pollack by wanghonghx


									Jackson Pollock was called an “action painter” because his
           work shows movement and rhythm.
   Born in Wyoming, he moved to New York to study under
  Missouri artist Thomas Hart Benton. He began by painting
realistic pictures but quickly decided to try his own type of art.
He decided to create his own work by dripping or pouring paint
onto his canvas while it was laid flat on the floor, a technique he
          learned by studying Mexican sand paintings.
Pollack believed all parts of a painting were important, and
                 nothing should stand out.
The lines in this Pollock painting suggest movement. You can
              also see a “web effect” in his work.
Pollack was considered an abstract painter because there is
             nothing realistic in his paintings.
Jackson Pollack at work in his studio.
Jackson Pollack used “earth colors” in many of his
 Jackson Pollock died in a car crash in 1956. His work will be
remembered by his technique of dripping paint onto his canvas.

                   Created by L. Welling

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