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									                         DOMUS AUREA

Exclusive Environment
For Exceptional People
                                                                        DOMUS AUREA

              DOMUS AUREA
                                                                                 LUXUSNÍ BYTY A DOMY, FIREMNÍ PROSTORY, HOTELY A DESIGN

                                                                        du plessis

                                                                          Jak se bydlí
                                                                          na brazilském pobřeží

                 srpen 2009
                                                                        DESIGN           JACHTY               HOTELY            OŽIVENÁ MINULOST

                                                                        Unikátní         Exkluzivní jachty    Designové         Starý duch
                                                                        uranové sklo     s komentářem         hotely            Provence
                                                                        z dílny          profesionálních      na exotických     s vůní
                                                                        Ronyho Plesla    mořeplavců           místech           levandule

                                                                                                                                                   srpen 2009


                                                                        Exclusive Environment
                                                                        For Exceptional People
                                New exclusive magazine about exceptional houses,
                                      luxury family and corporate residences,
                                     top design hotels from all over the world,
                                original interiors, interior accessories and artifacts.

                                 Distributed directly to limited circle of 1000

                most influential VIP persons in the Czech Republic. Not in free distribution.

                          Characterized by large-scale pictures and stylish layout.

                      More than 160 glossy-paper pages will be published 6 times

                                        a year (starting in May 2009).

               DOMUS AUREA bridges the gap between professionals and their potential clients.
              It provides information about the world of elegance, beauty and quality which is being
               created every day. Chosen journalistic style respects maximal professional level of the
                          texts, while maintaining their understandability and readability
                                                 for general public.

                                Members of Editorial board guarantee high quality.

                                     We cooperate with such personalities as:
                              Milan Knížák, Director of National Gallery, Prague
                        Martin Holub, Martin Holub Architects & Planners, New York
                      Barbora Škorpilová, Interior designer, Mimolimit studio, Prague
              František Staněk, designer Futurista Universum, owner of Kubista a Futurista shop
DoMUS AUREA    Magazine aimed solely to present exceptional architectural creations from both
               Czech republic and abroad was missing on the Czech market. Works exceptional
                not only by original solutions, but also by generous budgets, allowing the use
                    of state-of-the-art technologies and most advanced materials including
                                    luxury furnishings, design and interior.

                                       Domus AureA brings
                       Inspiration and opportunity to compare the level of residences
                             of colleagues, friends and also those of competitors.
                                 Vision of limitless architectural possibilities.
                                 Access to top authors, architects, designers.

                                   Who is the tArget group?
                    Readers with prestigious social and professional status with adequate
                financial background, which affords them the opportunity to high-end living.
                  Primarily businessmen, bankers, politicians, scientists, artistic celebrities,
                            professionals from the foremost architectural studios.

                               Selected list of addressed personalities includes:
                                Václav Klaus, president of the Czech republic
                                     prime minister and cabinet ministers
                                 Eva Jiřičná, Bořek Šípek, Ing. Petr Kellner,
                                    Zdeněk Bakala, JUDr. Martin Roman,
                           prof. MUDr. Pavel Pafko, DrSc., JUDr. Luděk Sekyra,
                                              JUDr. Tomáš Sokol
                                 and another influential faces of czech scene.

                          Limited edition makes every issue a prestigeous concern.

              Cooperation With Domus Aurea
                Is Your own Presentation.
                                 the structure of the content
              The title of the magazine - DOMUS AUREA - recalls the image of the Golden House.
                           Renowned luxurious palace built by Cesar Nero in Rome,
                                     unprecedented in its day by its comfort.

                 This section introduces outstanding architects and designers of Czech origin.
                 Opinions, ideas, glossaries directly by the featured personalities or interviews
                         about their challenges, motivations and inspitations will paint
                                      a picture from a different perspective.

                                            resiDentiAl zone
              Our house shapes our lives. It is our “clothes”, which we show to the world outside.
                    How do people of comparable status live in various parts of the world?
              Which architectural visions do they allow to come to life through their investments?
                                                  Get inspired...

              Luxury interiors, exclusive accessories, art by the foremost artists ... all that moulds
                   our most intimate space into a place, where we feel well. Into a luxurious
                                         form which gives satisfaction...
DoMUS AUREA                                   reviveD pAst
                 Is it possible to reconstruct historic building into a charming place equipped
                      with all the necessities of the modern man? How to keep the spirit
                      of an ancient place and bring it to life for a sophisticated resident?

                                             sAlon Design
              Quality and beauty of products of daily use...they create our surroundings and set
              the tone to our lives. Are you longing to touch beauty at every moment of your life?

                                              ...& compAny
              The corporate seat shows to the business world as well as to the clients who we are
                  and what we have achieved. Have a look at some of the top working spaces,
                       feel the mystique of places where the battles of today take place
                                or where the important works are being created

                                    ApArtment in the hotel...
                     The goal of this column is to look for luxury environment to relax in,
                 stage business meetings or conferences. We will introduce you to exceptional
                            buildings from the best architects of the World as well
                                          as to the top interior design.
              cooperAtion With foreign mAgAzines
                       Magazine DOMUS AUREA presents
                    the original materials as well as the articles
                       taken from specialized foreign titles.
                          Among others we could name:

                The White Book                             Objekt
                   (Ireland)                            (Netherlands)

                                    (Great Britain)
DoMUS AUREA                     online reseArch, Agency stem/mArK

              project objective
              To evaluate the concept of Domus Aurea, new magazine about architecture and modern living.

              Data collection:              online
              Target group:                 top managers, artists, architects, VIP
              Respondent selection:         phone recruitment, database MF and STEM/MARK
              Sample size:                  80 respondents
              Questionnaire:                10 minutes including concept presentation
              Reserch date:                 January 20 – January 23, 2009

                                      plAnneD reAl-estAte investment

              Do you intend to buy or restore                       No
              your property, get new equipment                      35 %
              or furnishing for your house?

                                                                                                           65 %

                            interest in moDern living AnD Architecture

              34 %
                                                           How would you characterise your interest
                                                           in modern living and architecture.

              21 %                                       Time to time
                                                         45 %
                                                                            time to time 100 %
                          mAin results – Domus AureA                                                                                      inspirAtion by mAgAzines
                                                       Research confirms demand for exceptional              Are you inspired by magazines about architecture and living before your construction,
 Attractiveness                                                                                              reconstruction or enhancement of your company space?
                                                       magazine about architecture and living
 84 %                                                  – Domus Aurea is atractive, people want
                                                       to read it. Also considered to be different.
                                                                                                                 Definitely yes
 Difference                                            Concept pros: quality, generosity, exclusivity,           23 %
                                                       demanding clients, taste, new information,                                                                            Rather yes
 58 %
                                                       broad impact, comparison with foreign titles.                                                                         58 %

                                                       Concept cons: VIP only, elitism, luxury emphasized.
 to read                                               Target group is interested in architecture
 88 %                                                  – often talks about architecture (71 %),
                                                       plans real estate investment (65 %),
                                                       wants to use contacts from the magazine (60 %).
                                                                                                                 Rather not
                                                                                                                 19 %
                                                                                                                                                                      by magazines 81 %

                                                                                                                                                further mAgAzine use
               use of the mAgAzine As A contAct source
                                                                                                             Should you receive this magazine regularly, what would you do with it after reading?
 Do you expect you can use the magazine information and contacts and use them to enhance your living
 or for enhancement of your company space?
                                                                                                             100 %
                                      Definitely yes
                                      21 %                                                                   80 %
                                                                                                                                  65 %
      Definitely not
                                                                                                             60 %
      4%                                                       Rather yes
                                                               39 %
                                                                                                                                                    46 %
                                                                                                             40 %
                                                                                                                                                                      35 %
                                                                                                             20 %

                                                                                                                                                                                         1%          6%

      Rather not                                                                                                                  I will pass       I will take it    I will put it in   I will      Other
      36 %                                                                                                                        it to my          home to some      the library,       throw
                                                        Use As A Source 60 %                                                      colleagues        of my relatives   archive            it out
                                 ADvertising opportunities
                Magazine readers group and specialisation are base for specific advertising
                opportunities – presentation of luxurious and exceptional quality products
              of both global and local companies, which are part of construction finalisations
                        and further equippings of luxury houses and appartments.

                      Advertising potential is supported also by other luxury goods,
                                      which are the sign of elite lifestyle.

                Considering journalist „scanning“ of these residences and its conveniences,
                   furhter possibilities of visually attractive advertising are opening up.

                          Issue no.        Advertising deadline        Issue release
                          1                February 5, 2010            February 19, 2010
                          2                April 2, 2010               April 16, 2010
                          3                May 31, 2010                June 14, 2010
                          4                July 30, 2010               August 13, 2010
                          5                October 1, 2010             October 14, 2010
                          6                November 30, 2010           December 14, 2010

                                       business conDitions
                                 You can find actual business conditions on
                                     technicAl specificAtions                                                                                               ADvertising Dimensions
Advertisements in Mladá fronta magazines are accepted           on a width shrinkage of 4mm from the spin, which is
only in electronic form. Documents must always be               necessary for the gluing of a block into the cover. In the           2/1                                        1/1                            1/2                    1/2
accompanied by coloured press proof (chemical or                case of double page advertisements (2/1), each page must
digital) or print from a coloured printer. In case the          be submitted as a separate document, except for the double
coloured press proof is not provided, the publisher             page in the middle of magazines with V1 binding.
takes no responsibility for truthfulness of colours of the
published advertisement. If press proof and print are           DOCUMENTS PREPARED IN OUR STUDIO
not available, the publisher cannot guarantee even the          Advertisements for our clients are prepared only upon
correct look of a printed advertisement.                        previous agreement.Source materials must, in such cases,
                                                                be provided to our studio no later than 5 working days
FINISHED DOCUMENTS READY                                        before the respective advertising deadline.
FOR PRINTING                                                                                                                   510 x 305                                   255 x 305             127,5 x 305                   255 x 152,5
PDF: A PDF must be created using Acrobat Distiller, from        SOURCE MATERIALS
a composite (not separated) postscript file in a set-up for     All texts must be submitted in electronic form, in .RTF or
maximum print quality – inserted bitmap pictures with           .DOC format (Microsoft Word) for Windows or MacOS.            The dimensions are on the layout (bleed).
a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, without compression or         The submitted texts are expected to be complete, correct
                                                                                                                              The „bleed“ advertisement – add 5mm for the chop to the clear format.
downsampling. Fonts must be placed into the document            and free of typographical errors.
by a postscript driver                                          Requirements for pictures and graphics are the same as        In case of double page, we require each page to be delivered in separate document.
(or they may be transferred into outlines) and all colours      the requirements for finished files. CDR (Corel Draw)
used must be in CMYK mode. PDF files generated                  files can be accepted only after consulting the staff in
directly by DTP application cannot be used. A detailed          our studio and the same requirements apply to them                                                ADvertising prices
set-up description can be found at            as to Illustrator EPS files. When requiring the use of
podklady.html.                                                  a particular font, such font must be submitted with
ILLUSTRATOR EPS: (Encapsulated PostScript)                      other source materials (Type 1 format or TrueType
                                                                                                                              2nd cover page                    4 500 €                        2/1 page                                    4 500 €
Documents must contain exclusive colours in CMYK                for Windows). All orders of advertisements must               3rd cover page                    4 000 €                        1/1 page                                    3 400 €
mode and all fonts used must be transferred into outlines.      be accompanied by a drawing of the layout of the              4th cover page                    5 000 €                        1/2 page                                    2 000 €
Documents must be saved with a sample in TIFF format            advertisement, or with a sample in electronic form
(8bit).                                                         (such as JPG, TIFF, PDF or other common electronic            1. advertising page               4 000 €                        Quantity rebate              2–3 .....................5 %
BITMAP PICTURES - TIFF, PHOTOSHOP EPS, JPG:                     format for Windows or MacOS). In case of demanding
Bitmap documents must be saved in CMYK mode (in case            retouches or electronic montages, extra costs, the
                                                                                                                              1. advertising double page        5 500 €                                                     4–5 ...................10 %
of RGBmode,the publisher does not take responsibility           amount of which will be announced in advance, may             2. advertising double page        5 000 €                                                      6+ .................. 15 %
for colour truthfulness of an advertisement), with a            be charged to the client.                                     2. advertising page               3 800 €
resolution of at least 300 dpi; if text is used, at least 600                                                                 3. advertising page               3 600 €                        Extras           Partial varnish ...................10 %
dpi is recommended, particularly for smaller sizes. TIFF        SUBMITTING OF MATERIALS
files may only be saved with LZW-type compression or            E-MAIL: Materials with the total size of 10 MBcan
without compression. Black and white advertisements can         be sent by electronic mail. Attachments should be
be in greyscale mode, and pen and ink drawings can be           compressed into ZIP format (e.g. WinZip) or by StuffIt
saved in bitmap mode (1bit), with a resolution of at least      programme, to protect the file from damage. The files
600 dpi. EPS files must be saved as single-file, without        should be named in accordance with the name of an
compression, preferably in binary mode.                         Advertisement/product or with the name and issue
JPG-type files must be saved in maximum quality, i.e.           of a magazine, in which the advertisement is to be
                                                                                                                              Volume: 1, Periodicity: 6 per year
with the lowest possible compression.                           published. The same should be stated in the header of         Number of pages: 164, Print run: 1000 copies
With bleed advertisements, 5mm must be added for                the message.                                                  Design: cover glossy art matt 250 g, inside glossy art matt 135 g, binding V2
cutting, while with V2 binding titles, bleed is necessary
also for the spine. On any advertisement there must be          MEDIA: Advertising source materials may be submitted
cutting marks placing directly on raw format of required        on CD-R/CD-RW media with a capacity maximum 700
advertisement.                                                  MB. The advertiser is fully responsible for the correctness
In the case of V2 binding, the second and third cover,          of the materials submitted, as well as the contents of his
as well as the first and last page of a block must count        advertisement.
DoMUS AUREA                          contActs

                Mgr. Daniela Rígrová
                      Editor in chief
              Mobil +420 724 825 825
               Tel. +420 225 276 427            ADvertisement
               Fax +420 225 276 222                 Jiří Táborský
                                              Junior Sales Manager
                                            Mobil +420 605 151 491
                                             Tel. +420 225 276 491
                 Tereza Provazníková        Fax +420 225 276 444
              Mobil +420 777 604 169
               Tel. +420 225 276 427               Petr Procházka
               Fax +420 225 276 222           Senior Sales Manager
                Mobil +420 724 352 352
                                             Tel. +420 225 276 107
                                            Fax +420 225 276 444
                 Art Director        
                     Petr Honzátko
               Tel. +420 225 276 131                 Jan Kubík
              Mobil +420 728 937 533          Junior Sales Manager
                    Mobil +420 725 020 657
                                             Tel. +420 225 276 491
                                             Fax +420 225 276 444
                    Alena Mašková
                    B2B Marketing
              Mobil +420 724 561 802              publisher
               Tel. +420 225 276 227            Mladá fronta a. s.
              Fax +420 225 276 444            Mezi Vodami 1952/9
                         143 00 Prague 4
                                               Czech Republic, EU
                 Julie Langerová, DiS.    RECEPTION: +420 225 276 112
                    Brand Manager       
              Mobil +420 725 797 437
               Tel. +420 225 276 494
               Fax +420 225 276 444

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