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									                         MINUTES OF THE MEETING
                             TOWN COUNCIL
                           BAR NUNN, WYOMING

       The regular meeting of the Town Council of Bar Nunn was held on Tuesday, June
1, 2010, 7:00 P.M., at 4820 N. Wardwell Industrial Avenue, Bar Nunn, Wyoming.

       The meeting was called to order by Mayor Jerry Petty.

        The roll was taken by Carol Pendley, Clerk Treasurer. Those present were Ken
Butler, Josh Brown, Mayor Jerry Petty, John Blase, and Paula Stewart.

        Mayor Petty led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

        First item of business on the agenda was the minutes of the May 18, 2010 Council
Meeting. Paula made a motion to accept the minutes. Ken seconded the motion and it
carried unanimously.

       Payable List for May, 2010 was next on the agenda. Paula made a motion,
seconded by John to accept the Payable List for May, 2010. Motion was unanimous.

      Attorney’s Report was next on the agenda. Charlie stated he had nothing to report
but would answer any questions. There were none.

        Engineering Report was next on the agenda. Bill reported the Prairie Lane Street
Project is substantially complete.
        Mayor Petty, Jack, Lisa, Rich Dan, and Bill met again to talk about mailboxes.
Lisa and Rich are going to locate mailboxes on property (owned by Granite Peak) to the
East of the old water tanks. This property will encompass the current boxes on McMurry
Blvd. and boxes for new houses in Ponderosa III and Vista Hills.
        Bill reported Knife River has been awarded the bid for the Bar Nunn Industrial
Center. They will be doing the infrastructure, and Tonkawa Trail extension. Work is
scheduled to start in two to three months. Bar Nunn has some concerns that are to be
addressed as well. There will be a separate bid done for Westwinds Road.

        Fire Department Report was next on the agenda. Chuck gave the report for May.
He asked Mayor and Council to consider paying out of town fire fighters during regular
payroll period so they would not be waiting until they return from a fire to be paid. They
would also be able to travel on to another fire instead of coming back to Bar Nunn first.
The person(s) would fax in worked time to Chuck who would submit timesheets to be
processed and paid during the 15th and end of the month payroll periods. Josh made a
motion to allow time to be paid during regular town payroll periods for time worked by
firefighters. Paula seconded. Paula, John, Josh, and Mayor Petty voted aye. Ken
abstained. Motion carried.

       Next item on the agenda was Second Reading of Ordinance #2010-03
ENDING JUNE 30, 2011". Paula made a motion, seconded by Ken, to accept the
ordinance on Second Reading. Motion was unanimous.

        Zoning and Planning was next on the agenda (report attached). Jack referenced
the written report from the last meeting. He reported Zoning and Planning will be
considering a Preliminary Plat for Vista Hills at their next meeting.
        Jack reported several scenarios have been presented concerning the construction
beyond the alley behind Antelope (Ponderosa III). There had been agreement to putting 4
inches of gravel in the alley to allow trucks and therefore allow construction to begin on
the lots adjacent to the alley. Lisa told Jack she did not have money in her budget to
gravel the alley. At that point Jack told Lisa that was fine; but now they will be required
to completely finish streets (and curb and gutter) before any issuance of permits. Lisa
was agreeable and indicated they would be getting the streets in in a couple of weeks
anyway. Jack also passed on concern, to Lisa, regarding curbs and walks during
construction. Lisa will have a form for builder responsibilities regarding curbs and walks
prior to final inspections and issuance of CO (Certificate of Occupancy). Jack again stated
there would be no building prior to streets being completed.

       Petitions and Public comment was next on the agenda. There were none.

        Council Miscellaneous was next on the agenda.
        A Business License for Lil Tonka & Friends Childcare-Desiree Walsh was first
item to consider. Ken made a motion seconded by Paula to grant the business license.
Motion was unanimous.
        There will be a Budget Work Session following the Council Meeting, as
previously scheduled.
        There was discussion regarding various potholes around Town that Mayor Petty
said he would have Chuck take care of.
        Josh referenced the recent notice from Wyoming Community Gas and that the
proposed money needs to be designated. There was discussion about possible lighting at
the new mailbox unit, and whether plans for the new mailboxes would be made available
to the Town. No definite decision was made about the Wyoming Community Gas

      There being no further business to come before the council at this time, John made
a motion to adjourn. Paula seconded and motion carried.
       Meeting adjourned 7:30 P.M., June 1, 2010.
       Minutes approved June 15, 2010 meeting.

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