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                              Executive MBA
                              International Class
Top 25 for 4 Consecutive Years, Financial Times
"CEIBS has become an incubator for   “CEIBS is making a major
excellent business leaders."         contribution to China's
                                     economic achievements today.”
Wen Jiabao
Chinese Premier                      José Manuel Barroso
                                     President of the European Commission
China Rooted    Contents   Milestone Sino-EU Partnership    4
                           Tough Road, Joyfully Travelled   6
                                World-Class Faculty         10

Global Impact

                           °ˆ   Global-Minded Classmates    18
                           °ˆ   Part-Time, 100% Rigour      24
                           °ˆ   Over Three Continents       28
                           Strong Alumni Network            30
                           Beyond the Classroom             34
                           Broad Corporate Support          42
                           B-school with a Campus           44
                           How to Apply                     46
                           Take the Next Step               48
The China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) is a non-profit joint venture
established in Shanghai in 1994 under an agreement between the Chinese
government and the European Commission. Its predecessor, the China-EC
Management Institute (CEMI), was launched in Beijing in 1984. Currently, CEIBS
operates a main campus in Shanghai, and representative offices and teaching facilities
in Beijing and Shenzhen. The school is building a Beijing campus which will be ready
for use by 2009.

°ˆ   CEIBS is the first business school in mainland China to offer a full-time MBA, an
     Executive MBA and a wide array of Executive Education Programmes.
°ˆ   In 2004, CEIBS received international accreditation from the European Quality
     Improvement System (EQUIS) and is currently in the process of the US-based
     Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation.
°ˆ   CEIBS is the only Asia-based business school that has achieved top-tier global
     rankings for its MBA, EMBA and Executive Education Programmes.

CEIBS MBA: #11 in the world - January 2008                                               “CEIBS is one of the world's
CEIBS EMBA: #23 in the world - October 2007                                              leading business schools, and is
                                                                                         unique in its focus on China. No
CEIBS Executive Education: #20 in the world - May 2008                                   other business school can match
                                      - Financial Times                                  CEIBS' excellence in this most
                                                                                         relevant market.”

                                                                                         Prof. Rolf D. Cremer
                                                                                         Dean and Vice President, CEIBS

4     CEIBS Executive MBA
      International Class 2009
                                                                                                                             CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                                                                          International Class 2009   5
                               Tough Road,
                               Joyfully Travelled
                               Maybe the world is getting flatter, but managing global business is not any easier. For
                               expatriates and executives with worldwide responsibilities, success requires not only
                               business expertise, but also political acumen, cultural intelligence, network capital, a
                               good sense of humour, and often, an iron stomach. If your achievements have propelled
                               you to the forefront of your organisation, and you find yourself sailing upon uncharted
                               waters, it is time to join us.

                               Life in the global fast lane can be taxing, too. Conflicting requirements from
                               headquarters and host countries, competing demands from your business, family, and
                               yourself can be truly hard to juggle. If your ever expanding responsibilities have
                               squeezed your time with family and friends, it is time to join us.

                               It is not that we have all the answers; we don’t. The fact is that you cannot solve your
                               problems all by yourself simply because you don’t know what you don’t know. A quality
                               EMBA education will force you to re-examine your own implicit theories about people,
                               business, and success, breaking through your ingrained patterns of thinking.

                               In two years and over three continents, our world-class faculty will broaden your
                               horizons, deepen your understanding of yourself, and arm you with a GPS for navigating
                               complex organisations across the globe. Your accomplished fellow classmates will share
                               with you not only their experiences of success but also their lessons from failures. They
                               will counsel you not only on your business challenges but also on personal dilemmas,
                               and support you not only during the two-year programme but throughout your career.

                               Be forewarned. Our programme is rigourous, intensive and you will have to work very
                               hard. But, as the experiences of our 5,000 EMBA alumni and students can attest, it is a
                               tough road, but joyfully travelled. If you believe that global leadership requires world-
                               class competency, that learning is not just a means but also an end, and that you are
                               among the very best, I invite you to join us.

                               Prof. Liang Neng
                               Associate Dean and EMBA Programme Director, CEIBS

6   CEIBS Executive MBA
    International Class 2009
                                                                                                          CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                                                       International Class 2009   7
    programme provides me
    as an executive with the
    broad spectrum of
    knowledge and deep
    insights necessary to
    understand the modern
    Chinese and
    international business
    Andreas Tschirky, Swiss
    EMBA International Class 2005
    Roche R&D Center China
    General Manager

                                    "Every time I came to school, I felt as if I   “CEIBS was the solution to fill the need rising from my career
                                    was landing on the learning planet. I          development plan. It provided me with a great opportunity to prepare
                                    was stepping away from the day-to-day          the transition from a functional to a general management position. ”
                                    operations to think, ask questions,
                                                                                   Francois Lecleire, French
                                    apply theoretical model, share                 EMBA International Class 2007
                                    experiences, and learn...”                     Groupe SEB China - Supor
                                                                                   Corporate Industrial Development Director

                                    Valerie Touya, French
                                    EMBA International Class 2004
                                    Pink and Blue International Limited

8   CEIBS Executive MBA
    International Class 2009
                                                                                                                                              CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                                                                                           International Class 2009   9
The CEIBS faculty is a renowned group of leading scholars with rich international experience in management
practices. CEIBS is consistently ranked among the top ten schools in terms of international diversity
according to the Financial Times.

Most members of our faculty received the Ph.D. in the world's most prestigious universities, taught in world
renowned business schools before joining CEIBS, and published in the world's leading business journals.
They are also well versed in management practices, and many have worked as consultants for Fortune 500

CEIBS faculty is unique due to its rare synthesizing of East and West. By citizenship, more than 60% of our
faculty are international, and 95% received their Ph.D. education outside China. Our Chinese faculty were
predominantly educated and tenured in the West, with an average international experience of 12 years; our
international faculty typically boasts lengthy experience working inside China, with an average "China
experience" of 11 years. They understand China better because of their global perspective, and understand
the world better because of their in-depth knowledge of China.

          53 Permanent Faculty 68% international faculty from 13 countries
# 6 worldwide by the international diversity of faculty, Financial Times (2007)

                                               Europe   19%

          Greater China          33%                                          Southeast Asia & Australia   9%
                                                                              Africa   2%

                                                                              North America   37%

10    CEIBS Executive MBA
      International Class 2009
                                                                                                                   CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                                                                International Class 2009   11
                                “The EMBA is a journey that will                                  "You will probably be surprised again and
                                transform you. You will broaden your                              again during the course of your studies at
                                view of your job, of your company, of the                         CEIBS. Perhaps one of these surprises will be
                                Chinese society, and of the world. You will                       that, besides being useful, accounting can be
                                see more. You will enlarge your                                   extremely interesting as well. Accounting
                                competencies through the acquisition of                           concepts and skills play a central role in
                                concepts, theories and models, and                                virtually every business and personal
                                through the development of your skills.                           transaction you conduct, and it is easy to
                                You will manage better. You will change                           make mistakes which can result in disastrous
                                your attitudes toward people, toward                              consequences for you and your firm. Getting
                                society, toward your responsibility as a                          them right will boost your productivity and
                                leader, a responsibility that is particularly                     effectiveness and give you and your firm an
                                critical, today, in China, where the pace of                      advantage over your competitors - Getting
                                change is so fast. You will endeavor to be                        that advantage is what we will, together, strive
                                a responsible leader.”                                            to achieve!”
                                Prof. De Bettignies, Henri-Claude                                 Prof. Xu, Dingbo
                                Distinguished Professor of Global Responsible Leadership, CEIBS   Professor of Accounting, CEIBS

12   CEIBS Executive MBA
     International Class 2009
                                                                                                                                                        CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                                                                                                     International Class 2009   13
     “What makes CEIBS EMBA so unique is our faculty: a group of experts      “At CEIBS, we believe that taking
     having come to China with world-class knowledge in management and        advantage of the enormous business
     having rooted their daily teaching and research in China's business      opportunities in China and overcoming
     practice. This is the place where Chinese and Western executives can     associated challenges requires creative
     distance themselves from their daily tasks and learn from each other's   insight as well as fearless foresight. Our
     successes and failures. “                                                EMBA programme offers you these skills
                                                                              along with an expansive and mindset-
     Prof. Ding, Yuan
     Professor of Accounting, CEIBS                                           changing understanding of business so
                                                                              that you can take your organisation into
                                                                              the future with confidence.”
                                                                              Prof. Atuahene-Gima, Kwaku
                                                                              Professor of Marketing and Innovation Management, Subject Area
                                                                              Coordinator (Marketing), Director of Centre of Marketing &
                                                                              Innovation, CEIBS

14    CEIBS Executive MBA
      International Class 2009
                                                                                                                                                  CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                                                                                               International Class 2009   15
                                "Prof. Lydia Price once used the
                                metaphor of a gym membership
                                to describe signing on for the
                                EMBA. Some would still be in the
                                same shape as when they started,
                                but you could see distinct
                                improvement in some members
                                because they have worked hard
                                on those previously weak or
                                underdeveloped muscles, while
                                building on the strong ones. This
                                very apt metaphor impressed
                                upon me the need to work on my
                                areas of weaknesses while
                                building on my strengths as I
                                entered the programme."
                                Angeli Kwauk, Taiwanese, China
                                EMBA International Class 2006
                                Grand Hyatt Shanghai
                                Area Director of Human Resources (China)
                                                                           “The CEIBS EMBA programme exposes executives to a world-class
                                                                           faculty, comprised of renowned professors from around the world. They
                                                                           nurture an international learning environment by drawing from the
                                                                           accumulated experience of the class, enabling us to put theory in a
                                                                           practical context and learn best practices from around the world.”
                                                                           Simon Bisbo, Dane
                                                                           EMBA International Class 2007
                                                                           Trayton Holdings Ltd.
                                                                           VP Sales and Marketing

16   CEIBS Executive MBA
     International Class 2009
                                                                                                                                     CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                                                                                  International Class 2009   17
Our participants come from many different countries across Asia, Europe and America. Our team-oriented
approach not only reinforces peer learning by sharing experiences in varying markets, but also showcases
different cultures and perspectives while building a truly global network.

2008 International Class Profile
North and South America         8.6%                            58
                                                       Class Size
                                                       Average Age 37
                                                       Average Years of Work Experience      12.6
Other Asian                                            Percentage of Women  22%
Countries   10.4%                                      Countries Represented 12

China   67.2%                                          Percentage of International Students      32%

                                                                                                           "CEIBS is an excellent
                                                                                                           platform for business
                                                                                                           networking. I benefited
                                                                                                           substantially from the
                                                                                                           '10000 years of working
                                                                                                           experience' of our fellow
                                                                                                           schoolmates and hope
                                                                                                           that we can continue to
                                                                                                           add value to each other's
                                                                                                           experiences in the future."
                                                                                                           Jasper Leung, Hong Kongese, China
                                                                                                           EMBA International Class 2005
                                                                                                           WestLB AG Shanghai Branch
                                                                                                           Managing Director & General Manager

18   CEIBS Executive MBA
     International Class 2009
                                                                                                                                                    CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                                                                                                 International Class 2009   19
     "An Executive MBA should be a combination of a top programme in a
     'fertile' classroom environment. The EMBA at CEIBS matches both my
     expectations, with the additional advantage that it is in China, the most
     challenging market for my working business."
     Francesco Motta, Italian
     EMBA International Class 2007
     Comau (Shanghai) Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd.
     Robotics Business Unit General Manager

                                                                                 "From a global perspective, the development of the Chinese economy
                                                                                 is nothing less than spectacular. There is nothing comparable to what
                                                                                 we are seeing happen in Shanghai, the heart of the economic engine.
                                                                                 This is why I chose the CEIBS EMBA programme. It is truly one of the
                                                                                 most international programmes available. CEIBS not only provided me
                                                                                 with an amazing education but also placed me in direct contact with
                                                                                 fantastic classmates - the same industry leaders that are shaping
                                                                                 China's financial history today. By sharing my ideas and experiences
                                                                                 with my classmates, I am actively and directly taking part in the shaping
                                                                                 of history.”
                                                                                 Yuta Lee, American
                                                                                 EMBA International Class 2007
                                                                                 Zmi Electronics, Ltd.
                                                                                 Executive Vice President

20    CEIBS Executive MBA
      International Class 2009
                                                                                                                                              CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                                                                                           International Class 2009   21
22   CEIBS Executive MBA
     International Class 2009
                                   CEIBS Executive MBA
                                International Class 2009   23
Part-Time,100% Rigour
                                                                                                                      The CEIBS EMBA programme is a general management programme that hones students' leadership skills by
                                                                                                                      combining 15 core courses and 4 electives. Students meet once a month, for four consecutive days from
                                                                                                                      Friday morning to the following Monday afternoon. Our monthly format not only allows students to obtain a
                                                                                                                      world-class MBA degree without interrupting their fast-track careers, but also ensures a great breadth and
                                                                                                                      depth of knowledge within the framework of a total of 664 in-class hours, compared with a worldwide EMBA
Curriculum Structure                                                                                                  programme average of 550 hours.

 Opening Ceremony                 Core Courses                     Electives                                            Global Environment & Cross-Cultural                   Exit Residency                       Graduation
 & Entry Residency                °ˆ   Foundations of Management   °ˆ   Entrepreneurship                                Management Module                                     (March, 2011)                        Ceremony
                                  °ˆ   Managerial Economics        °ˆ   Service Marketing
 (March 2009)                                                           Strategic Marketing                             (the United States and/or Europe)                     °ˆ   360°Survey II, Post-            (September, 2011)
                                  °ˆ   Quantitative Methods for    °ˆ
                                                                                                                                                                                   Programme Reflection,
 °ˆ   Techmark                          Management                 °ˆ   Operations and Supply Chain Strategy in         °ˆ   Participants in the International Class will                                          °ˆ    Celebrate your
 °ˆ   360° Survey I & Leader-                                           the Global Environment                               take one or two modules in the United                 and Self-Development                  graduation with
                                  °ˆ   Business Law                                                                                                                                Planning
      ship Development                                             °ˆ   Management of Technological Innovation               States and/or the European Union, in                                                        your fellow
                                  °ˆ   Macroeconomics
      Planning                                                     °ˆ   Strategic Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions           partnership with leading business schools.                                                  classmates as well
                                  °ˆ   Financial Accounting        °ˆ   B2B Brand Management
                                  °ˆ   Managerial Accounting                                                                 The Wharton School of the University of                                                     as your 600+
                                                                   °ˆ   Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial                  Pennsylvania has been our global module                                                     Chinese Classes
                                  °ˆ   Organisational Behaviour         Management
                                       Marketing Management                                                                  host in the US since 2005; starting from 2009,                                              counterparts from
                                  °ˆ                               °ˆ   Leadership
                                  °ˆ   Corporate Finance           °ˆ   Responsible Leadership and the                       IESE Business School in Spain and IMD in                                                    Shanghai, Beijing
                                  °ˆ   Production & Operations          Management of Change                                 Switzerland will be our partners for the                                                    and Shenzhen
                                        Management                 °ˆ   Negotiation Skill                                    Europe Module.                                                                              intakes.
                                  °ˆ   Strategic Management        °ˆ   Accounting Gray Areas and Financial                  (See Page 28 “Over Three Continents”)
                                  °ˆ   Chinese Economy                  Analysis
                                                                   °ˆ   Risk Management of Finance and Banks
                                  °ˆ   International Finance       °ˆ   Introduction to Financial Derivatives
                                  °ˆ   Strategy Simulation         °ˆ   Valuation and Application of Financial
                                                                   °ˆ   Leading Strategic Innovation

                                                                   International Class participants who can read                                                              The recent feedback of 360° Leadership Survey among CEIBS EMBA
                                                                   and understand Chinese can also take                                                                       2006 Classes showed that students have significantly enhanced
                                                                   electives for Chinese classes. To cater to the                                                             their leadership competencies after the two-year programme, by
                                                                   specific needs of international students, a wide                                                           comparing both self-assessment and colleagues' ratings.
                                                                   range of 3-to-4-day Executive Education
                                                                   Programmes are offered to English-speaking
                                                                   international students.

24     CEIBS Executive MBA
       International Class 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        International Class 2009   25
                                                                               "After each module, we leave CEIBS with a set of tools that are easy to
                                                                               use, but, much more important, we leave with a wider perspective,
                                                                               capable of looking at business and life challenges in different, more
                                                                               comprehensive and more critical ways, thus making us more effective.
                                                                               The contact with other like-minded individuals within our class gives us
                                                                               the chance to exchange ideas and experiences; and, with the guidance
                                                                               of world-class faculty, the group is transformed into a highly effective
                                                                               learning team. What makes it all even more perfect is that all of this is
                                                                               going on in China.”
                                                                               Luis Gomez Cobo, Mexican
                                                                               EMBA International Class 2007
                                                                               Los Olivos Alimentos S.A. de C.V.
                                                                               Business Partner

     "Being in the international class offered me a broader view of not only
     business imperatives but also management philosophies. There are
     plenty of opportunities for small group discussions on case studies and
     Kenneth Lam, Singaporean
     EMBA International Class 2007
     Trane Airconditioning
     Director (Asia), Learning & Development

26    CEIBS Executive MBA
      International Class 2009
                                                                                                                                            CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                                                                                         International Class 2009   27
Over Three                                                                                                                "Direct exposure to China and                "One of the great advantages of

                                                                                                                          Chinese people is the best                   CEIBS is the global perspective. I
                                                                                                                          way to understand China. My                  especially enjoyed the trip to
                                                                                                                          monthly trip to CEIBS                        Wharton; for me, this was a once-
                                                                                                                          provides me with feeling at                  in-a-lifetime experience. "
To excel in the global arena, students need to experience the global business environment first hand, interact with       home in Shanghai. "
senior executives of leading multinational firms in person, and network globally. While the majority of the courses                                                    Ai Mier, Chinese
are conducted in Shanghai, students enrolled in International Class are required to take at least one of the two                                                       EMBA International Class 2005
                                                                                                                          Doug Ho Song, Korean
Global Management Modules conducted outside China. In the global module(s), students will have joint classes                                                           Hachette Filipacchi Medias
                                                                                                                          EMBA International Class 2005                Managing Director
and networking activities with the EMBA students of the host schools, visit headquarters of leading multinational         Doosan Corporation
firms, and discuss global strategy and management issues with senior executives of these companies.                       Senior Managing Director

Shanghai                                                        Philadelphia                                          Barcelona                                        Lausanne
Get the most out of your time in the state-of-the-              The Wharton School of the University of               The IESE Business School, with its Global EMBA   Located in Lausanne on Lake Geneva in
art facilities at our beautiful campus, and in                  Pennsylvania in the United States is the first        Programme ranked 16th worldwide by the           Switzerland, IMD is a global meeting place for
China's financial and economic centre.                          business school of the world and its EMBA             Financial Times in 2007, has campuses in         executives from all over the world. Expert faculty
                                                                Programme has been ranked consistently as             Barcelona and Madrid, Spain. Since 1994, CEIBS   offer cutting-edge knowledge based on relevant,
                                                                number one worldwide by the Financial Times.          and IESE have collaborated on many student       innovative and rigourous research. IMD's unique
                                                                CEIBS cooperates with Wharton in MBA student          and faculty exchanges as well as on joint        "Real World. Real Learning" approach allows
                                                                exchange, co-branded joint Executive Education        Executive Education Programmes and events.       executives to immediately apply new insights to
                                                                Programmes, and China-related research.                                                                their business challenges. The Financial Times (2008)
                                                                Wharton has been our global module host in the                                                         ranked IMD's Executive Education Programmes 1st
                                                                US since 2005.                                                                                         worldwide.

28    CEIBS Executive MBA
      International Class 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                                          CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                                                                                                                                                       International Class 2009   29
Strong                                                                                      CEIBS boasts the largest alumni network among business schools in mainland China.

Alumni Network                                                                                                          24 Alumni Clubs


                                        Toronto                                                                                                                                 Taipei
                                                                      Barcelona                                                                       Shenzhen
                                                  International Relations Office
                                                  in Barcelona, Spain                                                                                        Hong Kong

6,000+                            Alumni Worldwide
                                                                                                        Singapore                             45 Countries

              Annual Growth     1,000                                                       26 Regional chapters including HK & Macau, Singapore, Toronto and Europe
30   CEIBS Executive MBA
     International Class 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                   CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                                                                                                                                International Class 2009   31
                                "I have enjoyed all of my
                                classes at CEIBS.The
                                classes have enabled me
                                to take time out of my
                                busy daily schedule to
                                reflect on what I have
                                learned, how it relates to
                                my work, and also to
                                realign my personal goals
                                and strategies."
                                Eiko Kobayashi, Japanese
                                EMBA International Class 2006
                                Amazon Japan
                                Director, Asian Operation Finance

32   CEIBS Executive MBA
     International Class 2009
                                                                       CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                    International Class 2009   33
the Classroom
CEIBS is a role model for China's “Open Door” policy and successful cooperation between
China and the EU. Since its establishment in 1994, the school has become a global
meeting place of the world's most influential policymakers, business executives, as well
as leading thinkers and artists. Our vast portfolio of forums and extra-curricular activities
helps students to go beyond personal success and find greater meaning in life.                            CNN "The Boardroom Master Class" Featuring Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz
Recent Forums and Conferences
°ˆ   Annual Luxury Brands Forum
°ˆ   "Chinese Business Women in Leadership" Forum (Barcelona)
°ˆ   New Year Concert 2008
°ˆ   CEIBS (South China) Annual Gathering
°ˆ   Shanghai Asset Management Centre Forum
°ˆ   Annual Private Equity Fund Forum
°ˆ   CNN "The Boardroom Master Class" Featuring Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz
°ˆ   International Roundtable on Entrepreneurship and Innovation
°ˆ   Alumni Reunion Day
°ˆ   Annual China Automotive Industry Forum
°ˆ   Annual China Healthcare Management Forum
°ˆ   Annual China Media Industry Forum
°ˆ   Annual Private Entrepreneur Development Forum
°ˆ   Annual China Bankers Forum
°ˆ   "Genesis, Experience & Lessons" Symposium Commemorating the Treaty of Rome 50th
°ˆ   Corporate Social Responsibility Debate and Forum
°ˆ   Annual Being Global Responsible Conference

Recent Speakers and Visitors                                                                             Stephen S. Roach speaks at
°ˆ   David Miliband, UK Foreign Secretary                                                         Annual China Bankers Forum 2007           German Ex-Chancellor Schroeder Visits CEIBS
°ˆ   Susan Peters, GE Vice President for Executive Development and Chief Learning Officer
°ˆ   Li Lanqing, Former Chinese Vice Premier
°ˆ   Jan Figel, EU Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth
°ˆ   Alderman John Stuttard, The Right Honorable Lord Mayor of the City of London
°ˆ   Lance Browne, Senior Advisor to the City of London and Vice Chairman of Standard Chartered
     Bank (China)
°ˆ   Janos Koka, Hungarian Minister of Economy and Transport
°ˆ   Jean Pierre Raffarin, Former French Premier
°ˆ   Gerhard Schroeder, German Ex-Chancellor
°ˆ   Valery Giscard D'Estaing, Former French President
°ˆ   Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, Spanish Vice President
°ˆ   Dr. Jay O. Light, Dean of Harvard Business School
°ˆ   John A. Thain, Chief Executive Officer of NYSE Group Inc.
°ˆ   Rt. Hon. the Lord Patten of Barnes, CH, Chancellor of the University of Oxford
°ˆ   Henry Mintzberg, Founder and Former President of Strategy Management Society

34       CEIBS Executive MBA
         International Class 2009                                                                                                                                New Year Concert 2008
     "I am grateful for the door CEIBS has created to Spain since its opening   “CEIBS serves as a 'talent      “CEIBS is an excellent practical
     in 1994. The school produces top-grade professionals with an excellent     incubator' and a 'think tank'   example of cooperation
     background in China. They are experts in business with hands-on            supplying knowledge to fuel     between China and Europe.”
     knowledge of China's business world. CEIBS now enjoys an excellent         the development of Shanghai
                                                                                                                Josep Borrell Fontelles
     reputation among recruiters within the Spanish government and              and China.”                     President of the European Parliament
     Spanish companies.”
                                                                                Han Zheng
                                                                                Shanghai Mayor
     His Royal Highness King Juan Carlos I of Spain

36    CEIBS Executive MBA
      International Class 2009
                                                                                                                                             CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                                                                                          International Class 2009   37
38   CEIBS Executive MBA
     International Class 2009
                                   CEIBS Executive MBA
                                International Class 2009   39
40   CEIBS Executive MBA
     International Class 2009
                                   CEIBS Executive MBA
                                International Class 2009   41
Broad Corporate                                                                                            CEIBS Chair Endowment Fund Partners

                                                                                                                British American Tobacco Chair in Marketing
                                                                                                                Spanish Chair in Economics
                                                                                                                                                                            CEIBS Scholarship Fund Partners

                                                                                                                                                                                 Bosch (China) Investment Ltd

                                                                                                           °ˆ   Port of Barcelona Chair in Logistics                        °ˆ   Casa Asia
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Michelin Chair in Leadership and Human Resources            °ˆ   Emerson
                                                                                                                Management                                                  °ˆ   "la Caixa"
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Philips Chair in Human Resources Management                 °ˆ   Liu Ji Education Fund
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Baosteel Chair in Economics                                 °ˆ   LVMH
                                                                                                           °ˆ   ABN AMRO Chair in Risk Management                           °ˆ   OCBC Bank
CEIBS Foundation is proud to support the development of CEIBS as a leading, global business school which   °ˆ   Basque Government Chair in Competitiveness                  °ˆ   Omnicom Group Inc.
enables select corporate partners to become active members of the CEIBS Corporate Sponsorship Partner      °ˆ   Bayer Chair in Strategy & Marketing
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Lloyd's Register ET Chair in Safety Culture and Strategic   CEIBS Research Fund Partners
                                                                                                                Risk Management                                             °ˆ   Banco Santander
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Chengwei Ventures Chair in Entrepreneurship                 °ˆ   Banco Sabadell
To date, CEIBS has invited over 60 Western and Chinese organisations to join the CEIBS Sponsor Partner                                                                      °ˆ   Telefónica
Network. At CEIBS, we are proud of our association with some of the world-leading organisations.           CEIBS Campus Partners                                            °ˆ   ICEX
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Global Sources                                              °ˆ   Spanish Government
                                                                                                           °ˆ   SINOPEC Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited              °ˆ   Government of Cantabria
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Spanish Government                                          °ˆ   Bayer HealthCare
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Huatai Securities                                           °ˆ   Yincheng Real Estate
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Shanghai Jahwa Group                                        °ˆ   L'Oréal Asia
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Shanghai Tianyuan Group                                     °ˆ   Lujiazui Development Group
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Wind                                                        °ˆ   Bank of Shanghai
                                                                                                           °ˆ   China Telecom Group, Shanghai Telecom Corporation           °ˆ   Pudong Development Bank
                                                                                                           °ˆ   FTSE                                                        °ˆ   BBVA
                                                                                                           °ˆ   IDOM                                                        °ˆ   Mindray
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Lufthansa German Airlines                                   °ˆ   EVOC Group
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Shanghai Pudong New Area People's Government                °ˆ   Dow Chemical
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Bekaert
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Shanghai Jinqiao Group
                                                                                                           °ˆ   TCL

                                                                                                           CEIBS Development Fund Partners
                                                                                                           °ˆ   ABB
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Akzo Nobel
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Alcatel
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Apax Partners Worldwide LLP
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Atlas Copco
                                                                                                           °ˆ   AXA
                                                                                                           °ˆ   BARCO
     “CEIBS offers you an excellent foundation to go out and take the                                      °ˆ   BNP Paribas
                                                                                                           °ˆ   BP China
     business world by storm, not only in China but on a truly global scale.                               °ˆ   Carrefour China
     CEIBS is the number one Asian business school with an excellent                                       °ˆ

                                                                                                                Ciba Specialty Chemicals
     reputation in Asia and abroad.”                                                                       °ˆ   Degussa China
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Dow Corning
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Eli Lilly Asia, Inc.
     Wolfgang Mayrhuber                                                                                    °ˆ   Emerson
     Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG                                      °ˆ   Fondazione Italia Cina
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Henkel Asia-Pacific
                                                                                                           °ˆ   IBM China Company Limited
                                                                                                           °ˆ   IDEPA
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Schneider Electric
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Shengli Petroleum Administration
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Shenzhen CATIC Group
                                                                                                           °ˆ   Tesco Hymall

42    CEIBS Executive MBA
      International Class 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                                          CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                                                                                                                                                       International Class 2009   43
                                                                 CEIBS Lujiazui International Finance Research Centre

with a Campus
CEIBS is mainland China's only business school to have its own
independent campus, which was designed by world-renowned
architects, Pei Cobb Freed and Partners.

44   CEIBS Executive MBA
     International Class 2009
                                                                                                 CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                                              International Class 2009   45
                                                                                        How to Apply
                                                                                        Application Requirements
                                                                                        °ˆ   You must have demonstrated your intellectual ability through both your
                                                                                             undergraduate university degree and the CEIBS Written Test/GMAT (Graduate
                                                                                             Management Admission Test).
                                                                                        °ˆ   You must have a minimum of eight years' work experience with at least five years in
                                                                                             managerial positions.
                                                                                        °ˆ   You must have a strong command of both written and spoken English as English is the
                                                                                             language of instruction.
                                                                                        °ˆ   You should also be able to demonstrate your international outlook by highlighting
                                                                                             your cross-cultural experiences and the international scope of your career.
                                                                                        °ˆ   Your organisation must demonstrate a high commitment by allowing you two
                                                                                             working days off each month to attend classes, although financial sponsorship is not

                   "The high international ranking of the programme, the quality
                   facilities, and the glowing recommendations from previous
                   graduates convinced me to join CEIBS. Its location in the heart of
                   the booming Chinese economy provides me, as a foreigner, with
                   an opportunity not only to learn universal business knowledge
                   but also to get a much deeper understanding of Chinese
                   viewpoints from the frequent discussions with Chinese
                   classmates. "
                   Michael Bott, German
                   EMBA International Class 2007
                   ContiTech-Jiebao Power Transmission Systems Ltd.
                   General Manager

46   CEIBS Executive MBA
     International Class 2009
                                                                                                                                                               CEIBS Executive MBA
                                                                                                                                                            International Class 2009   47
Take the Next Step
                                                                                         "If you want to learn about the ocean you should not look at the waves,
             Call us at 8621-2890-5888 or email to emba@ceibs.edu or
                                                                                         but at the currents (Chinese Proverb). CEIBS gives me the skill set and
             visit http://www.ceibs.edu/emba for details.
                                                                                         the network to solve my day-to-day challenges in work. A great
                                                                                         Hans-Peter Bouvard, Swiss
                                                                                         EMBA International Class 2006
                     Visit our Shanghai campus and meet our Admissions Team.             Reichle + De-Massari Far East (Pte) Ltd
                                                                                         Managing Director Asia

         Apply online at http://emba.ceibs.edu before November 14, 2008.

                          Attend the Written Test in Shanghai/Beijing/Shenzhen
                          on November 29, 2008 or take GMAT before it.

                    Interview in December, 2008                       Admission denied

                                     Decision by January 15, 2009

        Opening Ceremony and Entry Residency
                                                                      Admission denied
        in mid March, 2009

48   CEIBS Executive MBA
     International Class 2009
"With its world-class faculty, the CEIBS EMBA programme
provides executives not only with the knowledge needed for
managing global business, but more importantly, a way to
enhance their learning capability. "
Thomas Auris, German
EMBA International Class 2006
Henkel China Company Ltd
Regional Business Director, Industrial Adhesive Packaging Asia Pacific

699 Hongfeng Road Pudong Shanghai 201206, PRC
Tel: +86-21-2890 5888
Fax: +86-21-2890 5108
Email: emba@ceibs.edu


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