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					                                            DATED «Ten_start»



                             Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the
                                      University of Oxford


                «Tenant1_Title» «Tenant1_Forename» «Tenant1_Surname»


                                    Relating to «Unit_description»

                                                OX4 1AU

                                   («Ten_start» to «Tenancyend»)

One party student (FORM A) V.1 April 2010                              Int______
THIS TENANCY AGREEMENT is made on «Ten_start»

BETWEEN (1) The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford

(“The Landlord”) and (2)

«Tenant1_Title» «Tenant1_Forename» «Tenant1_Surname» of «Tenant1_College»

(“The Tenant”)

WHEREBY it is agreed as follows:-

1.    The Landlord lets and the Tenant takes:-

      (a)    «Unit_description» (“the Premises”) situated in and forming part of the building
             known as Alan Bullock Close, Caroline Street, St Clements, Oxford (“the

      (b)    The fixtures and fittings and furnishings in the Premises as are specified in the
             inventory signed on behalf of the Landlord and the Tenant and are hereinafter
             collectively referred to as “the Furniture”;

      (c)    The use in common with others of the common room (if any), laundry (if any)
             and garden (if any).

      (d)    The right in common with others of access on foot to the Premises (and common
             room and laundry room and garden which are hereinafter collectively called “the
             Common Parts” which expression shall include the common staircase and
             passageways over which rights of access are hereby granted)

             from the «Ten_start» until «Tenancyend» (but determinable as hereinafter


      (a)    The Tenant shall pay rent for the Premises and the furniture and the shared use of
             the Common Parts at the rate of:

                    (i) £832.59 per calendar month from 30 Sep 2010 until 31 Jul 2011

             such rent to be paid in advance (by Bankers Order if so required by the Landlord)
             on the first day of each month, the first payment being the rent in respect of the
             period up to «Charged_up_to» to be made on the signing of this agreement. The
             last such payment shall be made on the first day of the month during which the
             tenancy expires and shall if appropriate be an apportioned part of a full month’s

      (b)    In addition the Tenant shall pay the Landlord on the signing of this Agreement a
             deposit of £832.59 to be applied by the Landlord in or towards the cost of
             cleaning in accordance with paragraphs (5) and (6) of the First Schedule or
             rectifying any breaches by the Tenant of the terms of this Agreement. The
             balance (if any) of the deposit remaining after such cleaning or rectification shall

One party student (FORM A) V.1 April 2010                                             Int______
             be refunded to the Tenant not later than 4 weeks after the determination of the

3.    The Tenants shall also pay during the tenancy

      (a)    The amounts demanded by the Electricity and Gas suppliers respectively in
             respect of standing charges arising and electricity and gas if any used on the

      (b)    The amounts demanded by British Telecommunications Plc or any other
             telecommunications group or the University in respect of standing charges for the
             telephone (if any) and all telephone calls made during the tenancy.

      (c)    The amounts demanded by the hirers of hired equipment in the Premises.

      (d)    All rates taxes assessments duties and other outgoings whatsoever whether
             parliamentary parochial or any other kind which now are or during the tenancy
             shall be assessed or charges in respect of the property or any part thereof
             including any Council Tax (but excluding any general and water rates which are
             the responsibility of the Landlord under the provisions of paragraph (1) of the
             second schedule.)

      Any sum or sums payable from time to time under this clause shall be payable
      forthwith on demand and at the election of the Landlord either to the Landlord or direct
      to the appropriate authority person or body to whom the amount is due and any such
      sum or sums paid by or due from the Landlord to the appropriate authority person or
      body shall be due forthwith from the Tenant.

4.    The Landlord reserves the right to enter the Premises and the Common Parts at
      reasonable times of the day with or without workmen tools and equipment and for any
      reasonable purpose but in particular for the purpose of inspecting the Property and
      carrying out repairs subject to giving 24 hours notice to the Tenant (except in the case
      of emergency when no notice shall be required).

5.    The Tenant agrees to perform and observe the agreements stipulations and conditions
      set out in the First Schedule and to procure that their family and visitors are made
      aware of the same and observe them where relevant.

6.    The Landlord agrees to perform the stipulations as set out in the Second Schedule to
      this Agreement.

7.    It is hereby agreed and declared that:-

      (a)    if:

                (i) the whole or any part of the rent is unpaid for twenty one days after it
                    becomes due (whether legally demanded or not); or

               (ii) there is any breach of any of the Tenants’ other obligations in this
                    agreement; or

One party student (FORM A) V.1 April 2010                                           Int______
              (iii) the Tenant is adjudicated bankrupt or has an interim receiver of their
                    property appointed

             the Landlord shall be entitled (in addition to any other right) to repossess the
             Premises and the Furniture and this tenancy shall immediately terminate but
             without affecting the Landlord’s right to take action against the Tenant for any
             outstanding breach of the Tenants’ obligations hereunder.

      (b)    the Landlord may appropriate and sell any effects and belongings, of the Tenant
             or any other person, that are abandoned or discarded in the Property at the end of
             the Term or any period of unauthorised occupation or following repossession in
             accordance with 7(a), and may apply the proceeds of the sale towards any unpaid
             rent, compensation for breach of covenant, or interest properly due. The
             Landlord shall not be liable to the Tenant in any criminal or civil proceedings for
             the recovery or replacement of any items appropriated or sold pursuant to this

      (c)    In this tenancy the single number includes the plural and the plural the single; and
             references to the masculine gender include the feminine

      (d)    If the Landlord or the Tenant shall in either case be more than one person then
             stipulations given by that party shall be deemed to be made jointly and severally

      (e)    The Landlord shall insure the Premises and the Furniture against damage or loss
             by fire but the Tenants shall be solely responsible for effecting such insurance as
             they may wish in respect of their own belongings and cash and those of their
             family and visitors.

8.    For the purposes of section 48 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 the address at
      which notices may be served upon the Landlord is c/o the Accommodation Officer,
      Land Agent’s and Accommodation Office, Ewert House, Ewert Place, Banbury Road,
      Summertown, Oxford OX2 7DD.

9.    If the Premises or the Common Parts or any part of them is destroyed or made
      uninhabitable by any of the risks insured against by the Landlord then unless and to the
      extent that the Landlord’s insurance policy has been vitiated or payment of the
      insurance monies refused because of the act or default of the Tenant the rent or
      appropriate part of it according to the extent of the damage shall be suspended until the
      Premises and/or the Common Parts (as the case may be) has been reinstated and made
      fit for occupation.


      (a)    If the Tenant completes his/her academic work or submits his/her thesis or for
             any other reason ceases to be a student of Oxford University before the expiry
             date of this Agreement the Landlord may terminate this Agreement by serving
             written notice on the Tenant expiring not less than two months after the date on
             which the Tenant shall complete his/her academic work or submits his/her thesis
             or the date on which the Tenant ceases to be a student of Oxford University.

One party student (FORM A) V.1 April 2010                                             Int______
      (b)     If either the Tenant or his/her spouse and/or their dependant child(ren) vacates
              the Premises:

                (i) the Tenant shall forthwith give notice thereof to the Landlord and

               (ii) the Landlord may terminate this Agreement at anytime thereafter by
                    serving on the Tenant not less than two months written notice to that effect.

                                            FIRST SCHEDULE

The Tenant agrees:-

1.    Not to assign underlet charge or part with possession nor lend nor share the Premises or
      Furniture or any part thereof nor take in any paying guest or lodger

2.    Not to do or allow to be done any damage to the Premises or to the Furniture and to
      make good or pay for all such damage save for fair wear and tear or (in the case of any
      articles included in the Furniture which shall be lost broken damaged or destroyed)
      replace the same with an identical article provided that the Tenants shall not be liable
      for any damage caused by fire otherwise than by the negligence of the Tenants or of
      any person who shall be in the Premises with the Tenants’ consent.

3.    To pay forthwith for the replacement of all broken or cracked glass in the windows of
      the Premises except such as may be broken or cracked at the date hereof and noted in
      the inventory.

4.    To ensure that no act or omission takes place in the Premises or Common Parts which
      may cause the external or internal drains to become obstructed and to keep the
      lavatories in the Premises clear and clean.

5.    To keep the Premises and the Furniture clean and tidy and at the end of this tenancy
      thoroughly to clean all fixtures and fittings and other items included in the Furniture, to
      wash down all dirty paint work and floors and to deliver up the Premises and the
      Furniture to the Landlords in a clean and tidy condition and remove from the Premises
      any furniture equipment or other items the Tenants may have brought into the Premises
      or elsewhere in the Property and also any rubbish and refuse. To keep clean the carpets
      provided by the Landlord.

6.    The Tenant should ensure that the Property is sufficiently heated and ventilated to
      avoid condensation and mould growth and if there is excess condensation the Tenant
      must wipe down surfaces promptly with bleach or any anti-mould product to help
      prevent mould growth recurring. The following measures should also be taken to avoid

            • the drying of clothes inside the Property except in areas designated for that

One party student (FORM A) V.1 April 2010                                                Int______
           • trickle vents shall be left open at all times and extractor fans in bathrooms and
             kitchens should be used

           • curtains and blinds should be kept open during the day

7.    To pay to the Landlord on demand the cost of washing or cleaning all curtains bedding
      and floor coverings included in the Furniture and the washing down of the walls, floors,
      ceilings, windows and all other surfaces of the Premises which shall have become
      soiled during the tenancy.

8.    To permit the Landlord with or without workmen and others at all reasonable times
      during the tenancy to enter the Premises for the purpose of repairing decorating and
      painting the same or of examining the condition of the Premises and the Furniture.

9.    Not to drive drawing pins nails or screws or any similar thing into the walls of the
      Premises nor to affix things to the walls by any means or to affix shower attachments to
      the taps and in the event of any breach to reimburse the Landlord on demand the cost of
      any redecorating required as a result of such breach.

10.   Not to paint paper or redecorate any part of the interior or exterior of the Premises.

11.   Not to remove the Furniture from the Premises or the Common Parts.

12.   Not to use on the Premises any heating lighting or cooking appliance which burns
      paraffin or other liquid fuels. The Tenant shall not light candles or joss sticks.

13.   To use the Premises as a private residence only and not to carry out any trade or
      business in the Premises.

14.   Not to take in guests or invitees whether relations or not for longer that 7 days without
      the written consent of the Landlord which must be obtained in advance of the visit.

15.   Not to do or suffer to be done at any time in the Premises or any part of the Property
      any act or thing which may be a nuisance damage or annoyance to the Landlord or to
      the occupiers of any of the adjoining nearby premises or any other person or which
      made vitiate any insurance against fire or otherwise of the Premises or of the Property
      or increase the ordinary premium thereof.

16.   Not to in any way affect the validity of the insurance of the Property and the items
      listed on the Inventory or cause an increase in the premium payable by the Landlord. If
      the Tenant leaves the Property vacant for thirty (30) days or more the Tenant must
      inform the Landlord in advance in writing.

17.   To keep any smoke detector which may be installed on the Premises in good working
      order and in particular to test the said smoke detector not less than once in every week
      to ensure that it functions correctly and (in the case of a battery operated smoke
      detector) to replace at the Tenants’ cost the batteries within the said unit whenever the
      need arises.

      Not to tamper in any manner with any smoke detector which may be installed at the
      Premises so as to make it ineffective in detecting smoke or fire at the Premises.

One party student (FORM A) V.1 April 2010                                              Int______
18.   Not to pull down alter add to or in any way interfere with the construction or
      arrangement of the Premises or the Common Parts.

19.   Not to affix any wireless radio or television aerial to the Property or the Premises. Not
      to fix any flags placards signs or posters so as to be visible outside the Property. The
      windows and doors of the Property must not be obscured by anything other than
      domestic curtains and blinds.

20.   Not to keep any animal bird or reptile in the Premises or anywhere within the Property.

21.   To take all necessary precautions to prevent damage by frost to water apparatus.

22.   Not to play to use or allow to be played or used any musical instrument or instruments
      wireless television gramophone or other electronic device for the reproduction of sound
      and/or music so as to be audible outside the Premises between the hours of 11.00pm
      and 8.00am nor at any other time so as to become a nuisance annoyance or
      inconvenience to the Landlord or the tenants or occupiers of any other part of the

23.   The Tenant must not use the Property or allow it to be used for any auction sale, any
      dangerous, noisy or offensive activity, or any illegal or immoral act or purpose, and
      must not carry on any commercial activity on it.

24.   Not to allow washing to be hung in the windows or on any balconies (if any) or on the
      outside of the Premises.

25.   Not to alter the existing lock on the Premises or fit any additional lock or other device
      which would prevent the Landlord from gaining access to the Premises.

26.   To observe and comply with any regulations for the conduct of tenants residing in the
      Property as laid down from time to time by the Landlord.

27.   Not to damage any trees shrubs flower beds lawns or other parts of the grounds (if any)
      of the Property and not to pick any flowers.

28.   Not to do or omit anything on the Premises the doing or omission of which shall be a
      contravention of the Town and County Planning legislation and to inform the Landlord
      forthwith of any notice served upon the Tenants or occupier by any person or authority
      which may affect the Landlord’s interest.

29.   Not to obstruct or cause or permit any obstruction of any paths drives entrance ways
      passages halls or stairs serving the Premises and (if applicable) the other dwellings in
      the Property.

30.   At the end of the tenancy to quietly deliver up possession of the Premises to the
      Landlord in such condition as will comply with the Tenants’ obligations under this

31.   Not to leave articles of any description in any part of the Property other than within the
      Premises. In particular the Tenants shall not obstruct any of the corridors paths or
      passageways or leave bicycles motor bikes or cars anywhere on or inside the Property
      save for either:-

One party student (FORM A) V.1 April 2010                                            Int______
      (a)    One bicycle (not a motor bike) which may be stood in the designated bicycle
             store or storage areas if there is room in one.

      (b)    Not to park any motor vehicle or motorbike in the car parking areas without a
             parking permit.

32.   Not to install a washing machine in the Premises.

33.   Within the last two months of the tenancy to permit the Landlord at reasonable hours in
      the daytime to enter and view the Premises with prospective tenants.

34.   To forward to the Landlord immediately upon receipt any correspondence addressed to
      the Landlord and any notice order or proposal relating to the Property its use or value
      or to the development of any neighbouring property.

35.   To pay all costs (including legal and surveyor’s fees) incurred by the Landlord:

      (a)    in connection with the preparation and service of a notice under Section 146 Law
             of Property Act 1925 whether forfeiture of the tenancy is avoided by relief
             granted by the Court or in any other way; or

      (b)    in connection with the recovery of arrears of rent due under this agreement.

36.   To notify the Landlord forthwith in writing of any defect in the Property or the
      Furniture other than those which the Tenant is liable to remedy under this agreement as
      soon as is practicable after the defect comes to the notice of the Tenant.

37.   The Tenant must not smoke tobacco or any other substances in the Property or allow
      guests to do so.

38.   The Tenant must not use any computer facilities or access any computer network
      provided at the Premises or the Property by the Landlord or the University of Oxford
      except in accordance with the University’s Regulations relating to the use of
      Information Technology facilities current from time to time and without prejudice to
      the generality of the foregoing must not connect any wireless router to the University
      network supplied within the Premises or the Property.

39.   To provide the Landlord with a forwarding address when the tenancy comes to an end
      and to remove all rubbish and all personal items (including the Tenant’s own furniture
      and equipment) from the Property before leaving.

                                        SECOND SCHEDULE

Provided that the Tenant pays the rent and performs his obligations under this Agreement the
Landlord agrees:-

1.    To pay the General and Water Rates on the Property except for the Council Tax (or any
      similar tax replacing it) on or in respect of the Tenant for the Premises.

One party student (FORM A) V.1 April 2010                                            Int______
2.    To take all reasonable steps to provide the following services:-

      (a)    heating and hot water for the Premises

      (b)    lighting external to the Premises

SIGNED by Miss Sue Jacobs

the duly authorised agent of the Landlord

SIGNED by the Tenant «Tenant1_Title» «Tenant1_Forename» «Tenant1_Surname»


One party student (FORM A) V.1 April 2010                                Int______

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