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From subscription fees to the
latest supervisor announcements,
the following pages contain important
ACCA exam-related information

ACCA Connect opening hours
and 2011 subscription fees      29 IMPORTANT
27 EXAM TIMETABLE               Explore the wide range of
June and December 2011          Student Accountant products
session dates and times
                                31 EXAM REGULATIONS
28 SUPERVISOR                   The latest exam rules for
ANNOUNCEMENTS                   all students taking exams in
Announcements made              the June
before the start of each        2011 exam
exam session                    session

Subscribers to ACCA’s Tuition Provider Directory
are not currently approved by ACCA. Visit www.
accaglobal.com/students for more

Register for your exam results by
email and update your ACCA details at
26            RESOURCES

                                                      ACCA CONNECT
                                                                     Annual subscription – 2011
                                                                     Please note as a student you are required to
                                                                     pay an annual subscription for each year you
                                                                     are registered with ACCA. This is a separate
                                                                     fee to your initial registration fee. Your annual
                                                                     subscription is due on 1 January – irrespective
                                                                     of the month you registered.
                                                                        For example, if you registered in December,
            students@                                                you will still be required to pay an annual
          accaglobal.com                                             subscription by 1 January.
                                                                        The payment enables ACCA to provide you
              +44 (0)141                                             with services and support to assist you with
                                                                     your studies and training as you work towards
               582 2000                                              gaining your qualification.
                                                                         Students who fail to pay fees when due
                                                                     (including exam/exemption fees) will have
                                                                     their names removed from the ACCA register.
                                                                     Students wishing to re-register are required
                                                                     to submit any amounts unpaid at the time of
                                                                     their removal in addition to the re-registration
                                                                     fee. No penalty fee will be charged.
                                                                     Confirmation of your unpaid fees can be
Visit ACCA’s website or access your myACCA                           obtained from your national ACCA office or
to administer your ACCA details and find answers                     ACCA Connect.
to frequently-asked questions. For other enquiries,
contact ACCA Connect – our global customer service                   The following fees and subscriptions apply:
centre. However you want to contact us – by phone,
fax, email or post – one of our expert advisers will be              CAT students
happy to assist you.                                                 Initial registration                         £72
                                                                     Re-registration                             *£72
ACCA CONNECT OPENING HOURS                                           Annual subscription                          £62
Open 21 hours (closed 20.00 to 23.00)                                ACCA Qualification students
                                                                     Initial registration                         £72
FRIDAY                                                               Re-registration                             *£72
Open 20 hours (closed 20.00 to midnight)                             Annual subscription                          £72
                                                                     *plus unpaid fee(s)
Closed                                                               Foundations in Accountancy students
                                                                     Initial registration                         £72
SUNDAY                                                               Subscription                                 £72
Open 09.00 to 17.00 and 23.00 to midnight
(all times based on GMT/BST as appropriate)                          Don’t forget to pay your fees on time. Dates
                                                                     by which fees and subscriptions must be
Website: www.accaglobal.com                                          paid, and arrangements for how payment
Email: students@accaglobal.com                                       must be made, are included in your ACCA
                                                                     welcome pack.
ACCA Connect                                                            You can also access information about fees
2 Central Quay, 89 Hydepark Street, Glasgow,                         and subscriptions at www.accaglobal.com and
G3 8BW UK                                                            by clicking in the relevant qualification and
tel: +44 (0)141 582 2000                                             ‘important information’ section.
fax: +44 (0)141 582 2222
                                                        STUDENT ACCOUNTANT ISSUE 11/2011
                                                                    Are your contact details up to date?

EXAM TIMETABLE                                                                                 Thursday
                                                                                               9 June
                                                                                               4*   Accounting
                                                                                                    for Costs
                    JUNE 2011           T    F     S                                           F9   Financial Management
                      S M T             2    3     4                                           P4   Advanced Financial
                    29 30 31            9   10    11                                                Management
                          6 7      8
                     5                 16   17    18
                         13 14    15                                                           Friday 10 June
                     12                23   24    25
                     19 20 21          30     1     2                                          5*    Managing People and
                      26 27 28                                                                       Systems
                                                                                               F2    Management Accounting
                                                            DECEMBER                           MMA Management Accounting
                                                           	S M T                              P5    Advanced Performance
                                                                       W  T F S
                                                           27 28 29                                  Management
                                                                      30 1 2
                 The following dates have been             4    5 6 7           3
                                                          11 12 13        8 9 10
                 confirmed for the next two                          14 15 16                  Monday 13 June
                 exam sessions:                           18 19 20            17               8*  Implementing Audit
                                                                     21 22 23
                                                          25 26 27            24                   Procedures
                                                                    28 29 30
                 June 2011                                                    31               F5  Performance
                 Week 1 6 to 10 June                                                               Management
                 Week 2 13 to 15 June                                                          P1  Governance, Risk
                                                                                                   & Ethics
                 December 2011
                 Week 1 5 to 9 December                     Papers F1 to F3 are two-hour       Tuesday 14 June
                 Week 2 12 to 14 December                 exams, and Papers F4 to F9 and       9*   Preparing Taxation
                                                          P1 to P7 are three-hour exams.            Computations
                 Exams will take place over                                                    F7   Financial Reporting
                 an eight-day period with one             Monday 6 June                        P2   Corporate Reporting
                 session of exams each day.               1*  Recording Financial
                    The exams will be held                    Transactions                     Wednesday 15 June
                 concurrently in five different time      6*  Drafting Financial Statements    10* Managing Finances
                 zones. The base starting times           F6  Taxation                         F1  Accountant in Business
                 in each of these time zones will be:     P6  Advanced Taxation                P3  Business Analysis
                 ¤ Zone 1 (Caribbean) –
                     08.00                                Tuesday 7 June                       *CAT exams
                 ¤ Zone 2 (UK) – 10.00                    2*   Information for
                 ¤ Zone 3 (Pakistan and South                  Management Control              DETAILS OF
                     Asia) – 14.00                        7*   Planning, Control
                 ¤ Zone 4 (Asia Pacific) –                     and Performance                 LOCAL START TIMES
                     15.00                                     Management                      CAN BE FOUND
                 ¤ Zone 5 (Australasia) –                 F4   Corporate
                     17.00.                                    and Business Law                AGAINST EACH
                                                          P7   Advanced Audit                  CENTRE ON THE
                 Local starting times will be                  and Assurance
                 set falling out from these base                                               EXAMINATION
                 start times for every centre.            Wednesday 8 June                     CENTRE LIST
                 Details of local start times can         3*  Maintaining
                 be found against each centre                 Financial Records                ACCOMPANYING
                 on the Examination Centre List           F3  Financial Accounting             YOUR EXAMINATION
                 accompanying your Examination            MFA Financial Accounting
                 Entry Form.                              F8  Audit and Assurance              ENTRY FORM.
28           RESOURCES

At the start of each exam,                6    Please remove all items,
the supervisor will make the                   other than those listed on
following announcement.                        your attendance docket, from
                                               your desk now. Candidates
BEFORE THE EXAM BEGINS                         found in possession of
1 The exam will be conducted in                unauthorised materials
   accordance with the regulations             are in breach of the exam
   and guidelines outlined in your             regulations and their conduct
   attendance docket.                          will be reported to ACCA.
2 Please check that you are sitting            If you attempt to gain an
   at the correct desk and that you            unfair advantage in the
   have been given the correct exam            examination, you are likely
   paper with the appropriate tax/             to be removed from ACCA’s
   law variant. If you are in any doubt        student register following
   please contact an invigilator before        disciplinary proceedings.
   the exam begins.                       7    You are not permitted to take
3 Do not open your question paper              mobile phones or pagers to your
   until you are told to do so.                desk under any circumstances. If
4 Your answer booklet will be                  you choose to leave such items in        12 Candidates attempting three-hour
   electronically marked. You must             your bag they must be switched off.          papers will be given 15 minutes’
   therefore ensure that you read         8    You are not permitted to use a               reading time at the beginning of
   the instructions on the front               calculator, personal organiser or            the exam. You must not open or
   cover carefully and complete                language translator with the facility        write on your answer booklet until
   the details as required using the           to store or display text. Please             you are told to do so at the end
   information from your attendance            check now that you do not have               of the 15 minutes. However, you
   docket. Please do this now, as the          such an item on your desk.                   are permitted to write on your
   supervisor cannot allow any time at    9    Please note that you may not leave the       question paper.
   the end of the session.                     hall permanently until the conclusion    13 You will be told when there is one
5 To complete the details, you must            of the exam. If you need to leave your       hour remaining and when there are
   write the relevant information in           desk for any reason, you will be             15 minutes left until the exam ends.
   the spaces provided. Once you have          escorted by an invigilator.              14 You must submit your answer booklet
   done this, you must then shade the     10   Invigilators will collect your               at the end of the exam.
   relevant circle in the column below         attendance docket during the exam.       15 You cannot keep your question paper
   each number or letter using a black         Please place it on your desk ready for       and these will be collected at the end
   pen. Only one number or letter must         this validation process.                     of the session. Your answer booklet
   be selected from each column.          11   Candidates sitting exams with                will not be marked unless your
                                               multiple-choice questions must               question paper has been collected.
                                               record their answers on page two         16 Candidates attempting two-hour
CANDIDATES FOUND                               of their answer booklet. You must            papers are requested to leave the
                                               complete the answer grid on this             room quietly at the end of their
IN POSSESSION OF                               page as this is the only information         exam as there will still be
UNAUTHORISED MATERIALS                         processed for marking. Answers               exams in progress.
                                               indicated on any other pages of          17 If there is a problem during the
ARE IN BREACH OF                               the answer booklet or the question           exam, you will be escorted to the
THE EXAMINATION RULES.                         paper will not be marked.                    nearest emergency exit.
                                                  STUDENT ACCOUNTANT ISSUE 11/2011
                                                  Find out about practical experience requirements

All registered students with valid email addresses receive an alert
every two weeks to inform them that a new digital issue of Student
Accountant is available. Each digital issue contains a range of
technical articles, as well as careers-related features and advice. The
digital magazine is a Flash-based platform, and we also provide PDF       BROOKES
                                                                          BSc (HONS)
downloads for students who want to read the magazine offline.
   In addition, each month (generally the third week of the month)
we email Student Accountant Direct, which contains jobs in your
region, news you can use, country/region-specific information,
reminders, ACCA news, surveys and calls to action for future articles     Students completing certain papers of the
in Student Accountant.                                                    ACCA Qualification are eligible to apply for
   Further developments include regional Student Accountant Direct        a BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting from
e-magazines for students in the Middle East, the Caribbean,               Oxford Brookes University.
Pakistan and Europe. We also produced paper specific microsites for          The degree must be completed within
Papers F5, F7 and F8 and will develop microsites for more papers          10 years of your initial registration on to
                during 2011.                                              ACCA’s professional qualification; otherwise,
                  We no longer produce a monthly printed Student          your eligibility will be withdrawn. Check your
                 Accountant magazine. However, in addition to the         eligibility status at www.accaglobal.com/
                      range of digital products produced by the           students/bsc/.
                        Student Accountant team, we also produce a           The dates below outline the forthcoming
                        printed Essential Guide magazine in April and     deadlines for completing the qualifying exams
                       October that is completely focused on the next     and the last opportunity to submit your
                       exam session.                                      Research and Analysis Project (RAP):
                         If you have any queries about the Student
                      Accountant range of products, please email                        Final session for
                                                                          First session (1)                 Final date for
                     the editorial team at studentaccountant@                           completing          submission
                     accaglobal.com                                                     the qualifying      of RAP
                      For queries relating to your ACCA administration,                 exams (2)
                    exams, application process and fees, please contact   June 2001     December 2010       May 2011
                   ACCA Connect at students@accaglobal.com or             December 2001 June 2011           November 2011
telephone +44 (0)141 582 2000. You can access your records by
logging into your myACCA account, and in addition the ACCA website        Notes
(www.accaglobal.com) also contains a host of information that could       1 First applicable exam session as confirmed
answer your queries.                                                        at the time of your initial registration
                                                                            with ACCA.
EXAM RESULTS                                                              2 Completion of Fundamentals level exams.
If you want to receive your June 2011 exam results by email, you
can register by ensuring you have an up-to-date email address             Professional Ethics module
recorded on our website at https://www.acca-business.org and then         Students wishing to submit their
simply insert a tick in the relevant box.                                 Research and Analysis Project (RAP) must
   Once you have registered to receive your exam results by email,        complete the Professional Ethics module.
ACCA will continue to send exam results/status reports to you             For more information visit www.accaglobal.com/
at subsequent sessions until you complete the ACCA exams or               students/bsc/
unsubscribe from the service.
30            RESOURCES

Taking your ACCA exams is part             THESE RULES ARE REPRODUCED ON YOUR
of your journey towards becoming
an ACCA professional accountant            EXAMINATION ATTENDANCE DOCKET – YOU SHOULD
and you are expected to act in a           TAKE TIME TO FAMILIARISE YOURSELF WITH THEM.
professional manner when taking
your exams. The following rules on         IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE TO SIT YOUR EXAMS YOU
conduct apply to students completing       MUST SIGN YOUR DOCKET CONFIRMING YOUR
projects or sitting paper-based and
computer-based exams, as well as           AGREEMENT TO COMPLY WITH THESE RULES.
those taking internally-assessed
ACCA courses.                              8    If you breach exam regulation 5, 6        14 Once the exam has started,
1 You are required to comply in all             or 7, and the unauthorised materials         you are not allowed to leave the
    respects with any instructions              are relevant to the syllabus being           exam hall permanently until
    issued by the registrar, exam               examined, it will be assumed that            the end of the session and
    supervisor and invigilators before          you intended to use them to gain             then only when instructed by
    and during an exam.                         an unfair advantage in the exam.             the supervisor.
2 You may not attempt to deceive                In any subsequent disciplinary            15 If you attempt to gain an
    the registrar or the exam                   proceedings, you will have to prove          unfair advantage in the exam
    supervisor by giving false or               that you did not intend to use the           (whether by breaching an exam
    misleading information.                     unauthorised materials to gain an            regulation or otherwise) you
3 If you are given reading time at              unfair advantage in the exam.                are likely to be removed from
    the beginning of the exam, you         9    You may not assist, attempt to               ACCA’s student register following
    are not allowed to open or write            assist, obtain or attempt to obtain          disciplinary proceedings.
    on your answer booklet until the            assistance by improper means from
    supervisor tells you to do so at the        any other person during your exams.       These regulations are reproduced on
    end of the reading time. You are,      10   You are required to adhere at             your Examination Attendance Docket
    however, permitted to write on your         all times to the Instructions to          – you should take time to familiarise
    question paper.                             Candidates, which you receive with        yourself with them.
4 If you are given reading time at the          your Examination Attendance Docket.          In order to be eligible to sit your
    beginning of the exam, the exam is     11   You are required to comply with the       exams you must sign your docket
    considered to be in progress from           exam supervisor’s ruling. Supervisors     confirming your agreement to comply
    the start of the reading time.              are obliged to report any cases of        with these regulations.
5 You are not allowed to take to your           irregularity or improper conduct to the
    exam desk any books, notes or other         registrar. The supervisor is empowered
    materials except those authorised           to discontinue your exam if you are
    by the registrar. These are known as        suspected of misconduct and to
    ‘unauthorised materials’.                   exclude you from the exam hall.
6 You are not allowed to possess any       12   You may not engage in any other
    unauthorised materials while the            unprofessional conduct designed to
    exam is in progress (whether at             assist you in your exam attempt.
    your desk or otherwise).               13   You are not permitted to remove
7 You are not allowed to use, or                either your script booklet or your
    attempt to use, or intend to use,           question paper from the exam
    any unauthorised materials while            hall. All exam scripts remain the
    the exam is in progress.                    property of ACCA.
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