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									           Minor Scales and Key
The relative minor key is related to a major key. The two keys
share the same key signature. The minor keynote is three half-steps
lower than the major keynote. C Major is related to a minor.
Both keys have no flats or sharps. G Major is related to e minor
with 1 sharp. F Major is related to d minor with 1 flat.

                   Major                Minor

  by Carla Piper
    Major and Minor Chords
The relative minor chord is lower than the major chord by
 an interval of a minor third - or four half steps. The key
signatures are the same, but the chord of the key is minor.

                   C Major and a minor
                                                               a   C
                   G Major and e minor
                                                   e       G

                   F Major and d minor
                                               d       F
             Relative Minor Keys
                         a minor - C Major
        d minor -                            e minor - G Major
        F Major
                                                     b minor - D Major
g minor -
Bb Major
                                                       f# minor -
c minor -                                              A Major
Eb Major
                                                         c# minor -
 f minor -                                               E Major
 Ab Major
                                               ab minor - Cb Major
                                               or g# minor - B Major
bb minor - Db Major
or a# minor - C# Major      eb minor - Gb Major
                            or d# minor - F# Major
  Three Kinds of Minor Scales
 I. Natural

II. Harmonic (7th note raised)

III. Melodic (6th and 7th raised going up and lowered going down.)


  C Major and a minor
C Major   a minor

                    Major and
                    minor chords

C Major

a minor
                G Major - e minor
                   G Major   e minor
                                          Major and
                                          minor chords
G Major Scale
e minor scale

            G major             e minor
                F Major - d minor
                    F Major d minor
F Major and
d minor scale

     F Major                 d minor

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