Early Sheridan Settlers by mudoc123



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                                         He was elected
                                       Justice of the Peace.

            He was sick when he
             moved to this area.
                                   By Ethan
        E.A. Whitney                  Mr. Whitney lived
        moved from                    in Sheridan for 32
        Miles City in                 years, but he was
        1885.                         traveling for about
                                      half that time.

 He opened the
 Bank of Sheridan.                    Mr. Whitney
                                      served as
                                      second mayor.
Mr. Whitney was
one of the original
investors in the        By Cody and     Mr. Whitney left
Sheridan Inn.           Liam            a large fortune
                                        with education
                                        for young
•George Brundage                •George Brundage
opened the first                grew up in Ohio
livery barn
     livery barn                 Ohio license
                    By Jordan    plate

                                    Little Goose

   Brundage was a
                     By Logen    •George Brundage
                                 homesteaded Little
   friend of John
                                 Goose Creek
He came from Buffalo and                   The general store stands
started a general store on                 on main street.
Main street.

                         He sold clothing, boots, hats,
                         caps, pets, hardware, and
                         much more.

                             By Jeffery
    Was a mayor of                                     Donated 4,000 books to
    Sheridan.                                          the first library.

                                               Did big horn cemetery.
Petitioned Wyoming from
Indian attacks.

                                               Had a general store for three
Started the sawmill.                           years in 1884.

                       By Vanessa.. & Austin
                                              Jack Dow came to Big
                                              Horn in 1880 to find a
Jack Dow surveyed
                                              place to settle.
and marked lots for
our new town.

           He spent the winter
           searching land for              In 1880 his wife Helen moved
                                           to Big Horn.

                 By Kailey and Dalton O.
                              By Mara and

John D. Loucks was
born in Steubenville,                       John D. Loucks was the
New York, 1845.                             founder of Sheridan.

John D. Loucks was the
first postmaster in
Sheridan. John D. Loucks
served for two years in the             John D. Loucks was the first
Union Army during the Civil             mayor. John D. Loucks
War. John D. Loucks was                 owned the first newspaper.
the first school director.
Rube Cornwell opened the                               Rube Cornwell moved here
first butcher shop.                                    in 1886.

                           His wife opened the first
                            hotel and restaurant.
                                                        By Josh and Kyle
                                                       He was one of the
                                                       men that started
He was mayor of Sheridan.                              the first coal mine
                                                       in Sheridan.

On the board of directors of
                                Possibly not him.
the First National Bank.

                               Was one of the
    By Collin
                               original three investors in the Sheridan Inn.
He was born in Virginia.                  He was in the
                                          Civil War.

                                            He built the first frame
  Member of
  Wyoming State
                           by Madelaine
                  By dalton T. and

He was born in                       He was a U . S . A
jacksonville ,                       and Wyoming state
Texas.                               senator.

 He owned a
 called the                                 They actually
 OW ranch.                                  named the
                                            mansion the
   They named the trail end                 trail end .
   cause that’s where they
   intended to retire.

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