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					University of Pitesti
Faculty of Electronics, Communications and Computers
Profile: Networks and Communications Software
 The system works in real-time, and it displays images
from an RGB video camera or from a computer.

 On the images received from the video camera, there
are different kinds of image processing applied.
The components used in the
 the FPGA Virtex-II PRO

 the 100 MHz oscillator

 the XSGA interface: video
DAC circuit + VGA conector

 the RS232 serial port

 the internal Block RAM
memory: 512x36 and 16k x 1
 the block contains: timing generating circuits, retreat
signals generating circuits, diving and counting circuits for
pixels and lines

 the timings generators provide signals corresponding to
640 pixels and 480 lines
 communication speed:
38400 Hz (baud-rate)
 length of the data vector:
8 bits
 the interface for the serial
transmission – made in the
language Visual C++
DEMUX 1:128
-determines which of the
121 memory modules is
enabled at a certain

 MUX 128:1
- determines which of the
output data is displayed
on the screen at a certain
       Port A                      Port B
the color information
from the serial port      DI     ‘0’

               ‘0’       DIP     ‘0’
     pixel counter      ADDR      pixel counter
demultiplexer 1:128       EN   demultiplexer 1:128

demultiplexer 1:128      WE      ‘0’
               ‘0’       SSR     ‘0’
  serial reception
    automaton            CLK     pixels divisor
               ‘0’       DO     multiplexer 128:1    G
               ‘0’       DOP      ‘0’
 the images can be digitally processed in real-time
 the display resolution is 320x120
 the first port of the memory is controlled by the
image capture system
                                        color detect

                                        color amplification

                                        color inversion

 the needed bit for processing the image is written
on the first port of the additional 16k x 1 memory, and
read on the second port.

 The processing block generates a 24-bit vector like
            - the bits corresponding to the processed
            color are ‘1’
            - the bits corresponding to the
            unprocessed colors are ‘0’
              The stereoscopic principle

The needed images are:
 for the video camera 1:
the image converted in red-scale colors

 for the video camera 2:
the image converted in blue-scale colors
 The designed system is fit for real-time display and digital
processing, it’s adaptable and functional on different kinds of
screens, and it can be used for serial communication and also
for video camera images.

 Besides the kinds of digital processing that are already
designed, the system is the foundation for a lot of other
applications, of which there are set as objectives the following:
               - detecting the shape, speed and trajectory of
moving objects, captured with the video camera
               - detecting human presence, etc.

 For a better resolution, an external RAM will be attached, in
order to be able to store information of images starting from a
resolution of minimum 640x480.