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									                     Weatherford, Texas
     Booming Market Just Outside Dallas-Fort Worth
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The Dallas-Fort Worth area continues to be one of the strongest real estate markets in the
country. Most experts agree that with the current undervalued real estate prices and with
the massive job growth taking place, this metropolitan area will be one of the top real
estate markets in 2008 and beyond.

The growth in Dallas-Fort Worth has begun to expand outside its city limits and the once
small suburbs are now experiencing an explosion of population growth. The city of
Weatherford is only 20 minutes west of Fort Worth and is now benefiting from the spill-
over affect that its larger neighboring city has created.

  ‐ Zero down financing!
  ‐ Only $2,500 to reserve your property (used towards closing costs)
  ‐ Booming market just outside of Dallas-Fort Worth
  ‐ Strong undervalued real estate market with high personal income averages
  ‐ Strong rental demand with limited inventory of 4 bedroom houses
  ‐ Pre-Construction price of $144,500 gives approximately 13% of instant equity
  ‐ Turn-key transaction with quality property management – rent ready houses
NOTE: We only have 3 properties left in this project - Once you have reviewed the
information below, contact us immediately. Because of the very limited number of
houses available, we expect to sell out quickly. Call 800-713-0486 or email us at The fastest way to reserve a property is to fax us the
Reservation Form found on the last page of this document.

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Dallas-Fort Worth MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area)
The city of Weatherford is located within the Dallas-Fort Worth MSA which is
experiencing positive media attention even in today’s investing environment. As some
parts of the country are experiencing a down real estate market, the Dallas-Fort Worth
area continues to look very promising.

In the October, 2007 issue of Business 2.0, Dallas-Fort Worth was listed as one of the
top 10 cities expected to do well in 2008 and 2009.

                   Most Affordable US Real Estate Markets – August 2007

                                  Best Jobs in Hottest Markets - 2007

                   Top Home Sellers Markets – June 2007

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The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, also known as the Metroplex, is not only
enjoying strong employment growth and population increases, the cost of living is one of
the lowest in the country.
           Cost of living 2nd Quarter 2007
Rank        City                                           All Items Index
1           Charlotte, NC                                  88.2
2           Fort Worth, TX                                 89.0
3           Memphis, TN                                    89.7
4           Oklahoma City, OK                              92.2
5           El Paso, TX                                    93.2
6           Indianapolis, IN                               94.5
7           Austin, TX                                     95.1
8           Atlanta, GA                                    95.7
9           Kansas City, MO-KS                             96.3
10          Columbus, OH                                   97.2
Source: Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, Cities 400,000 to 1,000,000, 2Q 2007

                 Undervalued Real Estate

According to Global Insights:
Dallas had the #1 most undervalued real estate market in the country as of 2nd Quarter
2007 at an amazing 25% undervalued ratio. Fort Worth was 22.1% undervalued and
came in #4 in the country. This situation is a great sign that this metropolitan area has a
lot of room for growth and appreciation.

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The City of Weatherford
The strong growth seen within the Dallas-Fort Worth cities has now begun to expand to
the surrounding suburbs including Weatherford. People living in these much larger cities
are drawn to more affordable housing and less traffic

Located only 20 minutes west of Fort Worth, Weatherford is
found within the county of Parker and is now being seen as an
                         attractive location and in close
                         proximately for commuters. As the
                         popularity of the city grows, the value
                         of homes will go up as will occupancy

Over the last few years, many of the amenities of big city life
have begun to move into Weatherford. Many large box stores,
retailers, restaurants, hotels, banks and other commercial organizations have built in
Weatherford. These large companies follow population growth carefully and move into
                            new areas early to capitalize on population growth. For
                            investors who like to follow the ‘big box’ retailers into new
                            areas, this is a great
                            opportunity to get in early
                            before prices and investor competition rises.

In addition to the large commercial growth, the city of Weatherford itself has had to
adjust to the population explosion. The city has just completed the brand new, very large,
Weatherford High School. Plans for major highway expansions within the city are now
being reviewed and expected to start next year.

Newly built Weatherford High School

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Location of Weatherford within the Dallas-Fort Worth MSA: named the city of Weatherford one of the top 100 Best Places to Live in
its 2007 ranking.

As with all Texas cities, there is no State Income Tax and just last year the Texas Tax
Reform Commission passed the way for Property Taxes to be reduced. Beginning in
2007, property taxes will be reduced over a 4 year period of time to eventually be at a
rate below 2% (currently the average rate is over 3%). This is expected to positively
affect property values.

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Economical Numbers:

Job Growth
Weatherford had a 21.01% job growth rate from 2000 to 2006 (Dallas was at 2.95% and
Fort Worth at 10.27%).

Income Levels
Compared to its neighboring cities, Weatherford has a high median income. Last year the
median income was $54,013 (Dallas was at $46,109 and Fort Worth at $50,664).

Real Estate Numbers
According to Sperling’s Best Places, Weatherford had a
median home price in 2006 of $127,900 (Dallas was at $256,000 and Fort Worth at

The appreciation for Weatherford was 9% in 2005 and 10% in 2006.

Cost of Living
Weatherford had an Overall Cost of Living at 75.09%, where the national number is
100% (Fort Worth had 89%). When broken down further the research shows that the
Housing Cost of Living was an amazingly low 40%.

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Weatherford has seen an overall population increase over the last 6 years of an amazing
29.63% to a current population of 24,630 in 2006 (Dallas had a 3.73% increase to
1,232,940 and Fort Worth had a 22.19% increase to 653,320).

Fort Worth’s impressive population
increase since 2000 has forced many
people to find housing outside of its
city limits and Weatherford is in a
prime location to benefit from this

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The Properties:
There are three property models, each with two elevations to choose from. Plat map and
floor plans will be provided upon request or once property has been reserved.

All properties are priced the same:
$20,000                Lot price (builder has negotiated this down from the
                       retail price of $34,000)
$124,500               Construction cost
$144,500               Total Investor Purchase Price

$165,000               Current Appraised Value (87% LTV)

4 Bedroom / 2 Bath / 2 Car Garage / 1805 Square Feet
Elevation B – 4S-011758

Elevation B - 4S-011615
4 Bedroom / 2 Bath / 2 Car Garage / 1794 Square Feet

Elevation A - 4N-011685
4 Bedroom / 2 Bath / 2 Car Garage / 1801 Square Feet

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Pro-Forma Example:
The following is an example of a property pro-forma. Individual properties may show
stronger or weaker cash flow projections. All monthly costs are estimates and are subject
to change.

Retail Price: $165,000
Purchase Price: $144,500
Loan Amount: $144,500 (depending on investors need to roll in closing costs)
Projected monthly rents: $1,350 to $1,400

Zero Down Financing              ___Monthly Costs                       ____10% Down Financing
$780 (7.2%)*                        1st Mortgage                                 $780 (7.2%)*
$102 (8.5%)*                        2 Mortgage                                   $0.00
$0.00                               Mortgage Insurance                           $0.00
$375                                Property Taxes (estimated)                   $375
$42                                 Hazard Insurance (estimated)                 $42
$110                                Property Management Fees (8%)                $110
$0.00                               HOA fees                                     $0.00
$1,409                              Estimated Monthly Payment                    $1,307
Projected monthly rents: $1,350 to $1,400

* Call Lender for more details

Rental Market
The demand for rental properties in Weatherford is strong and the current inventory of 4
bedroom houses is very low. With only 12 houses being built in this neighborhood over
the next 4 months, absorption is expected to take place quickly.

The local property manager has said the demand for 4 bedroom houses in Weatherford is
very high. The demand for 4 bedroom houses is twice what it is for 3 bedrooms houses
and with a very low inventory of existing 4 bedroom houses, the demand is creating
upward pressure on rents in the area.

The average number of “days on market” for renting 4 bedroom houses is less than 30
days. Statistics showed it took 22 days to rent a property in July 2007 and 28 days in the
slow rental period of October 2007. These houses are expected to be completed in the
prime rental season of March or April, 2008.

The sub-prime credit crunch continues to force more individuals into renting, primarily
due to increasing foreclosures in the nearby larger cities and tighter lending requirements.
Vacancy rates should continue to drop over the next several years.

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IMPORTANT: The financing for this project is time sensitive.

The financing is based upon the appraised value, not the purchase price. The 10% equity
position allows for a zero down financing loan. The terms of the financing (rates, interest
only, etc) are decided at the beginning of the process so you know the final terms of your
loan before closing.

A Full Documentation Loan is required to qualify and credit scores need to be 660 or
higher. Those with 700 or higher scores can qualify for a HLOC as a second and avoid
PMI costs.

Although there is zero down financing available, closing costs must be paid by the
investor. The good news is that the builder has structured the financing so that the
closing costs, which include the interim interest, are distributed over a 4 month time

The total closing costs are estimated to be approximately $7,000, which is surprising low
for obtaining both Construction and Permanent loans. The approximate $7,000 is
disbursed as a $2,500 upfront cost before closing. Then approximately $500 at closing
and the remaining $4,000 will be used to make monthly interim interest payments on the
construction loan during the construction period. Total construction time is expected to
be less than 4 months.

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Property Management:
The builder has lined up a very strong local property management company with whom
you can work.

Trend Property Management
Jason Zimmerman

The property management company has agreed to find renters and manage the properties
for the low cost of 8% of the monthly gross rents. A one time charge of 50% of first
months rent is due upon finding a tenant.

Additional Resources:

Next Step:
Due to the limited number of houses available and the time constraints, we expect to sell
out very quickly. The fastest way to get a current list of properties with complete details
is to call us at 800-713-0486. You can also email us (phone is better). We will get you the property details including discounts.
The houses are first come; first serve and the first investors to express an interest in a
particular property will get priority.

The market in Weatherford is great for rentals now. As the sub-prime market crunch
continues to affect the real estate market, it will be more difficult for first time buyers to
own a house. This situation increases demand for rentals thus driving up rents and the
quality of tenants over time.

To reserve a property, you will need to fax in a Reservation Form (see below). You
will select the house model and lot location and then a Purchase Agreement will be sent
to you. You will need to return it with a $2,500 Earnest Money Deposit within one day.
Closing is expected to take place within 30 days. We expect these houses to be reserved
within a few days, so don’t delay. Call us with your questions at 800-713-0486.
Information found in this document is not guaranteed. Do Your Due Diligence.,
LLC is not a financial or investment advisor and does not provide advice or recommendations in regard to
any property. Any and all information provided by, LLC is intended as general
information and does not constitute a promise or guarantee of any kind. Real estate investments are
speculative and involve risk. Investors should evaluate all risk factors before investing in any real estate., LLC does not make any representations or warranties concerning the quality of
services or advice offered by participating vendors, developers, or property specialists. Contact your legal
and financial advisors for advice. Investors assume all responsibility for their own investments.

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                                Reservation Form
       , LLC a Colorado company
           800-713-0486 // Fax 303-379-7655 //

Applicant is wishing to reserve a property in Weatherford, Texas. If reserving more then
one property, please complete two separate Reservation Forms.

Purchaser(s):            _______________________________________

Address:                 _______________________________________


Best phone #’s:          _______________________________________

Email:                   _______________________________________

Buying Code/Group:       _______________________________________

Date of this reservation: _______________________________________

Applicant is submitting a Reservation Form for one property in Weatherford, Texas.

Once property selection is completed applicant will be sent a Purchase Agreement along with
other agreements and will have 3 days to review and send back with $2,500 certified funds
Earnest Money Deposit.

Purchase Agreement is contingent on Applicant securing favorable financing based upon the
signed agreement. Applicant will need to submit the necessary credit and financial information
within the first few days of reserving the property and receive an approval letter for the purchase.
Loan process can not extend past 30 days, so time is of the essence.

______________________           _____           _________________________                 ______
Signature of Applicant           Date            Signature of Co-Applicant                 Date

_________________________                        _________________________
Printed name of Applicant                        Printed name of Co-Applicant

Internal Use Only:
Address of Property:     ______________________________________

Community Name:          ______________________________________

Discounted Purchase Price: ____________________________________

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