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Undergraduate Award Guide


									                                                                    OFFICE OF FINANCIAL AID
Now that you have been awarded financial aid, here is

                                                                                                                              Undergraduate Award Guide 2011-2012
some information you will need to know.                        Applying for Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loans

How Financial Aid is Calculated                                1.   View Parent PLUS loan amount in the student’s
The amount of financial aid you are eligible for is            2.   Log into and click on Request a
determined by a simple formula:                                     PLUS Loan, which will allow the borrower to
                                                                    authorize a credit check. Also, complete a PLUS
      Student's Cost of Attendance (budget)                         Master Promissory Note if we don’t have one on
-     Expected Family Contribution (EFC)                            file.
                                                               3.   For more information about interest rates, monthly
=     Financial Need                                                payments, and types of repayment options visit
Students with the lowest EFC’s, who apply by the March 1
priority date, are given the highest priority for grant aid.   Note: dependent students whose parents fail the credit
Scholarships, work-study, and subsidized loans require         check are advised to contact a financial aid counselor
that students demonstrate financial need, while                for more options.
Unsubsidized and PLUS loans do not.

The amount of financial aid offered is intended to help you    Applying for Private Loans
cover your college expenses for one academic year.             Private loans are recommended as an option only after
                                                               the student has applied for the federal loan programs.
                                                               To learn more about these loans, visit
Accepting Your Financial Aid                         
Scholarships, grants and work-study awards are
automatically accepted. Students and parents will need
to follow additional steps to apply for loans.
                                                               Student Employment

                                                               Available work-study, hourly, and off-campus jobs may
Scholarship Information
                                                               be viewed in the student portal.
                                                                    Jobs for fall semester are posted around July 1.
Private scholarships will need to be reported to our
                                                               Students awarded work-study for fall semester will need
office. This can be done via the student portal.               to begin working before October 1 to avoid cancellation
    Scholarship donors can send checks to Scholarship          of the work-study award.
Services, University of Colorado Boulder, 77 UCB,                  Resident advisors or students who participate in the
Boulder, CO 80309-0077. Checks should be received              Student Work Assistance Program (SWAP) will receive
prior to the tuition bill due date to avoid late fees          a housing credit. The amount of the credit is considered
                                                               a financial resource which may reduce other types of
                                                               financial aid.
Applying for Federal Direct Stafford Loans

1.   Accept the loan online via the student portal.            Financial Aid Refunds
     Always accept the subsidized loan first.
2.   First-time borrowers will need to complete a              Financial aid, with the exception of work-study, will be
     Federal Stafford Loan Master Promissory Note and          applied directly to the student’s university bill. Any funds
     loan entrance counseling online at                        exceeding the bill will be refunded to the student’s                                         designated bank account by direct deposit
3.   For more information about interest rates, monthly        approximately three days before classes begin. For
     payments, and types of repayment options visit            more information on direct deposit, visit       or call the Bursar’s Office at
Students have the right to cancel the loan anytime
during the award year. If the loan funds have been
refunded to you, those funds will have to be repaid to         Professional Judgment
the University before the loan can be cancelled.
                                                               If the student or their parents have unusual
                                                               circumstances such as a loss of income or unusually
Important Note: Students can accept Stafford loans up
                                                               high medical expenses, they can submit a Professional
until the last day of the semester in which they are
                                                               Judgment Appeal. To learn more about this appeal
enrolled at least half-time.
                                                               process, visit
                                      Financial Aid Policies                               Mailing Addresses

                                      Financial aid policies contain important             Office of Financial Aid
                                      details about how current and future financial       Regent Administrative Center, Room 175
                                      aid can be impacted by actions such as               University of Colorado Boulder
Undergraduate Award Guide 2011-2012

                                      dropping classes, withdrawing from the               Office of Financial Aid
                                      university, or not receiving passing grades.         77 UCB
                                                                                           Boulder, CO 80309-0077
                                      The following policies can found online at
                                     Student Employment
                                                                                           Regent Administrative Center, Room 205
                                          Adjustments to Financial Aid                    University of Colorado Boulder
                                          Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy           Student Employment
                                          Student Rights and Responsibilities             77 UCB
                                          Withdrawal Policy                               Boulder, CO 80309-0077

                                      Adjustment to your Award Offer                       Website and E-mail

                                      It is important to note that all awards are based    Office of Financial Aid
                                      on available funds and full-time enrollment.         Website:
                                      CU-Boulder has the right to revise or cancel         E-mail:
                                      awards if funds are unavailable; the student’s
                                      application contains incorrect data; or the          Student Employment
                                      student’s enrollment status changes.                 Website:

                                      Financial Aid Funding Sources                        Scholarship Services
                                      Federally funded programs include:
                                           Federal Pell Grant
                                           Federal Supplemental Educational
                                            Opportunity Grant (SEOG)
                                           Federal Work-Study                             Office of Financial Aid . . . . . . . .          303-492-5091
                                           William D. Ford Federal Direct Stafford        Student Employment . . . . . . . . .             303-492-7349
                                            Loan (subsidized, unsubsidized, PLUS, and      Scholarship Services . . . . . . . . .           303-492-4533
                                            graduate PLUS)
                                                                                           Office of Financial Aid Fax                      303-492-0838
                                       State of Colorado programs funded by the
                                       Colorado General Assembly include:
                                                                                           U.S. Department of Education Contacts
                                           Colorado College Responsibility Grant
                                           Colorado Graduate Grant                        General Info/FAFSA . . . . . . . . .              800-433-3243
                                           Colorado Work-Study                            TTY/TDD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       800-730-8913
                                                                                           Direct Loan Servicer . . . . . . . . .            800-848-0979
                                       Federal and State of Colorado funded programs       Direct Loan Consolidation . . . . .               800-557-7392

                                           Colorado Leveraging Educational                Title IV Institution Code: 001370
                                            Assistance Partnership (CLEAP) Grant
                                           Colorado Supplemental Leveraging
                                            Educational Assistance Partnership
                                            (SLEAP) Grant

                                       The University of Colorado Boulder also funds a
                                       variety of scholarships and need-based grants.

                                       College Opportunity Fund

                                       Undergraduate Colorado residents will need to       The University of Colorado has a strong institutional commitment to the
                                                                                           principles of diversity and takes action to achieve that end. The
                                       proactively apply for and authorize the use of
                                                                                           university does not discriminate in its educational and employment
                                       the state stipend before it is credited to the      programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex,
                                       university bill. Please review the information at   sexual orientation, age, disability, creed, religion, or veteran status.

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