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					Queen’s Family Health Team Educational Sessions at Queen’s School of Nursing

                                      Module 1: Injections
1 hour:
Immunizations: Instructor Fairleigh Seaton
-Vaxigrip or Fluviral
-MMR II or Priorix
-Pneumovax 23
-Td Adsorbed
-Varivax III
-allergy shots

3 hours:
Injections: Instructor Amber Potter
-demonstration and practice
        -intramuscular injections
        -subcutaneous injections
        -intradermal injections
-specific injections
        -TB testing (Mantoux)
        -vitamin B12
        -iron by Z-track
        -depo provera

Online Learning Module: Injections

Can be found on the Faculty of Health Sciences Patient Simulation Lab Website:


Click on “Queen’s Family Health Team” tab, then click on “Module 1: Injections”

Chapter 22, pages 573-603 :
       Potter, P., & Perry, A. (2010). Clinical nursing skills & techniques. Elsevier: St. Louis
Supplies for Injection Labs

-clean gloves-box each of S, M, & L
-BD eclipse needles
        -25G 5/8 inch
        -23G 1 inch
        -27G ½ inch
        -30G ½ inch
-BD syringes
        -1 ml
-alcohol swabs
-injection pads
-blue pads
-practi-vials (TB & HepB)
-10cc N/S vials
-10cc H20 vials
-empty sample vials of various vaccines
-epinephrine syringes (1mg/10ml)