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PowerPoint Presentation COSMIC


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									                    The CICERO Constellation
                for Continuing & Sustainable RO

            Rationale, status, and plans moving forward

                          Christian Lenz
13-Oct-08                      Confidential               Page 1
                   A Situational Assessment

               • There is global demand for RO data
                 • Data has operational significance
                   • Data continuity is in question

                          What is needed
              • Sustained high quality data (continuity)
            • Increased data volume (10,000+ Occ/day)
            • Product improvement plans for „next‟ data
            • Operational data service and accountability
            • As low latencies as plausible (<15 minutes)

13-Oct-08                       Confidential                Page 2
                            What is CICERO?

  • CICERO is a constellation of 18-24 satellites specifically
    designed for RO.
  • Developed, launched, operated by GeoOptics LLC
  • Designed as self sustaining system with regular
  • Phase 1: 9/12 Orbital planes, 2 SC Each
  • Phase n: Replenishments, & missions of opportunity

                            500km Circular Initial Orbit
                            750km Circular Final Orbit
                            @ 72 Degrees Inclination

13-Oct-08                       Confidential                     Page 3
                 Baseline CICERO System Performance

  • 18 LEO Satellites at 72 deg, 750km Orbit, 9 planes
  • 6 More RO instruments on partner‟s polar orbiters
  • > 7 Year satellite lifetime
  • 0.1 Degree attitude control (1sig)
  • Data latency < 5 minutes (downlink via GEO)
  • L1/L2/L5 on first batch, E1/E5a as soon as possible
  • Additional deployments every 18-24 months
        (sensor upgrades, constellation growth)
  • GNSS Sensor based on lessons learned, IGOR+, possibly
    early TRIG version from JPL

13-Oct-08                              Confidential         Page 4
                   What is GeoOptics – Why CICERO?

    • GeoOptics was founded to address RO needs via commercial
      data collection of RO data:
            • Dedicated to serve science
            • Be inclusive & world wide, with international customers, partners and

    • Defining CICERO -
            • A constellation of satellites dedicated to collection of RO data
            • The commercialization of environmental data collection from space for
              operational purposes
            • Following the Office of Space Commercialization & NGA lead
            • About providing a more efficient & effective means to get the data
            • Providing opportunities for science, engineering, and commerce alike

13-Oct-08                                  Confidential                            Page 5
              Features of the commercial approach

   Motivation: Commercial data providers are highly motivated to provide data
    quickly, efficiently, and with quality.
   Low Cost: Costs are spread over many users, government & commercial.
    Incentives for efficiency are built in.
   Sustainability: Offers a long term solution to provide data as long as a
    need/customer exists. “Build it once, use it forever”.
   Accountability: The commercial provider is and can be held accountable to
   Low Financial Risk: Cost/schedule risk is borne by provider not
    government. Risk borne by investors before data flow.
   Dedication & Timing: Ready to move out now to deliver a system dedicated
    to RO when needed.

13-Oct-08                             Confidential                            Page 6
                       Anticipated Effects of Commercial
                        Implementation & Participation
  • Sustained & improved data flow
  • Simplified & faster acquisition process
  • Greatly reduced cost to individual sponsors worldwide
  • Resources freed at NOAA/NSPO/NASA/ESA to pursue new
    instruments and advanced science
  • Growth of commercial data exploitation infrastructure for
    application of science & data
            • Imagery used to be NGA only – since GeoEye, SPOT, DG imagery is
              everywhere (Google!!!)  RO will follow this path
            • Imagery science & applications have spread and advanced at rapid
              pace  RO data has this potential
   Society & Science benefit  more spending on these
   activities results  more resources for science
13-Oct-08                                Confidential                            Page 7
                        GeoOptics & CICERO Status

  • Began CICERO development in 2006
  • Design PDR Completed in Sept. 2007 – Delta-PDR Oct 2008
        • Spacecraft design, mission design, propulsion system, new CPU,
          improved sensor, etc…
  • To date raised and spent close to $16M on CICERO related
    developments at BRE & GO
  • Hardware developments on-going right now on key long lead
    elements (propulsion, sensor ASICs)
  • 3rd party suppliers standing-by for go-ahead
        • Solar arrays & batteries, Spacecraft Structure, Propulsion
  • Current schedule shows first data by end of 2011

   Dedicated CICERO system to be operational by late 2011
13-Oct-08                               Confidential                       Page 8
                           2005                        Genesis of CICERO Plan

                                      Initial Design
                     Spring 2006                       COSMIC Launch

                                                                                         $16M Spent in
                    Summer 2006                        GeoOptics LLC Founded

                                                                                           support of
                  September 2007                       CICERO System PDR

                                   Development &
                    October 2008                       CICERO System Delta-PDR
            Now                                                                                          Now
                       Q1 / 2010                       1st GO Receiver Partner Launch Opportunity
                       Q4 / 2010                       2nd- 4th GO Receiver Partner Launch Opportunity
                       Q2 / 2011                       Pathfinder Spacecraft Complete
                                   Mfg. &

                       Q4 / 2011                       Production Spacecraft Complete
                  December 2011                        Launch #1

                                                           Additional Sensor Developments
                                                           Spacecraft Design Updates

                       Q4 / 2013                       Launch #2

13-Oct-08                                                   Confidential                                       Page 9
                         Timeline, Cross-Pollination, Collaboration

                  CICERO Fills the data gap
                2009     2010      2011      2012       2013    2014       2015      2016     2017     2018      2019   2020
   Missions             COSMIC-1                                             COSMIC-2                           COSMIC-3

   GeoOptics     CIC Development                                                  CICERO

     BRE        IGOR+     TRIG HW          TRIG HW         TRIG HW             ???            ???
 Developments            TRIG-            TRIG           TRIG-2             ???             ???

    Launches                      CICERO                COSMIC-2          CICERO           CICERO            CICERO
                                 Launch #1              Launch #1        Launch #2        Launch #3         Launch #4
                                  6-18 S/C                6 S/C            6 S/C            6 S/C             6 S/C

  RO Sensors             6         12-18         6-18           12-24             12-30             12-30           12-30
   on Orbit

                                • COSMIC-2 and CICERO are complementary
                                • Multiple paths for technology infusion
13-Oct-08                                                 Confidential                                                  Page 10
                                 The GeoOptics Team

  • Tom Yunck – Founder/CEO/President @ GeoOptics
  • General Wesley Clark - Board Member, Advisor, and GeoOptics‟
    Investment Banker with Rodman & Renshaw

  Committed Partners (additional partners in discussion)
  • Broad Reach Engineering Inc.
  • Moog Inc. $2B company. Moog is an equity investor in GeoOptics.
  • ESRI Inc.
     ESRI is leader of GIS technology and services. ESRI is an equity investor in GeoOptics.
  • University of North Dakota / State of North Dakota
     Provided matching grants for one CICERO flight control & training center in Grand Forks
  • (to be disclosed) European Strategic Partner

13-Oct-08                                     Confidential                                     Page 11

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