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      the new public
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     are you ready for
      the new landscape?
This year, the full consequences of the spending cuts have become clearer and a new
public services landscape has begun to emerge.

Coping with unprecedented drops in funding will present career-defining challenges to
the people who manage public money and public services.

And the coalition Government’s reform programme – the transparency agenda, shared
services and teams, new audit arrangements, GP commissioning, the Big Society,
structural changes in the NHS, Local Enterprise Partnerships and more – will all require
expert financial management, change management, and leadership.

Through a plenary programme and practical workshops, this year’s CIPFA annual
conference will explore each of the critical issues and the key skills you will need to
succeed as the new public services landscape emerges over the coming years.

  Who should attend?

The CIPFA Annual Conference is the year’s essential event for people who manage public money and public services,
including: chief executives, resource directors, directors of finance, heads of department and finance professionals
working in local and central government, the health service, police, housing, education and the not-for-profit sectors.

  Why attend?

■	 	 peakers – hear the latest from the best-known figures in politics, public finance and the public services
■	 	 orkshops – learn from others’ experience at workshops that explore the key challenges and reforms facing the
   public sector
■	 	 etwork – meet contacts to access peer-to-peer support at networking events
■	 	 xhibition – talk to suppliers that can provide innovative solutions to the public sector’s challenges
■	 	 nsight – keep up to date with the fast-moving legislative agenda and understand the economic trends behind the
   UK’s public finances
  Speakers include:

Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP                   Richard Koo                               Hon Stephanie Neely
Secretary of State for                   Chief Economist of the                    Treasurer of Chicago on
Communities and Local                    Nomura Research                           managing a city’s budget
Government                               Institute on lessons for the              and services in a recession
                                         UK from Japan’s recession

Daisy McAndrew                           Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP                  Toby Young
Leading political and                    Chair of Parliament’s                     Journalist and broadcaster
economic broadcaster                     influential Public                        on the Big Society and
will chair key conference                Accounts Committee                        his mission to establish
debates                                                                            a free school

Phillip Blond                            Simon Hoggart                             Paul Johnson
Director of ResPublica                   The Guardian’s parliamentary              Director of the Institute
and author of Red Tory                   sketchwriter will deliver                 for Fiscal Studies with
on making the Big                        this year’s guest lecture                 the latest on the UK’s
Society work                             on the political landscape                public finances

Lord Bichard                             Stephen Hughes                            Emma Stone
One of the UK’s leading                  Chief Executive of                        Joseph Rowntree
thinkers on public service               Birmingham City Council                   Foundation’s Director of
reform will explore the                  will join the conference as               Policy on fairness in
latest localism agenda                   a guest chair                             funding the public services

  Networking events

■	 	 IPFA Recruitment Services drinks reception
   Please join the CIPFA Recruitment Services team and other delegates for drinks at the CIPFA exhibition stand from
   17.00 on Wednesday 6 July.
■	 	 onference drinks reception
   Please join delegates, sponsors and exhibitors for the conference drinks reception on Wednesday 6 July from
   18.30 – 20.00 in the Hyatt Hotel.
■	 	 olf competition
   The annual CIPFA golf competition takes place on Tuesday 5 July and is sponsored by Tradition and Arlingclose.
   All golfers are welcome to email for details.

   conference programme
Tuesday 5 July
15.00     CIPFA AGM
          Open to all CIPFA members.

16.30     Guest lecture
          Speaker: Simon Hoggart, The Guardian’s parliamentary sketch writer
          Simon Hoggart will share his insight into the current political landscape and consider the outlook for
          the coalition Government and UK politics.

Wednesday 6 July
09.30     President’s welcome
          Speaker: Chris Bilsland, Chamberlain of the City of London and CIPFA President

09.45     Guest chair’s introduction
          Speaker: Daisy McAndrew will set the scene for the day’s conference sessions.

09.50     Lessons from Japan’s Great Recession
          Chair: Daisy McAndrew
          Speaker: Richard Koo, Chief Economist, Nomura Research Institute
          Richard Koo will set out his perspective on the global economic position, reflect on the UK’s efforts to address
          our finances, and outline his view that the UK and USA have not learned lessons from Japan’s recession.

10.35     The UK’s public finances: how are we doing?
          Chair: Daisy McAndrew
          Speaker: Paul Johnson, Director, Institute of Fiscal Studies
          Paul Johnson will focus on the UK’s financial position, assess the coalition Government’s efforts to
          address the budget deficit, and consider prospects for the future.

11.00     Coffee

11.30     The fairness debate: with limited resources, can fairness be achieved?
          Chair: Daisy McAndrew
          Speaker: Emma Stone, Director of Policy, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, plus others TBC

          As local public bodies make decisions about spending cuts and allocating increasingly stretched
          resources, what constitutes fairness in public services? And can it be achieved?

12.15     Lunch

13.30     Workshops

14.30     Coffee

15.00     Workshops

16.15     Beyond the rhetoric: can the Big Society really deliver
          Speakers: Philip Blond, Director of ResPublica, and Toby Young, journalist and free school campaigner
          Philip Blond - director of ResPublica and author of The Red Tory - will set out the challenges and
          opportunities in creating a Big Society. Journalist Toby Young - currently leading the charge
          to create the West London Free School - will share his experience of trying to do just that.
                                                                       Book now for the public
                                                                       finance event of the year:
Thursday 7 July
 09.30    Welcome
          Speaker: Stephen Hughes, Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council

 09.35    Tough lessons from the frontlines of the American recession
          Chair: Stephen Hughes
          Speaker: Honourable Stephanie Neely - Treasurer of Chicago
          The Hon Stephanie Neely will share how US cities are dealing with shrinking revenues, rising costs,
          underfunded pension programs and diminishing resources. Why financial literacy matters more than
          ever, and how small business is the spark plug for the economic engine.

 10.15    Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government
          Chair: Chris Bilsland
          Speaker: Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP

 11.00    Coffee

 11.30    Holding the accounts to account
          Speaker: Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee
          Chair: Chris Bilsland
          As chair of Parliament’s influential Public Accounts Committee, the Rt Hon Margaret Hodge plays a key
          role in holding the Government to account. In this session, she will explore the committee’s current
          agenda and critical importance of holding the accounts to account.

 12.15    Lunch

 14.00    Workshops

 15.00    Coffee

 15.15    Is this localism?
          Speaker: Lord Bichard, plus a further speaker to be confirmed
          As the Government comes under renewed pressure to produce a compelling vision for localism, this
          session will consider the latest localist thinking and how it compares to the aims of the original agenda.

 16.00    CIPFA President’s closing remarks
          Speaker: Chris Bilsland

     conference workshops
Wednesday 6 July                                                                                                   Thursday 7 July
Workshop 1                           08.00-09.00       Workshop 5                              13.30-14.30         Workshop 10                            08.00-09.00

Power breakfast: change management                     Its scary out there on your own!                            Power breakfast: the leadership challenge for
masterclass                                            Speakers: Wendy Williamson, Principal Advisor, CIPFA        CFOs and aspiring CFOs
Speaker: Faith Boardman                                Performance Improvement Network & Lisa Forster,             Speakers: Brendan McCarron, Senior Associate,
                                                       Finance Advisor, CIPFA Children Services Network            CIPFA & Ian Briggs, Senior Fellow, INLOGOV
This PMPA breakfast will outline research into the
big change management challenges facing people         This interactive workshop will show you how to              Based on ongoing work by INLOGOV, this workshop
working in the public services – and how you           tackle the problems and issues raised by                    explores how CFOs and aspiring CFOs need to rise
should approach them.                                  self-regulation and improvement in public services,         to the leadership challenge in their organisations.
                                                       and identify what good performance management,
                                                       procurement, governance and financial management
Workshop 2                           13.30-14.30       look like.                                                  Workshop 11                            14.00-15.00
                                                       Sponsored by: CIPFA Networks
Pensions - pressing challenges for a new era                                                                       Savings through procurement
Speakers: Bob Summers, Treasurer of Norfolk Police                                                                 Speakers: Roger West, Head of Procurement
                                                       Workshop 6                              15.00-16.00         Outsourcing, DHL Supply Chain & Peter Casterton,
Authority & Chair, CIPFA Pensions Panel
Wendy Hunter - Squire, Sanders & Dempsey (UK) LLP                                                                  Head of Finance, Liverpool City Council
                                                       New risks in the new landscape
The public sector pensions agenda continues to                                                                     Third party procurement accounts for £236 million
move fast. Lord Hutton’s call for ‘career average’     Speaker: Tilden Watson, Senior Risk Consultant, Zurich      of public spending. There is huge potential for savings
pensions, and the transfer of some public service      The shifting public sector landscape has created            – for local government, education establishments,
delivery to the third sector as part of the Big        new and critical risks for public service providers.        NHS and police through better procurement.
Society are among the major changes afoot.             Workforce relations, data management,                       This workshop explores how improved procurement
This workshop will explore the key issues and offers   partnerships, restructuring, resilience and                 can deliver savings, using proven models and examples.
insight into the big questions that commissioners      reputational issues are among the risks that public         Sponsored by: DHL
and new service providers should be asking.            sector organisations need to manage.
                                                       This workshop will explore the new risks for finance
                                                       people – and how to mitigate them.
                                                                                                                   Workshop 12                            14.00-15.00
Workshop 3                           13.30-14.30       Sponsored by: Zurich Municipal
                                                                                                                   Stepping Up: Helping finance prepare for the future
Making the Big Society - establishing and                                                                          Speakers: Matthew Hodge, Director of Assurance
commissioning social enterprise                        Workshop 7                              15.00-16.00         Practice, PwC & Barbara Moorhouse, Strategic
Speakers: Paul Brown, RSM Tenon & Peter Holbrook,                                                                  Director of Finance and Performance, Westminster CC
Social Enterprise Coalition                            Society of District Council Treasurers                      Chair: Paul Woolston, Partner, PwC
Chair: Alan Edwards, Chief Financial Officer, CIPFA    Speakers: Steve Bishop, Strategic Director for South        Good financial management is at the heart of well
The Big Society aims to better engage                  Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils       run organisations, but how well equipped are finance
communities and the third sector in delivering         & John Tizard, Director, Centre for Public Service          teams to deliver this?
public services. But how do people working in          Partnerships
                                                                                                                   This session will explore the challenges and
health, local government and the police                The annual SDCT session for SDCT members                    evolving role of finance functions, how people and
commission and work with social enterprises? And                                                                   leadership play a crucial role and how finance
how can people go about setting them up?                                                                           teams are balancing competing demands.
Find out what public service finance and other         Workshop 8                              15.00-16.00         Sponsored by: PwC
managers need to know at this workshop
Sponsored by: RSM Tenon.                               Doing more with less
                                                       Speakers: Bruce Everest, Transformation Partner,            Workshop 13                            14.00-15.00
                                                       Vodafone & Alan Shields, Technical Architecture
Workshop 4                           13.30-14.30       and Strategy Team Manager at Cambridgeshire                 Lifting the lid on successful shared services: the
                                                       County Council                                              expert panel
One Public Estate: A place-based approach to                                                                       Speakers: Vic Allison, Deputy Managing Director,
                                                       Is it possible for an organisation that delivers public
managing public property assets.                                                                                   Wychavon District Council, Sharon Jones, Head of
                                                       services to harness technologies and new ways of
Speakers: Bob Baber, Senior Property Advisor, CIPFA                                                                shared service, Anglia Revenues Partnership,
                                                       working that will deliver major cost savings? This
Property & Patrick Blogg, Senior Programme                                                                         Marcus Hobbs, Compass Point, Paul Millard,
                                                       workshop will show that it is not only possible, but that
Manager, Hampshire County Council                                                                                  Operations Director, Capita
                                                       a growing number of organisations are doing just that.
                                                                                                                   Chair: Helen Olsen, Editor, Informed Publications
Over the next few months, the Government is expected   Sponsored by: Vodafone
to promote a holistic approach to managing public                                                                  This workshop features a panel of experts from the
                                                                                                                   some of the most successful shared services

property across neighbourhoods called place-based
asset management.                                                                                                  partnerships from across the UK. The panelists -
                                                                                                                   collectively responsible for saving millions of
This workshop will offer an insight into place-based                                                               pounds by establishing shared service arrangements
asset management, the evidence that supports this                                                                  - will share their insight into engaging the right
‘One Public Estate’ model and how to get started on                                                                people at the right time and implementing the
this approach.                                                                                                     right solutions to deliver the best results.
Sponsored by: CIPFA Property
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