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					OSWEGO VALLEY JVEWS            THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, 1965                                                                          The Paper That's Read from Cover to Cover
                                                                 examination rooms, ipJiysliotih-
WELCOME ABOARD NAVAL RESERVE                                     erapy room, laboratory spaces            ON THE MOVE                       HIGH FINANCE
                                                                land quarters for a resident        Great minds do not necessari-      One branch of higher learn-
                                                                 nurse. The facility is expected ly run in the same channels—       ing today consists in finding
                                                                 to be ready for occupancy the ability to get out of a rut          ways to raise money to keep the
                                                                 early this spring.                makes the difference.            children in school.
                                                                    Recently the      Construction
                                                                 Fund announced completion of
                                                                 a $2.3-million Industrial Arts
                                                                 Building at the College at Os-                BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY
                                                                 wego. This facility, also de-          I am looking for a good man interested in managing a
                                                                 signed by Lorimer Rich As-          small business. (Gross about $150,000). This is a sales and
                                                                 sociates, was built toy the John    service busine-s handling one of the best known products
                                                                 W. Cowper Co. of Buffalo. The       in the agricultural field. Details on income and possible
                                                                 original portion of Park Hall,      ownership open to discussion. This is not an easy business
                                                                 the Industrial Arts building, is    but earnings will range from $9,000 - $14,000 depending on
                                                                 currently undergoing altera-        ability.
                                                                 tions.                                  Call me collect, A. B. Johnson, Area (315) 652-3717
                                                                    Both buildings are a part of
                                                                 •the $35.5-mi!llion     expansion
                                                                 program announced in Octo
                                                                 ber 1963 for the State Univer-
                                                                  sity College at Oswego.
                                                                                                                                 Milford Benedict
GARY W. SHORTSLEF, Sterling: RD 4, is shown being welcom-
                                                                   Saturday tallers at the home of
                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tyler of
                                                                                                                               EXCAVATING SERVICE
ed aboard U.S. Naval Reserve Surface Division 3-86 (M), Os-      Hannibal were Mr. and Mrs. Ro-              COMPLETE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE
wego, N.Y., by instructor Lawrence R. Martin, EN1. Gary is the   bert Mitchell and family of the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Ward R. Shortslef and is a senior at Han-    Hall Road, Mr. and Mrs. Donald              Septic Tanks PUMPED, Sold, Installed
nibal Central School where he was a member of the varsity        Tanner and family of Oswego,                        MILFORD BENEDICT, Proprietor
football squad.                                                  Mr. Donald Neivel of Clifford             Hannibal Road    R.D.#1, Fulton    Phone 593-1072
                                                                 and Miss Joanne Tanner of the
                                                                 Hall Road.

                                                                                             TV" GRECO
                                                                                                 Has                                 The

                                                                                 1965         RCA VICTOR
CHARLES E. DISOTELLE of Parish is pictured being welcomed                             TELEVISION • STEREO • RADIO
by Lt. jg Harold R. Freeden. Charles, son of Mr. and Mrs. John
Reese of Parish is a senior at Altmar-Parish-Williamstown and
a transfer student from El Paso, Texas.
                                  lick, Waym&n Piardue, Lance
Fulton Band, Chorus               Morgan, Ronnie Patrick,, Jim
To Appear in County              |lnglestan and Russell Cook.
Junior H.S. Concert                  line Band members have
   The Oswego All County Jun- been preparing for this con-
ior High School Music Concert cert under the direction of Mr.
•will be held at Hannibal on iharles J . Trupia. Those se-                                    More People Own
Saturday, January 30, at 8:00 lected to participate are: J u -
p.m. in the main auditorium of dy Paiko, Susan Hungerford,
 the Hannifbal Central School. Nancy Simpson, Suzanne Wal-                                    RCA VICTOR Than
There will be 49 students from lace, Michael Nettle, Denise
 Fulton participating. The con- Samuels, Debbie „ Rogers, Ste-                              Any Other Television...
 cert will include several selec- phen Abraham, William Gilles-
 tions by the All-County Junior pie, William Cook, Charles Li-                                  Black and White
 High Band followed by the All- Iberti, Stanley Lyttle, Stanley
County Junior High Chorus. Ruta, Gene Nichols, John Mc-
                                   Daniel, Mike Booth, Bet,ty Aus-
   The Ohorus members who tin, Peggy Waelde, Alicia Swi-
                                                                                                         or Color
have been (preparing for tfhe atiowski and Susan A'hern.
program under the direction of
Mr. Jose Azcue are: Rene Mi-
chaud, Amy Cravetz, Joy Shav- Infirmary Constructed
 er, Ellen Trescott, Lynne Sea-*- At Oswego Campus
 ringi, Natalie Clark, Judy Mag* The State University Con-
ley, Barbara Stanton, Bob Col- struction Fund today announ-
 lins, Paul Kenyon, William ced that work has been com-j
 Gummer, Bruce Barker,. Steve pleted on a $742,000 health
 Allerton, Joe Bzdula, Michelej center and infirmary at the!                                               The BROMLEY
                                                                                                       Mark 10 Series GF-629
 Brothers, G r e t c h e n  Smith! State University College                                          21" tube (overall diameter)
 Christine Fox, Susan Wigant Oswego.                                                                     265 sq. in. picture
 Vancy VanLinder, Linda Nord-j The one-story medical faci-                                                                                                    S MISTERS VOICE'

  yran, Judy Kitttntfr, Theresa ity has a capacity for 28 bed:
 Arcadi Billy Cook, Brad Hil in 12 rooms, as well as general]
                                                                                 RCA VICTOR Mw Mstd COLOR TV
                                                                               featuring Space Age Sealed Circuitry
                    AUCTION                                             RCA Space Age Sealed Circuitry is Startling Spectacular
                                                                        crafted . . . proved reliable in millions of RCA -A        ^ ^ n g        SpCCtaCUla
                                                                        Victor TV sets. It's just one of many quality fea-

          Saturday, Jan. 30th - 7 P.M.                                  tures you'll find in this attractive New Vista con-

                                                                        solette. Others include: All-channel VHF and UHF
                                                                        tuning * RCA High Fidelity Color Tube * Auto
                                                                        matic Color Purifier * Improved 25,000-volt
       BELDEN'S AUCTION BARN - Rte. 49                                  chassis (factory adjusted)        * Powerful New
    Steamware, Milk Glass, Hens and Chickens, Candlelight               Vista Tuners * One-set VHF fine tuning * Static-
                                                                        free "Golden Throat" FM sound.
                                                                                                                                                              With Trade
    with Cranberry Globe, Cannon, Light Bar, Toys, Sleds,
    Dresses, Gossip Stand, Doors, Windows, and much more                            THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN TELEVISION
    by sale time.

    IRVING BELDEN - Ph. 593-1063                                                           TV" GRECO
                                                                                 70 S. First St.                                              592-5200

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