How To Upgrade Your Podcast To Attract More Visitors

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					How To Upgrade Your Podcast To Attract More Visitors
How Do I Upgrade My Podcast?

Now that you’ve got the basics covered and you’ve discovered some ways to refine
your podcasting skills, you may want to know what other steps you can take to
upgrade your podcast.


In addition to practicing, here are the next elements to address that can make an
immediate improvement in your podcasting:

1. Microphone
Upgrading to a more professional microphone will make a big difference in your
podcast quality.

A great microphone can be had for around $100, and should be one of your first
purchases when you’re ready to make an investment in your podcast.

Some favorites of podcasters include the

a. Blue Yeti
b. The Snowball
c. The Samson Q1U.

Any of these options will provide a smooth sound quality.

2. Music
Adding intro and extro music is an easy way to make your podcast sound more
professional. But before you go taking clips from your favorite CDs and adding them to
your track, be aware that most music is covered by copyright laws, and the music
industry is notoriously nasty with infringers.

Instead, go for royalty-free music options. If you have GarageBand, many sound tracks
are available with the software. There are dozens of royalty-free music sites, too, such
as Royalty Free Music, Freeplay Music, Music Bakery, andShockwave.
3. Sound adjustments

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Invest a little time in learning to use your editing software so you can control sound
levels, eliminate dead air, fade your intro and extro in and out, and control volume for
different speakers.

A few minutes of editing makes a huge improvement in the quality of your final product.
If you’re shooting video, the same is true: Eliminate dead spots, create transitions and
effects, and more to generate a polished finished product.

4. Quit Popping
One of the most annoying things for podcast audiences is the popping of the Ps and
Bs on a podcast. As a podcaster, you may not even notice these little exhalations, but
your audience certainly does!

The solution:

Buy a microphone screen or make your own.
5. Create a dedicated website.
You can make yourself look like a “big deal” by creating a dedicated website for your
podcast – or by moving your podcast from a free service to your own blog.

Include upcoming show topics, RSS and iTunes subscription links, and contact
information. For each show, create a direct link to the download, and include “show
notes,” which is a list of information and appropriate links for that episode.

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