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									What's Your Purpose For Blogging???

Before you think about adding the content, ie; your posting (something you've written), I need you to
understand a few things

First of all let's examine

The reason for your blog.
Your expectations.
Your audience.
Let's assume just for one minute that's the reason why you're here is not just to learn how to set up a blog
but to earn a six figure income or even just a few bucks.

What you need to FULLY understand is your new blog is like a tiny Island in the middle of an enormous

.An Island that no one except you have ever heard of.

In order to get people to visit your tiny Island you need to provide them with first of all the knowledge that
it even exists and secondly how to get there.

This is the WHY I ask the reason for your blog.

By now you have probably been pulled into people's adverts, (squeeze pages) high pressure selling
techniques, and paid money to sign up to join all kind of get rich schemes, they offer 100's of dollars
worth of Free aids (normally Free e-books) memberships to Guru sites, seminars and loads more.

Start making money in 10 minutes from now….We'd all like to be like them….if only it was that simple, no
one would work, everyone would stay at home earning a six figure income.

The people selling these systems are part of huge affiliate marketing groups, you can join for small
enough money (at the bottom of their ladder).

They give you all the tools, 100's of tools, they even set up the squeeze pages, the affiliate links the
whole lot.

I recently bought a package, (I checked it out for scam probability first), Amazing reports, came up over
2.5million hits in Google search, best thing since sliced bread, the re-invention of the wheel in Internet
terms, Guaranteed to make 1000's.

There were so many tools, (e-books) it took me 3 solid days to browse them, not read and take in the
information fully.

The package was complete, however still full of further squeeze page ad's trying to part me with more
cash. Some even offering a 60 day free trial and only after the trial finished I'd pay, bull, after the 60 days
I'd pay 57 dollars a month, but if I took advantage of this one time offer TODAY I'd pay only 27dollars a
month, free trial with a catch, eh.

Do YOU want to be like them?

Regarding earnings I'm sure you do….. so do I…..

Let's get to the real point……

They can sell you the package, they can set you up with all the tools, they can give you all the advice you
need, but are they going to create the traffic to your ISLAND?
Simply NO NO and NO…..

I doesn't matter what package or get rich quick scheme or money earner you subscribe to, YOU have to
develop the traffic.

These people even tell you that you don't need a site or a blog, True, there are many ways you can
generate traffic to the squeeze page, they provide with your affiliate link but it all takes time and work, a
lot of time and work.

Unless you have an established blog or site getting tons of hits every day it will take you a lot of time and

If you were to do just a couple of hours a day like they suggest in their squeeze ad's you'd be 150 years
old by the time you see a return.

I have a good friend of mine he was getting over 7000 hits a day on his site and over 1500 followers, he
decided to affiliate, drop in a few squeeze pages, its surprising how quick his followers and hits dropped
off. It took a long time to re-gain the confidence of his group.

I'm sure all the Guru's who read this, if they even bother, very unlikely, would disagree, but I'd challenge
them to start from fresh Today and get traffic to their Island as quick as they expect you to do it.

To start with try and find a URL or domain name that's still available using" make money" in the title.

Yes you can use key words, that helps.

Don't get me wrong, It can be done, It is being done, but it's not as easy as these people make it out to


I hope I haven't burst your bubble….. there are ways to get people to visit your Island, and I'm going to try
and show you the more simple ways but it still involves work.

You don't think this article wrote itself, or do you?

Regarding your expectations, even if you get people to your Island you will need to look after them, after
all it was you that invited them, now you need to feed them give them something to drink, maybe then
they will want to come back, especially if it's a nice Island with plenty to do and see, people don't want to
come to your Island for nothing. So if they find nothing they surely won't stay or it's unlikely they will come

Well that's it for today, examine your motives, if it's to make a six figure income then maybe I can't help
you, but if you just genuinely want to Blog and maybe gain a few Bucks to help you along the way then
maybe you will come back for the next chapter.

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