Minutes AGM 2010 final by wanghonghx


									:                                  Cogs & Wheels Ladies Morris
                                 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                                  Thursday 30th September 2010
                                        7.00pm for buffet/drinks
                                          7.30pm A.G.M.
                                Venue: Church House, South Tawton
                                            CHAIR: Pam Emerson


    1.     WELCOME & APOLOGIES                                                                ACTION

    Apologies received from: Liz Elliott-Shircore, Enid Maguire, Lyn & Mike Webber, Janet
    Jeffreys, Susie Wollen, Sallie Reason,Yvonne Reason, Jeanette Lee, Jacquie Kenney
    In attendance:
    Pam Emerson, Alison Cruse, Fiona Elsworth, Libby Watson, Margaret Allin, Anne
    Bendix, Jenny Bowkley, Chris Crawford, Morris Elsworth, Derek Emerson, Jenny
    Frangleton, Angie Haines, Alexa Mason, Kathy Matthews, Therese Miller, Shelagh
    Palmer, Mike Palmer, Sue Pritchard, Annabelle Reynolds,


    Accepted as an accurate record


     11. 4 new members last year - none stayed the year.
     13. Christmas meal – was 14th, cancelled until 21st Jan. Jenny F wasn't told of change
         of date so did not attend. Apologies to her. Enjoyable time was had by all.
     14. Pub stands earlier start at 7.45pm from 24th Aug. Worked well & to continue with       Alison
     15.    agenda'd item. Help for heroes collected at Christmas – agenda'd item. Chris
         collected £200 for rheumatology fund
     6. £100 rag fund – This hasn't been used up.


         See attached Appendix 1

          See attached Appendix 2

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         See attached Appendix 3.
         Libby reported we are solvent. We have received less income this year as we
         reduced our subscriptions. We have paid out to charities:
              Prostate Cancer £250
              British Heart Foundation £250
              Shelterbox £270
              Devon Air Ambulance Trust £150
              Help for Heroes £86.50 (Christmas Charity collection)


     See appendix 4


     a. Squire / Assistant Squire
             SQUIRE: Pam
             Proposed by: Angie                  Seconded: Anne        VOTED IN

             ASSISTANT SQUIRE:
             Chris    Proposed: Pam                        Seconded: Angie
             Margaret Proposed: Alison                     Seconded: Sue

             Margaret & Chris were asked to leave the room while we discussed and
             voted on these nominations. Vote taken on whether we should have 2
             assistant squires.
             Results of vote:
             FOR: 8 AGAINST: 5 ABSTAIN: 3
             Agreed to retain 2 assistants and to ensure there is equal opportunity to take
             up this role.

     b. Foreperson: Fiona
             Proposed by: Alison              Seconded:      Therese            VOTED IN

     (Assistant Foreperson was voted in at Practice on 6th Oct. Mike Palmer – nominated
     by Alison; Seconded Sue )

     c. Bagperson / Assistant Bagperson
            BAGPERSON Alison
            Proposed by: Fiona                      Seconded: Libby             VOTED IN

             ASSISTANT BAGPERSON Alexa
             Proposed by Alison       Seconded:                  Shelagh      VOTED IN

     d. Treasurer : Libby
             Proposed by:     Pam                  Seconded:        Alexa       VOTED IN

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       e. Rag Person Lyn had previously confirmed she is happy to stand
               Proposed by: Pam                    Seconded:       Alison       VOTED IN

       f. Publicity: Alexa
               Proposed by:          Pam            Seconded: Fiona           VOTED IN

 9.       WESTWARD HEY! Birthday Border Crossing (Alexa)

 See appendix 5
 Ali to e-mail dates out for group visit to FORCE – Mon or Friday preferred
 FORCE have an annual garden fete – agreed we will offer our services free of charge for          Ali
 that . Ali to arrange                                                                            Ali
 Angie to see if she can get minibus for support                                               Angie
 Alexa to check FORCE logo for tee-shirts/colour scheme                                        Alexa
 everyone to think about where to place publicity info -let Alexa know details etc                All


 Agreed to return to Tom Cobley on 6th or 13th Jan. Morris to book. Libby will organise       Morris
 collection / menu etc (The Tom Cobley has been booked for 6th Jan)                           Libby

 11.      CHOSEN CHARITIES for 2011

 Agreed that we will have FORCE as our main charity for the year, in addition to our          Alison
 Christmas collection for DAAT. We will offer to dance at their fete free of charge

 12.      FEES FOR 2011

 To remain at £15 for the year. All fees to be paid to Libby by end October                       All

 13.      SUMMER OUTFITS (Jeanette)

 This item was deferred from last year. In Jeanettes‟ absence we agreed to defer it again         Ali
 until Practice night when Jeanette is back.

 14.      NEW MEMBERS (Alison) –

 Agreed to invite Donna Tombs & Anya. There may be one other from Belstone, who may               Ali
 arrive at practice.

 15.      DANCERS HANDBOOK (Fiona)

 Not yet updated. Fiona will provide a sheet of additions/amendments so we can update          Fiona
 our own handbooks.

 16.      MUSICIANS (Lyn, Shelagh)

Need to actively look for another musician. Mike/Shelagh to write to Okehampton Times.          Mike

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        Pam to speak to Colin Andrews to get something in What's Afoot. If nothing comes      /Shelagh
        of this, to ask Tony Beard to put something on Radio Devon                                Pam
All to consider this                                                                                All


       Discussion on support for new members.

       New members to pay their subs at same time as us. To be encouraged to attend
       regularly, apprentices will be taught 6 dances in 1st yr,

 18.      PAID STANDS (Shelagh)

       Discussed low numbers of dancers at paid stands. Members asked not to agree or not
       to put a query against their name unless they are certain they can dance. Plea for
       more of us to dance out

 19.      A.O.B.
 Alison- As Morris Fed Newsletter is now available online, hard copy to go out to those not
 on-line before
 Shelagh – gifts for officers not necessary
 Alison – Prague International FF – to take more info to practice. Angie mentioned
 Winkleigh trip to Holland. Margaret - Craon twinning event next Aug Bank hol.
 All to consider opportunities & bring to bag                                                       All
 Alexa to do article on our season – any decent photos please let Alexa have
 Sue gave a Vote of thanks to all.
 Meeting closed at 9.15pm                                                                           All

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APPENDIX 1 Squires Report

First off, what a difference a year makes! This time last year I reluctantly offered to be „Sallie‟s little
helper‟, little did I think that a few months later I would be squiring. Thankfully, and with everything
crossed, Sallie is much better now. Thank you all for your encouragement and support, without
which I would have gone to pieces, all the time, not just occasionally. There isn‟t time now to
mention all our stands this year so I‟ve picked some out under the headings:- „Not so good‟, „Really
good‟, „Eventful‟ and „Weekends away‟

Let‟s start off with the „Not so good‟. There are very few in this category – only two in fact. The first
is St. Clems last November, it was p***ing down and no one really wanted to dance in the rain.
There was only one place we could go and that was in the entrance tunnel where it was blowing a
gale. You all groaned and got grumpy, BUT, we did four dances …. BADLY, had no audience, (not
as stupid as us!), but we DID IT! I couldn‟t be the first squire to stop what had become a tradition,
especially as this was my first bash at squiring. I felt like I was between a rock and a hard place – if
we danced you‟d be cross, if we didn‟t dance you‟d be cross and say what a pity we broke with
tradition. So we danced and got cross together and then went back to Libby‟s to warm up with hot
soup, cheer up with a laugh and say “yes, glad we did it.” The other stand in this category was the
New Inn at Sampford Courtney. There was a low turnout that night, many of our regulars were
missing and some were understandably preoccupied with the Royal Cornwall Show the next day. I
got a monk on and we danced badly say no more. No more bad ones, all good from then on.
Now the „Really Good‟. In February we danced at Trago Mills for the Haiti appeal. I was shaking like
a leaf but you were all so supportive and it went really well. We danced to perfection, raised a good
amount of money and had fun. May Morning – lucky with the weather because although it was cold,
it stayed dry. Yvonne and Sallie were sadly missed, especially Yvonne as we had no mulled wine!
Thanks to Annabelle for welcoming in the dawn. We had a lovely breakfast afterwards, thank you
Margaret, Morris and helpers, the sun then came out and we woke up the neighbourhood with our
cheerful dancing and music. The King‟s Arms at Winkleigh was a good stand with lovely dancing
and a good audience. Chagford Square was good, as always, with an excellent session afterwards.
Devils Stone, Shebbear – it was great to dance with Adelaide Morris and we danced well. We
danced with Glory of the West at the Mare and Foal, Yeoford and I was really pleased to be with
Cogs as we danced as well as Glory but we all had smiles and showed the audience how much we
were enjoying ourselves.

The Red Lion at Exbourne was another good event because although it was raining we were made
so welcome, they even moved the furniture to accommodate us and we did all but one of the
planned dances. Drewe Arms with Tinners and Raddon Hill was good but we always dance well
when we are with Tinners (well, we‟re better dancers aren‟t we?). But Tinners do bring out the best
in us with their laid back and jolly attitude. Dancing with Newton Bushell at Lustleigh was good, we
were made welcome by the publicans and wasn‟t it better to dance in the car park area? We danced
again with Newton Bushell at the Rugglestone Inn, Widdecombe – such a lovely setting to dance.
Sidmouth was good but unfortunately Christine hurt her leg. We did Old Dan with four of us and four
Tinners, it went really well. The Oke show had a good attendance, good dancing, good weather and
a good atmosphere with Tinners yet again. Our last stand at the Devi, although thin on the ground,
was good fun.

„Eventful‟ ….. The Uffculme show in May where Shelagh sprained her ankle, I fell over in Upton and
“the Eagle had landed” (in a nearby tree) causing a delay to our dancing while the handler from the
Bird‟s of Prey display tried to coax his eagle owl down from the tree. The Mid Devon Show in July
where Margaret dropped her skirt and danced in her bloomers, who was it who called her a tart?

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Our musicians forgot the music to Old Molly but as ever Tony Beard did us proud and talked us

„Weekends away‟ ……. We had three weekends away this year. The first was the Wessex Folk
Festival in Weymouth. Good weather and good atmosphere. We had several positive comments
about our stepping from other sides and our version of Maid and the Miller was enjoyed by all. We
had another excellent weekend at Chepstow with fine weather, great camaraderie, great dancing
and it was so good to have Terry and Jeanette back with us. We were really lucky with the weather
at our Swanage weekend, the highlights for me were dancing at Corfe Castle where we had a large
and enthusiastic audience and then dancing at Prince Albert Gardens which was like being in an
amphitheatre where we had a terrific audience. We always dance better when we have an
audience. It was great to watch Ridgeway with their unusual and professional style of dancing.
So that‟s my précis of the year. Thank you to our musicians without whom we wouldn‟t dance at all.
Thanks to Margaret for standing in for me when I couldn‟t be there, thanks to Fiona for helping when
I was unsure and thanks to you all for being so supportive. Thanks to Alison for being „bag‟, Alexa
for publicity, Libby for sorting the money, Sue for dancing out twice when she would rather not have
but knew we were dangerously low on numbers, Alexa again for being a good and supportive friend,
similarly Mike and Shelagh and Mike and Lyn. We have a good group of us who regularly dance out
at events – I wish more of you would join us, especially at the paid stands and weekends away
when we always seem to struggle to get enough for a side. We do have such a good time together
with lots of bonding! It‟s been a big learning curve for me this year but I have now come to quite
enjoy being squire so if you want me next year I will be willing to stand, as squire this time, not as
assistant! That‟s your lot.

There follows a list of all dances this season and you can see for yourself how many times we did
each one this year and last year.
                              2010 2009                                2010 2009
                            18     0          Morning Star             15     15
   Anne‟s Well
   Banbury Bill             14     13         Nutting Girl             14     15
                            13     11         Old Dan Roberts          10     11
   Bean Setting
   Bonny Green              2      -          Old Molly Oxford         12     2
                            16     10         Portsmouth               17     18
                            7      -          Postman‟s Knock          15     14
   Getting up Stairs
   Grenadiers               14     13         Queen of the May         5      4
                            8      13         Rigs of Doom             21     14
   Haste to the Wedding
                            12     11         Ring O‟ Bells            11     13
   Hel‟s Hop
                            13     14         Tinners Rabbit           21
                            14     11         Tinsley Ring             18     12
   Jenny Lind
                            10     15         Turkey Tump              18     15
   Lucy of Lyne
   Maids of the Mill        8      7          Upton Sticks             25     13
   Maids and the Miller     11     2          Widdecombe               13     12

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Appendix 2

                                                BAG REPORT

I would like to thank Shelagh for all the planning and liaising work she did in sorting out the pub stands for
this year. It made my load a bit lighter. On the subject of pubs, I’d really like to encourage everyone to
fraternise in the pub after we’ve finished dancing; it’s a sure way of getting that extra support we need from
the landlords.

I haven’t spent nearly as much time as I would have liked on the web site this year – will try better next year!

Problems in 2010:-
    Getting enough people out to a stand after preliminary show of hands has indicated that there will be
       plenty. I don’t know a way round this dilemma except for the side to refuse to do anything out of the
       usual. I wouldn’t like to go down these roads
    Late notice of events – which happens every year but makes the programme difficult to organise

We’ve had 3 great weekends this year & I’d love to have more. I hope we can continue to expand on this
aspect of our dance. We’ve only had 31 stands this year – which seems a lot but is 5 fewer than last year!

Thanks to everyone for bringing diaries, checking the website, & being there when they said they would.

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Appendix 3

                         Cogs & Wheels Ladies Morris
                                        2009 / 2010


     Subs                      £375

     Fees and collections £995.74

     Collection for Xmas £86.50



     Hall Hire                £232

     Donations                £920

     Xmas Charity             £86.50

     Expenses                £238.10

     Outgoings                £193.44

     Miscellaneous            £65.84

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                   COGS AND WHEELS ACCOUNTS 2009/10


                                  CREDIT               DEBIT               BALANCE

Total receipts                             £2,889.49
Cash payments                                                   £285.78
cheque payments                                                £2,764.10
cheque payments cleared from
2008/9                                                          £485.85
                                           £2,889.49           £3,535.73

cash in hand from 2008/9                       £6.78
Current Account b/f from 2008/9            £1,468.97

Total Assets at 17.09.2010                                                  £829.51


Current Account at 17.09.10                 £849.15
Uncleared withdrawal (1)                                         £12.30
Treasurers expenses                                               £7.34
Cash in Hand

Balance                                                                     £829.51


(1) Cheque Number 000322

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Appendix 4

                               Cogs and Wheels Foreman’s Report – 2009-2010

You will be pleased to know that I don’t intend to spend this report reminiscing; however, what a fantastic
year! Being Foreman for Cogs and Wheels has to be one of the best things I have ever done because I get
to dance with lovely people and when you look good I can take the credit and when you make mistakes well
....they are all your own fault!
And talking of mistakes – who made the first mistake in the first dance of our first stand? So I have spent all
the summer saying ‘don’t worry, we all make mistakes’ in the hope that I will be forgiven!

Our Practice season suffered from exceptional weather. I was amazed that so many managed to struggle
through and attend so well. Several people only missed one or two sessions. However, some people missed
more than 50%. And it showed. I appreciate that we all have events that prevent us attending occasionally
– but missing lots of practices has several knock-on effects
    1. You don’t know of any developments to dances you think you know well
    2. You don’t build up muscle memory which is vital to relaxing and enjoying your dancing
    3. You don’t experience dancing in various positions and are therefore limited in what you can do
    4. You don’t dance with other people, building team performance
    5. Your fitness isn’t increased, leading to injuries

Our new dance – Anne’s Well – has been popular and more and more people have danced it out. Maid and
the Miller is very entertaining but has taken a long time to establish; Old Molly Oxford is danced well by the

My practice focus for the season was posture and stepping. This was not as successful as the previous year
when we focussed on hankies and sticks, perhaps because as dancers we are less aware of our own posture
and also find accurate stepping more challenging. I felt that last season’s repertoire was too extensive and
led to weaker accuracy.

I hadn’t appreciated how much influence the Foreman has on the side as a whole. It has taken me 2 years
to begin to think of myself as ‘Foreman’ and I would very much like to continue as Foreman for another
year. However, if anyone else wishes to take on the post I would step aside. I am aware that, as Foreman,
I inflict my interpretation of dances and my standards of performance on the side.
If voted in I would like to make the following 5 promises:-

   1.   I   promise   not to be so grumpy at practice
   2.   I   promise   not to make the first mistake of the dance out season next year
   3.   I   promise   to correct mistakes on notation cards
   4.   I   promise   to reduce the number of dances in the active repertoire
   5.   I   promise   to help every dancer achieve their potential

If returned as Foreman for another year my focus for next season’s practice will be performance. We need
to engage our audience more and make people want to watch us. To do this we need to -
dance as a team;
be confident in stepping, hankies, sticks, figures and choruses;
support and encourage each other to make the set look good as a whole;
maintain concentration throughout the dance;
develop muscle memory
All this will allow us to put in that little extra that makes a dance a performance.

To have fun we need to dance well, and to dance well we need to be having fun!

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Appendix 5
                            REPORT ON ‘WESTWARD HEY’ FOR A.G.M.

   1. It’s official – ‘Westward Hey!’ is our main title, but we now have a sub-title suggested by Fiona, as it
       is next year that Cogs attain their collective 15th birthday! So – ‘Westward Hey!’ – Cogs and Wheels
       Birthday Border Crossing.
   2. Ali will now go ahead and inform other sides of our plans. Alison has already had favourable
       responses from Newton Bushel and Tinners.
   3. The literature Jeanette passed on to us about FORCE was impressive – as well as providing the
       wonderful centre, they also provide much needed equipment for patients and also do research (see
       other attachment). We’ve decided to have FORCE as our only charity so that we can raise enough to
       be really useful. It will also make the organisation of money raised less complicated for us. Contact
       has been made with the charity’s fund-raising manager, and she has invited us to visit one evening.
       DATES? NAMES? Alison will send out one of her special forms to collate interest and dates.
       Margaret suggested offering to dance at the FORCE fete.
   4. Thanks to local knowledge from Libby, some of Friday evening’s walk can be on footpaths. Part of
       Saturday’s walk will be on the granite railway. It was felt that it would be wise, after Bridestowe to go
       with the original plan to walk the old A30, to keep a high profile, plus use of accompanying car with
       refreshments, first aid, ultimate refuge for the utterly footsore etc. At the next meeting I’d like us to
       look at the route in detail. There may be a way of doing slightly less on the Sat, a little more on the
   5. Alan and Peter are going to head the support group. It was suggested a bike-mounted Tinner might like
       to do the granite-railway section as ‘support’. Angie is seeing if a minibus plus driver might be
       available through work.
   6. We have the application forms for collection licenses from the appropriate local authorities, and Alison
       is completing them. As soon as we have written confirmation from FORCE we shall go ahead with
       these in order to be sure of our dates.
   7. Susie has offered help – I’ll ask her if she might organise refreshments on the way. It was suggested
       Waitrose might offer bottled water.
   8. Fiona is confident we can get sponsorship for T-shirts and Sally has offered to design them.
       COLOURS! But not to discuss now! It was thought that baseball caps/hats were a good idea and it
       was suggested we might adopt the FORCE colour. Alexa to check what this is. Mike W has offered to
       design posters (when the Webers return from the Antipodes). It’s a bit early to think about publicity –
       except if we want things in Morris/Folk publications we need to know copy deadlines. Please let me
       know about any publications you think would be interested. Alexa to contact Colin Andrews.
   9. Libby is going to contact the FORCE fund-raising manager to discuss the financial logistics.
   10. Please start to think how you personally would like to get the most out of the weekend. NB it is the
       side rather than individuals who are expected to complete the walk. Some may wish to ‘go all the
       way’. Others may only want to do certain stages, others may wish to dance at stopping places only –
       and we do need people to dance and keep company with our guest sides. Please let me know.
   11. Next meeting, Committee? To be decided.

   Alexa Mason

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