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					             Homeland Security Exercise & Resource Support Analyst

Position Identification Number: NCR-01

Job Title:    Homeland Security Exercise & Resource Support Analyst

Reports To: North Central Region (NCR) Homeland Security Coordinator

Position Description:

      Responsible for providing a wide range of Homeland Security program support to the
       NCR. Duties will primarily encompass the functional areas of financial management
       support, logistics support, exercise program management/support and Regional web site
       coordination and management.
      Responsible for providing financial direct support to the Arapahoe County Fiscal Agent
       including purchase requests, equipment ordering/tracking and equipment distribution.
      Position is responsible for operating the NCR Homeland Security warehouse.
      Will support purchasing, receiving and distribution functions for equipment and supplies
       covering active and completed NCR Grant programs.
      Responsible for organizing and synchronizing the Regional exercise program in
       accordance with Federal and State requirements to include HSEEP.
      Responsible for organizing and synchronizing Regional-level exercise design and
       planning. This responsibility will include supporting the design, planning and execution
       of workshops, table-top exercises, functional exercises and full scale exercises.
      Responsible for organizing and maintaining the Regional web site to include coordination
       of updates and additions.
      Responsible to support NCR Strategic Planning process as lead point of contact for the
       following Emergency Support Functions/Support Annexes:
           o Transportation
           o Logistics Management & Resource Support
           o Firefighting
           o Finance Management
           o Public Safety & Security
           o Search & Rescue
      Provide general meeting and administrative support as required.
      Prepare status and/or progress reports for the Coordinator/NCR Board as required.
      Participate in State, ODP and FEMA training classes/sessions as required.
      Provide a variety of administrative support functions (e.g., meeting/conference notices &
       support packages, plan documentation, trip reports, AAR documents, etc.) as required.
      Perform duties as assigned.

Position Type: Grant Funded, full time position with the North Central All-Hazards Emergency
Management Region. Continuation of the position is dependent upon annual grant and/or local
budget funding.

                                                                                1 October 2008
Monthly Salary Range: $5000 to $6000 per month.

General Abilities and Skills Required

The requirements listed below represent knowledge, skills, and/or abilities required. Reasonable
accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential

          Must be able to work with multi-disciplinary and diverse groups (core requirement).
          Ability to maintain deadlines, work independently and adapt to flexible, changing
           requirements (core requirement).
          Proficiency with the Microsoft Office Suite (MS Word, Excel) software suite (core
          Familiarity with Homeland Security directives and guidance (DHS publications, State
           strategy, etc.). Specifically, knowledge of HSPD-5, HSPD-8, the National Incident
           Management System and the National Preparedness Goal highly desirable.
          Experience managing budgets and/or grant funding highly desirable.
          Microsoft Expressions or other Web design software proficiency highly desirable.
          Understanding and knowledge of WMD/First Responder/Fire equipment desired.

Education and/or Experience:

       Desired: 4 Year Baccalaureate Degree in Public Administration, Management, Finance,
       Political Science, Fire Science, Criminal Justice or other related field. Experience in
       Homeland Security, Emergency Management or Emergency Response field highly

       Minimum Required: Two-year degree from a junior or community college and the
       experience, skills and abilities that the Committee believes necessary to ensure success.
       Experience in emergency management and emergency response activities may be
       considered in lieu of a degree.

Additional Requirements:

      U.S. citizenship required.
      Finalists will be subject to a background investigation encompassing employment and
       criminal history. Selected candidate will be required to pass a polygraph examination.
       Signing a statement of acknowledgment and consent to release information form will be
      Selected candidate must be willing to work nights and weekends in support of an ongoing
       emergency within the Region.
      Selected candidate must have a valid Colorado driver’s license, ability to drive and attend
       meetings within the Region.

                                                                                  1 October 2008

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