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									My Kindergarten Writing

       By Jared W.
                         All About Me

       I am special in many ways. First, I like to play my DS.
Next, I like to play Legos with my brother. Also I like to play
games. Finally, I like to play the Wii. I like being me.
                            Family Fun

        My family likes to do many things together. One thing
we do is play games. Old Maid is my favorite game. Another
thing I like to do with my family is go to the park. We like to go
to Renold‟s Av. We also like to watch t.v. We like to watch
Pokemon. Finally, we listen to the radio. We like to listen to the
Angels on the radio. We have fun together.
                             Signs of Fall

        Many things happen in the fall. First, it gets cool. Next,
leaves fall from the trees. Then we rake leaves up. Finally, birds go
south. These are signs of fall.
                     A Scary Story

       One Halloween, I went to explore a haunted house
on my block. I was alone and it was dark. When I went
inside, I found a miniature house that showed the
future. Then I saw cobwebs. They felt yucky. After
that, a witch tapped me on the back. She had lightning
coming out of her head. I was scared. I ran out and
never went back.

        I learned many things about turkeys. First, turkeys have bald
heads. They have little hairs. Second, they fly low. They fly a little
bit. Third, they are soft. Last, they have a gobbler. The gobbler is
red. Turkeys are interesting birds.
                     Good Health Manners

        You should use good health manners. Using a tissue is one
good health manner. One other thing to do is brush your teeth. The
last good health manner is to cover your nose and mouth when you
sneeze or cough. If you use good health manners, you won‟t get sick.

       My family celebrates Hanukkah. First we have hot
chocolate. Second we eat special food. Last we decorate stuff.
                       Signs of Winter

       You wear special clothes in the winter. One thing you wear
are mittens. They keep your hands warm. Second, you wear boots.
They keep your feet warm. You wear warm stocking too. They keep
your toes warm. Last, you wear a hat. It keeps your head warm.
These are winter clothes.
                       Making a Snowman

        When it snows in winter you can make a snowman. First, you
use three snowballs for the body. Next, you make the snowman‟s
face. To make a snowman‟s face, you put 2 eyes out of coal, a
carrot nose, and a banana mouth. Then you put stick arms on the
snowman. Last, you dress him up. On the snowman, you can put a
scarf and hat. Making a snowman is fun.
                       Signs of Spring

       These are three signs of spring. First there is less
rain. Next we get warmer weather in CA. Last butterflies
come out of their shelters. These are signs of spring.
                   Save the Earth

      How do you save the earth? First you should save
water. Turn off water when your done using it. Next
you can recycle paper. You shouldn„t pollute. Last you
can grow plants. You should save plants. This is how you
take care of the earth.
      fuzzy little
eating hanging hatching
  eats & eats & eats
                        Hungry Caterpillars

         This is a life cycle of a butterfly. First the mother
butterfly lays her eggs. Some of the eggs are yellow or white.
Next a caterpillar hatches out of its egg. The caterpillar eats &
eats. Then the caterpillar makes a chrysalis. The caterpillar
changes inside the pupa. Last a butterfly comes out of the
chrysalis. The butterfly has different colors. It was fun watching
a life cycle of a butterfly.
                     Cats Beat Mice and Other Stories

        Once upon a time there were 100 cats & 5,000,000 mice. The
mice had super powers & the cats had razor sharp claws. They had a
war. The mice won. They hurt every cat. At the end of the war the
mice got sick. The cats were so angry they yelled “Well get you mice!!!!!”
& the mice said, “You won‟t get us!” But the mice were wrong, except for
one & his name was Steve. He escaped by going in his Dumper of Doom.
The other mice were in the cats‟ dungeon & there were 50 cats guarding
the mice. Steve was a boxer & he found the other mice so he punched
down one of the bricks & the mice in the back saw the hole so they
whispered to every mouse, ”There is a hole,” & they all squeezed in.
The cats looked back & there were no mice. The cats had to go look all
over again. Finally, the cats found the mice & tried to get them but
they got away. So the cats got their Chopper Spiders & put them on
the ground. Still the cats lost & gave up.
    Our school year was fun. First we did projects.
We made turkeys, caterpillars, and more. Also, we
did homework. We did math for homework. Then, we
did P.E. We played bucket ball in P.E. After, we did
fun Friday. We watched movies. Last, we had
Halloween. We went trick-or-treating at school. I
had a good time.

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