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                                        April 7th - 9th, 2011
                                        Woodinville Community Church
                                     17110 140th Ave NE Woodinville, W 98072
Come prepare your hearts and minds for the Festival of Passover. This conference will cover a broad
range of topics regarding the Festival. The aim of this conference is to provide Hebraic insights from
anointed Teachers who will share their perspective on this ancient Feast spaning some thirty-five
centuries of human existence. The Festival forms the primary background for the events of the Upper
Room, the symbolism of the Lord’s Table (Communion), and the meaning of Yeshua’s (Jesus) death. .

       Visit the web site below for more information

                                       Messianic Israel Alliance - 1-800-829-8777

Bill Cloud - Torah Teacher, Shoreshim Ministries
John Conrad - MIA Shepherd, House of Aaron Congregation
Scott Diffenderfer - MIA CEO, Lamb Fellowship Pastor
Nathan Lawrence - Torah Teacher, Hoshana Rabbah Pastor
Angus Wootten - MIA Founder, House of David Publishing
Batya Wootten - MIA Founder, House of David Publishing
Country Inn & Suites - 19333 North Creek Parkway
Bothell, Washington (425) 485-5557 / (800) 596-2375
$79 per night, double occupancy. Use code MIA to reserve this rate.                        Registration
Close to conference location and includes a breakfast buffet.                      Individual – $39.00
Discounted rate expires March 24th                                                     Couple –$69.00
                                                                                  Family of 4 – $99.00
Residence Inn at the Marriot - 11920 NE 195th Street
Bothell, Washington (425) 485-3030 / (800) MARRIOTT                             All registrations include
$79 per night, double occupancy, $139 per night, two bedrooms.             lunch and dinner on Saturday
Use code MIA to reserve this rate. Full breakfast daily and full dinner
4 nights a week (Mon-Thu). Large rooms, full kitchens, great for families.
Discounted rate expires March 17th

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