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									                   Pottsgrove High School
                                          Course Syllabus

Course Information
Painting I

Prerequisite: None

Teacher Contact Information
Mr. 610-326-5105 x6404

Course Description
An introductory painting class with emphasis on fundamental painting skills and exploration of basic
painting mediums and techniques. Students will develop a personal expression, aesthetic growth, and
knowledge of the history of painting. Students will also be encouraged to discover contemporary artists and
painters, develop an awareness of their art work, and develop and understanding of painting/art
vocabulary. Young painters will use gouache, tempera, watercolor, alkyd, and acrylic paint as the painting
mediums and will also develop a portfolio in the process. Students are required to keep a
sketchbook/journal in order to practice and advance their drawing & painting skills.

Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:
*Demonstrate knowledge of the art elements
*Demonstrate knowledge of the art principles
*Utilize art elements through art production to emphasize art principles which visually communicate ideas
or concepts:
*Utilize various art mediums to create art work which successfully communicates or expresses a desired
idea, concept or sensation
*Analyze and synthesize two and three dimensional visual problems
*Apply knowledge and skill in a studio area of concentration with an original creative concept brought into
visual form with effective presentation
*Understand and utilize a variety of layout and design methods
*Understand and utilize a variety of compositional methods and skills
*Experience and control a wide variety of painting mediums
*Experience and control a variety of painting surfaces (papers, masonite board, canvas,)
*Understand and employ color theory
*Create a variety of paintings and art work with numerous media
*Create a portfolio of art work/paintings (portraits, landscapes, collage, series, mixed media
*Develop and enhance painting skills by keeping a journal/ sketchbook
*Create mixed-media art work/paintings
*Demonstrate knowledge of painting mediums, (watercolor, acrylic ,alkyd, tempera or gouache) and
develop a level of proficiency with them
*Be aware of various master artists and contemporary artists and their art work/paintings
* Be aware of, and have an appreciation of the history of painting
*Develop painting vocabulary

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                   Pottsgrove High School
                                         Course Syllabus

Required Textbooks

Suggested Course Materials
A pencil and eraser, and a sketchbook/journal

Assignments & Academic Calendar
1st quarter – Introduction unit (Art elements and Principles), Still-Life Drawing/Mixed Media
2nd quarter –Modified Contour Series, Text & Image Series Drawing, Pastel Portrait/Self-Portrait
3rd quarter –Mixed Media Collage, Landscape & Perspective Drawing, Artist Report
4th quarter – Expressive Figurative Drawing, Imaginary Drawing, Master Artist Re-Creation
These descriptions and timelines are subject to change at the discretion of the teacher.

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                   Pottsgrove High School
                                          Course Syllabus

Grading Guidelines
The following is mandatory:
Weighted System
         Demonstrating Knowledge and Skills (Focus on Quality & Mastery NOT completion)
                  80% - Assessment (tests, quizzes, projects, performance)
         Building Knowledge and Skills (Explicit Feedback for Learner is Required)
                  20%- Homework, Classwork, and Class Participation/Engagement
Grade Scale

Classroom and School Policies
Students are responsible to contact the teacher when they are absence to find out what assignments/lecture
notes they missed.

Late Work

*Demonstrating Knowledge and Skills (Assessment)
          o Students are expected to complete all learning activities designated as
          o Students who are absent for a test, quiz, performance, or project will make-up the
              assessment in an interval equal to the absence.
          o Students who do not complete assessments by the due date must complete them
              by the deadline, which is five contact days after due date. After the deadline, a
              10% penalty applies unless there are extenuating circumstances.

*Building Knowledge and Skills (Classwork, Homework, and Participation/Engagement)
           o Students will be given reasonable opportunities to complete building knowledge
              and skills as defined by the teacher.
           o Assignments not completed 5-student contact days of the due date will be
              converted to a zero.
           o Some assignments may not apply. (i.e. classwork grade assigned when student is

In addition to the various machines used throughout the school year, students will use the
school’s laptops to complete reading, writing, and research assignments

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                    Pottsgrove High School
                                            Course Syllabus

Student Conduct & Discipline
All school rules and policies will be followed.
Due to the fact students are exposed to a machine environment in this class, good behavior is of the
essence. There will be no tolerance for horseplay in the lab area!
Cell phones and other electronic devices are not to be in class at anytime. If seen by the teacher in the lab,
the phone will be confiscated and held until the end of the period. Additionally, the student will receive a
written discipline referral.

Academic Integrity
School penalties for cheating and/or plagiarism are listed in the Student Agenda book.

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