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									UNIT 6
       Species in danger

          Name (n) ad
               (v) adlandırmak

         Can you name?

     Can you name animals?

  Can you name WILD animals?

Can you name some WILD animals?
    Extinction: nesli tükenme, soyu tükenme
              Species: tür,türler

          The extinction some species

                 Threat: tehlike

The threat of extinction: nesli tükenme tehlikesi

        Under the threat of extinction
               Nesli tükenme tehlikesi altında

Some animals are under the threat of extinction.
        The problem of extinction
              Nesli tükenme problemi

    Human beings: insan oğlu, insanlar
      Threaten (v): tehdit etmek

  Human beings THREATEN wild animals.

Wild animals are threaten by human beings.

       There is NOTHING unusual.

    There is NOT ANYTHING unusual.

               Be + v3 pasif
              Threaten: tehdit etmek
            Be threaten: tehdit edilmek
   No species is IMMORTAL.

Immortal: ölümsüz, ebedi, sonsuz

Mortal: fani, ölümlü, ÖLDÜRÜCÜ

    25 %        25 percent
    12 %        12 percent

 25 percent of mammal species
   12 percent of bird species
Mammal species
    Cause : neden olma, yol acma, sebebiyet verme

    Human activities CAUSE all extinctions today.

All extinctions today ARE CAUSED by human activities.

       Survive (v): hayatta kalmak, sağ kalmak
             survivAL (n): hayatta kalma

                   Animal species
            The survival of animal species

   People THREATEN the survival of animal species.
            tehdit etmek
             Chop down (v): ağaç kesmek

          By chopPING down: ağaç keserek

            By chopping down the forestS

Habitat (n): hayvan veya bitkinin yetiştiği doğal ortam

              ForestS are their habitat.

By chopping down the forests which are their habitat.

              Forests where animals live
                  Hayvanların yaşadığı ormanlar
                   NOT ONLY ……… BUT ALSO………

           Animal species are NOT ONLY dying out,
       BUT ALSO many species of plants are disappearing.

               Not only are animal species dying out,
         But also many species of plants are disappearing.

Die out: yok olmak, ortadan kalkmak
Disappear: gözden kaybolmak, kaybolmak
        Population: nüfus
      increasing population

 Because of increasing population

Keep on (v): continue, devam etmek

     Keep on building houses
    Keep on building factories

Destroy (v): yıkmak, harap etmek

           We destroy

      We destroy a habitat

   When we destroy a habitat
      When we destroy a habitat

All species in the habitat will disappear.
All species in that place will disappear.

    All species in IT will disappear.
       Reptiles          All the species

All the species are dying out, because they are losing
                     their homes.


  turtle                             crocodile

           R e p t i l e s: sürüngenler
          Animals are dying because of OVERhunting.

         Tibetan Antelope is becoming extinct.
 Because poachers have been hunting it down for its skin.

Poacher: kaçak avcı    Tibetan Antelope
Elephants are also killed because people have been using
        their tusks for jewellery and medicine.

A tusk
                                              A tusk
                  The danger of extinction

          Face (v): karşı karşıya gelmek, yüzleşmek

                Face the danger of extinction

          Start to face: yüzyüze gelmeye başlamak

          startED to face: yüzyüze gelmeye başlaDI

Some types of whales started to face the danger of extinction.
Polluting: kirletME

Polluting the air         havayı kirletme
          the water       suyu kirletme
          the soil        toprağı kirletme

  Polluting the air, water and soil causeS some species to die.

                  Dump (v): boşaltmak, atmak

             Factories dump the waste into rivers.

               The waste is dumped into rivers.

       The waste from factories is dumped into rivers.
  The fish that live in the river

 Poison (n) (v): zehir, zehirlemek

      Be + v3: passive (pasif)

    Be poisonED: zehirlenmek

    Get poisonED: zehirlenmek

    Be poisoned = get poisoned

the poisoned fish: zehirlenmiş balık
The birds that eat the poisoned fish

    Oil spills POLLUTE the seas.

 The seas are pollutED by oil spills.

 Oil spills CAUSE terrible damage.

        Ecology of the coast

      Ecology: çevre bilim, ekoloji
        Coast: sahil, deniz kıyısı
      Fragile: kolay kırılan, kırılgan

  The fragile ecology of the coast
      The birds living there: orada yaşayan kuşlar

     The birds singing songs: şarkı söyleyen kuşlar

     Populations of most species are DECLINING
              because of water pollution.

Population: nüfus
Decline (v): azalmak, düşmek
       Endanger (v): tehlikeye atmak

 endangerED animals: tehlikedeki hayvanlar

Endangered = in danger of becoming extinct
   Yok olma, nesli tükenme tehlikesinde

            Speed up: hızlanma

           Speed up = accelerate

Speed up extinction: yok olmayı hızlandırmak

      Extinct species = no longer exist
 Nesli tükenen türler = artık var olmayanlar
     Ecosystem: Belirli bir alanda bulunan canlılar ile
               bunları saran cansız çevrelerinin
karşılıklı ilişkileri ile meydana gelen ve süreklilik arz eden
                        ekolojik sistemlere

                      ekosistem denir.

Blue whale

              A sea otter
A mountain gorilla

African snow leopard
Peregrine falcon
Sentence Structures

Lots of species will have been lost before we take some serious

The sea otter will have faced extinction
by the time we take action toSave them.

AS LONG AS we don’t take any precautions,
As long as we see each other,
As long as you study,
As long as you do your job well,

NOT ONLY these species BUT ALSO others will totally
Because of the ban: yasaktan dolayı

  Because of the ban ON hunting
    Avlanma yasağından dolayı

Because of the ban ON overfishing.
  Aşırı balık avı yasağından dolayı
 By the time scientists succeed in inventing cheap
                  artificial ivory,

By the time chimpanzees learn to use sign language,

Until we find wintering habitat for Trumpeter swans,

      When laws are passed to protect them,

         They will have finished their meal
           by the time we arrive there.

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