✩
dangerous breaking from midfield and the                                               PHILIP ASHWORTH
best two early chances both fell to the visi-
tors.fortune-westfiredoverthebaratthefar       Saturday 16 February 2008
post and Sodje couldn’t get the right contact    haliFax town 1, camBRiDge uniteD 2
onaheaderwhenfindingspacebetweentwo              BlUESQUAREPREmIER
defenders. Town went in front shortly before      In chilly winter sunshine, Town contrived to
the half hour when Joynes leapt to head in      loseagametheycouldhavestitchedupinthe
kearney’s free kick in front of the visiting     firsthalfhour.Torubsaltinthewound,having
contingent. The lead, though, lasted just five    takenanundeservedleadcambridgeheldout
minutesasSodjeequalised,whoafterfinding           comfortably for most of the second half with
himselffreeinanoman’slandareabetween            tenmen.
defence and midfield, had an easy task to           Such a disappointing outcome seemed
score.Joyneshadagoodheaderwidefroma             inconceivable with griffith and kearney win-
Doughtycross.                                           ning the early midfield balls and Nelthorpe
    Thedecisiontochangefroma--forma-           lookinglivelyontheleftflank.On1minutes,
tionto--inthefirsthalfbroughtinHeslop       the cambridge defence was sprung, Heslop
from the flank. At the start of the second      strode into the area and coolly slotted past
half this paid rich dividends as Heslop’s fine   theadvancingPotter.Butfortheirblack-tighted
runs from attacking midfield, with the safety     keeper, cambridge would have gone further
ofgriffithsandkearneyprovidingaplatform          behind; he saved at the feet of griffith and
behind him, suggested that Town’s need to         ShawandpushedasideagoalboundHeslop
createmorefrommidfieldcouldbesolvedat            drive.
a stroke.  Heslop had a fine long range shot      with Quinn looking more like his old self,
deflected. city were on the ropes and had        Town’s back four were rarely troubled, and
Town scored then they might well have gone       half time beckoned when legzdins saved
ontowinthegame.markwhitehousecameon             cambridge’sfirstseriousshot,aheaderfrom
forNelthorpebutwitharoundtwentyminutes            acorner.Butintimeaddedon,afternei- 4
THISISSUESPONSOREDBY haDDock & comPany SolicitoRS                                 SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 9
MATCH REPORTS                                           Doughty,Heslop,kearney,griffith,Nelthorpe(whitehouse
4 ther Ainge, who had otherwise been solid,      ATTENDANcE1,0
nor legzdins, way off his line, dealt with a   ✩ SDS StaRman – anthony griffith ✩
loose ball, it broke to cambridge’s Beesley                                                ANDY CONNELL
   The Shaymen, who were out on the pitch       Saturday 23 February 2008
some minutes before their opponents reap-          haliFax town 0, StaFFoRD RangeRS 0
peared,missedanearlysecondhalfchance             BlUESQUAREPREmIER
to regain the lead when Joynes, who like        withtheawaysupportboostedbysomeextra
his strike partner Shaw was largely ineffec-      Stafford fans no doubt eager to welcome in
tive,headedhighandwidefromaNelthorpe            theSteveBullera,thiswasprobablythefirst
cross.Thenonminutestheywentbehind            homematchforatleastthreeseasonswhere
whenapinpointlowcrossfromtherighthand          less than 1,000 Town fans were on parade.
corner was turned in by lee mcEvilly, anold    Somethinghastochangebothonandoffthe
opponent who remains strong and skilful           pitchprettysharpishifwearegoingtosalvage
despiteappearingtohaveeatenallthepies.         some self respect from this season. There
   But four minutes later cambridge were          canbenoexcusesfornotbeating,oratleast
down to ten men after Peters was rightly        scoring against, a less than average looking
ordered off for upending Nelthorpe, whose         StaffordRangersoutfit.Onthebalanceofplay,
pace had taken him to the edge of the box     Townshouldhavebeenoutofsightbytheend
with only the keeper to beat. They immedi-       of the first half. As it was, some poor finish-
ately put nine men behind the ball, made a     ing and some inspired goal keeping from the
seriesofdefensivesubstitutionsandslowed           Stafford keeper conspired to keep this game
the game down as much as they could.            scoreless.
wilderrespondedbyswitchingtoathreeman              ThefirsthalfwasalmostallTownasStafford
defence. killeen and campbell came on for        settheirstallouttostubbornlydefend.Town’s
AingeandHarban,whohadlookedlessthan             firstrealbreakthroughcameafter17minutes
convincingontherightsideofdefence,with          when craig Nelthorpe rasped a shot nar-
griffith moving to right back and with twenty   rowlywidefrom0yardsout.Thiswassoon
minutestogowhitehousereplacedthetiring           followed by a Nathan Joynes shot that the
Nelthorpe.                                              Staffordkeeperdidverywelltoturnoverthe
   ButtherewastobenorepeatofTuesday’s          bar.SimonHeslopwasthenexttobethwarted
heroics.  Town’s efforts to break down reso-     when his goal bound shot struck a defender
lute opposition were too ponderous and pre-       andwasscrambledawaytosafety.
dictable.Despiteasuccessionofcorners,the            Thesecondhalfwasmoreofthesamewith
best they could muster were charged down         thepressurebuildinguptosuchanextentthat
shotsfromcampbellandkearneyandashot             wayne Daniel was coerced into fouling Jon
ontheturnfromkilleenwhichthekeeperwas          Shawinsidethearea.Aclearpenaltybutthe
wellplacedtosave.worryingly,theShaymen           refereebottleditandwavedplayon.AnAdam
seemedtorunoutofideasand,likethefans          Quinn header just wide of the post followed
who began to stream away before the final       before the South Stand cheered almost to a
whistle, accept that it was not going to be    manonlytoseeShaw’sseeminglygoalbound
theirday.                                              shothitthepostandreboundbackintoplay

 0 SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75                                                     ont’internetatwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
tobeclearedbyaStafforddefender.                              withAndycampbellrestoredtothestarting
   with so many chances going begging,                     lineup,Townhadanadditionaldimensionup
Stafford must have thought their luck was                 front–pace.Townstartedwellandcouldhave
in and became a little more adventurous up               scoredtwiceintheopening10minutes,first
front.Adamlegzdinshadtoearnhiswageon                    fromaSimonHesloptrademarkyarderthat
acoupleofoccasionsinthelast10minutes                    was well saved by the keeper and secondly
anddidsoquitecompetently.                                    from a Danny forrest volley that was palmed
   Thestaroftheshowhasn’thadamention                    overthebar.Tobefairtoweymouth,theyalso
yet, until now. Tom clarke had an excellent              had a couple of chances, the best falling to
gameinthecentreofdefenceandhehelped                     Nickcrittendenwhoslicedoneofthemisses
bringoutthemuchmoreassuredperformance                     oftheseasonhighandwidewhenseemingly
fromQuinn.Thedefencehasbeenmissinga                      oddsontoatleastforceasaveoutofAdam
strong presence all season. Hopefully clarke               legzdins.
willbeabletocontributetoafewmoreclean                     Notforthefirsttime,afrenziedstartpetered
sheetsduringhisloanperiod.                           outandweymouthbegantocreatethebetter
legzdins,Davies,clarke,Quinn,Doughty,Heslop,kearney,      opportunities. Perversely, their goal after 8
griffith(killeen0),Nelthorpe,Shaw,Joynes(campbell)     minutes was not one of them. An off-side
ATTENDANcE1,10                                                pickupfollowedbycomicaldefendingallowed
✩ SDS StaRman – tom clarke ✩                                     AntonRobinsontoopportunitytoprodtheball
                                              SIMON DENTON       home.Half-timecameand,withfurtheroppor-
                                                                 tunities also going begging, weymouth must
tuesday 26 February 2008                                         havebeendisappointednottohavewrapped
nuneaton BoRough 0, haliFax town 1                               thisgameup.
SETANTASHIElD,fIfTHROUND                                          The second-half was much better although
An 89th minute penalty from Jon Shaw fol-                 it started in somewhat controversial circum-
lowingaNuneatonhandballintheareawas                     stances when craig Nelthorpe, seemingly
enough to see Town through to the quarter                uninjured, was substituted just four minutes
finalstageoftheSetantaShield.Townreport-                  in. Judging by the way he stormed down the
edlydominatedthisfixtureandfullydeserved                  tunnelhewasnotbestpleased.fourminutes
toprogressinacompetitionthatisnowtheir                  laterwegotthepivotalsubstitutionwhenTom
lastchanceof‘cupglory’.                                    kearney was replaced by Anthony griffith.
legzdins,Doughty,clarke,Quinn,kearney,killeen(wright      from that point on the midfield had a much
90),Shaw,Nelthorpe(campbell),Davies,griffith(forrest   morepositiveedgeandTownweresoonlevel
0),Heslop                                                      when forrest played a clinical through ball to
ATTENDANcE9                                                   campbell whose pace took him clear of the
Saturday 1 march 2008                                            tobeat,whichhedidwithease.
haliFax town 2, weymouth 1                                           Towndominatedfromthispointon,although
BlUESQUAREPREmIER                                              weymouth still had the odd opportunity to
Thefirstsub1,000leaguecrowdattheShay                    spoil the afternoon. The glory moment came
for almost three years witnessed an increas-               on78minuteswhenJonShawfoundHeslop,
inglyraresight–aHalifaxTownwin!weymouth                 you’ve guessed it, about  yards out. from
are struggling both on and off the pitch so if         hisfavouredshootingrange,heunleashedthe
ever there was a golden opportunity to claim             perfectdippingshotthatclearedthekeeper’s
allthreepoints,thiswasit.                                  headbeforeslippingnicelyunderthebar. 4
                                                                                          SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 1
                                                                 or so minutes as chance after chance went
MATCH REPORTS                                                    begging. Shaw almost repeated his earlier
4 It could, and should, have been -1 by                 but, unfortunately, coburn was equal to the
thecloseofplaywhenShawhadthechance                      task in hand this time. campbell then had
totakeTownfurtheraheadininjurytimefrom                  a chance of his own before a Danny forrest
the penalty spot. He was probably unnerved                goalboundefforthadthemisfortunetostrike
bythevisitors’shenaniganswhichsawared                    a defender’s desperately outstretched foot
cardfortheperpetratorofthepenalty,whoin                 anddeflecttosafety.
allhonestywasharddoneby,andtwofurther                      Ashasbeenthecaseonanumberofocca-
yellowsforprotesting.whenShawfinallytook                  sions this season, Town were made to pay
thespotkickitwastooclosetothekeeper,at                forthemissedopportunitieswhenAltrincham
aniceheight,andwascomfortablysaved.                       equalisedonthehalfhour.Theywereundone
   In the end it was a job well done. Defeat           by an exceptionally long throw from Ryan
againstoneofthefewsidesbelowTowninthe                  Shottonthatwasnoddedhomebycolinlittle.
leaguewasnotanoption.                    However,thehomefans’joywasshortlivedas
 legzdins,Doughty,clarke,wright,Davies,forrest,kearney    five minutes later campbell was adjudged to
 (griffith),Nelthorpe(killeen9),Heslop,campbell,Shaw   havebeenfouledintheareaand,despitelook-
 ATENDANcE971                                                  ing more than a little nervous, he converted
 ✩ SDS StaRman – Simon heslop ✩                                  the resultant penalty to make it -1 to Town.
                                          SIMON DENTON           Half-time came with Town deserving much
 tuesday 4 march 2008                                               Not surprisingly, Altrincham came out guns
 altRincham 3, haliFax town 3                                    blazing at the start of the second half and
 BlUESQUAREPREmIER                                             were almost immediately provided with a life-
 Inthepre-matchdiscussionIwassingingthe                  linewhentheywereawardedapenalty.No-one
 praisesofAltrinchamkeeper,Stuartcoburn.If                could explain what it was for although Jake
 theTownmanagerislookingforanewkeeper                   wright’sheadinhandsmotionwouldindicate
 next season then he could do a lot worse               hehadsomethingtodowithit.littlestepped
 that look in coburn’s direction. After a few            up and converted ‘straight down the middle’.
 ‘mawsonesque’ clearances early in the first               ItwasnowgameonandforawhileAltrincham
 halfsomemayhavequestionedmyjudgement                     lookedliketheymaymakeTownpayfortheir
 but by the end of the proceedings coburn’s              first-halfprofligacywithchrisSenior,inparticu-
 manofthematchawardsaidallthatneeded                    lar,lookingfiredupandkeentoshowwhyhe
 tobesaid.                                                   shouldneverhavebeenreleased.
    ThiswasanothergameTownreallyshould                       The advantage swung back Town’s way
 havewon,andinthiscasebyacountrymile.                  after 7 minutes when they were awarded
 Theplayerssetoffinaconfidentmoodplaying                thegamesthirdpenaltyafterShawhadbeen
 towardsthe10orsoTownfansassembled                      upendedinthebox.Heconfidentlystruckthe
 intheopenawayend.withinfiveminutes,the                 ball home, hopefully banishing any memories
 late winter chill was eased somewhat when                ofhisweymouthmiss.withinaminutethough
 an excellent Andy campbell run and unself-                Altrincham were level for a third time when
 ish pull back to Jon Shaw saw Town’s top               some slapdash defending allowed a close
 marksman make it 1-0. The temperature on                 rangeequaliser.
 theterracecontinuedtoriseforthenext0                     The final 0 minutes saw the game begin

  SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75                                                           ont’internetatwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
to fade out, although both sides could have                  Half-time came and, like may of the Town
snuckthepointsonmorethanoneoccasion.                     fansaroundme,themainquestionswerewill
Asitwas,sixgoalswasourlot.                               thewindplayapartinHiston’sfavourinthe
  However you cut it, this was two points                second-halfandwillTownbetoocautiousand
droppedratherthanonegained.                            getdrawndeeperanddeeperindefence?
legzdins,Davies,wright,clarke,Doughty,forrest(Nelthorpe       Theanswertoboththesequestionswasnot
),griffith,Heslop,killeen,Shaw,campbell                   longcoming,withTownmakingabetterstartto
ATTENDANcE90                                                  thesecondhalfthanthefirstandnegatingthe
✩ SDS StaRman – andy campbell ✩                                  strongwindbyplayingtheballontheground
                                              SIMON DENTON       andusingthepaceofShaw,killeenandforest
Saturday 8 march 2008                                            It was no surprise when the third goal came
hiSton 1, haliFax town 3                                         from another quick break, involving at least
BlUESQUAREPREmIER                                              four Town players and, even if griffiths did
Town dominated the majority of the game,                  needtwoattemptstofindthebackofthenet,
showingfarmorequalitythanHiston,andwere                  themovegottheresultittrulymerited.
certainlytheonlyteamplayingfootball.                            whilstthegamebecamemoreeven,atleast
   The match started poorly for Town with                 in terms of possession, Histon created few
Histon’s long and high ball tactics causing               clear chances even with the strong wind at
somepressureintheTowndefence.However,                     theirbacks.TheHistongoalcamefromoneof
after the first ten minutes Town’s defence                thefewtimestheyplayedtheballonthefloor,
got to grips with this and Adam legzdins in             with the ball falling to their right winger who
goal was confident and dominant in claiming               unleashed a speculative shot that was well
crosses.  Even when Histon came more into                hit and with the swirling wind gave legzdins
thegameinthesecondhalfthedefencehardly                  nochance.
putafootwrong.                                                   Didthatleadtoanervouslast0minutes?
   Thedefencetooksomuchcontrolthatwhat                   NotreallyasTowncontinuedtoplaythebetter
looked like a defensive --1 formation soon              football,lookingmorelikelytoscoreafourth
became an attacking -- line-up.  Both full            ratherthanconcedeasecond.Afinedisplay
backspushedontocomplimenttheworkrate                     and everyone involved deserves credit as,
andeffectivepassingofgriffithsandHeslop.                  for once, not only did Town equal but better
Thisreleasedkilleenandforesttomakedam-                    the opposition in every aspect of the game
agingraidsdowneitherflank.                                 andmoreimportantlymadethiscountonthe
   mid-way into the first-half, Town started to           scoresheet.
increasethepressurewiththeHistonkeeper                        Starman is not an easy selection with so
makingacoupleoffinesavesfromHeslopand                   manyplayershavingagoodgamebutforme
DaviesandattemptsbyforestandShawnot                      Anthonygriffithstoodout,controllingmidfield
faroffthemark.Thebreakthroughcamefrom                   with both strong and effective tackling and
a corner, with clark powering a free header              clinicalballdistributioncappedbyanexcellent
tothebottomcorner.fiveminuteslaterand                   goal.
Townweretwoup,againthanksinparttopoor                  legzdins,Davies,wright,clarke,Quinn,Doughty,forrest
defendingcausedbythepressuretheHiston                     (campbell8),griffith,Heslop,killeen,Shaw
defence were facing.  A break down the left             ATTENDANcE
was not dealt with and Davies clinically shot            ✩ SDS StaRman – anthony griffith ✩
homefrominsidethe18yardbox.                                                                     NICK O’REILLY 4

THISISSUESPONSOREDBY haDDock & comPany SolicitoRS                                         SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 
MATCH REPORTS                                                   years,Townturnedintheirmostdisappoint-
                                                                ingper formanceforsomeweeks,deser vedly
4 tuesday 11 march 2008                                         losinginwhatisbecominganannualfestival
haliFax town 3, toRQuay uniteD 2                                offrustrationattheNewlawn.matterswere
BlUESQUAREPREmIER                                             not helped by a pathetic display from the
A superb all-round performance was not                    refereebuthiscontributiontotheresultwas
reflected one iota in the final score line as,         largely super fluous given the opening five
apartfroma1minuteperiodinthesecond                    minutes which ultimately cost the Shaymen
half, Town completely outplayed promotion-                  thechancetopickupmuch-neededpoints.
chasingTorquaytoearnthreevaluablepoints.                    Townwereapparentlystillinthedressing
JonShawcouldeasilyhavehadahat-trickbut                 room until :0, by which time the home
can be very well satisfied with his two excel-          side had gained their two-goal advantage.
lentlytakenheadedgoals,bothofwhichwere                  forthefirst,thedefencefellasleepfroma
courtesy of quality crosses from the impres-              corner,whichwasflickedonatthenearpost
sivemattDoughty.Thelatter’slowcentrefrom                allowing Stuart fleetwood to head home
theleftjustbeforehalf-timealsobroughtabout              unmarked from six yards after just three
Town’ssecondgoalviaaRiceown-goal.                         minutes. A mere 90 seconds later, a long
   Heslop and griffith dominated midfield,                 ball for ward caught the defence unawares
Quinn, wright and clarke were resolute in                againandfleetwoodwasonhandtoloopa
defence, killeen and forrest created numer-                shotovertheadvancingAdamlegzdinsinto
ousscoringopportunitiesforthemselvesand                   thenet.Halifaxhadtheirmoments,notably
others.Itwas,indeed,apleasuretowatch.                   araspingJonShaweffort,boundforthetop
   The only glitch occurred midway through the           cornerbutturnedawaybyRyanRobinsonin
second half when Quinn was forced to leave              the forest green goal but could not find a
the field and Torquay, a very good side, let’s         waybackintothematchbeforehalftime.
notforget!,quicklytookadvantagetoscoretwo                  Early in the second half, Andy campbell
well-takengoals.TheShaymen,however,rapidly                missed a glorious chance to get a goal
succeededinregainingtheirtightcontrolofthe              back,firingstraightatRobinsonwhenclean
game;killeenhavinga‘goal’disallowed,Heslop               throughandthiswastobeTown’slastseri-
goingclosewithatrademarkshotfromdistance                ousassaultonthehomegoal,muchtothe
and Shaw unfortunately missing a relatively               frustration of the away fans. forest green
straightforwardopportunity.Inshort,asplendid             played out the remainder of the game fairly
night’sentertainment.moreofsame,please!                   comfortably, although it could have been
legzdins,clarke,wright,Quinn(Harban(campbell81)),     ver y different had they not been gifted the
Doughty,griffith,Heslop,Davies,killeen,forrest(kearney   goals early on. In the conditions, this had
90),Shaw                                                       0-0 written all over it but, unfortunately
ATTENDANcE89                                                 fleetwood and the Shaymen’s defence did
✩ SDS StaRman – anthony griffith ✩                              notreadthatparticularscript.
                                     ROGER BOTTOMLEY               Perhapsit’soddthatthestarmanshould
                                                                be a defender, given that ultimately they
Saturday 15 march 2008                                          werethereasonwelostthegamebutforthe
FoReSt gReen 2, haliFax town 0                                  majorityofthematchJakewrightwashighly
BlUESQUAREPREmIER                                             impressive, consistently repelling Rovers’
A day after learning the club may be enter-             attacks to atone for any part he played in

 SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75                                                           ont’internetatwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
Town’s early downfall. A final note on the                inthepenaltyareacutinfromtheSkircoat
crowd.It’salwaysgallingtolosetoteamsof                   Shedsideandmadeit-0.Albionweren’tfin-
this stature, especially when it is deser ved              ishedyet,though,andimmediatelyEdwards
butthisisconsistentlybecomingaplacewe                     pulled one back with a far post header.
expect (and get) absolutely nothing. There                  Almost immediately, Town’s two goal cush-
aresurelylessonstobelearned,onandoff                     ionwasrestoredwhenasimilarfinish,this
the field, from forest green Rovers. If they              time from the other side of the area, saw
can achieve success on such a meagre fol-                  campbell make the score -1. Ten minutes
lowing,theymustbedoingsomethingright.                       fromtimeTownneededtheircupluckagain
legzdins,Davies,clarke(gaia7),wright,Doughty,griffith,   as a fine shot from goodfellow hit the post
kearney(campbell),Heslop,forrest(whitehouse0),          androlledbackintothegroundedmawson’s
killeen,Shaw.                                                    arms.Thevisitorskeptpressingrighttothe
ATTENDANcE90                                                    final whistle but it was the Shaymen who
✩ SDS StaRman – Jake wright ✩                                     progressed to the Setanta Shield Northern
                                          MATTHEW WRIGHT          final.
tuesday 18 march 2008                                             kearney,gray,Taylor(forrest1),whitehouse,killeen
haliFax town 3, BuRton alBion 1                                   (griffith),campbell
SETANTASHIElD,QUARTER-fINAl                                     ATTENDANcE
TowntooktothefieldagainstBurtoninwhat                    ✩ SDS StaRman – andy campbell ✩
wasanorthernsemifinalofanationalcom-                                                           PHILIP ASHWORTH
ingoalandpairedAingeandwrighttogether                     Saturday 22 march 2008
atcentreback.                                                   haliFax town 0, oxFoRD uniteD 3
   You need a touch of luck in the cup and              BlUESQUAREPREmIER
Town’s was in early on when Scoffham net-                  On a raw afternoon, with sunshine and snow
ted only to be ruled offside.  Had his team             flurriesalternating,theShaymenwereontop
mate not fluffed such an easy chance for                  for the first half hour only to end the game
theballtoruntohiminthefirstplace,Town                  outclassedandwellbeaten.
wouldhavebeenonedown.Asitwas,the                           Town lined up with three centre backs and
firsthalfturnedintoanevenlymatchedcon-                    gaia at the heart of defence looked compe-
test.campbellcurledashotwide,grayshot                    tentandassured.Theonlysignoftroubleto
wide after bursting through, whilst at the                 come was the usual weakness at right back,
otherendAlbionfiredoverfromcloserange                     this time Davies, who found Oxford’s Trainer
andmawsonmadeagoodsavefromasoft                          hardtohandle.ButHeslopandgriffithwere
shot. gray fired another shot wide before                  winning most of the midfield ball, forrest
Taylorshotoverthenheadedjustwidefrom                      looked dangerous wide on the right, though
afinehangingcentrefromDoughty.Righton                     his first touch sometimes let him down and
half-time, Town got the breakthrough they                   killeenwasindustriousjustbehindfrontman
were looking for. campbell’s pass found                     Shaw.  Town had several near misses before
whitehouse who shot first time in to the                  the game turned on the half hour.  A well-
roofofthenet,aver ywellcontrolledfinish                  struck goal bound shot from Shaw was bril-
indeed.                                                           liantly finger tipped onto the upright; then at
   Towndoubledtheiradvantageonthehour                      theotherendOxford’sgreenbrokeintoarea.
attacking the South Stand end. campbell                     wrightwasforcinghimwidewhenlegzdins 4
THISISSUESPONSOREDBY haDDock & comPany SolicitoRS                                          SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 
MATCH REPORTS                                                     notverygoodwasmorethanenoughtobeat
4 unwisely rushed out and was adjudged by                  needssomefightandpassioninstilledintoit
Refereematadartohavetakenmannotball.                     if we are going to survive in the top flight of
Thekeepergotahandtomurray’swell-struck                    non-leaguefootball.
penaltybutcouldn’tkeepitout.                                     Theideaofofferingfreecoachtravelback-
   Town never regained their fluency, while an             firedbigtimeasnotonlydiditresultinmore
ordinary-looking Oxford outfit gained in confi-              people than normal witnessing what it is
dence.Shortlyaftertherestart,Shawlimped                   generallyreallylikewatchingTownontheroad
offtobereplacedbycampbell,atfirstplaying                 butitalsoattractedanelementwho,shallwe
wideontherightwhileforrestmovedintothe                   say, were less than supportive at times. we
middle.  He got few opportunities as Town’s               all want the same thing but there are ways
midfieldbegantoover-elaborate,whileOxford                   and means of going about it. I am definitely
putmenbehindtheball,relyingonbreakaways                   notknockingthepeoplewholaidonthefree
by their speedy strikers as Town committed                 travel.Iftheteamhadperformedonthepitch
menforwardbutgavetheballawaytoooften.                   the away terrace would no doubt have been
Turleycameouttosaveatforrest’sfeet,the                   rocking.Asitwas,thebenefactorwasletdown
ballwentdowntheotherendandtheleftside                   onallfronts.
ofTown’sdefencefailedtopreventalowcross                      mitigating circumstances were the loss of
from the by-line, turned by Richards past a               Adam Quinn early on and the loss of Andy
scramblinglegzdins.                                              campbell as the first half drew to a close.
   more than half an hour remained but the                SimonAingeandDarylTaylorprovedtobeless
gamewaseffectivelyover.Townrevertedtoa                   thanadequatereplacementsontheday.mind
flatbackfourwithwrightgoingoff.Taylortook               you,ifAingecouldhavematchedhisposition-
up the right wing position but repeatedly lost            ing with an ability to head the ball then he
theball.TheShaydefencehadlostitsshape                   couldeasilyhavehadabracethisgame.
andOxfordhadseveralmorescoringchances                          Not a lot else to say really. Terry fearns
beforegaia,whohadlostsomeofhispoise,                     showed us all how to finish a one-on-one,
directed an attempted headed clearance into                 lewiskilleenputinhisusualeffortbutwithno
hisownnet.Thelasttenminuteswereplayed                    reward and Jake wright was generally strong
outinnearsilenceasthecrowddriftedaway.                   at the back, which reminds me that, with
Quinnandkearneystayedwarmingthebench                       DroylsdenhavinggregStrongsentoffafter
butwillsurelystartnexttime.                                  minutes,thislatestlowinthehistoryofHalifax
 legzdins,clarke,wright(Taylor9),gaia,Davies,griffith,   Town was ‘achieved‘ against 10 men for the
 Heslop,Doughty,killeen,Shaw(campbell9),forrest.           lastminutes.
 ATTENDANcE1,9                                                     All I can say now is onwards and hopefully
 ✩ SDS StaRman – lewis killeen ✩                                  upwards. level on points with fourth bottom
                                            ANDY CONNELL          farsleyisnotagoodplacetobe.
 monday 25 march 2008                                             griffith,kearney,Doughty(Heslop8),killeen,campbell
 DRoylSDen 2, haliFax town 0                                      (Taylor)
 BlUESQUAREPREmIER                                              ATTENDANcE887
 There is a damn good reason why Droylsden                ✩ SDS StaRman – Jake wright ✩
 arebottomoftheconferenceNational–they                                                               SIMON DENTON

  SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75                                                                ont’internetatwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
thursday 27 march 2008                                          thelasttwoseasons.wecouldstillbethere
RuBBiSh & DuStBinS 1, haliFax town 0                            nowandchancesaretheawaynetwouldnot
SETANTASHIElD,SEmI-fINAl                                      havebulged.
Priortothestartofthisgameitwassome-                       So, yet again, all it took to beat Town on
what ironic to learn that the venue for the            the road was one mistake, or in this case
final of the competition that no-one really              sucker punch. How many times have Town
gives a toss about would be decided by a               been caught out at the far post? Too many
toss! The Setanta Shield has hardly set                  for my liking. Not for the first time it was
the non league world alight, as witnessed                a long throw that caught out the defence,
by another low turnout. Had Town not been               allowing the easiest of headers to be nod-
in a relegation dog fight, this could have              dedhome.
beenagameworthwinning.Asitwas,with                        Yet again, on the balance of play, Town
key league games coming up starting on                   didn’t deser ve to lose. whilst the defence
 April, the last thing we needed was a              was again a bit suspect, the midfield held
Apriltriptothewinnersofthesouthernsec-                  up the play well and more than matched
tion, Aldershot Town. After many months of               Exeter.Thestatsforthefrontmenshowfive
rumour,theconferencequietlydecidedthat                    shots on target to Exeter’s three. However,
thefinalvenuewouldbechosenbythetoss                    ofthese,onlyoneactuallytestedtheExeter
ofacoin.whilstnotsuggestingfoulplay!,it                keeper and that was a Santos gaia header
was hardly surprising to learn that the final           from a well worked free-kick in the last
would be at Aldershot where there is the                minute. The best opportunity of all fell to
biggest likelihood of a good crowd for the              Jon Shaw after about  minutes when he
Tvcameras.                                             pickedupafree-kickandwasunluckytosee
   Asforthegameitself,ourcontactsatthe                 hisshotdeflectedwideforacorner.
ground report that this was a much more                    As the game ended, we saw what is
assured display from Town than the one                   becoming the usual dash for the tunnel by
many of us witnessed at Droylsden. Of par-               chriswilder,withnorecognitionofthefans
ticularnoteweretheper formancesofSimon                   whohadmadethesoddenpointlessjourney
HeslopandJakewright.Referencewasalso                     and had been ripped off £1 for the privi-
madetoararestartforPeterAthertonwho                    lege.whilstnooneexpectsamassmutual
did well in the heart of defence. The only             appreciation session, a bit of acknowledge-
goal of the game came from a disputed                   mentgoesalongway.
corner.                                                        Our manager’s increasing distance from
legzdins,Doughty,Harban,Atherton,wright,Heslop(forrest   thefans,whichstartedwithnonotesinthe
),kearney,gray(Ainge88),whitehouse,killeen(griffith   club programme since Januar y and is now
9),Taylor                                                     evident in most inter views, is not a healthy
ATTENDANcE880                                                  statetobein.comeonchris,ifthereisto
                                                                be unity within the club it has to cut both
Saturday 29 march 2008                                          ways.
exeteR city 1, haliFax town 0                                   mawson,griffith,wright,gaia,Ainge,Doughty(Harban9),
BlUESQUAREPREmIER                                             killeen,Heslop,kearney(whitehouse81),Shaw,forrest
Sameold,sameold,sameold.whydon’twe                     (Taylor)
playtoourstrengthsontheroadratherthan                  ATTENDANcE,09
pay too much attention to the opposition?                ✩ SDS StaRman – anthony griffith ✩
Theresultofthistacticisalltooevidentover                                                       SIMON DENTON

THISISSUESPONSOREDBY haDDock & comPany SolicitoRS                                        SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 7
                                                                               admission details
AWAY WITH                              GETTING THERE                           A varied price list includes,
THE SHAYMEN                             By caR                                 £1 adults, senior citizens
                                       From Junction 30 of the M25, take
                                       the A13 towards Southend. At the
                                       Grays exit follow the signs to the      andunder-1’saspecialone-
                                       town centre. Upon entering the one-     offpriceof£1ifaccompanied
                                       way system, keep left then continue
                                       up the hill for about 1/2 mile. Turn
                                       right into Bridge Road. The ground      apriceheretosuit!Andwhat
                                       is on your right. Parking within the    do you get for your money?
                                       ground is very limited but there is a
                                       small, free public car park opposite
                                                                               An lop-sided open terrace
                                       the main entrance. Grays train sta-     and, depending whether or
  gRayS athletic                       tion is a seven minute walk away        not west Ham are at home,
                                       and there is a large multi-storey car
Saturday 12 april – 3.00pm             park near the station.
the Recreation ground                  www.graysathletic.co.uk                 withthelocals.
                                       RM17 6BZ
Brian’s Beer trail
                                        By tRain
To get to the ground direct      outwaRD
from the station, turn east       halifax                0719
                                       leeds (a)              0759
along crown Road into              leeds (d)              0815
Stanley Road, then after           kings cross (a)        1027
approximately800yardsturn          Fenchurch St (d)       1120 1135
                                       grays                  1155 1212
right down clarence Road,
take the sixth right, Bridge      RetuRn
                                                                                 BuRton alBion
Road, and the ground is on       grays*                 1706   1806      tuesday 15 april – 7.45pm
                                       chafford hundred (a)   1714   1814
theright.However,ifyouwant       chafford hundred (d)   1729   1829
                                                                               Pirelli Stadium
tobesociable,wemeetagain         Fenchurch St (a)       1804   1904
in one of the few acceptable     kings cross (d)        1900   2000      Brian’s Beer trail
                                       Doncaster (a)          2039
places in grays, the good         Doncaster (d)          2115
                                                                               we thought we would try
Beer guide listed Theobalds        leeds (a)              2154   2224      something different to the
Arms, which is a free house      leeds (d)              2208   2237      Devonshire Arms, so, this
                                       halifax                2244   2312
situatedonkingswalkabout                                                  seasonwevisitthewetmore
00 yards from the station.       * Bus replacement between Grays and     whistle on wetmore Road
                                       Chafford Hundred.
Thispubhasoneregularand                                                  whichisa10-1minutewalk
three changing guest beers.        FaRe guiDe                              to the ground. To get to the
After alighting on the east-       From London: CDR £8                     pub from the station, turn
                                       From Halifax: NXCE Standard adv
bound platform, walk up to        from £20.45 to £51.60 each way
                                                                               right into Station Street and
the level crossing, cross to                    Saver Rt n £85.30         continue to the junction with
the south side and continue                                               guildStreet.Turnleftupguild
towards the Thames. Just                                                   Street to the main road at
before the road at the end,     at the first roundabout and         the end. Then turn right and
looktotheleftandthepubwill    after about 800 yards turn          after about 00 yards turn
be visible. meet here around     left at the end of the road.      left up wetmore Road where
midday to leave by .0pm.       Thegroundisthenabout00            the pub can be found about
for the ground, turn left out   yards on the left with the         00yardsalong.Togettothe
of the pub, carry straight on   awayendabitfurtheron.              ground, continue north along

8 SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75                                                       ont’internetatwww.shaymendownsouth.co.uk
                                                                                              crossing and go over the
  GETTING THERE                                    GETTING THERE                              roundabout into High Street.
   By caR                                           By caR                                    Thepubisontheright.meet
  Exit the A38 at the first turning                From the M25 take the M23
  for Burton (North). Take this exit               southbound and exit at Junction
                                                                                              here from .00 pm to leave
  (A5121) and proceed along Derby                  11. Follow the signs for Crawley           by7.10pm.
  Road, passing McDonald’s and                     town centre. At the bottom of the
  the Pirelli factory on your right and            hill, turn left off the roundabout         admission details
  a BP Garage and Cash & Carry on                  and you will enter the football
  your left until you reach a rounda-              club’s car park. The Crawley web-          Adults £1, concessions £8
  bout. The ground is on the right.                site boasts that there is ample            and juniors £ for access to
  www.burtonalbionfc.co.uk                         free parking at the ground, except
  DE13 0AR                                         on match days when it costs £2
                                                                                              the low level predominantly
                                                   to park up. Perhaps it is also free        coveredawayterrace.
   By tRain                                        to get into the ground on Sunday
  As this game is a mid-week 7.45pm                evenings! www.ctfc.net

  kick-off there aren’t any practical              RH11 9RX
  return trains to destinations other
  than those in the Midlands.                       By tRain

                                                   victoria               1721
                                                   london Bridge               1752
wetmore Road and after                         crawley                1800 1829
about half a mile the Pirelli
                                                   crawley                2201 2214           to vote
theleft.                                      victoria               2250 2315
                                                                                              FoR youR

                                                   There is no practical day return service
admission Details                                  from Halifax for this evening fixture.

                                                   FaRe guiDe
and £ juniors for access to                 From London: CDR £12.10
the behind the goal covered

standing accommodation.
Seating is available to the                  the main entrance, turn left
side for an extra couple of                 alongStationRoad,leftatthe
quid.                                            end over the level crossing,
                                                                                              oF the
                                                  the ground, which is clearly
                                                  visibleacrosstheroad.                   members and subscribers
                                                     As AwTS draws to a close           should send postal votes to the
                                                  foranotherseason,wereturn              SDS address on page three by
                                                  to the white Hart,  High            Saturday19thAprilatthelatest.
  cRawley town                                    Street, for our final foreign          votescanalsobecastbye-mailto
tuesday 22 april – 7.45pm                         foray. This is a first class          shaymen.downsouth@ntlworld.com
Broadfield Stadium                                Harvey’s pub that sells their          orbytextto07704 776773
                                                  fullrangeofbeersandisthe             AS wEll AS THE NAmE Of THE
Brian’s Beer trail                                oldest building on the High            PlAYER BEINg vOTED fOR, vOTERS
Broadfield lies about a mile                 Street. from Station Road,              AREAlSOASkEDTOINclUDETHEIR
southofcrawleystation.from                   turnrightawayfromthelevel             OwNNAmE.

THISISSUESPONSOREDBY haDDock & comPany SolicitoRS                                               SHAYMEN DOWN SOUTH 75 9
& CoMPanY
   S O L I C I TO R S




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