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					I saw Uncle George when we were lining up to go
back to the school.
 – Kaitlyn Byrum

I saw the fire trucks. I remember going in the back. I
saw a boat. It was on top of the roof!
- Nicholas Carrieri

We went inside the fire truck. We saw all of the steps
of how you get through the window on the tops. We
saw the gear, the life jackets, the food and the hoses.
-Jacob Chomicz

I watched a Sparky video. I remember that the little
girls was going to touch the lighter, then Sparky took
it and put it away.
--Ly-Linh Criscuolo

I saw a fire truck. It was Jack’s Dad’s fire truck! I got
to sit in the fire truck, but I didn’t get to ride in it.
--Ava DiMatteo
Fire trucks light up and they have a really loud sound
that goes ―oooooh‖. You don’t have to be scared of
the fire men because they are very nice. They are
very nice because so don’t be scared of them—they
are wearing that stuff to protect themselves!
--Jackie Flaherty

The fire truck was blocking the road so the cars
won’t go past so that we can cross safely!
--John Fox

I saw a fire truck. I went inside and I noticed there
was equipment.
--Caleb Freeman

I like going in the fire truck. It was surprising to see
the walki-talkies and the other electronic stuff.
--Jared Frith

I liked when we saw the fire trucks. It was my
favorite when we went in the fire truck.
--Greyson Merola

I liked the fire truck. I liked when we took the picture
in front of the fire truck!
--Jaden Miller
I learned that you don’/t touch lighters and matches. I
saw a boat and the jaws of life. The jaws of life ..if
you are in a car accident and the door doesn’t work,
that’s what they use them for to cut doors open. I
loved it when we were in front of the fire truck and
we took a picture. And I really loved holding the
glove. I loved when we got to go inside the fire truck.
We saw a camera that you could see heat so that you
could find people. You use boats if a ship is on
fire…that’s what you use the boat for. You use the
flashlight to see through the smoke. You have an air
mask so you can breathe in the fire. Don’t forget to
Stop, Drop and Roll!!!
--Canyon Petrucci

I remember that we went inside the truck. We saw
gloves inside the truck.
--Julia Randall

First we walked over. Then we watched a movie.
After the movie we went to the fire trucks and saw
them. After we saw the fire trucks, they told us what
to do.
--Daniel Schuster

I saw a fire truck and it was big.
--Kayla Uzwiak
I saw the fire trucks. Inside they have lights. They
have seats inside. They have food inside. And I got to
see my dad!
--Jack Walsh

I went in the fire truck. It had seats. There was a light
on top so when it’s night time the firemans can see.
--Alexis Wettemann

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