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									Bryan Talbott Has Nearly 25 Years Of
Experience In Property Management
A generous and trustworthy professional, Bryan
Talbott is a licensed real estate manager and certified
property manager from Maryland, and is widely known
for his exceptional interpersonal and communication
skills. He has excellent leadership skills, and believes
in establishing a healthy relationship with investors
and clients to attract more business.
With 25 years in the real estate business, he has
gained the expertise to recognize and understand the
priorities and preferences of organizations while
balancing other important business considerations. A
Law School Graduate from George Mason University,
Bryan Talbot enrolled in West Virginia University,
Morgantown, WV to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in
political science,
And went to Fairmount State College, Fairmount to
complete his Associate of Applied Science. Afterward,
he started working as leasing agent with Charles E-
Smith and then worked with Dreyfuss Brothers as an
Assistant Property Manager. He has also worked with
Federal City Sales Leasing and Management as a
senior property manager / vice president.
About Bryan Talbott
Bryan Talbott is a certified property manager and has
over 25 years of experience in the real estate sector,
including business development, sales management
and property management. Throughout his career,
Bryan has worked with many reputable companies
such as Federal City Sales Leasing and Management.
Esquire Management, Wood Management, Dreyfuss
Brothers and Charles E. Smith. He attended West
Virginia University, Morgantown, WV to complete his
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and enrolled in
Fairmount State College to receive his Associate of
Applied Science degree.
Presently, he is working as a property manager with a
recognized     medium-sized     residential   property
management firm based in Washington DC. Besides,
Bryan Talbott is also a great humanitarian and
contributes to Cancer and HIV/AIDS research. In leisure
time, he enjoys landscaping, riding motorbike and

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