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      OF A CAR
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                                         TABLE OF CONTENTS

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                    PAGE 36 SLEEPING BUGATTI
                          THE 1938 TYPE 57C ATALANTE, CHASSIS NO. 57766
                    PAGE 50 ULTIMATE VETTE SUPERSTAR
                          2009 CORVETTE ZR1 CROSSES BLOCK FOR CHARITY
                    PAGE 62 BADGES OF DISTINCTION
                          CLASSIC AUTOMOTIVE EMBLEMS
                    PAGE 64 MARCEL MASSINI
                          THE FERRARI AUTHORITY
                    PAGE 66 THE RUXTON
                          A FRONT-WHEEL DRIVE RARITY
                    PAGE 76 DAN WARRENER
                    PAGE 77 BOB MOSIER

                                                                                              July 2008   3
RMMAGAZINE                                                                                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS
  RM Magazine is published twice annually by the
    RM Group of Companies
 One Classic Car Drive, Blenheim, Ontario N0P 1A0                                                         2008 AUCTION RESULTS
     Phone: 800-211-4371 Fax: 519-351-1337
                                                                                                              PAGE 13 AUTOMOBILES
                                                                                                                      OF ARIZONA
                  PUBLISHER                                                                                         JANUARY 18, PHOENIX, ARIZONA
    KATHY VANDERMEY                                                                                           PAGE 14 COLLECTOR CARS
                                                                                   OF FORT LAUDERDALE
                                                                                                                    FEBRUARY 15-17, FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA
                     EDITOR                                                                                   PAGE 15 AUTOMOBILES OF
                                                                                                                      AMELIA ISLAND
         NICO LEENDERS                                                                                              MARCH 8, AMELIA ISLAND, FLORIDA
                      PAGE 18                                               PAGE 16 CLASSIC CAR
                                                                                                                      AUCTION OF TORONTO
  GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT MANAGER                                                                                       APRIL 4-6, MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO
      STEPHEN GOODAL                                                                                          PAGE 17 THE WAYNE DAVIS
                                                                                                                    APRIL 19, SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS
                ART DIRECTOR
                                                                                                              PAGE 16 CLASSIC CAR
          PATRICK OLDS                                                                                                AUCTION OF MICHIGAN
                                                                                                                    APRIL 26-27, NOVI, MICHIGAN
                  DESIGNERS                                                                                   PAGE 18 FERRARI
                                                                                                                      LEGGENDA E PASSIONE
   JENNIFER DAWSON                                                                                                  MAY 18, MARANELLO, ITALY
  AARON SUMMERFIELD                                                                                           PAGE 19 JOE’S GARAGE –
      JOE MARTIN                                                                                                      THE MACPHERSON
                                                                                                                    JUNE 14, TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA
                                                                                                              PAGE 20 THE ART ASTOR COLLECTION
           MATT CATTON                                                                       PAGE 75                JUNE 27-29, ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA

            JENN ELDON                                 IN EVERY ISSUE                                                                                          PAGE 32
Advertising submission deadline for the January 2009
   issue of RM Magazine is November 14, 2008.            PAGE 9 THE WHEELS KEEP
                                                                  NEWS, ACHIEVEMENTS AND LESSER KNOWN
         CONTRIBUTING WRITERS                                     INFORMATION ABOUT RM
        ALAIN SQUINDO                                   PAGE 13 AUCTIONS RESULTS
                                                                  OUTSTANDING RESULTS FROM RM EVENTS
         DAVE NEYENS
                                                        PAGE 46 ROLLING BACK THE
       STEPHANIE DRIES                                          ODOMETER
         AMY CHRISTIE                                             JAMES WARD PACKARD – BEFORE THE CORMORANT
       ALYSSON STOREY                                   PAGE 70 OFF THE ROAD
                                                                  THE TAIL OF THE COMET
                                                        PAGE 75 ASK THE EXPERTS
       MIKE FAIRBAIRN                                             STIMULATING STAINLESS
        NICO LEENDERS                                   PAGE 78 PEOPLE YOU KNOW
          KEN GROSS                                               CUSTOMERS, STAFF, FRIENDS AND FAMILY
         PHIL SKINNER                                   PAGE 80 TAILLIGHTS
                                                                  MODIFYING YOUR COLLECTOR CAR

   VERONICA LANE                                                                                         2008 AUCTION PREVIEWS
     SIMON CLAY                                                                                          PAGE 23 VINTAGE MOTOR CARS
 ALOFT AERIAL PHOTO                                                                                              OF MEADOW BROOK
                                                                                                                  AUGUST 2, ROCHESTER, MICHIGAN
                                                                                                         PAGE 24 SPORTS & CLASSICS
RONKIMBALLSTOCK.COM                                                                                              OF MONTEREY
   PHIL GREATOREX                                                                                                 AUGUST 15-16, MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA

    STEVE GIRAUD                                                                                         PAGE 26 NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM –
                                                                                                                 AACA FUNDRAISING AUCTION
   JERRY HEASLEY                                                                                                  OCTOBER 8, HERSHEY, PENNSYLVANIA
   DINO PETROCELLI                                                                                       PAGE 28 VINTAGE MOTOR CARS
    NICO LEENDERS                                                                                                OF HERSHEY
                                                                                                                  OCTOBER 10, HERSHEY, PENNSYLVANIA
                                                                                                         PAGE 30 CLASSIC CAR AUCTION
                                                                                                                 OF TORONTO
                    PRINTER                                                                                       OCTOBER 24-26, MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO
     CONTACT CREATIVE                                                                                    PAGE 32 AUTOMOBILES OF LONDON
                  London, Ontario                      PAGE 46                                                    OCTOBER 29, LONDON, GREAT BRITAIN

                                                                                                                                                                 July 2008   5
                                                                      WELCOME TO RM MAGAZINE

            Summer was made
              for classic cars...
THE ARRIVAL OF SUMMER, with its hot weather and
long days, causes most classic car enthusiasts’ thoughts to
turn to the open road. Visions of day trips up the coast, top
down motoring on winding mountain roads, and sunset
cruises with a special someone can be quite distracting at
this time of year. The vintage automobiles featured in this
issue of the RM Magazine will surely add to those classic car
daydreams, and the previews of our summer auction
calendar may help determine a destination for that classic
summer road trip.
   But before we look ahead to the summer’s exciting events, we are happy to report the results       The founder of RM Auctions, Inc.,
of our auction calendar to date. In a word, this year has been exceptional, and we look forward       Myers’ restoration facility and classic
to continuing this trend in the latter half of 2008. This year’s sales have enjoyed excellent         car auction house has evolved into an
attendance and garnered impressive results, perhaps most notably the sale of the ex-James             industry-leading group of companies
Coburn 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder for just over $10.8 million dollars at our           with offices throughout North
Ferrari – Leggenda e Passione auction in Maranello, Italy. We are proud to say that this sale         America and in Europe.
sets the record for the highest price paid for a vintage car at auction. We have also had the
honor of representing a few of America’s most esteemed private collections, including the
Wayne Davis Collection in Texas, and the California-based Joe’s Garage: The MacPherson
Collection and the Art Astor Collection. It has been our pleasure to pay tribute to these
dedicated collectors and offer other enthusiasts the opportunity to add some carefully
                                                                                                        “VISIONS OF DAY
preserved, historically significant examples to their own collections. Results from our               TRIPS UP THE COAST,
completed 2008 auctions can be found on pages 13-20.
   In this issue, we tell the story of a rare 1931 Ruxton Model C Roadster, one of the first front-
                                                                                                           TOP DOWN
wheel drive automobiles ever made. We uncover the remarkable history behind the highly                   MOTORING ON
coveted, one-of-a-kind 1956 Chrysler Diablo concept car, and reflect on a wonderfully original
1938 Bugatti Type 57C Atalante that was stored for over forty years and recently rediscovered.
All three of these important motor cars will be offered at upcoming auctions this year.                MOUNTAIN ROADS,
   Other special features in this issue include a profile of Ferrari expert Marcel Massini, a
sneak peek at a unique fundraising event to be held in Hershey, Pennsylvania and a spotlight
                                                                                                          AND SUNSET
on two integral staff members at RM Auctions, Inc. – restoration expert Bob Mosier, who has             CRUISES WITH A
just joined our California office and Dan Warrener, who we are pleased to have back on the RM
team. Dan and I first started working together over twenty years ago and it is a huge treat to
                                                                                                       SPECIAL SOMEONE
have him back with his extensive knowledge of classic cars.                                              CAN BE QUITE
   Winter and spring of 2008 have been very exciting for us and we look forward to visiting with
you and all our friends in the hobby at the many events still to come this year. Of course,
                                                                                                        DISTRACTING AT
summer is truly about kicking back and relaxing, and while we at RM have been working hard            THIS TIME OF YEAR.”
at presenting top-notch auctions and automobiles across North America and Europe, we
encourage you to fix yourself a cold drink, pull up an easy chair in the shade and take your time
in savoring this latest edition of RM Magazine.

Rob Myers

                                                                                                                                                      July 2008   7
                                                                                        THE WHEELS KEEP TURNING

                                                                                                         Stylish New Look
                                                                                                         THE RM TEAM unveiled a stylish new look
                                                                                                         at their Amelia Island event, thanks to the
                                                                                                         generous support of Hugo Boss Canada. As part
                                                                                                         of a new association with the renowned
                                                                                                         fashion house, Hugo Boss smartly outfitted the
                                                                                                         RM team with professional auction attire from
                                                                                                         their premium BOSS black series. Hugo Boss
                                                                                                         has a strong history with motorsports as long-
                                                                                                         term sponsors of Team McLaren. Keep a
                                                                                                         lookout for their presence at future RM events
                                                                                                         and visit them online at

                                                                                                         on Board
                                                                                                         RM AUCTIONS IS delighted to announce a
                                                                                                         new association with AutoNation as the
                                                                                                         presenting sponsor of the annual Collector Cars
                                                                                                         of Fort Lauderdale auction event. Regarded as
Leaders of the Pack                                                                                      Florida’s preeminent collector car event, the
                                                                                                         three-day sale will be returning to Fort
RM AUCTIONS HAS ENTERED the history books once again – this time setting a new world                     Lauderdale February 6th – 8th, 2009. The 2009
record for the most expensive vintage motor car ever to be sold at auction. Claiming this prestigious    event will also feature a gala fundraising
title was a stunning, Nero black 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder (s/n 2377GT), sold at         evening in support of the Heritage Foundation
RM’s Ferrari Leggenda e Passione event, held in association with Sotheby’s in Maranello, Italy.          Fort Lauderdale, incorporating Stranahan
Formerly owned for over 25 years by Oscar-winning actor, James Coburn, the rare short wheelbase          House, the Historical Society and the Seminole
Spyder caused a frenzy of bidding on the block, quickly surpassing its original estimate and selling     Museum at Okalee.
for an impressive $10,894,400 USD (€7,040,000 £5,598,208). This new record eclipses that set by              Be sure to mark the event in your calendar
Christie’s in November 1987 for a rare 1931 Bugatti Royale Berline, which sold for $9.8 million          and stay tuned for further details!
    In a recent list of top auction results compiled by Sports Car Market, RM Auctions proudly holds
six of the top ten all-time world records.

                                                                                          RM - The Heartbeat
                                                                                          of Canada’s Classic
                                                                                          Car Capital
                                                                                          THE NUMBER OF CLASSIC CARS that pass through
                                                                                          the RM doors – as well as other related businesses in the area
                                                                                          – have earned Chatham-Kent, Ontario the designation as the
                                                                                          Classic Car Capital of Canada. To this end, one of the area’s
                                                                                          most popular tourist attractions is the RM Classic Car Exhibit.
                                                                                          Operated by Chatham-Kent Tourism, the 20,000 square foot
                                                                                          exhibit – which also doubles as the official tourist information
                                                                                          bureau – welcomed over 3000 car enthusiasts in 2007. With an
                                                                                          ever-changing display of vintage motor cars and a new,
                                                                                          expanded showroom – right next door to RM’s head office, it is
                                                                                          well worth a visit next time you are in the area!
                                                                                             For further information or to inquire about guided tours, call
                                                                                          877-523-2684 (toll free within North America).

                                                                                                                                                              July 2008   9

                 FERRARI OWNERS and enthusiasts from
                 across North America will converge at
                 Toronto’s famed Mosport track July 9th through
                 13th for the annual Ferrari Club of America
                                                                     A Century of Taylor Made
                 International Meet. As the exclusive auction        CONGRATULATIONS TO long-time friend of RM, Jim Taylor, and the team at Taylor Made on
                 house sponsor of the event, RM will proudly         the celebration of 100 years in business. Whilst today renowned as the makers of fine boating
                 exhibit a vintage Ferrari at the meet, as well as   products including fenders, covers, dock edging, mooring whips and more – Taylor Made first started
                 conduct the charity auction as part of the FCA’s    out making cutting-edge canvas car tops. The company switched their focus following World War II
                 major awards banquet on Saturday, July 12th.        to seize on the burgeoning recreational boating market. Over the years, the company has been
                 Featuring a range of exciting Ferrari               responsible for some of the boating industry’s most significant innovations, from the introduction
                 memorabilia and experiences, proceeds from          of the first wraparound acrylic windshield for motorboats, to the first curved, tempered safety glass
                 the auction will support Toronto’s Hospital for     windshield and manufacturing the first vinyl fenders ‘guaranteed for the life of your boat’, just to
                 Sick Children. For further information on the       name a few examples. Sincere congratulations to the Taylor Made team on this magnificent
                 2008 Ferrari Club of America International          milestone and best wishes for the their future success. For further information on Taylor Made, visit
                 Meet, visit               

                 Catering to Auto Enthusiasts Heartfelt Tribute to
                                              Joe MacPherson
                 IF YOU ARE FAMILIAR with RM’s hometown of Chatham-Kent,
                 Ontario, you may be familiar with the boutique hotel, ‘RetroSuites’.
                 Located in the heart of historic downtown Chatham – less than 20              SO-CAL AUTO WORSHIPPERS had an opportunity to pay tribute
                 minutes from RM’s head office – the lavish and modern hotel is a personal     to one of the region’s greatest motoring icons – and support one of his
                 hobby of founder Rob Myers, who initially took on the project to              most devoted causes – when RM Auctions proudly presented the famed
                 accommodate visiting clients and guests.                                      Joe’s Garage: The MacPherson Collection in June.
                    Today RetroSuites is an entity of its own and has attracted widespread        A passionate lifelong car enthusiast and collector, MacPherson was
                 interest for its unique style and individually-themed rooms. The hotel        also a distinguished philanthropist and a generous and often anonymous
                 recently emerged from an extensive renovation which included the              supporter of his local community. In memory of his incredible generosity
                 addition of nine extra suites, a new lobby and banquet / conference           and philanthropic spirit, a portion of proceeds from the June auction were
                 facilities. Favorites amongst motoring enthusiasts are the pit stop-          donated to the local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County
                 inspired ‘Gentleman Start Your Engines’, and the ‘Easy Rider’ suites, the     – a well-known, local beneficiary of MacPherson. Big Brothers Big Sisters
                 later of which is a tribute to Harley Davidson. For further information or    of Orange County are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. For
                 reservations call 1-866-61-RETRO or visit                further information, visit

10   July 2008
                                                                                      THE WHEELS KEEP TURNING

                                                                             Your Online Guide to
                                                                             All Things RM
                                                                             NOW WITH AN EXCITING fresh look, our new and improved
                                                                             corporate website is your one-stop resource for all things RM. From
                                                                             upcoming events to auction results, feature cars and details pertaining to
                                                                             bidder registration, the RM website provides a comprehensive directory of
                                                                                Bookmark as a favorite and log on today to check out the new intuitive
                                                                             design, enhanced graphics and simple navigation. Additional
                                                                             developments and personalized functionalities – including your very own
                                                                             ‘My RM’ page will be added over the coming months as we continue to
                                                                             work towards maximizing your online experience.

Must Watch
IF YOU MISSED all the excitement of RM’s
2008 Automobiles of Arizona and Amelia Island
auction events earlier this year, do not despair
– highlights of both will be airing throughout
July, August and September as part of the RM
Classic Car Auction television series on ESPN.
Hosted by Alain de Cadenet, the series
provides viewers with a detailed look at some
of the star attractions as well as the auction
action. Check your local TV listings for times.

                                                   More Success on the Show Field
                                                   2008 HAS BROUGHT continued success for RM Auto Restorations on the show field with
                                                   numerous exciting accolades for our clientele. At the famed Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, RM
                                                   joined in the celebrations of Joe and Margie Cassini, who claimed Best in Class honors for their
                                                   1938 Horch 853A Erdmann and Rossi Special Roadster, as well as Frank and Millie Ricciardelli, who
                                                   were awarded Best in Class for their 1932 Chrysler Imperial Convertible Sedan. Also celebrating at
                                                   the Amelia Island concours were Roger Willbanks Sr. and James Patterson, who were each
                                                   presented Amelia Awards for their respective entries.
                                                      Most recently, Jay and Patti Fitzgerald and Brent Merrill entered the winners circle at the CCCA
                                                   Grand Classic in Hickory Corners, Michigan. The Fitzgeralds took Best in Class and the overall Best
                                                   Classic Car trophy at the meet for their beautiful, fully restored 1929 Cadillac V8 Phaeton, whilst
                                                   Brent Merrill claimed Best of Show honors for his stunning 1931 Chrysler CG Convertible Coupe.
                                                      All award-winning examples had work performed on them by RM’s skilled team of artisans. A
                                                   hearty congratulations all around. Keep a lookout for more polished examples of RM’s work on the
                                                   Pebble Beach show field in August.

                                                                                                                                                          July 2008   11
                     Handcrafted. Exquisite. Powerful.
You don’t have to decide whether it’s an intriguing work of art, a beautifully
crafted lamp, or a memorable way to show your passion for the automobile...
because it’s all three. Each starts with a real crankshaft, that’s carefully drilled,
hand polished, then joined with nickel-plated brass hardware and a base of                                  Every creation is one of a kind,
                                                                                        so visit our web site to see samples of the beautiful finishes and styles.
beautiful wood or granite. Whether we use your crank or one of ours, every
detail makes it the most satisfying lamp you’ll ever turn on.                        303-796-7496
                                                                                           AUCTION RESULTS

Automobiles of Arizona
TOTAL SALES: $26,725,400

ON JANUARY 18th, RM Auctions kicked off their 2008 auction                          TOP SALES IN ARIZONA:
calendar with an exceptional array of motor cars at the Arizona Biltmore
Resort & Spa. The single-day auction attracted collectors from across          1936 MERCEDES-BENZ 540K SPECIAL CABRIOLET
North America and Europe, with its broad range of automobiles spanning                       $2,035,000
several eras.                                                                              1934 PACKARD 12 COUPE
   Bidders were unconcerned by the sharp volatility in financial markets                     $1,760,000
during the week of the event. Six automobiles broke the million-dollar        1929 DUESENBERG MODEL J DUAL COWL PHAETON
mark, with prewar cars dominating the top sellers list. The sports and                       $1,760,000
racing segment also continues to prove solid, with rare and notable                        1963 SHELBY AC COBRA
examples also doing very well.                                                               $1,732,500
   Unique offerings included two of the first concept cars, the Chrysler                  1966 FERRARI 275 GTB/6C
Thunderbolt and Newport, along with hot rods and custom cars, well                           $1,375,000
represented by three outstanding examples by Rick Dore, Ken “POSIES”                    1941 CHRYSLER THUNDERBOLT
Fenical, and the late Boyd Coddington.                                                       $1,320,000
   This spectacular event also marked the launch of a new look for RM’s               1929 BENTLEY 4 1/2 LITER TOURER
North American events, with choreographed video presentations                                  $880,000
highlighting each car as it crossed the block. A gala cocktail reception in               1941 CHRYSLER NEWPORT
the Biltmore Pavilion preceded the auction, with the 1963 Shelby AC                            $748,000
Cobra dramatically elevated above the bar.                                         1957 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL ROADSTER
   Long regarded as a premier event on the auction calendar, RM’s Arizona                      $742,500
sale has grown tremendously in recent years, and we look forward to               1932 PACKARD TWIN 6 COUPE ROADSTER
continued momentum throughout 2008.                                                            $660,000

                                                                                                                                 July 2008   13

                 Collector Cars of Fort Lauderdale
                 FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA FEBRUARY 15-17, 2008
                 TOTAL SALES: $18,025,555

                                                                                                      TOP SALES IN FORT LAUDERDALE:
                 ON FEBRUARY 15-17, RM Auctions proudly hosted the Collector Cars
                 of Fort Lauderdale auction, returning to the Greater Fort                                     1966 AC COBRA 427 ROADSTER
                 Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center. Over 460 classics, sports                               $781,000
                 and great American muscle cars crossed the block, achieving over $18                     1958 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL ROADSTER
                 million in total sales.                                                                              $495,000
                    The wide variety of automobiles featured “microcars” from several                      1956 CADILLAC ELDORADO CONVERTIBLE
                 manufacturers, including BMW, Messerschmitt, and Fiat. Other                                         $231,000
                 attractions included a 1966 “Batmobile” recreation, faithfully modeled                       1968 SHELBY GT500 CONVERTIBLE
                 after the original example, and the 1969 Dodge Charger “General Lee”,                                $220,000
                 from the 2005 film adaptation of the Dukes of Hazzard series.                              1968 SHELBY GT500 KR CONVERTIBLE
                    The headliner and top seller of the event was a 1966 AC Cobra 427                                 $217,250
                 Roadster in largely original condition, with a final hammer price of                        1960 CHRYSLER 300F CONVERTIBLE
                 $781,000. Another star attraction was a 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300SL                                     $209,000
                 Roadster, selling for $495,000. RM’s Donnie Gould, a 30-year veteran of              1959 CADILLAC ELDORADO BIARRITZ CONVERTIBLE
                 the classic car industry, attributes the success of the event to its ability to                      $198,000
                 draw a wide range of motor cars and collectors from across the continent                     1968 SHELBY GT350 CONVERTIBLE
                 and beyond.                                                                                          $193,600
                    RM Auctions looks forward to welcoming hundreds of automotive                              1967 SHELBY GT500 FASTBACK
                 enthusiasts to South Florida next year for this great event. For a complete                          $192,500
                 list of auction results, please visit our website at,          1931 STUDEBAKER PRESIDENT FOUR SEASONS ROADSTER
                 or call an RM representative at 800-211-4371.                                                        $188,100

14   July 2008
                                                                                                           AUCTION RESULTS

Automobiles of Amelia
TOTAL SALES: $16,787,720

ON MARCH 8th, RM Auctions celebrated its 10th Anniversary as host               One of the premier attractions was the 1934 Ford Model 40 Special
of the Automobiles of Amelia Island auction, in conjunction with the         Speedster, which was custom-built for Edsel B. Ford. Often referred to as
Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. The single-day auction, on the            the Continental Series II Speedster, this car is reputed to have inspired the
grounds of the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Hotel, saw over 100 beautiful          Lincoln Zephyr and Continental designs, and attracted a final bid of $1.76
vintage automobiles crossing the block, drawing enthusiasts from North       million dollars.
America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.                                      Ian Kelleher, Managing Director of RM Auctions, noted that the Amelia
   The event achieved record attendance and strong prices, confirming the    Island auction and concours are recognized as the ‘Pebble Beach’ of the
enduring strength of the collector car market. Four automobiles attracted    East Coast, and thanks to the event’s proximity, strong European
top bids exceeding one million dollars, and coach-built cars from the                                    attendance was noted. RM Auctions looks
prewar era continue to dominate the top sellers list.                                                  forward to its second decade of involvement
                                                                                                    with this superlative weekend, a favorite of the
                                                                                                      classic car hobby.

                                                                                                                           TOP SALES IN AMELIA

                                                                           1931 DUESENBERG MODEL J CONVERTIBLE COUPE BY MURPHY        $2,640,000
                                                                                     1931 BENTLEY 8-LITRE OPEN TOURER BY HARRISON     $2,200,000
                                                                                             1934 FORD MODEL 40 SPECIAL SPEEDSTER     $1,760,000
                                                                         1929 DUESENBERG MODEL J CONVERTIBLE BERLINE BY LEBARON       $1,210,000
                                                                                                  1931 CADILLAC V16 SPORT PHAETON     $522,500
                                                                                    1933 PACKARD SUPER EIGHT CONVERTIBLE VICTORIA     $412,500
                                                                   1959 CHEVROLET CORVETTE FUEL INJECTED COMPETITION CONVERTIBLE      $275,000
                                                                                                          1937 CORD 812 SC PHAETON    $291,500
                                                                                                1938 LAGONDA LG6 DROPHEAD COUPE       $247,500
                                                                                                1956 PORSCHE 356A 1600S SPEEDSTER     $220,000
                                                                                               1937 CORD 812 SC CONVERTIBLE COUPE     $220,000

                                                                                                                                                             July 2008   15

                 Classic Car Auction of Toronto                                                                                           TOP SALES IN TORONTO

                 TOTAL SALES: $4,081,767                                                                         1997 PORSCHE 993 TWIN-TURBO “S” COUPE     $162,800
                                                                                                                  1967 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427 ROADSTER     $162,250
                 ON THE WEEKEND OF April 4-6, thousands of car lovers flocked to                                    1956 MERCURY MONARCH CONVERTIBLE       $123,750
                 the Toronto International Centre, for RM’s Toronto Spring International                 1989 LAMBORGHINI COUNTACH 25TH ANNIVERSARY        $121,000
                 Classic Car Auction. Spanning Canada’s rich automotive history, the                              1970 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE LS6 454-450 HP   $104,500
                 selection of cars ranged from an early 1900s horseless carriage built by                     1966 FORD MUSTANG PRO-TOURING FASTBACK       $99,000
                 the McLaughlin Carriage Company, to a special 2007 Hertz Edition Shelby                          1966 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 427 ROADSTER     $96,250
                 Mustang Convertible.                                                                                       1951 JAGUAR XK120 ROADSTER     $88,000
                                                                                                   1970 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE LS6 RECREATION CONVERTIBLE      $81,120
                                                                                                                     1971 DODGE CHALLENGER CONVERTIBLE     $77,000

                                                                                                  The annual three-day auction enjoyed a 20% increase in attendance
                                                                                                   over previous years, drawing many buyers from the United States.
                                                                                                     While big-block Corvettes and Chevrolet muscle cars continued to
                                                                                                      dominate the top sellers list, exotic cars displayed their market
                                                                                                     strength. A 1997 Porsche 993 Twin-Turbo “S” Coupe brought
                                                                                                       $162,800, while a 1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary
                                                                                                       model achieved $121,000. Bidder interest in well-restored and rare
                                                                                                     cars of the 1950s remained strong, epitomized by a Mercury
                                                                                                     Monarch Convertible, which earned a final hammer price of
                                                                                                  Dan Spendick, an RM Auctions veteran, reflected on the successful
                                                                                                auction, noting that many new buyers attended this year’s event,
                                                                                                providing a strong signal that the collector car hobby is growing. For a
                                                                                                complete list of auction results, please visit our website at
                                                                                       or call an RM representative at 800-211-4371.

                 Classic Car Auction of Michigan
                 TOTAL SALES: $6,075,055

                 ON THE WEEKEND OF April 26-27, RM Auctions returned to the                     Type 57 Galibier Sedan, a stunning 1938 Packard Twelve Brunn Landaulet,
                 Rock Financial Showplace in Novi, Michigan for the annual Michigan             and an award-winning 1930 Pierce-Arrow Model A Convertible Coupe.
                 International Classic Car Auction. The event witnessed a 100 percent           Meanwhile, Cadillac enthusiasts enjoyed the Oberhaus collection, with
                 increase in bidder registrations with many first-time registrants, again       its strong focus on 1950s and 1960s Cadillacs.
                 verifying the strength and vitality of the collector car hobby.                   This enjoyable event featured automobiles for every taste, and
                    The event featured 300 automobiles of all types, with approximately         provided the ideal venue to acquire an interesting new vehicle for the
                 150 cars originating from the collections of D.J. “Bud” Mick and Edwin         summer. For complete auction results, or to consign your car for next
                 Oberhaus. While best known for its fine muscle cars and convertibles of        year, visit our website at, or call an RM
                 the fifties and sixties, the Bud Mick collection also offered a 1934 Bugatti   representative at 800-211-4371.

                                                  TOP SALES IN MICHIGAN

                            1934 BUGATTI TYPE 57 GALIBIER SEDAN   $242,000
                             1956 CHEVROLET BEL AIR CONVERTIBLE   $154,000
                           1958 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE CONVERTIBLE    $129,250
                           1968 PLYMOUTH GTX HEMI CONVERTIBLE     $120,000
                             1958 CHEVROLET IMPALA CONVERTIBLE    $121,000
                 1930 PIERCE-ARROW MODEL A CONVERTIBLE COUPE      $107,250
                                       1941 FORD WOODIE WAGON     $99,000
                                        1988 LAMBORGHINI LM002    $93,500
                                     1929 AUBURN 8-90 CABRIOLET   $89,100
                                      1935 AUBURN 851 CABRIOLET   $88,000

16   July 2008
                                                                                                       AUCTION RESULTS

                                                                                                                              “IT WAS MORE
                                                                                                                          THAN AN AUCTION;

The Wayne Davis Collection                                                                                                 IT WAS AN EVENT.
                                                                                                                            I WENT WITH RM
SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS APRIL 19, 2008                                                                                             AS THEY ARE THE
TOTAL SALES: $8,178,880                                                                                                    SPECIALISTS, AND
RM AUCTIONS PROUDLY offered nearly 80 vehicles                                                                               THEY CERTAINLY
without reserve from the collection of Wayne Davis on April                                                               DIDN’T DISAPPOINT.
19, 2008. The auction, held on the Davis estate in Southlake,
Texas, was a standing-room only event, while featuring a                                                                     FROM START TO
good dose of Texan hospitality.                                                                                            FINISH, THEY HAD
   A lifelong auto enthusiast, Davis first joined the car
industry after high school. At the age of 23, he began his own                                                              A GOOD TEAM OF
restoration shop, “Thunderbirds Etc”, first concentrating on                                                                PEOPLE WORKING
1955-1957 Thunderbirds before turning his hand to prewar
classics and popular American marques of the 1940s and                                                                    BEHIND THE SCENES
1950s. With passion, high attention to detail, and a keen eye,                                                             AND DID A GREAT
Davis carved out a reputation for setting world-record prices
at national collector car auctions.                                                                                               JOB OF
   Highlights of the sale included the coveted “triple crown”                                                             COORDINATING ALL
of GM’s finest cars of the 1950s. The 1953 Cadillac Eldorado
Convertible attracted $440,000, while the striking 1953                                                                       THE DIFFERENT
                                                                         WAYNE DAVIS’S TOP SELLERS
Oldsmobile Fiesta sold for $253,000 and the ultra-luxurious                                                                  ASPECTS OF THE
1953 Buick Skylark Convertible brought $203,500.                           1953 CADILLAC ELDORADO CONVERTIBLE
   Sale Manager Dan Spendick attributed the strong auction                            $440,000                                    SALE.”
results to the high quality and rarity of the Wayne Davis                       1957 DUAL-GHIA CONVERTIBLE                        – WAYNE DAVIS
collection, along with the large number of onsite bidders and                         $319,000
those who participated via the internet and telephone. A                         1963 DUAL-GHIA L6.4 COUPE
tremendous success, we wish to thank Wayne Davis for the                              $275,000
opportunity to represent his impressive collection.                         1953 OLDSMOBILE FIESTA CONVERTIBLE
                                                                             1960 PLYMOUTH FURY CONVERTIBLE
                                                                 1947 CADILLAC SERIES 75 SEVEN-PASSENGER IMPERIAL SEDAN
                                                                              1954 BUICK SKYLARK CONVERTIBLE
                                                                            1957 CADILLAC ELDORADO BROUGHAM
                                                                                      $220,000                            TOP: 1953 Cadillac Eldorado
                                                                              1953 BUICK SKYLARK CONVERTIBLE              Convertible, sold for $440.000.
                                                                       1948 HUDSON COMMODORE EIGHT CONVERTIBLE            Bottom: The 1957 Dual-Ghia
                                                                                      $181,500                            Convertible, sold for $319,000.

                                                                                                                                                   July 2008   17

                 Ferrari Leggenda e Passione
                 MARANELLO, ITALY MAY 18, 2008
                 TOTAL SALES: $43,315,739

                 ON MAY 18, 2008, RM Auctions, in association            In all, 72 percent of the 46 motor cars offered           FERRARI’S TOP TEN:
                 with Sotheby’s, proudly presented Ferrari:           were sold on the block, at an average price of
                 Leggenda e Passione. This one-day event,             $1,312,489 USD. Of note, a 1964 Ferrari 250          1961 FERRARI 250 GT SWB CALIFORNIA SPYDER
                 featuring some of the earliest and most              LM, driven by the legendary Jochen Rindt to               €7,040,000 $10,894,900
                 important Ferrari automobiles, rewrote               victory at the 1965 Austrian Grand Prix, was                  1964 FERRARI 250 LM
                 collector car history, setting a new record for      sold for €4,510,000 ($6,978,968 USD). Also, in           €4,510,000 $6,6,979,225
                 the highest price paid for a vintage car at          commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the         1958 FERRARI 250 GT LWB CALIFORNIA SPYDER
                 auction.                                             Ferrari Daytona, the event included an award-              €2,365,000 $3,659,838
                    A stunning 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB                winning 1971 Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona                         1971 FERRARI 512M
                 California Spyder, once owned by Academy             Spyder, a fully restored 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4           €2,090,000 $3,234,275
                 Award-winning actor James Coburn, achieved           Daytona; and a totally original 1973 Ferrari 365             1967 FERRARI 275 GTB/4
                 an equally staggering hammer price of                GTB/4 Daytona, with just one owner from new               £1,320,000 $2,042,700
                 €7,040,000 ($10,894,900 USD). Notably, while         and 2,500 original miles.                             1962 FERRARI 250 GT LUSSO COMPETIZIONE
                 significant racing cars usually garner higher           The event also featured the sale of one of             €1,100,000 $1,702,250
                 prices at auction, this record-setting price was     the world’s most important Ferrari memorabilia        1971 FERRARI 365 GTS/4 DAYTONA SPYDER
                 paid for a street car. The previous record, set by   collections – the Ferrari Francorchamps                    €962,500 $1,489,469
                 a Sotheby’s Monaco event in 1990, witnessed a        Collection of Mr. Jacques Swaters. Nearly 180                  2004 FERRARI ENZO
                 final bid of $10,756,000 USD for a 1962 Ferrari      items were offered without reserve, including              €852,500 $1,319,244
                 250 GTO.                                             many items that were personal gifts from Enzo                  2003 FERRARI ENZO
                    RM Auctions’ founder Rob Myers, later             Ferrari himself, with each piece revealing a               €770,000 $1,191,575
                 interviewed by BBC News, cited the car's star        facet of the illustrious Ferrari story.                   1963 FERRARI 250 GT/L BERLINETTA
                 provenance and determined bidding as strong             Truly a celebration of Ferrari legends and              €759,000 $1,174,553
                 drivers of the final price. Furthermore, Myers       passions, this premier event will continue to
                 advised that while strong bidding was                inspire collector car enthusiasts around the
                 anticipated on the California Spyder, the final      world, providing a tangible link to the beauty
                 price exceeded the highest expectations of           and performance embodied by the cars of the
                 everyone involved.                                   Cavallino Rampante.

18   July 2008
                                                                                                          AUCTION RESULTS

                                                                                                                                “THE CROWN JEWEL
                                                                                                                                 OF THE SALE WAS
                                                                                                                                  THE 1923 MILLER
                                                                                                                                122 SUPERCHARGED
                                                                                                                                 INDIANAPOLIS 500
                                                                                                                                    RACE CAR.”

The MacPherson Collection                                                                                                          JOE’S GARAGE
                                                                                                                                    TOP SALES:

TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA JUNE 14, 2008                                                                                                    1923 MILLER 122
TOTAL SALES: $10.1 MILLION                                                                                                          SUPERCHARGED
ENTHUSIASTS FLOCKED TO Tustin, California for the               1923 and 1932. Greg Schneider expertly restored the Miller
sale of the beloved Joe’s Garage – The MacPherson               as it appeared during the 1925 Indianapolis 500, and in 2006,       1953 CHRISMAN
Collection on June 14, 2008. The collection, comprised of 50    the car won its class at the prestigious Pebble Beach              BONNEVILLE COUPE
historic motor cars and 25 vintage motorcycles, attracted       Concours d’Elegance.                                                $660,000
much attention as bidders came from across the country for         Another highlight of the single-day event included the
the opportunity to bid on Joe MacPherson’s automotive           Chrisman Brothers’ record-setting 1953 Bonneville Coupe.        1966 ALL AMERICAN RACERS
treasures.                                                      Declared “The Most Fantastic Coupe” by Hot Rod Magazine          GURNEY EAGLE INDY CAR
   Emblematic of California car culture, the Joe MacPherson     in 1954, the car was fittingly restored by Art and Mike               $528,000
collection housed a wide variety of significant race cars,      Chrisman and shown in the “Famous Hot Rod Coupes Class”
award-winning hot rods, and American classics.                  at the 2001 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.                    1960 MESKOWSKI BOWES
MacPherson is remembered fondly as a true patron of the            In honor of Joe MacPherson’s legendary generosity, a             SEAL FAST SPECIAL
automotive arts, who employed legendary craftsmen at the        portion of the auction’s proceeds were donated to the local          $462,000
peak of their abilities. A short list of these luminaries       chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County – a
includes Darwin “Squeak” White, Art and Mike Chrisman,          local non-profit organization of which Macpherson was a              1935/41 MILLER
and Steve Davis.                                                devoted supporter. RM Auctions was extremely proud to               FORD/WINFIELD V8
   The crown jewel of the sale was the 1923 Miller 122          represent this magnificent collection, and wish to thank all         $451,000
Supercharged Indianapolis 500 race car, which exceeded all      those who helped to make it a great success.
expectations when it sold for $2,035,000. Originally owned          To view the complete listing of auction results please           1956 FORD F-100
by Cliff Durant, it was driven by such racing greats as Eddie   visit our website at or speak to an RM          CUSTOM CAB PICKUP
Hearne, Ira Vail, Earl Cooper and Bill Albertson, between       representative at 800-211-4371.                                      $418,000

                                                                                                                                                   July 2008   19


                                                                  JUNE 27-29 2008 ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA

       “FOR DEDICATED                       OVER THE WEEKEND OF June 27-29, RM Auctions                    Rolls-Royce Phantom I Playboy Roadster, purchased new by
                                            proudly offered more than 200 vehicles from the private        Tom Mix; and a 1957 Chrysler 300C Convertible, formerly
      COLLECTORS AND                        collection of California media magnate Art Astor. Equally      owned by Richard Carpenter. Additional highlights included
     HISTORY BUFFS, THE                     impressive was his collection of original radios,              a one-of-a-kind 1948 Hudson Limousine by Derham, along
                                            microphones, Art Deco furniture, petroliana, and the world’s   with a 1941 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Sedan, used
     ASTOR COLLECTION                       most complete collection of vintage telephones – all of        during World War II by U.S. Admirals Kimmel and Nimitz.
     IS A TRIP THROUGH                      which sold without reserve. The auction, held at the Astor        Included in the auction were more than 250 original and
                                            Classics Event Center in Anaheim, drew many excited            restored radios, along with America’s most significant and
         AMERICA’S                          bidders from across the country for a chance to bid on these   comprehensive collection of vintage telephones. The auction
     PIONEERING YEARS                       remarkable treasures.                                          line-up also included a group of fully restored vintage
                                               Ian Kelleher, Managing Director of RM Auctions, summed      microphones, with numerous examples dating back to the
     OF THE AUTOMOBILE                      the event up best. “For dedicated collectors and history       earliest days of broadcasting.
     AND TECHNOLOGY ”                       buffs, the Astor Collection is a trip through America’s           Truly an incredible event, this memorable weekend
                                            pioneering years of the automobile and technology”, adding     represented a fine tribute to Art Astor, whose many years of
                                            “It is quite possibly one of the country’s most diverse and    astute acquisition, organization and sympathetic ownership
     PHOTO: The 1940 Cadillac Series 75     comprehensive collections of pre and postwar memorabilia,      of his treasures resulted in the wonderful and diverse
     Formal Sedan built for Howard Hughes   with a particular focus on America’s early communications      collection we were pleased to offer to so many collectors
                                            industry and the Art Deco era”.                                and enthusiasts.
                                               Highlighting the automobiles were several cars with            Total auction results may be viewed at
                                            celebrity provenance, including a 1940 Cadillac Series 75      or a list may be acquired by calling an RM representative
                                            Formal Sedan built for Howard Hughes; a restored 1927          at 800-211-4371.

20   July 2008
                 UPCOMING                 EVENTS

               AUGUST 2                            OCTOBER 29
            Rochester, Michigan                 London, United Kingdom

            AUGUST 15-16                           JANUARY 2009
           Monterey, California                     Phoenix, Arizona

             OCTOBER 10                            FEBRUARY 2009
           Hershey, Pennsylvania                 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

            OCTOBER 24-26                          MARCH 2009
              Toronto, Ontario                   Amelia Island, Florida
The Art and Colour of General Motors
Throughout its 100 year history, General Motors has earned its place at the forefront of automotive
design. GM's contributions extend from the earliest Cadillacs and Oldsmobiles to Motorama
and '50s tail fins to the modern Sixteen, Cien and Volt. Now you can experience these
milestones in essays by a renowned group of designers and historians, which includes, among
others, Michael Lamm, Jerry Burton, Ed Welburn, Ken Gross and Richard Adatto. Foreword by
Bob Lutz, introduction by Nicola Bulgari and edited by Jonathan A. Stein. Illustrated by rare
vintage images and stunning contemporary photographs by Michael Furman.

                        To be released in an exclusive edition at Pebble Beach, August 2008.
                         Trade publication, September 2008. For advance orders please visit
                                                                                                          AUCTION PREVIEW

Vintage Motor Cars of
Meadow Brook Hall

BUILT IN THE 1920s by Horace Dodge’s widow, Matilda Dodge                         In conjunction with this year’s concours weekend, RM is pleased to
Wilson, Meadow Brook Hall remains one of the most spectacular and              once again offer a distinguished array of automobiles for auction at the
picturesque Tudor-revival style homes in the United States. As part of the     annual Vintage Motor Cars of Meadow Brook Hall. As always, the diverse
National Register of Historic Places, it not only preserves the legacy, art,   list of American autos includes such marques as Cadillac, Chrysler,
and architecture of one of the country’s most important families but also      Lincoln, and Auburn with such desirable names as Metz, Lozier, Pierce-
represents the storied past of America’s automobile industry.                  Arrow, and Locomobile also in attendance. Highlights of the ever-
   Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Meadow Brook Concours             collectible prewar era include stately cars from both Duesenberg and
d’Elegance is held annually on the expansive grounds of the famed 88,000       Packard. Not to be outdone, the great marques of Europe are likewise well
square-foot Dodge estate. This year’s concours will feature cars from          represented by the timeless Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing, a 1937
1933, 16-cylinder autos, 8-Litre Bentleys, motorcycles with sidecars, and      Bugatti Type 57 Ventoux, and even an elegant 1930 Isotta-Fraschini 8A.
will also celebrate Ferraris and the 100th anniversary of GM. It remains          The preview of vehicles begins on August 1 in the Shotwell Gustafson
an eagerly anticipated event on the collector car calendar and contributes     Pavilion with the auction commencing the following day at 11:00am.
greatly to the preservation of the historic Meadow Brook estate.               Please visit to view featured cars, purchase an
                                                                               auction catalog, or register to bid. Any additional inquiries may be
                                                                               directed to an RM representative at 800-211-4371.

                                                                                                                                                           July 2008   23

                 Sports and Classics of Monterey
                 MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA AUGUST 15 – 16, 2008

                 FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS, enthusiasts and collectors have been                       Of particular interest is one of the most rare and important concept cars
                 drawn annually to the spectacular Monterey Peninsula for what has             of the 1950s – the imposing 1957 Chrysler Diablo. Originally constructed
                 developed into one of the world’s greatest celebrations of design, speed,     at a staggering cost of $250,000 with impressive design work by the
                 and sheer automotive beauty. Flanked by the Pacific Ocean and the famed       legendary Virgil Exner, the 22 foot-long Diablo carries a fascinating history
                 17-Mile Drive, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance has spawned the           that involves the ill-fated Andrea Doria, aboard which the car was nearly
                 most exciting collector car weekend in the world. This year, the Sports and   shipped and would have been lost forever.
                 Classics of Monterey auction event will once again take place at the             Sports and grand touring devotees will surely delight in the offering of
                 Portola Hotel & Spa and Monterey Conference Center in Monterey. The           two 300 SL Gullwings and Lamborghini Miuras, one of which, a 1971
                 preview begins on August 14, followed by two days of exhilarating             Miura P400SV, is the last production example assembled; superbly
                 bidding – from sports and racing cars to stately American prewar autos,       restored and well documented. The prancing horse of Maranello is
                 the assembly of fine motor cars is simply remarkable and many will be         equally well represented by a 1973 Ferrari Daytona Spyder restored by
                 offered without reserve.

24   July 2008
                                                                                                              AUCTION PREVIEW

Mike Regalia, a 1951 Ferrari 340 America Berlinetta (the second of only          Packard and 1930 Duesenberg Model J, both by Le Baron, will be joined
two such examples to receive Touring Superleggera coachwork), and a              by an exquisite 1938 Horch 853 Special Roadster and a very rare 1929
matching-numbers 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Ellena, fully restored and eligible         Bentley 8-Litre Vanden Plas Tourer, which retains its wonderful original
for a wide variety of international historic events. Surely one of the most      chassis and is now offered for the first time after over 25 years of private
exciting lots in this group is a very rare 1953 Chaparral 1 sports racing car,   storage. Finally, the list of consignments is highlighted by such venerable
one of just five constructed by Dick Troutman and Tom Barnes.                    marques as Shelby, Bugatti, Jaguar, Porsche, and even Talbot-Lago,
   Not to be overlooked, custom creations are showcased by a wild one-           rounding out a particularly comprehensive and exceptional assembly of
off, Rolls-Royce Merlin V12-powered 1954 Cramer Comet as well as an              motor cars to be offered this summer in Monterey.
award-winning 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Seville, customized to pay tribute             To order an auction catalog, register to bid, or preview the lots on offer,
to Elvis Presley. Meanwhile, such grand American autos as a 1936                 please visit RM online at All additional inquiries
                                                                                 can be directed to an RM representative at 800-211-4371.

                                                                                                                                                                  July 2008   25

                 Fins, Fundraising
                 and the Fabulous Fifties
                 HERSHEY, PENNSYLVANIA OCTOBER 8, 2008

                 FINS, FUNDRAISING and the fabulous fifties will be on the menu                 Coinciding with the Museum’s striking FINS exhibit, this year’s gala
                 this fall as RM Auctions, in association with the Antique Automobile Club   will have a strong fifties flavor with an era-inspired menu and
                 of America (AACA) continue their much anticipated Night at the Museum       entertainment. To add to the fun nature of the event, guests are
                 fundraising series.                                                         encouraged to dress in theme.
                    Following in the footsteps of last year’s sell-out event, the October       Guests will be guided through the evening by celebrity emcee Ed
                 8th charity gala at Hershey’s Antique Auto Museum is again set to           Herrmann, who will share personal anecdotes from his extensive film
                 attract automotive enthusiasts from across the continent as it kickstarts   and television career as well as his passion for the collector car
                 festivities for this year’s annual AACA Eastern Division Fall meet in       hobby. Joining Ed center stage will be Bill Warner, founder of the
                 Pennsylvania.                                                               Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance, and Hemmings Editor in Chief,
                    “RM is united with the AACA in their commitment and dedication to        Richard Lentinello, who will also offer remarks on the industry.
                 both celebrating and preserving automotive history,” says RM’s Rob          Additional entertainment includes live music, a silent auction and a
                 Myers. “A must attend event for motoring enthusiasts in town for the        live auction of automotive lifestyle gifts and experiences conducted
                 Hershey meet, we are delighted to be working with the AACA on this          by the ever exuberant, Bill Parfet.
                 exciting event - it provides a fabulous opportunity to share our
                 collective passion for the industry, mingle with friends and dig
                 deep to support the work of the AACA and the future of the
                 industry,” he adds.

26   July 2008
   Additionally, in the lead up to the event, motoring enthusiasts also have   Motor Cars at Hershey auction event on October 10th. Last year’s
the opportunity to enter the draw to win a very special The Tonight Show       inaugural event saw the record sale of an unrestored 1911 Oldsmobile
experience with well-known celebrity car collector Jay Leno. Keep a            Limited 7-Passenger Touring for an impressive $1.65 million. There are
lookout at upcoming RM and AACA events for further information.                bound to be more surprises this year.
   Well worth making sure you arrive in Hershey a few days earlier this           Tickets to the not-to-be-missed Night at the Museum are $125 per
           year, the Night at the Museum fundraising gala will act as a        person. For tickets and further information, please contact the AACA
                      prelude to RM’s annual, much anticipated Vintage         Museum at 717.566.7100 ext 101 or visit

                 Vintage Motor Cars of Hershey
                 HERSHEY, PENNSYLVANIA OCTOBER 10, 2008

                                                          LAST YEAR RM AUCTIONS was honored to be designated the
                                                          official auction house of the Antique Automobile Club of America. Since
                                                          1955, one of the most eagerly anticipated events on the AACA’s calendar
                                                          has been the Eastern Fall Meet, an annual classic car gathering in
                                                          Hershey, Pennsylvania that has blossomed into one of the largest and
                                                          most prominent shows and flea markets in the country. In conjunction
                                                          with this annual event, RM was pleased to present its first annual Vintage
                                                          Motor Cars at Hershey auction, which featured the esteemed Helen F.
                                                          Swigart collection.

28   July 2008
                                                                                                       AUCTION RESULTS

   This year, as RM continues its relationship with the AACA and looks    Phaeton by LaGrande (J510, chassis number 2540). One of the rarest and
forward to welcoming friends and enthusiasts to the famed Hershey         most desirable of the open body Duesenbergs continues to be the
Lodge, the selection of classic automobiles will be equally remarkable,   stunning LaGrande Dual Cowl Phaeton. This particular supercharged Dual
spanning every significant decade and the earliest pioneering days of     Windshield example spent a significant portion of its early life in Mexico
America’s automobile industry. Thus far, the spectacular list of          City and has since had only a handful of owners, the most recent of which
consignments already includes numerous rare and highly collectible        has owned the car for the past 25 years.
American classics, from a 1912 Locomobile to a 1936 Chrysler Airflow C-      As consignments are still being accepted for this event, we encourage
9 Coupe, of which less than 20 examples are known to exist. Of course,    all interested parties to contact an RM representative at 800-211-4371 for
such distinguished American marques as Packard, Lincoln, Auburn,          further details. Additionally, RM encourages attendees and event-goers to
Pierce-Arrow and, of course, Duesenberg are also well represented,        visit the RM hospitality area at the meet and to take advantage of all the
perhaps most notably by a 1933 Duesenberg Model SJ Dual Windshield        amenities and attractions available in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the
                                                                          unrivaled American capitol of chocolate.
30   July 2008
                                                                                                      AUCTION PREVIEW

Classic Car Auction of Toronto

SINCE ITS INCEPTION in 1992, RM’s auction event in            exciting as American autos from the 1950s and 1960s,
Toronto has grown tremendously, becoming Canada’s             sports cars, exotics, and classics from every significant
largest collector car auction, attended annually by           automotive era are presented at the International Centre in
thousands of enthusiasts and featuring a wide and varied      Mississauga, Ontario. In addition, a variety of vendors will
array of classic automobiles.                                 also be in attendance, offering a host of automotive-related
Last year’s event proved particularly successful with 350     products, from art to apparel and parts to nostalgia. For
outstanding cars crossing the block along with 80 pieces of   further details and consignment information regarding the
selected memorabilia. This year is sure to be equally         Classic Car Auction of Toronto please contact an RM
                                                              representative at 800-211-4371.

                                                                                                                                   July 2008   31

                 Automobiles of London

32   July 2008
                                                                                    AUCTION PREVIEW

THE INAUGURAL AUTOMOBILES of London auction, held last year in
Battersea Park, was a landmark event that did not go unnoticed in the collector
car world. Not only was it the second RM auction event in Europe since the
establishment of the successful UK division and its partnership with Sotheby’s,
it also featured the distinguished collections of Bernie Ecclestone, Giuseppe
Prevosti, and Abba Kogan – setting numerous records in the process. Kicked off
by a star-studded Roaring Twenties preview and followed by seven hours of
exciting bidding, the atmosphere was simply electric.
   Perhaps most notably, a stunning 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special
Roadster, one of just 26 ever built, commanded a staggering £3,967,125 ($8.2
million), making it the most expensive road-going Mercedes ever sold at
auction. Mercedes, in fact, made a particularly strong showing with an
exceedingly rare 1928 SSK Roadster and an exceptional 300SL Gullwing, to
name but a few. All told, the assortment of fine motorcars was unparalleled –
be it outstanding Ferraris, Porsches, and Bizzarinis, the ex-George Harrison
Aston Martin DB5, or an exceptional BMW 507, the cars on offer spanned every
era, nationality, and desirable marque. A dramatic juxtaposition of race cars
included a 1986 Ferrari Formula 1 car and a 1928 Reo Racing Car, while devotees
of American classics were treated to a Ford GT40 and a 1933 Marmon Sixteen
Victoria Coupe, among others.
    With over £18,000,000 in total sales, the inaugural Automobiles of London
was the largest such auction ever to take place in the UK. This October, as RM
returns to Battersea Evolution, the beautiful event space in Battersea Park, the
  world-class offering of rare and desirable automobiles is sure to garner
                    unparalleled interest and worldwide media attention.
                      While space is limited and early entries already include a
                       strikingly original Bugatti Type 57C Atalante (chassis
                         57766), detailed elsewhere in this issue, consignments
                          are still being accepted. Please direct all consignment
                            questions and general inquiries to an RM
                             representative at 800-211-4371.

                                                                                                    July 2008   33
                 Unveiling Miniature
                 PEDAL CARS CREATED BY THE BEST IN THE                                             “Although we are an antique car club, a local street rod shop was one
                 BUSINESS ARE UNDER WRAPS UNTIL OCTOBER                                         of the first to say yes – as Posies is a great supporter of our museum –
                                                                                                they’re calling theirs a “Petal Car”, which really has us wondering! Fran
                 STORY: ALYSSON STOREY                                                          Roxas originally said he did not think he could help this year due to

                              ho said bigger is better? Certainly not the hardworking,          previous commitments, but within 24 hours was offering to build a
                              passionate folks at the Antique Automobile Club of America        Duesenberg pedal car! How great is that? Dale Adams has promised a
                              (AACA), who, with assistance from RM Auctions, are                car to fit right in with our fifties theme and has already named his car
                 organizing a special auction of unique pedal cars this fall in Hershey,        Elvis, and Steve Pasteiner is also promising to give us a car that is out
                 Pennsylvania. And certainly not the 14 top-notch and highly skilled car        of this world!”
                 designers who agreed to participate in this special event by creating             Judging by the incredible enthusiasm already demonstrated by the
                 their own one-of-a-kind pedal car, to be auctioned off to an                   designers, these attention-grabbing pedal cars will not disappoint.
                 appreciative and enthusiastic audience this October. In this case,             Designers were given a replica of the Champion Comet, and the only
                 smaller is bound to be spectacular and as a result, this year’s Hershey        instructions given were to have fun! Designers were told to let their
                 event should not be missed.                                                    creativity flow and chop, cut, and modify to their heart’s content. With
                    The incredible scale and importance of this massive annual event            basically no limits, the possibilities of what these talented people will
                 provides an opportunity to connect with a wide range of auto enthusiasts,      come up with are both endless and exciting.
                 and remind them of the vital role the AACA plays in the field of antique          This is sure to be an unforgettable night and should not be missed, with
                 automobiling. However, like many non-profits, revenue generation is a          the unique opportunity to acquire your own miniature versions of a variety
                 constant concern, says AACA Executive Director and antique car                 of classic cars from Jaguars to Duesenbergs and many points in between.
                 enthusiast Steve Moskowitz.                                                    These pedal cars have been created specifically for this exciting event and
                    “We rely on the generosity of our members and supporters to help us         will certainly be sought out by collectors from all corners of the hobby.
                 further the advancement of the hobby”, says Moskowitz. “This support is        This is a rare chance to own a tailor-made, customized car by some of the
                 critical to us if we are going to continue to offer the services and support   best designers and restorers in the world – with all proceeds benefitting
                 to the collector car hobby and the general public. Our goal was to come        the important work of the AACA. As designer Steve Pasteiner states, “I
                 up with an idea that was creative and fun for everyone involved.”              agreed to come on board because this is a great cause, and an interesting
                    The response from the participating designers confirmed that the            challenge for me to boot – I’m a classic car guy from way back and this is
                 pedal car idea sounded fun indeed. Within an hour of that first                a chance to have some fun, while helping out the AACA.”
                 meeting, group members were on the phone and receiving a                          For further information on the ‘Night at the Museum’
                 phenomenal response to their requests of participation, a fact                 charity gala and the offering of these exciting pedal
                 Moskowitz attests to the great support the AACA receives from                  cars at Hershey this fall, please contact the
                 restoration shops, club members and people who simply appreciate               AACA Museum at 717-566-7100 or
                 the work of the organization.                                                  visit
                    The list of participating designers is impressive, and certain to
                 generate significant attention at this fundraising auction: top experts
                 in their field like Steve Pasteiner, Ken “POSIES” Fenical, and Fran
                 Roxas are joined by accomplished talents such as Bob Anzalone, Dale
                 Adams, Stephen Babinsky, Bob Barber, Richard Balsley, Michael
                 Engard, Marvin Hill, Mark Kennison, Terry Kesselring, Al Prueitt and
                 Sons, and West Peterson.
                    As this issue went to print the designers were hard at work creating
                 their miniature masterpieces. When asked about their pint-sized
                 projects, most designers were understandably reluctant to go into great
                 detail – they want their creations to make a big splash at this exciting
                 event. However, RM Magazine can reveal a few salient details about
                 what the audience can expect during both the ‘Night at the Museum’
                 fundraising gala on October 8th when two of these extraordinary pedal
                 cars will be auctioned, while the rest of this fantastic line-up will be
                 presented for bids at the main event - RM’s ‘Vintage Motor Cars at
                 Hershey’ auction on October 10th. A live online auction will also
                 accompany this event for those unable to attend the auction in person.
                 As Steve explains, these designers are pulling out all the stops for their
                 tiny treasures.

34   July 2008
The 1938 Type 57C Atalante Chassis no. 57766

                                                        July 2008   37
38   July 2008
                                                                                                             that country’s high tariffs and restricted trade,
                                                                                                             the luxury automobile market had dwindled.
                                                                                                             Ettore, and his brilliant son Jean, knew that a
                                                                                                             very special model was imperative to help their
                                                       were expensive, temperamental, and in the case        company survive. The Type 57 was that car. Its
                                                       of the Type 57SC Atlantic, its Grand Touring          attractive styling was contemporary, and custom
                                                       companion, the Type 57 Atalante, and selected         coachwork was available for those with means.
                                                       others, were hauntingly beautiful.                       Earlier, Bugatti had purchased two front-drive

      ttore Bugatti was a mildly eccentric,               The Bugatti marque competed successfully in        Miller 91 racing cars from Leon Duray, who had
      somewhat egotistic Italian engineer, who         Grand Prix and sports car racing until the start of   briefly campaigned them unsuccessfully (they did
      lived most of his life on a baronial estate in   World War II. Ettore experimented with                not have the multi-speed gearboxes needed on
Alsace-Lorraine, in Eastern France. His father,        aerodynamics and the use of lightweight metals        European circuits) on the Continent. Bugatti
Carlo, created elegant, museum-quality furniture       like magnesium. Better known as “Le Patron,”          unabashedly copied Harry Miller’s dual overhead
in the Art Deco style. His younger brother             (the boss), Bugatti favored expensive, self-          camshaft setup, first for his Type 50, followed by
Rembrandt was an accomplished sculptor of              adjusting de Ram shock absorbers. But he could        a similar design for the 3.3-liter straight 8 that
animals. Trained as an apprentice engineer,            also be conservative at times. Bugatti refused to     powered the new Type 57. Ettore stubbornly
Ettore possessed the dreamy soul of an artist.         adopt supercharging at first, and he insisted on      refused to adopt independent front suspension
   From 1911 to 1939, Bugatti built                    using cable-operated brakes, long after               for his new model, and initially, despite the Type
uncompromising automobiles of great beauty             hydraulics proved superior.                           57’s sophisticated and powerful engine,
and sporting ability. Often technically, some             Although the Great Depression of 1929 was          (eventually over 220-to-230-brake horsepower in
would say perversely, complex, Bugatti’s cars          slow to impact France, by the early 1930s, due to     supercharged form) he rejected hydraulic brakes.

                                                                                                                                                                  July 2008   39
     LEFT: The Bugatti among other sporting
     cars at Mount Equinox, VT c.1950.

     RIGHT: Chassis no. 57766 at the 1939
     New York World’s Fair.

40   July 2008
   Perhaps that did not matter when the world           The production car, called simply, the Aero,          After a checkered history, this car was
got its first glimpse of what was to come. The      was to be fabricated from Electron, a magnesium       eventually bought by an amorous lothario,
concept for the Atlantic was first shown in 1935,   and aluminum alloy. When that metal proved            Monsieur Rene Chatard, and fated to be badly
at both the Paris and London Motor Shows.           difficult to weld, Jean Bugatti, assisted by          mauled in a horrific accident which killed him and
Called the Competition Coupe Aerolithe, (the        Joseph Walter, united the sections using rivets,      his mistress.
French word for meteor) it rode on a prototype      which explains the spine-like center rib dividing         The third and last customer car went to an
Type 57 Bugatti Type S (for sports) chassis, with   the svelte body, a theme repeated in its teardrop-    English buyer, Mr. R. B. Pope in March, 1938. A
gondola-shaped frame-rails that tapered             shaped fenders. Close-coupled, cramped, poorly        tall man who usually wore a hat, he insisted the
rearward for an aerodynamic appearance. It was      ventilated, and, sad to say, quite impractical, the   roof be made one inch higher. Ventilation slots
powered by a normally-aspirated, 3.3-liter,         sexy lightweight was an enthusiast’s delight, and     were cut to facilitate driving in warm weather.
DOHC straight 8. Historians are certain two         one of only a handful of sports cars that could top   Curiously, a fourth Type 57 Atlantic, and the first
Aerolithes were built as prototypes, but they did   130 mph in its era.                                   example built, disappeared before World War II.
not exist simultaneously. (Neither survives,            Production Atlantic bodies were hand-             It had been used as a factory demonstrator, and
although parts of both cars were re-used in         fabricated in aluminum. The rivets were no            it is shown in period Bugatti print ads. Records
subsequent Atlantics).                              longer needed, but they looked exotic, so the         are vague. For years, experts questioned if it
   Although other makes experimented with           illusion of a riveted spine was retained. The first   ever existed.
aerodynamics, including Mercedes-Benz with the      car sold, built in February, 1936, was purchased          The ex-Rothschild Atlantic was fitted with a
Autobahn Kurier, and Talbot-Lago with its           by Lord Phillipe de Rothschild, then one of the       supercharger, along with a period Cotal
voluptuous Teardrop coupes, nothing was, or still   world’s richest men, and an enthusiastic amateur      electromagnetic four-speed gearbox. After
is, as outrageous. Bugatti’s curvaceous Aerolithe   racer. The second car, and the first to be named      several owners, it was sold in 1971 to Dr. Peter
was a design sensation. Although orders did not     Atlantic, was purchased eight months later by a       Williamson, who still owns it. The former Pope
pour in for copies, the point was made – Bugatti    Monsieur and Madame Holzschuch, who soon              Bug, also retrofitted with a supercharger, went
was still very much a contender.                    traded it for another, presumably more                through just three owners before its purchase by
                                                    comfortable and conventional, Type 57.                Ralph Lauren. The factory-owned demo is
                                                                                                          believed to be forever lost.

                                                                                                                                                                July 2008   41
         ITS EXTREME
        OF SLUMBER.”
              – SCOTT SARGENT
             Noted Bugatti Restorer

42   July 2008
   The ex-Chatard coupe languished for years while legal action raged              Ray Murray, this car’s second owner, also had an Atalante (Chassis No.
over responsibility for its demise. Finally released from bondage, it was       57733), which had been exhibited in the French Pavilion at the 1939 New
re-bodied twice, using some original and salvaged parts. It is being            York World’s Fair. Desiring the more powerful supercharged engine in his
restored yet again, by no less than Paul Russell and Co., who did the           more exclusive Atalante, Murray had the two cars’ bodies exchanged for
Pebble Beach–winning Ralph Lauren coupe.                                        one another, a not uncommon practice in that period.
   Of the four Atlantics built (they are sometimes called Atlantique, using        East Coast Ferrari distributor Al Garthwaite owned this coupe in the
     the French language); only three found buyers. But the design              1950s; then it passed to noted early classic collector, Dr. Samuel Scher,
            spawned a companion model. Using the basic lines of the             and from him to H.A. Rudkin and S.J. Rivman in New York City. John W.
                Aerolithe-inspired Atlantic, Jean Bugatti designed the          Straus was the Bugatti’s next owner. A grandson of Isidor Straus, who
                   Atalante, a slightly larger, more comfortable, exquisitely   transformed R.H. Macy’s into a retail colossus, and sadly perished, along
                     beautiful Grand Tourer on the Type 57 chassis. In          with his wife Ida, when the Titanic sank in 1912, John Straus first saw this
                       Greek mythology, Atalante was a Goddess who              Bugatti in the 1950s at Zumbach Motors, on West 54th Street, in New
                         swore she would never marry any man who could          York City, then a mecca for attracting car-loving personalities like “Today
                          run fast enough to catch her. Substantially more      Show” host Dave Garroway and popular band leader, Paul Whiteman.
                           successful than the Atlantic, Bugatti built about       Mr. Straus commuted to and from the train station from his home in
                            40 Atalantes on the standard Type 57, and the       Pond Ridge in his Bugatti, from there he took the train into New York City
                             sporting Type 57S chassis, before the war          every day to work at Macy’s. Time eventually took a toll; Straus last drove
                             halted all production.                             the Atalante in 1962. The black and primrose yellow beauty was then
                                This curvaceous Type 57C (The C denotes a       parked in Straus’ Pound Ridge, NY, garage for 45 years, until it was sold
                             supercharged engine: S is the low-slung sports     in June, 2007, at an auction in Greenwich, CT. Although the pre-sale
                             chassis) Atalante coupe, Chassis No. 57766,        estimate was $300,000 – $400,000, the actual selling price was $852,500
                             began life as a Stelvio cabriolet that was         (including a 10% buyer’s premium), a lofty sum which reflects this special
                            delivered in 1938, by Colonel Sorel, the London     car’s remarkable provenance, with all its matching numbers and correct
                            Bugatti agent, to Nicolas S. Embiricos, a           parts, not to mention its extreme rarity. To be certain, this remarkable
                           wealthy amateur racer. Photographs survive of        price paid attracted the attention of media worldwide. Countless
                         Embiricos with the car in Palm Beach, Florida,         magazine and newspaper articles were published, Internet chat forums
                        circa 1941.                                             were ablaze and the History Channel as well as the Keno brothers from
                         A word on Bugatti Type 57 horsepower ratings.          the Antiques Roadshow pored over the car.
                    The first, normally-aspirated Type 57’s were rated at          Barely two months after the auction, this Atalante competed in the
                 135 brake horsepower; the supercharged Type 57C was            FIVA Preservation Class at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours
              conservatively rated at 160 brake horsepower with three-to-       d’Elegance. Following that, the Atalante was shown at the American
         four pounds boost. The Type 57S, normally aspirated, but with          Bugatti Club’s annual meet at Watkins Glen in New York, where Richard
increased compression and lightweight pistons, has been noted at 175            Riddell, long time member and director of the American Bugatti Club
brake horsepower, and the Type 57SC, incorporating the S improvements,          drove the car in the event’s road rally. Later, the Type 57C was exhibited
with lower compression ratio and higher boost, developed from 220-to-           at the Saratoga Automobile Museum as part of a “Barn Find” exhibit
230-brake horsepower.                                                           which ran from January through March 2008.
   At that time, Bugatti proudly held several speed records with a                   The task of removing the nearly two inch thick layer of dust, dirt and
normally-aspirated, 3.3-liter, straight 8-powered Type 57, on an ultra-low,     grease for its showing at Pebble Beach had been charged to noted Bugatti
‘S’ chassis, fitted with streamlined coachwork. The factory proudly             restorer, Scott Sargent. “The Bugatti had been neglected to a point
advertised its racing successes, which included 135.45 mph for one hour,        bordering abuse… there were acorns in the exhaust, and more mouse
123.8 mph for 2,000 miles and 124.6 mph for 4,000 kilometers. An avid           turds left on the floor of the car than original carpet…” describes Sargent.
horseman, Ettore Bugatti was convinced automobile competition                   He continues – “Sensitive to its extreme originality, and preservation, we
improved the breed, as it did with thoroughbred racing.                         did only the bare necessary to revive the car from its 45 years of slumber.”

                                                                                                                                                               July 2008   43
                    The “bare necessities” included repairing         point, at least its water pump, blower, and/or            Bugatti’s supercharged straight 8 is still a
                 the supercharger’s dried out and leaky leather       intake manifold replaced… Even the clutch            surprisingly powerful engine. You can feel it.
                 seals, flushing all the fluids and replacing them    pressure plate and flywheel are indexed to the       The long shift lever has surprisingly short
                 with new, minor electrical work, and an              car! Usually when I restore a Bugatti, I am          travel. Throttle response is immediate, and the
                 overhaul of the brakes which had completely          performing the second or third restoration it        gear-driven overhead cams whir and click with
                 sealed. The Type 57C had been fitted at some         has seen.”                                           a delightful metallic cacophony. The deep
                 point with a postwar set of Marshal headlamps           It is important to note that this Bugatti has     exhaust note bbbrrraaaaps with authority, and
                 and taillights, these were replaced with the         not been restored; do not be deceived by the         despite its advanced age, skinny tires and stiff
                 period correct type. The interior seats were         stunning pictures illustrating this article. There   suspension, this low-slung Type 57C
                 repacked with horsehair and a fresh set of           is a great deal of patina present throughout the     still accelerates briskly and
                 carpets were fabricated and installed. “It was       Atalante. Yet, despite the passage of time,          corners smartly.
                 either that or leave the floors bare, because        much of the Atalante’s rich black paint retains a
                 there were only scraps of the original carpeting     deep luster; the worn leather has surprising
                 left” – recounts Sargent.                            suppleness, and the twin-cam engine’s
                    Witness to this careful revival was founding      polished aluminum still gleams faintly. It
                 member and American Bugatti Club Vice                is a true time warp. “It would be a
                 President, David Mize, who like Sargent, was         shame to restore a car that’s this
                 amazed by the level of originality of the Bugatti.   original,” the consignor says.
                 “The entire drivetrain and sub assembly of the          And it still performs well.
                 car is matching numbers, which is something
                 you almost never see. Just about every other
                 Bugatti David and I had ever seen, had at some

44   July 2008
   Oversized Jaeger instruments, mounted on a        unanimously supporting the consignor’s
polished wood fascia, feature long slender           conviction that this great car should not be
needles that wave like a conductor’s wand. Over      restored. If there was ever any doubt, this
the years, we have had the chance to drive many      example proves that preservation verses
great old classics, like Duesenbergs and             restoration is spreading fast throughout the
Bentleys. In comparison, the still-nimble Bugatti    antique and classic car world.
feels like a thoroughbred. Much of this can be          A one of a kind offering, the 1938 Bugatti Type
attributed to Type 57C Atalante’s totally original   57C Atalante, Chassis no. 57766, is just one of
drivetrain, which has never been disassembled.       100 outstanding vintage motor cars that will be
   With delaminated glass, cracked leather and       offered at RM’s second Automobiles of London
flawed paint vividly displayed for the world to      auction, once again to be held at Battersea
   see, this Bugatti has earned accolades from       Evolution, London’s most dynamic event space,
      collectors and enthusiasts around the globe,   October 29.

                         IS SPREADING FAST THROUGHOUT
                      THE ANTIQUE AND CLASSIC CAR WORLD.”

                                                                                                          July 2008   45

     With a double major in art history
     and history, Alysson Storey has
     always been fascinated by the
     stories behind famous (and not-so-
                                              Before the Cormorant –
                                              James Ward Packard
     famous) people, places and things.
     Her passion for history was
     encouraged at an early age and after
     living several years abroad working
     in the cultural sector, has an even
     stronger appreciation for the creative                                                                   running the steam-driven electric light plant, while Will
     human spirit. As a writer and editor                                                                     would work the telegraph office. They also sold newspapers
     for RM Auctions, she is committed                                                                        and ran a small printing office together to help finance a trip
     to sharing the stories behind the                                                                        to Philadelphia in their teens. The strong work ethic was
     fascinating automobiles and                                                                              also evident in the boys early on, working in their father
     personalities that make up                                                                               Warren’s other businesses in lumber and hardware. Their
     automotive history.                                                                                      father instilled in both of them a solid work ethic and
                                                                                                              business sense that they would use to their distinct
                                                                                                              advantage in later years.
                                                                                                                 James Ward continued with his mechanical skills during
                                                                                                              his university years, graduating with a mechanical
                                                                                                              engineering degree from Lehigh University in 1884. It was
                                                                                                              here that he demonstrated his insatiable curiosity as an
                                                                                                              inventor, creating objects that entertained and puzzled his
                                                                                                              friends. He created a magnetic door lock for his dorm room
                                                                                                              that he could open with a flick of a switch, and perhaps the
                                                                                                              world’s first “snooze button”, retooling his wall clock to
                                                                                                              control the alarm from his bed. He even created an electric
                                                                                                              burglar alarm for a college administrator (whether this was
                                                                                                              requested by the administrator or not is not known!), which
                                                              James Ward Packard (1863 – 1928)                created quite a stir at the time.
                                                                                                                 His college acquaintances described him as shy and retiring,
                                              ALTHOUGH THE PACKARD story is familiar to                       an affable sort who did not participate in college activities, and
                                              many, the faces behind the name are not. This is                was known to quote Mark Twain at length. James Ward’s time
                                              especially true of James Ward Packard, founder of the           at Lehigh must have meant a great deal to him however, as
                                              Packard Electric Company and the Packard Motor Car              many years later he donated $1,000,000 to the university in the
                                              Company. Although James was recognized during his               late 1920s to construct the Packard Laboratory. This sum would
                                              lifetime, especially in the Midwestern region of Ohio           be a welcome contribution to any university in the twenty-first
      “FROM HIS FIRST                         where he was born, raised and created his most famous           century; a gift of this size in the early twentieth-century was
                                              inventions, he is not well-known today. If the Packard          truly a monumental act of philanthropy.
      VEHICLE IN 1899                         brand had survived into present day, his name would                After graduating from Lehigh, James Ward moved to New
     ONWARD, PACKARD                          likely still be mentioned in the same breath as Henry Ford      York City and joined the Sawyer-Mann Electric Company. He
                                              or Ransom Olds.                                                 continued to excel in this burgeoning field, going from
       AUTOMOBILES                               With the benefit of hindsight, it seems to the casual        earning $1 per day to working as foreman within four months
         DISPLAYED THE                        observer that James Ward Packer’s life was destined to be       and plant manager within just a few years. Judging by his
                                              one of invention, creation and innovation. James came from      quick progression through the company, he soon outgrew his
        INGENUITY AND                         a long line of pioneers, literally; his ancestors arrived in    role there and decided to move on. He returned to Warren in
       INNOVATION THAT                        America from England in the mid-1600s with many                 1890; the Packard family name, and the opportunity to work
                                              succeeding generations settling in the Midwest.                 with his brother again, were likely factors in his decision.
     WARD HAD SHOWN                              James Ward was born in Warren, Ohio on November 5,           “Will and Ward” were soon to be reunited, and this time
     SINCE CHILDHOOD. ”                       1863. James Ward and brother William Doud, two of five          they would be doing much more than selling newspapers.
                                              siblings, had a close-knit relationship that would last            They started the Packard Electric Company, trumpeted by
                                              throughout their lives. They were often referred to by family   local media as a sure thing, thanks to the virtues of the
                                              and friends as “Will and Ward”, with Ward two years             young brothers, and the exciting future for “electrical
                                              younger than Will.                                              specialties”. What local journalists may not have realized
                                                 Ward showed an early aptitude for all things mechanical.     was that the company that they were raving about would
                                              While spending summers at their family’s hotel in               also house the machine that would become known as the
                                              Chautauqua Lake, New York, Ward would often work at             Packard automobile.

46   July 2008
     Above: James Ward Packard in           During his sales trips overseas, Will would often bring
     one of his early automobiles.       back engines for Ward to tinker with. Many newspapers of
     Photo courtesy of Automobile        the day contained stories and advertisements for gasoline
     Quarterly, “Packard: A History of   engines and in 1895, the Chicago Herald-Tribune ran a
     the Motor Car and Company”,         contest to create a horseless carriage that is now seen as a
     edited by Beverly Rae Kimes.        turning point in automotive history.
                                            According to many, the turning point for James Ward was
     TOP: A Packard 1910 Model           the acquisition of a de Dion-Bouton, a quadricycle brought
     30UC Open-Drive Limousine.          back from France by Will. Although a crude machine by
                                         modern standards, Ward began enthusiastically
     BOTTOM: This award-winning          experimenting with his new toy. After exhausting this
     1913 Packard Model 1-38,            machine, he began looking for another, and purchased an
     recently sold for $470,000 by       automobile in 1898 from the Auto Company in Cleveland,
     RM Auctions, Inc.                   owned by one Alexander Hinton – one of 22 auto carriages
                                         Hinton produced that year.
     OPPOSITE PAGE: Factory photo           Again, Ward’s inventive mind was at work, undoubtedly
     of one of the most elegant          because his new car was plagued by a variety of problems –
     Packards ever built – an            not surprising considering that this was essentially an
     individual custom 1933 Packard      experimental machine. Likely James Ward figured he could
     Twelve       Runabout       with    do it better, and by mid-1899 he was making plans to create
     coachwork by Dietrich, Inc.         his own automobile, along with two former Hinton
                                         employees. Amazingly, the full design and production of the
                                         first “Packard” took only 16 weeks! All work was done by the
                                         New York and Ohio Company (owned by Will), which did a
                                         remarkably competent job considering that the crew had
                                         never assembled anything like this before.

48   July 2008
   There are many legends about the relationship     next five years in Warren, Ohio. The company,        automotive history, although a new element was
between Hinton and Packard from this time –          now called the Packard Motor Car Company,            introduced to honor Ward’s death – the now-
was it Hinton that pushed Packard to create his      moved to Detroit in 1903 after Henry Bourne          iconic Packard emblem, which was the Packard
own prototype, after Packard supposedly              Joy, one of Detroit’s wealthiest citizens, joined    family coat of arms. This symbol lasted as long
criticized Hinton’s handiwork? Or was it simply      on as General Manager.                               as the motor car did, thus keeping a tie to the
Packard’s insatiable curiosity that led him to          From his first vehicle in 1899 onward, Packard    family forever.
attempt his own version of this new machine?         automobiles displayed the ingenuity and                 The many advances brought to early motoring
While Hinton certainly could have been               innovation that Ward had shown since childhood.      through the creative genius of James Ward
displeased that Ward had hired some employees        Packard would go on to produce some of the           Packard would seem to guarantee him a place of
away from his own growing business, no records       most desired automobiles on the market for           prominence in the who’s who of automotive
have come to light that this much-discussed          several decades until its untimely end in the late   history. However, the mid-century demise of his
exchange ever occurred. James Ward kept              1950s. Ward’s insistence on quality, his foresight   namesake company, along with his quiet nature
detailed daily diaries throughout his life, and no   and creativity would be hallmarks of the             may have combined to make James Ward
such mention of this was ever listed.                company’s success for many years to come.            Packard, the inventor, entrepreneur, and
   Packard was so pleased with his new                  James Ward Packard served as President of         visionary, one of the lesser known founding
creation that he decided to move ahead with          Packard until 1909, and served as Chairman of        fathers of the automotive industry. What is
production and about 20 more automobiles             the Board until 1915. Ward died on March 20,         certain is that, fame and recognition aside, the
were produced by the end of 1899. Following          1928, preceded in death five years earlier by his    cars Packard helped to bring into existence still
the completion of that first automobile in 1899,     brother William Doud. With the passing of the        stand today as a testament to his technical
Packard would build about 500 more over the          company’s founders, so did a remarkable era in       prowess and commitment to quality.
                 ULTIMATE VETTE

                          sk Corvette enthusiasts for the highlight of this year’s Detroit           With proceeds going to the Texas-based Grapevine Relief and
                          International Auto Show and you will likely hear the response: ‘the     Community Exchange (GRACE), RM Auctions, in association with the
                          debut of the ZR1’.                                                      Thompson Group at Classic Chevrolet, are proud to present one of the first
                    Touted by Chevrolet General Manager, Ed Peper, as America’s supercar,         ZR1’s in Victory Red at the upcoming Sports & Classics of Monterey
                 the 2009 Corvette ZR1 is the fastest, most powerful and most expensive           auction event in California this August. With the car’s release scheduled
                 Corvette ever produced, and its exceptional power-to-weight ratio has            for late summer, the auction presents an exclusive opportunity to be one
                 been described as ‘better than the Porsche 911 GT2, the Ferrari 599 and          of the first owners of the latest Corvette model. This exciting offering will
                 even the Lamborghini LP640.’                                                     be an important addition to any distinguished collection.
                    Representing a stunning new benchmark performance, the ZR1 is fitted             The car is being offered as part of an ongoing association between
                 with a supercharged 6.2 liter LS9 V8 pushing 638-horsepower and 604 lb-ft        GRACE and Thompson Group at Classic Chevrolet for their annual
                 of torque. Testing has proved the ZR1 capable of 205 mph on the test track.      fundraising endeavors. On behalf of GRACE, special thanks is extended to
                    Style-wise, the exotic new Corvette brings ‘the technology and                Ken Thompson, founder of The Thompson Group at Classic Chevrolet and
                 engineering refinement of carbon-fiber, ceramics and electronics together        Tom Durant, owner of Classic Chevrolet, for making this opportunity
                 in a distinctive design.’ Carbon fiber is used extensively throughout the        possible. For further information please visit
                 ZR1 for the front fenders, hood, roof, rocker panels and front air dam.             For potential purchasers, RM Auctions has been advised that all
                 Another standout feature is the clear, polycarbonate window in the domed         proceeds in excess of the Corvette's MSRP qualify as a tax deduction,
                 hood, which provides a clear view of the intercooler. The ZR1 rides on           however this does not include the buyer's premium and we encourage those
                 unique wheels and tires engineered specifically for the car with 19 and 20       interested to speak with personal accountants and firms prior to bidding.
                 inch rims, outfitted with special Michelin PS2 tires. A full-width, body-
                 color rear spoiler completes the exterior.
                    Inside, the two-door coupe provides a premium-quality experience and
                 is finished in the highest quality materials. Special fixtures include the ZR1
                 logo on sill plates, headrests, tachometer and speedometer.

                 PLEASE NOTE - preproduction model
                 shown. Actual color and production
                 model may vary.

50   July 2008
FOUNDED IN 1987 as a response to the growing need for emergency                hope. Extended resources through transitional housing and case
assistance services in Texas’ far northeast Tarrant County, GRACE is a         management are directed toward developing self-sufficiency. Through
faith-based non-profit relief agency that provides food, clothing, and other   special fundraising initiatives and the generous support of donors,
emergency support services to homeless and transient families in need.         programs have grown to include low cost medical services, technology
Serving people in Texas’ Grapevine, Colleyville and Southlake                  training classes and general emergency assistance, including food,
communities, GRACE volunteers and staff work in partnership with local         clothes, furniture, financial assistance, information and referrals. To learn
churches, businesses and individuals to address client needs and restore       more about GRACE, please visit

                                                                                                                                                               July 2008   51
                                    of a Car

                                                              July 2008   53
                                                       hey were like magic, spaceships on wheels, bright            For the 1956 show season, the genius of Exner was
                                                       chrome, sleek fins, a personal cruiser into the future.   captured with several special show cars, the most
                                                       At new car shows across the land, put on at local         impressive and outstanding being the Chrysler Dart.
                                               arenas, exhibition halls, or convention centers, countless        Conceived in Detroit and hand crafted in Italy by the shops of
                                               thousands of young boys and girls, and just as many adults,       Ghia, the Dart was awe-inspiring. This car represented
                                               would crowd around these crystal ball visions of metal,           everything Exner stood for; wraparound windshields, tasteful
     1957 CHRYSLER                             glass, color, chrome and steel images of what designers           use of chrome trim, aerodynamic smoothness in the body
     BY GHIA
                                               predicted motoring would be in just a few years.                  panels and most impressive, fins.
                                                  It was the mid-1950s, and wild designs that reflected the         Everyone knew how well a jet fighter could slice through
     The ultimate one-off of all post-war      latest in engineering advances were being transformed from        the air with the horizontal stabilizers keeping the pilot right
     concept cars. Complete with exceptional   what the minds of stylists had placed on paper, to a real         on course. It was this same logic, promoted by Virgil Exner,
     provenance, breathtaking in its           operational car of future. All of the American manufacturers      that fins on the back of a car would add to its stability on the
     appearance and condition, the Diablo      were trying to bring the crowds to their booth with fantastic     road. Thus the Dart was born.
     remains second to none and is being       and unbelievable innovations. At the top of the game was
     offered for the first time in 25 years.   the Chrysler Corporation, and while their sales continued to
                                               lag behind General Motors and Ford Motor Company, thanks
                                               to the help of their Chief of Design, Virgil Exner, no one came
                                               close to presenting the car of tomorrow, today.

54     July 2008
      July 2008   55
                    “THEY WERE LIKE MAGIC,
                   CRUISER INTO THE FUTURE.“

56   July 2008
   Starting with a new Imperial chassis featuring     at .17%, even better the Alfa Romeo B.A.T. cars
a 129-inch wheelbase, the most powerful engine        which had achieved a personal best of .19%. No
available in the Mopar family was mated to the        other car was better suited to act as a precursor
frame – a first generation 392 cubic-inch, 350+       to the entire “Forward Look” line-up that would
 horsepower “Hemi V8”, fitted with a pair of          be unveiled in the autumn of 1956 as the 1957
   four-barrel carburetors, and backed up with        models. One line in the Chrysler Corporation
     the latest in automatic shifting, the push-      advertising literature summed it all up,
       button operated Torque-Flite transmission.     “Suddenly it’s 1960”.
        Necessary instrumentation, accessories,          Despite winning rave reviews and having
          and the all-important plans for a totally   successfully promoted the production aims of
           different kind of automotive body were     Virgil Exner’s creations it was felt that the Dart
            crated off and shipped to Turin, Italy    still had a role to play for Chrysler. It was
              and the shops of Ghia.                  decided that the car would be sent back to Italy,
                 When the final product was           restyled, then returned to the show circuit the
               delivered back to the United States,   next season.
               it was the most significant study in      The most notable change to the Dart was the
                aerodynamics for automotive           trimming down of the fins, which, according to
                design ever seen; more than just      the literature of the day, added even more
               extremely innovative, it was also      stability and lower drag figures on the silhouette
               quite attractive.                      of the car. When the car returned to the United
                 It was during this period that       States ready for the show circuit, it was given a
             extensive wind tunnel testing was        new name, one that it still carries to this day —
           conducted by Giovanni Savonuzzi in         Diablo. With a literal translation from Italian of
         Italy and at the Chelsea Proving Ground      “devil”, this new version featured a redesigned
       on the Dart’s design. It was found that no     windshield header, a new red paint scheme, four
   other vehicle had ever achieved as low a           bucket seats and every available power
coefficient of drag as Exner’s design. These tests    convenience available at the time, including
helped to confirm this gifted designer’s theory of    power steering, power brakes, power windows, a
the wing-like fins actually helping the car slice     power top mechanism and even a power-
through the air. In multiple tests the ratings were   operated radio antenna.

                                                                                                           July 2008   57
                    As the Diablo, this red beauty
                 toured the country at car shows from
                 coast-to-coast and astounded crowds
                 wherever it was exhibited, so much so that it
                 was hailed as the most influential show car
                 ever created by any car company. What really
                 made the Dart/Diablo so very unique is that it
                 was a 100% functional vehicle, not just a pretty
                 show car that could spin on a turntable. It was
                 a powerful, well-appointed car that could take
                 a spin on the turnpike or test track and come
                 out with the best of them.                         scenario. Carrozzerria Ghia
                    Idea cars like the Diablo are a major part of   knew the importance of this
                 the business of selling new cars and even          car. Its aerodynamic successes,
                 during the heyday of the automotive market in      unique construction and sheer beauty
                 the United States, budget concerns and             was too significant in the corporation’s
                 outlines for every project were drawn up. One      history to let this one go the way of the crusher.
                 of the entries for these show cars was             Chrysler Corporation let the coachbuilder
                 something called “scrappage”. There was            purchase the car and the Diablo became well-
                 actually money set aside to see that these cars    known throughout the European show circuit,
                 never fell into the ownership of the public. For   ending up as one of the most widely exhibited
                 the Diablo, there was a slightly different         show cars ever produced.

58   July 2008

                                 July 2008   59
                    In the early 1960s, the Diablo was sold to a      “show/idea” car ever produced. Its technical
                 private party in Italy, and unlike many other        innovations, styling cues and the impression
                 one-of-a-kind cars of the future, this one was       left with those who saw it when new, made it
                 maintained and cared for, never allowed to fall      one of most sought-after show cars ever
                 into a state of disrepair. Eventually, the           produced, but being one-of-a-kind, only one
                 famous Diablo returned to the shores of the          person or collection at a time can ever own
                 United States and was acquired by a                  the Diablo.
                 prominent collector.                                    The Diablo, along with 175 other
                    One of the secrets of the Diablo is that it was   outstanding motor cars will be offered at RM’s
                 an all-metal body; totally hand made,                Sports and Classics of Monterey auction,
                 displaying the highest levels of craftsmanship.      August 15-16, at the Portola Hotel & Spa and
                 No fillers were used to make the sensuous            Monterey Conference Center. For a
                 lines and curves of this sleek body. Also, what      complete list of vehicles being offered
                 makes the Diablo so unique it is that it is a        please visit
                 100% fully functional car, something you can         or contact an RM representative
                 get in and drive for eight hours or 300-400          at 800-211-4371.
                 miles in a day. Today the Diablo, still
                 resplendent in its bright red finish, is every bit
                 as spectacular as it was when sitting center
                 stage at car shows across the country.
                    Fifty years ago this rolling work of art was
                 the center of attention and in its day Virgil
                 Exner, Carrozzeria Ghia and the Chrysler
                 Corporation all declared that the Diablo
                 was the most important and influential

60   July 2008
      July 2008   61
BADGES of Distinction
Classic Automotive Emblems
VINTAGE AUTOMOBILES FASCINATE the modern observer with                        Once the metal base is ready, color is added in the form of finely
their period styling, antiquated technology and rich histories. Upon closer   powdered glass and the badge is fired at high temperatures in a kiln. This
inspection, cars of the classic era continue to impress thanks to their       will melt the glass, permanently fusing it to the copper base and creating
quality details. The craftsmanship and artistry that went into the            the rich, glossy color that characterizes enamel work. Finally, a badge will
construction and finish of even a moderately priced model is remarkable,      be chrome plated, adding a gleaming finish that helps to highlight its
especially when contrasted with modern production vehicles. A small,          brilliant colors.
beautiful example of the finishing touches automobiles once received is          Champlevé automotive badges were standard on almost all vehicles
the marque badge that would be proudly affixed atop a grille.                 produced prior to 1940. This period produced hundreds of different
   These colorful, jewel-like badges are created through a technique          badges, which have become very popular with collectors over the years.
called champlevé. To create a champlevé badge, a piece of metal, usually      This painstaking process is still used to create badges for select European
copper, is stamped, engraved or etched to create slightly recessed areas      sports cars, but it has been all but abandoned in favor of modern plastic
       that will hold the enamel colors of the badge.                         versions in the United States.
                 In some cases, the surface of the badge is imprinted with         Understanding the process through which champlevé badges are
                        a texture or design, which is visible through the     created is only half the story. It is also interesting to discover the origins
                            enamel and adds depth and detail to the badge.    of the emblems that adorn classic cars. Scores of different marques have
                                  This technique is known as guilloché.       come and gone over the hundred-plus years of the automotive industry,
                                                                              each with a unique insignia. In many cases, it is not immediately apparent
                                                                              why a marque chose a particular shape, symbol or colors to represent
                                                                              their vehicles. The following guide reveals the stories behind some of the
                                                                              most recognizable emblems in the automotive world.
    One of the most distinctive emblems found in
classic motoring, the left side of the insignia
features a red cross set on a white background,
and the right depicts a large green serpent
devouring a man. Originally, each half was the
symbol of a powerful family in Milan. In the
fifteenth century, the two families combined
forces, and subsequently symbols, to become
the Visconti Dukes. Royal assent from the Dukes
of Austria, who were running Italy at the time,
was indicated by the addition of a crown above
the serpent’s head. Over time, this symbol came
to represent Milan, and has remained its symbol
ever since. Alfa Romeo was established in
Milan, and the idea to use the city’s symbol for
the auto maker’s insignia came to a young
designer one day when he spotted the serpent
on the Filarete Tower, a focal point in the
Milanese Piazza Castello. After Alfa Romeo’s
Grand Prix victory in 1925, a laurel was added FERRARI:
around the perimeter in celebration.                Ferrari, the marque
                                                 that made il cavallino
                                                 rampante famous, was
                                                 bequeathed its iconic symbol
                                                 by the parents of the highly
                                                 decorated Italian World War I pilot,
                                                 Francesco Baracca. He used the rearing
                                                 steed as an emblem on his fighter plane, and
                                                 following his death his parents entrusted the
                                                 symbol to Enzo Ferrari. Canary yellow, the color
                                                 of Modena, serves as a background on the simple
                                                 shield, and the letters S and F, for Scuderia
MASERATI:                                        Ferrari, flank the Prancing Horse. Finally, the red,
    Maserati’s unusual symbol, a red trident of white and green of the Italian flag indicate
Neptune on a white background bordered by Ferrari’s proud heritage.
royal blue, has similar roots to that of Alfa
Romeo’s. The trident is the symbol of Bologna,
where Maseratis were first produced.

                                                                                                             Another classic coat of arms emblem, the
                                                                                                          Cadillac insignia comes from the family crest of
                                                                                                          the founder of Detroit, Antoine de la Mothe Sieur
                                                                                                          de Cadillac. It was originally topped by a crown
                                                                                                          representing the French royalty. A round shield
                                                                                                          was emblazoned with bands of color
                                                                                                          representing wisdom, riches, purity, charity, and
                                                     PORSCHE:                                             knightly valor. Another notable feature of the
                                                       The bold colors of gold, red and black             Cadillac emblem are the six black birds facing
                                                     dominate the coat of arms chosen by Professor        left. Frequently mistaken for ducks, they are
MERCEDES-BENZ:                                       Ferdinand Porsche to represent his namesake          merlettes, which are heraldic representations of
   The simple tri-pointed star was first seen on a   marque. Red and black were the colors of             the martin. Merlettes are symbols of recognition
Daimler in 1909, and is said to represent the        Baden-Württemberg, the political region in           awarded to knights for notable achievements in
ambition create motorized methods to traverse        which Porsche was established. Nestled in the        the Crusades. Over the life of the Cadillac
land, sea, and air. The merger with Benz & Cie in    center of the crest is a rearing horse, the symbol   emblem, it has been updated approximately
1926 resulted in a stronger company and added a      of Stuttgart, which dates back to the 10th           thirty times. Its most recent revision is a
laurel wreath around the star, creating the          century, when it was known as Stuotgarten and        simplified, streamlined shield, said to be inspired
insignia that has continued to represent quality     served as a leading stud farm. Porsche remains       by the work of Dutch Neo-Plasticist Painter, Piet
and style up to the present day.                     based in Stuttgart today.                            Mondrian (1872-1944).

                                                                                                                                                                July 2008   63

                 The Ferrari Authority
                 STORY: ALAIN J. SQUINDO

                                                                    PRANCING HORSES, shiver-inducing exhaust notes,
                                                                    race-winning drivers, and drop-dead gorgeous Italian designs
                                                                    – the Ferrari marque, and all it represents on and off the
                                                                    racetrack, carries an undeniable attraction. It has spawned an
                                                                    unquenchable market demand for anything, sports car or
                                                                    otherwise, that ever passed through the fabled gates on Via
                                                                    Abetone Inferiore in Maranello. It has also engendered
                                                                    innumerable print and online publications and, accordingly,
                                                                    the necessity for accurate information is paramount to buyers,
                                                                    sellers and tifosi the world over. With Ferraris changing hands
                                                                    on a regular basis and frequently commanding seven figures,
                                                                    enthusiasts are doing their homework like never before and
                                                                    there is no better study guide than Marcel Massini.
                                                                       Few historians know Ferrari and its cars in such
                                                                    comprehensive detail as Massini, who regularly contributes
                                                                    his expertise to the production of RM’s auction catalogs and
                                                                    proved invaluable in the production of the Ferrari - Leggenda
      “CATHOLICS GO                  e Passion auction catalog. Over the past three decades, he has amassed an incomparable
                                     library of history, replete with yearbooks, assembly sheets, registration records, period
     TO ROME TO SEE                  photos, memorabilia and every periodical and significant publication imaginable – all
     THE POPE. WE GO                 dedicated exclusively to Ferrari and the cars it produced from its inception through 1976. He
                                     has become an invaluable contributor to Ferrari publications around the world and a
      TO MARANELLO                   consultant to countless collectors and institutions. A concours judge, senior editor of
     TO SEE FERRARI.”                Prancing Horse magazine and a contributing editor to Cavallino and Scuderia, he also writes
                                     for the Ferrari Market Letter and has authored four highly respected books, the most recent
                                     of which will be published this year and covers the 250 Mille Miglia.
                                        Born in Geneva, educated in Basel, and now living and working in Zurich, Switzerland, the
                                     quad-lingual Massini particularly enjoys detective work – the endless sleuthing that
                                     expands his library and requires world travel, onsite analysis and the constant acquisition
                                     of information. “A photo without identification is worthless,” he asserts, and in his library
                                     there are thousands, each identified and organized with precision and, of course, by chassis
                                     number. No two cases are identical; each is a different puzzle with its own pieces and
                                     provenance. Be it the 1964 250LM (chassis 5845) that crossed the block at this year’s
                                     Leggenda e Passione event or the astonishingly original 1949 166MM Barchetta (chassis
                                     0052M), one of three certifiable barn finds to which he lays claim, the history enshrined in
                                     Massini’s home office is unparalleled.
                                         Ultimately, the collector car market will always be sustained, at least in part, by such
     OPPOSITE: The 1950 Millie       historians and experts, each dedicated to preserving automotive history and its zeitgeist. For
     Miglia-winning Ferrari 166      Massini, like many Ferrari enthusiasts, it has become an endeavor of religious proportions.
     MM Berlinetta Touring           “Catholics go to Rome to see the Pope. We go to Maranello to see Ferrari. What they have
     (chassis number 0026 M),        achieved in the last sixty years… there’s an aura.” As the Ferrari gospel continues to amass
     Best of Show winner at this     followers and grows in its depth and breadth, collectors and enthusiasts can rest assured
     year's Concours Villa d'Este.   that Marcel Massini will be there to record and study it every step of the way.

64   July 2008
                 THEDrive Rarity
                 A Front-Wheel

66   July 2008
    n many respects, the development of the             Finished in 1928 with design work by Joseph      cylinder Studebaker engine was replaced with a
    Ruxton was an exercise in daring and sheer       Ledwinka, Muller’s sleek front-wheel drive          Continental 18S straight eight, repositioned for
    bravado. Groundbreaking and downright            marvel was unveiled early the following year in     better weight distribution. Compared with its
different, the odds were severely stacked against    New York with “?” placed prominently on its oval    only front-wheel drive competitor, the Cord L-29,
it. Eight decades later, despite the various         radiator emblem. By all accounts, the sedan         Muller’s car was lower, lighter and better
mysteries associated with it, the Ruxton remains     garnered widespread interest and curiosity. The     balanced. It had much lower unsprung weight,
a highly prized collector car – stylish, alluring,   roof was unusually low, the top of the hood was     giving it better ride and handling.
and above all very, very rare.                       practically level with the fenders, and the car’s      Still in need of significant investment,
   It was the 1920s and America was roaring          entire profile was about 10 inches lower than any   however, Andrews named the car after Wall
toward a financial precipice. The general climate    contemporary automobile. As for the curious         Street giant William V.C. Ruxton, whose financial
was prosperous, even if it sat on shaky ground,      front-drive system, Muller had turned around a      support Andrews hoped to secure. Ruxton was
fed by speculators and blinded by ambition and       Studebaker engine in the chassis. A differential    uninterested and the proposition floundered, as
greed. In the midst of this dangerous golden age,    was grafted to the back of a Warner gearbox and     did several others. Hupp, Gardner, and Marmon
William J. Muller was employed as an engineer        the power was transmitted through Spicer            all refused Andrews’ proposals until, in
at Edward G. Budd Manufacturing Co., which like      constant velocity universal joints to halfshafts.   November 1929, it was announced that the
so many other car body builders of the time often       In showcasing the question-marked concept,       Moon Motor Car Company of St. Louis would
produced innovative concept cars with which to       Budd’s management hoped to attract the              begin building the Ruxton. Ever the businessman,
present the nation’s leading car companies the       business of a major manufacturer for which they     Andrews’ clever maneuvering would have given
latest stylistic and technological advancements.     would in turn continue building car bodies.         him a controlling percentage of Moon stock.
Beginning in 1926, Muller started work on a          Instead, the car caught the eye of Archie           Resisting the hostile takeover, Moon’s
prototype to showcase the potential advantages       Andrews, a wealthy financier, promoter              management and workers reportedly barricaded
of front-wheel drive production cars.                extraordinaire, and incidentally a board member     themselves inside their St. Louis plant. Andrews’
                                                     at Budd and Hupp Motor Car Corporation.             men stormed in and took control before the entire
                                                        While Andrews created the New Era Motors         fiasco was handed over to the court system.
                                                     syndicate to promote the car, he charged Muller        By the time the Ruxton finally entered
                                                     with completing the design for production.          production at Moon, the transaxles and even a
                                                     Muller did so beautifully, creating an automobile   few complete cars were simultaneously being
                                                     that was even better than its prototype; the six-   built at Kissel in Wisconsin. While Muller’s car
                                                                                                         was designed in the spirit and ambition of the
                                                                                                         1920s, its production coincided sadly with the
                                                                                                         impending economic disaster of the 1930s. Lack
                                                                                                         of distribution and financial manipulations in the
                                                                                                         wake of the Wall Street crash ultimately doomed
                                                                                                         New Era Motors and the innovative front-wheel
                                                                                                         drive car.
   While it is unknown exactly how many Ruxtons were ever assembled,          remained in the Midwest until it was sold for the last time in the early
many contemporary sources place total production somewhere in the             1950s, accompanied by a detailed letter of its past whereabouts. It has
neighborhood of 500 units. Other experts, including longtime devoted          remained under single-family ownership ever since.
Ruxton enthusiast Jack Donlan, insist that the number is much lower              Over fifty years later, it now lays claim to several concours
and that a more realistic estimate is about 100 examples from all             appearances, a show-quality Clyde Wade restoration, and even a
combined factories.                                                           Motor Trend feature article. Most importantly of course, it is one of just
   Regardless of the debate, very few examples remain today and the           six or seven Ruxton Roadsters known to exist and one of less than 20
survival of many is owed to Chicago collector and motoring enthusiast D.      surviving Ruxtons of all body styles. It is truly a dramatic prewar design
Cameron Peck, who accumulated as many Ruxtons as possible in the              – low, sleek, and sporty. Its cat-eyed Woodlite headlamps, a strikingly
forties and fifties, saving the marque from the scrap metal drives of a war   low profile devoid of running boards, and remarkable front-wheel drive
torn American automobile industry.                                            technology all amount to a fascinating automobile whose production
   One of these few surviving Ruxtons will be offered at auction this         was hampered by a shattered economy and an unfortunate series of
August at RM’s annual Vintage Motor Cars at Meadow Brook event in             business failings, masterminded by the cunning Archie Andrews. Yet,
Rochester, Michigan. A beautiful Roadster example, it was reportedly          while the number of survivors is tragically low, interest in Ruxton’s
purchased new by one Mr. Spiegel of the successful Chicago mail-order         fascinating genesis and the dramatic automobile that it produced will
house. D. Cameron Peck is believed to be the car’s second owner and it        surely continue to grow.
      July 2008   69

     A formidable passion for automotive
     culture and a strong background in
     communications, drew Terry Lobzun
     to the RM organization in 2003.
                                             The Tale of the Comet….
     His role as Public Relations Director
     has brought the company international
     media attention by diseminating
     stories of the many historic and
     significant automobiles that have
     crossed RM's auction block and the
     shop floor. Through his column Off
     The Road, he takes our readers on a
     side trip through the land of the
     unusual and uniquely significant
     automobiles with stories to match.


                                             ONE COULD SAY 1954 was a pivotal year for
                                             engineering marvels, inspiring those with lofty goals. The
                                             modern world as we knew it was riding a wave of innovation
                                             and cultural change on land, sea and especially in the air.
                                             Mysteries of the universe, which had yet to be unraveled by
                                             the mere eye of a telescope, fueled a generation of jet-age
                                             designers and dreamers.
                                                The promise of intergalactic travel was supported by the
     TOP RIGHT: P-51 Mustang fighter         sci-fi fantasies of Hollywood studios with such forgettable
     planes being prepared for test          classics as The Rocket Man and Rocky Jones- Space Ranger.
     flight at the field of North            Even Abbott and Costello had already been to Mars the year
     American Aviation, Inc., plant in       before, albeit on screen. It all seemed plausible at the time,
     Inglewood, CA. Photo courtesy           yet it would be several more years before Sputnik poked its
     of The Library of Congress              head into space. Nevertheless, the world was spinning as
                                             fast as the mind.
     RIGHT: Employees at North                  Just below the stratosphere, Boeing unleashed their
     American Aviation assembling the        colossal B-52 and ushered in a new age of air travel with the
     cowling on Allison engines for the      luxurious 707 jetliner. While under the sea, the US Navy
     P-51 fighter planes, Inglewood,         launched the world’s first nuclear powered submarine, the
     CA, 1942. Photo courtesy of The         USS Nautilus. Further, faster and furious became universal
     Library of Congress                     buzz words in the transportation industry.
                                                Back on terra firma, modern home marvels transformed
     BOTTOM RIGHT: The Curtiss P-40E         and transfixed popular culture when RCA introduced the first
     Warhawk. Photo courtesy of NASA         color television to a captive audience. Swanson’s newly

70    July 2008
introduced TV dinners were de rigueur for what had become America’s
favorite past time, although the automobile was still the centre of
attention for the modern postwar family. In fact, the automobile had
become so deeply rooted in popular culture that business and commerce
seemed to evolve around it. Signs for drive-in this, or drive-thru that,
constantly vied for the motorist’s attention. One could eat their lunch, drop
off their laundry, grab some liquor, do some banking and even give their
regards to the dearly departed without ever leaving their vehicle. By the
mid-fifties drive-in movie theatres were at their peak with nearly 4,000
screens across the country. The nation’s new super highways sparkled
with chrome-laden cruisers from the Big Three and a trickle of exciting
new European sports cars. Yes, the future was bright, and shiny.
   At the January Motorama show of 1954, General Motors debuted its
wildest concept car ever - the rocketship-inspired XP21 Firebird. Over at
Chrysler, styling guru Virgil Exner was cooking up some tasty Italian
designs with Ghia, while Ford Motor Company used the same Turin studio
to craft their Lincoln Futura concept, which eventually became the
Batmobile. Many of these corporate experiments were just that. The
shape of things to come - but unfortunately not for sale.
   One man, who wasn’t satisfied with a mere mortal’s production car,
might have gazed upon the heavens for inspiration for his 1954 dream
machine. Perhaps it was a comet streaking across the Nebraska sky, or
the newest sensation sweeping the country - Bill Haley and his Comets.
Whatever it was that possessed a self-taught engineer from Omaha
named Tom Cramer to “build something a little different”, was surely
deserving of a page in automotive history.
   Haley’s Rock Around the Clock became an anthem for that year’s
generation of future baby boomers, but also a work ethic of sorts for
Cramer and his extraordinary automobile - The Cramer Comet. Built in
just 10 months, this mastodonic machine was obviously the result of
rocking “til broad daylight”. The idea seemed simple enough - build a
high performance, two-seat passenger car like no other. Now drop in
a 12-cylinder aircraft engine for fun. This is where the tale of the
Comet begins.
     Top: Curtiss P-40E Warhawk.
     Photo courtesy of NASA

     LEFT: A detailed drawing of the
     Allison V-1710 engine. Photo
     courtesy of NASA

     RIGHT: Crew at work on
     dynamometer on Allison V-1710
     engine. Photo courtesy of NASA.

                                          Tom started out with a fresh from the crate 1,710 cubic      The monster Allison engine is actually mounted in
        “NOT ONLY DOES                 inch, V-12 Allison engine hence called the V-1710 - the      reverse, contrary to its flying counterparts, and coupled
          THE ALLISON                  same motor that powered famous WWII warbirds like the        first to a heavy duty truck universal joint, then to a
                                       P38 Lightning and early versions of the venerable P51        molybdenum steel drive shaft, another universal joint, a
         SOUND LIKE A                  Mustang. Many war surplus V-1710 engines found their         flywheel, a heavy duty truck clutch, and finally mated to a
      BLITZKRIEG, BUT IT               way into land speed cars and hydroplanes as they             four-speed synchromesh truck transmission. Despite
                                       provided excellent power to weight specifications and        having an oversized cooling system, the engine
      PUTS OUT ENOUGH                  were capable of running hard for extended periods of         compartment and exhaust components had to be well
      HEAT TO BROWN A                  time. Ironically, the Allison company started out building   insulated. According to a 1955 magazine story, “Not only
                                       hot rodding parts for the Indianapolis speed market in the   does the Allison sound like a blitzkrieg, but it puts out
                 STRUDEL”.             late 1920s.                                                  enough heat to brown a strudel”.

72   July 2008
     The chassis itself serves a dual purpose. Built with 4” seamless                 Like the Johnny Cash song, One Piece at a Time, the Comet’s styling
nickel-steel refrigerator tubing, it not only offers a solid foundation, but is   contributions came from on unlikely number of sources. The windshield
also used to channel coolant to and from the rear-mounted radiator. Even          is a back window from a ’53 De Soto, front fender skirts are Dodge,
the front cross member is sealed off and used as a vacuum booster tank.           cowling and hood parts are Olds, with a little nip and tuck grafting from
     Assistance on the aircraft side came from a military friend from the         Buicks and Studebakers. Its jet-nosed snout is actually a dual air intake
nearby Offutt Air Base, where the bomber Enola Gay was born. With a 24            to feed the insatiable appetite of the dual carburetors. The rear section
volt electrical system and 32 gauges and controls staring you in the face,        of the body was an effective unification of parts from Cadillac, Lincoln
the Comet was not for the student pilot. The multitude of instrumentation         and Ford. Miraculously, the body style flows as if it came from its own
is, “like looking at the marquee of the Bijou”. As the military says, you         stamping dies.
fire up by the numbers - a process that can be accomplished in a few                  When it comes to performance, the Comet has the numbers - like
minutes - with practice.                                                          1,500 pounds of torque - enough to rip through tires like hungry cop with
                                                                                  a glazed doughnut. Pumping out 1,350 horses, Tom figured the car would
  1. Set throttle quadrant to 10%                                                 “level off” around 250 miles per hour! No official speed records exist,
  2. Set fuel mixture on full rich                                                though given these specs, it would likely set one’s molars back a row on
  3. Turn spark lever to retard                                                   take off. The final product is virtually a street version of a fighter plane,
  4. Turn on master switch                                                        sans the wings and guns.
  5. Check that magnetos are on                                                       Aside from a few stories in period hot rod and science magazines, the
  6. Turn fuel boost switch on                                                    car has largely remained a mystery for over 50 years, having been
  7. Turn primer switch on                                                        purchased by the current owner directly from Tom Cramer himself
  8. Move starter control to energize                                             in 1991.
  9. Move starter control to on                                                       As rare as a falling star, this will be a special opportunity for the
  10. Plug ears and hang on!                                                      dreamer to catch the tail of a real Comet….
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                                                                                 ASK THE EXPERTS WITH RM AUTO RESTORATIONS

Stimulating Stainless
Q: I just bought a 1962 Chrysler New Yorker Sedan that has been repainted; the chrome was redone, but the
  stainless was left original, which I feel detracts from the overall presentation of the car. Is there anything I can
  do to bring the stainless back to life? – RICHARD LANDY ZEPHYR HILLS, FLORIDA

A: Depending on the state of your car’s stainless trim a lot can     If by chance, despite your best efforts, you do buff through
   be easily done to revive it from home, without having to          the “flash chrome”, you would have to remove the stainless          Pete Lacina has contributed his talents
   invest a lot of time or money. If your stainless is dull, if it   trim piece from the car and completely remove all the               to RM Auto Restorations for over 16
   has light but extensive surface scratches or scuffing, and        chrome. At this point the quickest method of removing the           years, in which time he has perfected
   pitting is not a major issue, follow these steps to bring it      remaining chrome would be to use a 400 grit sandpaper,              his skills in metal and surface
   back to life without pulling it off your car.                     followed in succession by 600, 800 then 1000 grit sanding.          finishing. A seasoned expert, Lacina
                                                                     Following the sanding, a thorough buffing and polishing will        has contributed to the restoration of
  Begin by thoroughly cleaning all the stainless pieces.             return the stainless without the chrome to a very impressive        countless concours d’elegance
  Then, using an automotive masking tape, mask the paint             luster – so don’t feel that all is lost or that you are obligated   winning vehicles, including three
  or glass on both sides of the stainless at least a couple          to get it replated.                                                 Pebble Beach Best of Show winners.
  inches from the edge. Special buffing pads, designed to
  be used with a hand held drill may be purchased at any             Remember it is better to take it slow, and avoid making
  automotive store, as well as a decent metal                        mistakes that will prove costly in time and effort down
  polish/compound. Using this tool, and closely adhering to          the road.
  the instructions provided, will be much quicker than
  buffing the stainless by hand and will allow you to do a           If by chance the stainless is too far gone, by either deep
  professional looking job.                                          scratches or pitting to be refinished on the car, it would
                                                                     need to be removed and sanded, then buffed as outlined
  Your car, like many others from that era, has stainless            above. Proceed carefully though, as stainless trim is quite
  which has a “flash chrome” finish, which being very thin           thin and it is possible to sand right through it.
  can easily be burned through when buffed overzealously.
  For this reason I would suggest avoiding using any power           Should all else fail, and your stainless is deemed unusable, it
  tools you are not experienced with for the job. A                  is possible to find either reproduction, NOS or salvaged
  professional grade buffing device could easily burn                stainless at any number of swap meets, cyber-forums or
  through this finish if it isn’t in the hands of a professional.    vintage automotive publications like Hemmings Motor News.

                                                                     – PETE LACINA RM RESTORATION

                                                                                                                                           “REMEMBER IT IS
                                                                                                                                           BETTER TO TAKE IT
                                                                                                                                           SLOW, AND AVOID
                                                                                                                                         MAKING MISTAKES
                                                                                                                                          THAT WILL PROVE
                                                                                                                                           COSTLY IN TIME
                                                                                                                                         AND EFFORT DOWN
                                                                                                                                                 THE ROAD.”

                                                                                                                                                                           July 2008   75

     Welcome Back Dan!
      “IT’S GREAT TO BE    AFTER SEVERAL YEARS away from the classic car                    Dan has always had a fondness for the more relaxed pace
                           industry, we are thrilled to welcome Dan Warrener back to     and comfortable lifestyle afforded by life in a smaller town.
     BACK AT RM WHERE      the RM Auctions team. Dan has been involved with RM           Born and raised on a farm in the central Canadian province
     THE DEDICATION TO     from the early years of the company, joining the sales team   of Manitoba, he moved to the predominantly agricultural
                           in 1987, becoming a partner in 1988, and seeing the           area of Chatham-Kent, Ontario in 1983, after traveling the
     CUSTOMER SERVICE,     company through many exciting years of growth at RM’s         world with wife Colleen while working in the fast-growing
        RELENTLESS         original and now corporate head office in Chatham, Ontario.   field of international pipeline construction.
                                                                                            Both Dan and Colleen had a passion for vintage
     ATTENTION TO DETAIL                                                                 automobiles, specifically E-Type Jaguars, which became
      AND THE ABSOLUTE                                                                   their car of choice for day-to-day travel. It was this interest
                                                                                         in classic cars that first brought Dan and Rob Myers
       COMMITMENT TO                                                                     together in 1985, when Rob contacted Dan about several
       EXCELLENCE HAS                                                                    classic cars he was advertising for sale. Rob purchased the
                                                                                         cars and thus a decades-long partnership was born, with
         NEVER BEEN                                                                      Dan and Rob working together on many similarly
         STRONGER.“                                                                      successful deals. Dan sensed the potential and long-term
                                                                                         possibilities in the growing classic car industry early on,
                                                                                         and joined RM Classic Cars shortly thereafter.
                                                                                            While Dan’s specialty has always been focused on British
                                                                                         cars and Jaguars in particular, his energy, professionalism
                                                                                         and dedication to the overall business was exceptional and
                                                                                         ultimately paved the way for RM’s incredible growth and
                                                                                         outstanding global reputation.
                                                                                            After successfully shepherding RM through this period of
                                                                                         rapid growth and expansion, he decided to seek out new
                                                                                         challenges in another exciting field of opportunity –
                                                                                         environmental or “green” products. Dan founded
                                                                                         Enviroshake; an ISO 9001:2002 registered company that
                                                                                          manufactures environmentally-friendly roofing materials.
                                                                                           Dan’s business savvy and intelligence were in evidence
                                                                                            yet again as Enviroshake, now run by Dan’s son, has
                                                                                            become an industry leader and witnessed impressive
                                                                                            success since its inception.
                                                                                                 However, as many of us can appreciate, you can never
                                                                                                forget your first love. As Dan states, “It’s great to be
                                                                                                 back at RM where the dedication to customer service,
                                                                                                 relentless attention to detail and the absolute
                                                                                                  commitment to excellence has never been stronger.
                                                                                                   It’s definitely an exciting time to be part of the
                                                                                                    company and I’m looking forward to re-connecting
                                                                                                      with the many friends and colleagues I’ve made
                                                                                                       in the classic car industry over the past twenty
                                                                                                           Dan returned to RM in early 2008 and the
                                                                                                         staff and many clients of RM are thrilled to have
                                                                                                         him back. He has jumped right back into life at
                                                                                                         RM and continues to be an invaluable source of
                                                                                                       knowledge about important vintage automobiles.
                                                                                                    Please do not hesitate to contact Dan at
                                                                                        or +1-519-352-4575 to
                                                                                              discuss your important classic car consignment needs.

76   July 2008
                                                                               RM PROFILE

RM Welcomes a Classic Car
Legend to the Team
                                 A PILLAR OF the California collector car scene and the founder of
                                 Mosier Restoration Inc, Mosier brings a wealth of experience to RM having
                                 spent the past four decades working in the industry and restoring some of
                                 the world’s finest automobiles. A credit to his abilities, Mosier restorations
                                 have won ‘Most Elegant’ and ‘Best of Show’ awards at Pebble Beach, as
                                 well as major awards at the most prestigious concours events in the
                                 United States and Europe.
                                    “We are delighted to have the expertise of Bob Mosier on the RM
                                 team,” said Rob Myers, founder and CEO of RM Auctions.
                                    “Well known in car circles, Bob is a three-time Pebble Beach ‘Best of
                                 Show’ winner and brings with him extensive experience in the classic car
                                  industry. His experience at the highest end of collectible automobiles
                                     make him a valuable asset to the company and further enhances our
                                         auction and restoration services,” added Myers.
                                               Like so many industry veterans, Mosier has been passionate
                                               about classic cars since childhood, and began restoring cars
                                                   full-time with world champion racer Phil Hill when Phil
                                                      retired from racing. He was the first employee of Hill
                                                         & Vaughn, which was one of America’s first
                                                          restoration companies to focus on complete ground-
                                                           up restorations.
                                                              Mosier opened his own business in 1978 and
                                                            soon won ‘Best of Class’ at the Pebble Beach
                                                             Concours d’Elegance with his first major project,
                                                             a 1937 Packard 12. It did not take long for
                                                            collectors to take note of Mosier’s exceptional
                                                            talents and the rest, they say, is history.
                                                               With an intimate knowledge of the collector car
                                                            market, Mosier also has experience in the auction
                                                           side of the industry and was instrumental in the
                                                           historic sale of the Otis Chandler Collection in 2006.
                                                             Bob Mosier joins Ian Kelleher and Chris Kidd at
                                                       RM’s West Coast division in California as a car
                                                  specialist and is looking forward to servicing new and
                                              existing clients. For further information or to discuss
                                            consignment opportunities, please call 310-200-2884 or email

                                                                                                                    July 2008   77

                   Mike Fairbairn with
         Gerald Roush, Bob Mosier,
     Kamal Sharma & Joe Cassini.

            Mr. and Mrs. Martin and
 Audrey Gruss & Michele Pignatti.

           RIGHT: Ken Wallace with
     Ele Chesney & Dan Warrener.

      Wayne Davis & his daughter.

     Harry Yeaggy with Rob Myers.

                  RIGHT: Piero Rivolta,
     Sonya Easterbrook & Massimo
            Delbo with Terry Lobzun.

78    July 2008

        LEFT: Charles Bronson,
        Gary Hunter & Sheryl Hunter.

        Dan Warrener with Dave Kane.

        UPPER LEFT: Don Rose with
        John Mayston-Taylor.

        LOWER LEFT: Donnie Gould
        with Ele Chesney.

        John Collins & Chris Evans.

        LEFT: Wayne Davis with
        Donnie Gould & Keith Koscak..

        Michael Schudroff with
        Mitch Katz & Mark Hyman.

        LEFT: Ken Wallace, Tim Durham,
        Jim Covert & Jeff Broadus with
        Ed Herrmann.

        Rebecca Johnson
        with Alex Papas.

        Roger Willbanks, Sr. &
        Don Rose with Mike Fairbairn.

                                 July 2008   79
 TAILLIGHTS                                 WITH MIKE FAIRBAIRN

     Modifying your Collector Car
     An RM partner since 1988, and           BEFORE EVERYONE STARTS throwing stones at me                        Electronic Ignition? No. Our cars worked fine with their
     cofounder of RM Auctions, Fairbairn     for even suggesting such a thing, let me explain what I             original setups, and with normal maintenance still will. Also,
     has been instrumental in the growth     mean! We have come to accept that for classic cars                  depending on the unit used, parts availability can be a
     of RM from a modest restoration         originality is the holy grail, and that modifications are the       problem – and finally, modern Electronic ignition units
     facility to a world leading auction     nemesis of originality. What changes – or updates – we              require a modern, stable supply of electricity – such as an
     house. For Fairbairn, collector cars    make to our cars depend on a lot of factors. Although I have        alternator, which is another whole kettle of fish…
     are more than a business; a             to point out that it’s your toy, and you can do whatever you
     dedicated collector and restorer        want with it, there are some pretty strongly held opinions          Seat Belts? Maybe. This answer might surprise you,
     since he was old enough to drive, he    about what you should and shouldn’t do.                             but remember that most prewar cars had wooden body
     maintains a small but interesting          First, I’m going to assume that you’re involved in the           structure. Depending on where it is attached, it might
     collection of his own, with a           hobby because you enjoy the history and sense of originality        not withstand the forces of a crash. And if you attach
     particular emphasis on American         that come from ownership and preservation of cars that are          the belt to the underlying metal frame, it could be
     classics and European sports cars.      by and large as built. For that reason, and with all due            worse if the collision breaks the body loose (normally
     His experience at RM has made him       respect, if there are any customizers or street rodders in the      only six or eight bolts hold it in place), leaving you
     a respected authority within the        room, you’ll find the exits clearly marked.                         sitting in the body but attached to the frame as they go
     collector car world; in his column         I’ll also set aside vintage racers for the moment, as            in different directions. Whatever you do, get
     “Taillights” Fairbairn lends his        these guys need to make sure that they live to race another         professional advice on this one.
     expertise and advice to the             day, and both racing rules and common sense dictate a
     investment-grade collector              level of modifications that go far beyond what most of us           Radial Tires? Maybe. For postwar cars, many tire
     car market.                             would consider.                                                     companies offer radial replacements. Obviously, this is a
                                                Instead, I’m going to make a list of suggestions for the         bad idea for anyone intending to show their car in concours-
                                             average guy restoring a car that will be used on an                 judged events, unless the car is new enough to have been
                                             occasional basis, whether that might be cruise nights, club         fitted with radials from new. They also have a very modern
                                             events, tours, and CARavans.                                        appearance, so even people who don’t intend to show their
                                                                                                                 cars simply don’t like the look. Otherwise, they will make
                                             Silicone Brake Fluid? Yes. Ordinary brake fluid is                  most cars drive and handle better – though some suspension
                                             hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs and incorporates water – a          engineers argue that they stress components in ways that
                                             bad thing for brake cylinders and other metal parts. Silicone       were never intended. So, when in doubt – go with the stock
                                             fluid doesn’t, so this is a no brainer. Changing it over is a bit   bias plies.
                                             tricky though, so make sure you know what you’re doing or
                                             hire someone who does.                                              Two Stage Paints? Yes. It is getting increasingly difficult
                                                                                                                 to obtain the old, high VOC lacquers and enamels – for good
                                             Battery Cutoffs? Yes. The first thing I do on every car I buy       reason. They are bad for the environment, and though I’m no
                                             is install a battery cutoff switch. Not only does this stop a       tree hugger, I do believe that if a good substitute exists that
                                             minor short from stranding you overnight, but it prevents bad       is friendly to the environment, why not use it? Careful choice
                                             wiring from causing a major fire – destroying your car, your        of the products used gives a finish virtually identical to the
                                             house, or both. For the same reason, you should carry a fire        original – but one that will be far more durable and last
                                             extinguisher in every car.                                          much longer.

80   July 2008
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