Input Output and Storage Devices

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					Input, Output, and Storage Devices
               Input device –
               hardware that allows
               you to communicate
               with your computer
               such as a keyboard.
Computer Input Devices
   Keyboard
   Mouse
   Trackball- a hand-held input device similar to a mouse
    turned upside down; used by rolling the trackball with
    the fingers.
   Light Pen –a hand-held input device that looks similar
    to a pen.
   Pointing stick –a small device that looks like a pencil
    eraser and is used in place of a mouse to move around
    the screen.
More Input Devices
   Touch pad – a pressure-sensitive and motion-
    sensitive input device; used by moving the finger over
    the touch pad.
   Touch screen – an input device; used by touching the
    computer screen.
   Bar Code Reader – a wand or screen that uses a light
    source to read the bar code characters.
   Scanner – an input device; used to turn pictures or
    documents into groups of dots or pixels using a light
   Microphone – a device that allows you to record
    sounds as input to your computer.
Output Devices

     Hardware that allows
     your computer to
     communicate with
     you such as a
     monitor or printer.
Computer Output Devices

   Monitor
   Printer
    –   Dot matrix printer – an inexpensive, durable printer that uses a
        pattern of tiny ink dots to produce an image.

    –   Inkjet printer – a medium-quality printer that uses an ink
        cartridge to produce an image.

    –   Laser printer – a high-quality printer that uses a laser beam
        and ink toner cartridge to produce an image.
More Output Devices

   Speaker

   Modem – hardware that allows your computer to
    communicate with other computers over phone lines.

   Fax – short for facsimile which means copy or
    duplicate; used to produce a copy of document similar
    to a photocopy by long distance.
Storage Devices

      Hardware that allows
      you to store information
      such as hard drive or a
      floppy disk.
Storage Devices
   Hard Disk – a storage device, usually a stack of disks
    enclosed in a case; used to store large amounts o f
   Floppy Disk – a removable storage device, usually
    one flat disk enclosed in a case; used to store small
    amounts of information.
   Magnetic Tape – a storage device, usually stored in a
    cartridge, reel, or cassette; used to store large amounts
    of information for a long time.
   Optical Discs (CD’s) – usually called laser disks or
    compact disks; used to hold very large amounts of
    information permanently if it is a CD-R.