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									                             Percussion Ensemble
                               Course Syllabus
                       J. Thomas,
                          Band Office (770)819-2521 ext. 283

Course Description
This course is designed to cover the fundamentals of playing percussion instruments and
application of musicianship skills to the genre. It is designed to improve the playing skills
and knowledge the areas of mallets, different types of drums, intermediate rhythmic
reading, percussion ensemble, sight-reading, and improvilization. The students will gain
an appreciation for complexity involved in performing music at a high level. To be an
effective member of this organization, students must exhibit a strong work ethic and high
level of discipline.

Course Objectives
The students will be able to sight read intermediate level melodic and rhythmic material,
play several contrasting styles of timing, and successfully performed appropriate
percussion ensemble literature. Students will also receive feedback on their progress
throughout the semester.

Course Materials
1) Sticks (upon assigned instrument), mallets, practice pads (must) and all additional
implements and materials required by the instructors for practices and performances.
2) All sheet music or instructional books required. Including material downloaded from
the band website.
3) One or more sharpened pencils for use at every rehearsal or class (No pens except a hi-
4) 3-ring binder with sheet protectors to hold music, lined and music staff paper.

Classroom Procedures:
➢ All students will be in the band room when the tardy bell sounds. You will have 5
minutes to get assigned instruments and be set.
➢ Book bags that do not fit in your instrument locker should be placed in the back of the
band room during class and for after school rehearsals—not at your seat.
➢ At the end of rehearsal, instruments should be placed in it’s proper storage area.
➢ When the conductor is on the podium there is no talking, when the conductor steps off
the podium you may talk quietly if at all necessary.
Student Evaluation: Students will be graded by the following categories.

Final Exam (Written) 20%
Performances              20%
Test (Written)            15%
Test (Playing)            15%
*Daily Participation       30%
* Participation points
      Having Instrument(along with folder, music, sticks, mallets, ect.) - 10 pts.
      Concert Etiquette - 5 pts
      Being in designated area - 5 pts

All daily grades are worth 20 points a day. This will equal out to 100 points a week.

Make-up assignments: Students are responsible for making up a missing assignment
(written test, playing test) before the end of a grading period (when report cards go out).
After the grading period has passed, the assignment grade will become a 0. Please check
pinnacle on a weekly base to keep up with your grades. In the result an assignment being giving
right at the end of a grading period and you are absent, that grade can be made up.

Attendance: Students are expected to adhere by the Pebblebrook High School attendance
policies. Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is expected of each student
throughout the school year. This includes after-school rehearsals. Individual situations in
which a rehearsal will be missed must be discussed well in advance with the director.
Should prior notice not be given, the absence will be considered “unexcused”. However,
personal illness and certain other circumstances for which prior notice has not been given
will be considered "excused" absences (determined by the band director). These absences
must be accompanied by a note signed by a parent/guardian and given to the band
director on the student's return to school. "Unexcused" absences may not be made-up,
and will result in a lowering of the student's band grade.

* A special note on performance attendance
Attendance at all performances is MANDATORY. The only excused absences that will
be allowed are as follows: extreme personal illness, death in the immediate family,
wedding in the immediate family (sister, brother, parent), or legitimate religious
obligation/observance. It is the student’s responsibility to find transportation to
school should a parent/guardian be unable. Any other conflicts must be presented to
the director in writing (signed by a parent/guardian) with at least two weeks advanced
Major Dicipline: Fighting, Disrespect of faculty and staff, Theft, Intentional
damaging of equiptment and property, Profanity, Insubordination of instruction.
1. Automatic Dicipline Referral to Administration.
2. Referral and No participation with band.
3. Dismissed from program at the end of the semester.
Minor Dicipline: Excessive talking, Out of area, horse playing, Eating, Drinking or
chewing gum, Throwing objects, doing other assignments during instructional time,
1. Warning and Parent call.
2. Isolation music room and Detention
3. Referral to Administration (continued)

Appropriate Listening When Someone Else is Talking
      It is expected that when a staff member is talking, you address him or her with
      your eyes and with full attention. We believe you should have enough self-
      respect that you would honor this request.
Inappropriate Talking
      When a staff member is talking, you should not be talking. If another student
      talks to you at an inappropriate time, don’t respond. He or she will get the
      message. Although this is an expectation, an inability to comprehend this

Instrument Rooms
       Only instruments and music will be placed in the instrument rooms. Not
           clothes or text books from other classes.
       Only percussionist should enter the percussion room
       Only tuba players should enter the tuba room
                                 Expectation Agreement Form

I have read, understand, and will comply with all rules and procedures. I believe that we
are responsible for making rehearsals run smoothly. I am willing to do my part!

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Student Signature                                                     Date

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Parent Signature                                                      Date

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Parent Home Phone Number                                              Parent Cell Phone Number
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