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      ESS 560
       John Jax
     Collection & Resource
     Development Librarian
Today’s agenda

• New Murphy Website
• A few specifics to your discipline
• Critical Research Tools
  – You can find the PowerPoint at
    the library home page
Critical Tools
•   Subject Guides - ESS
•   Databases (journal articles)
•   GetTeXt & ILLiad (InterLibrary Loan)
•   Periodical Locator
•   Finding Dissertations & Theses
•   Library Catalog & Universal Borrowing
    (UW System Search)

• LibX Toolbar & Zotero Citation Manager
• Reference Librarians
Special Services for You!
• Information (Reference Desk)

• Email --

• Phone 785-8508 or 800-881-4454

• Resources for Graduate Students (web page)
   – Individualized research consultations

• Meebo Chat boxes
Subject Page

• Created
  for Exercise
Finding Scholarly Journal Literature
      Google Scholar v. other databases? What’s the deal?
 –   ERIC (EBSCOhost)
 –   Education Abstracts (Wilson)
 –   SPORTDiscus (EBSCOhost)
 –   Cochrane Collection Plus (EBSCOhost)
 –   PsycINFO (EBSCOhost)
 –   Web of Science (ISI Web of Knowledge)

      • Other databases
          –   Sociological Abstracts
          –   MEDLINE (EBSCOhost)
          –   ABI/INFORM Global (ProQuest)
          –   CINAHL with Full Text
          –   Biomedical Reference Collection: Basic Edition (EBSCOhost)
          –   Nursing & Allied Health Collection: Basic Edition (EBSCOhost)
          –   Academic Search Premier (EBSCOhost)
Education Literature

• Education Databases via EBSCOhost
  (search 5 education databases at one time)
  –   ERIC
  –   Education Research Complete
  –   Educational Administration Abstracts
  –   Professional Development Collection
  –   Teacher Reference Center
• ALSO: Education Abstracts (Wilson)
SPORTDiscus (many disciplines)

• Produced by Sports Information
  Resource Centre (SIRC)
• 750,000 records with journal and book
  coverage going back to 1800
• Over 20,000 dissertations and theses
• Articles in 60 different languages
• More than 240 full text titles
Coverage includes:
•   physical fitness,             •   facility design & management,
•   exercise,                     •   intramural & school sport,
•   sports medicine,              •   doping,
•   sports science,               •   Health & health education,
•   physical education,           •   biomechanics,
•   kinesiology,                  •   movement science,
•   coaching,                     •   injury prevention rehabilitation,
•   training,                     •   physical therapy,
•   sport administration,         •   nutrition,
•   officiating,                  •   exercise physiology,
•   sport law & legislation,      •   sport & exercise psychology,
•   college & university sport,   •   Recreation & leisure studies,
•   disabled persons,             •   tourism, and
•   public health                 •   occupational health & therapy
•   allied health,
Searching in SPORTDiscus

        Many ways to LIMIT!!
What is GetTeXt?
•Automatically links citation to another database
or library catalog.

•If not found, provides a direct link to ILLiad
(interlibrary loan)
  Other EBSCOhost Databases
      EBSCOHOST – Academic Search Premier

  Broad coverage
  to discipline
  specific                                   PsycINFO

Search then all

 Review Article Database
• Cochrane Collection Plus (EBSCOhost)
  Cochrane Collection Plus provides information and evidence to support
  decisions of health care professionals and is a collection of six databases:

1. Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials
   (CENTRAL - Clinical Trials),
2. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR),
3. Cochrane Methodology Register (CMR - Methods
4. Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE),
5. Health Technology Assessments (HTA), and the
6. NHS Economic Evaluation Database (NHSEED).
Web of Science

• Current and retrospective information
  from approximately 8,700 of the, high
  impact research journals in the world
  (most prestigious)
• Multidisciplinary
• Citation tracking
• Analyze results of who is producing
  certain types of research
Web of Science
(ISI Web of Knowledge)
1. Science Citation Index
2. Social Sciences
   Citation Index
3. Arts & Humanities
   Citation Index

Collectively indexes more
than 8,000 high quality,
peer-reviewed journals
over-to-cover from
1987 – present.
Periodical Locator
(Do we have the journal?)

                     Search by journal title
Periodical Locator - Continued

        We have access to this journal!!
We have it in the Library!
Problems with articles

• We don’t have the periodical you need
  – Make sure you ask, because we might
    have it somewhere
    • 26,000+ different periodical titles in our
    • 300 periodicals on our shelves
  – Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery
    • We’ll get you just about any article you need
    • Free!
Locating Books

• Library Catalog (special limits function)
     • How to limit to theses
        – UW LaCrosse and elsewhere)

• UB (Universal Borrowing) AKA UW System

• WorldCat
Libraries share resources

• UW-System purchases information
• All UW-System catalogs are connected
  – 2 to 4 days to just about any book or video
  – Called Universal Borrowing (or UB)
• Libraries are connected worldwide
  – We’ll get you just about anything you need
  – For free
Library Catalog – One
System=One Library

• See how our
  exercise and sport
  related holdings
  measure up against
  the rest of the
  campus libraries!
Dissertations & Theses

• Dissertations & Theses (PQDT)
  – Over 2.4 million entries, (mostly full-text)
  – Coverage: 1637 - Current
• Oregon PDF
  – graduate research studies (theses and
    dissertations) on movement and physical
Google scholar= 29,700 results
How can I get full-text of article?
Library LibX Toolbar

• LibX Main Features:
  – a toolbar (quickly search the library catalog, Google Scholar,
    or GetTeXt by title, author, keyword, etc.);
  – a context (right-click) menu (highlight text from any web
    page or PDF and and right-click for a list of options);
  – access to our GetTeXt services
  – and embedded links (available on sites like,
    Google Scholar, NY Times Book Review, Wikipedia, etc.).

  Found in the “About Murphy Library” area
 Citation Guides
• APA Style (New 6th Edition)
• Most databases come with editorial style
  format feature

• BEWARE – contain many inaccuracies
• Still must know how to cite in your
  particular editorial style
• Use Murphy Library’s Citation Guides web
Zotero (citation manager)
• http://libguides.uwlax.

Zotero (pronounced "zoh-TAIR-
  oh") is a Firefox addon (don't
  have Firefox? You can download
  it here) that collects, manages,
  and cites research sources. It's
  easy to use, lives in your web
  browser where you do your work,
  and best of all it's free. Zotero
  allows you to attach PDFs, notes
  and images to your citations,
  organize them into collections for
  different projects, and create
  bibliographies using Word or
Curriculum Resource Center
• Current textbook series
  from major publishers,
• Professional books with
  related curriculum
  materials and
• Children's/young adult
  literature in both fiction
  and nonfiction.
• Uses Dewey
  classification system

375 Curriculums                613 Promotion of health
Important Call Numbers
          Use the Library Catalog to search

• 372-375 Curriculums
• 613 Promotion of health
• 790 Recreational & performing arts
  –   793 Indoor games & amusements
  –   794 Indoor games of skill               Many other titles
  –   795 Games of chance                     are in the regular
  –   796 Athletic & outdoor sports & games   collection either
  –   797 Aquatic & air sports                in the GV’s or L’s
  –   798 Equestrian sports & animal racing
  –   799 Fishing, hunting, shooting

  – Reference desk
     • Walk in, email, phone
  – Other service areas within library
  – Online forms
  – Information guides and tips
That’s it!
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