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									South African Pedal Car Register
Volume 2, Issue 5                                                                                                      May 2005

Ok, so here I am again, sitting in front of the computer, trying
to think of the latest news to tell. Which brings me to the first
point, and I hope this won't be taken negatively.
At the end of March the postal authorities decided to increase
the cost of posting a letter yet again, and the cost of issuing the
newsletter now runs to nearly R1000 per year. Now, please
don't misunderstand me. I don't mind the cost so much, but
sending a newsletter every three months just for the sake of
sending it regularly, without any news to report is not the way
to go.                                                                The Toy Train, in Meyerton recently started importing pedal
So rather than sending four letters a year, I will be reducing        cars and accessories, which is good news for us collectors.
this to three per year, and hopefully there will be enough news       I’ve placed pictures on the reverse side of the newsletter, as
to fill the page. I don't think there will be a marked difference     well as below.
because of this, but if you have any comments, whether                The prices are well below what I could import the cars for
positive or negative, please let me know . I always value the         myself, probably due to bulk buying, shipping etc. but I
input received.                                                       don’t ask the experts how it’s done. I simply take advantage
The positive news is that pedal cars are again for sale in South      of a good deal and smile.
Africa. Roelf Laubscher, of Toy Train fame, has taken the             The quality of the cars is excellent, and most are made of
initiative and at no inconsiderable risk imported a bunch of the      steel, similar to the original pedal cars of the fifties. The
Comet pedal cars plus other tractors and accessories. In              petrol pumps and road signs are to scale and will add to any
addition to this, the next container will contain the Classic         pedal car display.
Roadster cars. Although the Comets are reproductions of the
original 1950's Murray Comet and Torpedo cars, the Classic
Roadsters are a completely new design. Some variations are
available, such as the Firetruck, the Comet Hotrod and the
Pretty Pink cars.
If you are in the area, pop into the Toy Train, at 411 Galloway
Street, Meyerton. Roelf not only has the latest pedal cars, but
an amazing amount of cars and trucks in all sizes and flavors,
and you won't leave without buying something you've always
We are getting more queries to identify or help with pedal car
information from sources all over the world, and it is always
gratifying to help a fellow enthusiast, but more so it helps
improve the knowledge base this side too . So let's have some
pics of the unidentified and scarce cars, and let's see if we can
We tried to buy the 1920's Lines Bros car that used to reside in
the Heidelberg Museum, and were disappointed not to be
successful. However, the car will be preserved and remain on
display at the L'Ormarins Wine estate in Franschoek, Cape,
where the entire Heidelberg collection is being moved to.             Speedster Ride-On                   Fuel pumps to scale for
                                                                                                          display with pedal cars
Remember the Cars in the Park, Pretoria on 7 August.
See you there, and until then,
Keep on pedalin’                                                          WANTED
                                                                         Tonka Toys wanted in any condition. Please phone
                                                                         Willie Dry at 083 441 7939.

                                                            CONTACT DETAILS

                                                            Pieter van den Berg                        Tel Home 011 793 3183
                                                            499 Long Avenue or      P O Box 1267       Tel Work 011 350 2545
                                                            Ferndale                Ferndale           Cell      082 441 9908
                                                            Randburg                2160               Email
                                                     South African Pedal 1
Some more of the cars available through Toy Train

                                                                Toytrain Hobbies
                                                                411 Galloway St.
                                                                Tel: (016) 362-0421
                                                                Cell: 082 444 3734
                                                                Fax: (016) 362-4611

The Deluxe series of cars. The Tow Truck is not pictured and a racer, similar to these cars but without fenders is also

The Comet series.

Pedal Tractors series.                                                   An Airflow Wagon, and a wood-based Jeep

Classic Pedal Cars                                                       Speedster Ride-On cars

Made to scale roadsigns

                                                    South African Pedal 2

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