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									The key idea of the program is that a lawyer involved
in the area of public law, especially international public
law, shall possess:
• Fundamental knowledge in the area of theory of law,
  constitutional law, administrative law
  and international public law;
• Analytical skills that permit to evaluate organizational
  and legal risks, global and local threats as well
  as to o er optimal legal solutions for neutralization
  of these factors;
• Innovational capacities, i.e. both the skills to elaborate
  new ideas in the area of organization of power
  and the skills to apply such ideas with
  the minimum social losses.;
• The knowledge of specifics of development
  and conduction of reforms in the area of public law
                                                                                                                                              STATE UNIVERSITY−
  and on the international level                                                                                                              HIGHER SCHOOL
                                                                                                                                              OF ECONOMICS
The program includes the following
methodological approach:
• Availability of mandatory courses aimed
  at r the fundamental training of masters-to-be;
• Significant number of optional courses aimed
                                                                                                                         Master’s Program
  at thorough study of important aspects of public authority
  and international legal relations;
                                                                                                                         «PUBLIC LAW»
• Combination of academic and practical work,
  including preparation of a master’s thesis,
  research seminar, participation in development
  of drafts of laws and other legal acts as well
  as expert legal opinions;                                      Contact details of program supervisor
                                                                                                                                        Faculty of Law
• Mandatory study of foreign and international experience
  in the sphere of legal regulation and functioning
  of the main governmental institutions in di erent countries.          Additional information on the program            The purpose of the Master Program “Public law”
                                                                        is available on the official website of the HSE:   is to train the lawyers for the work
                                                                        http://www.hse.ru,                               in the state authorities, the bodies
                                                                        Master’s degree section;                         of local self-government, as well as lawyers,
                                                                        and on the official website of the Law School:     who are involved in the area of research.
  Mandatory subjects shall be:                                          http://www.pravo.hse.ru                          The main task of the program is to train the future
  • Philosophy of law;                                                                                                   masters in order to provide them with the skills
  • Civil service: problems of legal regulation;                                                                         of e cient maintenance of activity of public authorities
  • Rule-making;                                                                                                         and international organizations and the skills
                                                                                                                         of academic research.
  • Current problems of administrative law
                                                                                                                         The length of the program shall be two years.
    and administrative procedure;                                                                                        The speci c feature of this program is the availability
  • European Union Law.                                                                                                  of a number of courses that can be called
                                                                                                                         “The authorities and business community”.
                                                                                                                                   Professor Jury M. Jumashev, doctor of law, head of the
                                                                  He is the Vice-President and a member of the Presidium of the
Optional courses:                                                                                                                  Department of International public Law of the Law School
                                                                  INDEM Foundation, curator of the Center for the Assistance to
•   Legal analysis;                                                                                                                of the HSE. He is the author of a number of monographs,
                                                                  Justice created by the INDEM Foundation and Vera Institute of
•   Evaluation of regulatory control;                                                                                              textbooks and other academic works on international law
                                                                  Justice (USA). Professor Krasnov is one of the ideologists and
•   Legal views of the RF Constitutional Court;                                                                                    and the European Union Law.
                                                                  advocates of the system reform of the regime in Russia. He was
•   Business community and the authorities:
                                                                  the head of the working group for development of the Concept
    constitutional aspects of interrelations.
                                                                  of administrative reform in the Presidential Administration in
•   Public domain: aspects of constitutional regulation;
                                                                  1997−1998, and then in 2000 he headed the working group for
•   International economic law (GATT/WTO);
                                                                  development of the section on the reform of the regime in the
•   International commercial arbitration;
                                                                  Center of Strategic Developments presided then by German
•   Administrative compulsion;
                                                                  Gref. Professor Krasnov is the author of numerous research and
•   Problems of liability from the standpoint
                                                                  research-publicistic works on constitutional law, problems of
    of constitutional law;
•   Administrative justice;
•   International regulation of the fight against
    legalization of criminal income                                                                                                Professor Vladimir D. Mazaev, doctor of law, professor of
    and financial support of terrorism;                                                                                            the department of constitutional and municipal law of the
•   Etiquette in international practice                                                                                            HSE. In 1990−1993 — Chairman of the Commission for
    and business relations.                                                                                                        Economic reform of the RF Supreme Soviet, member of the
                                                                                                                                   Committee for legislation of the RF Supreme Soviet, member
                                                                                                                                   of the Constitutional Commission of the Congress of
                                                                                                                                   people's Deputies. In 1996-2001 — President of the Russian
                                                                  Professor Vladimir B. Isakov, doctor of Law, head of the         Foundation for Legal Reforms. Member of the Board of the
The course implies preparation of                                 department of theory of law and comparative law of the           Association of Russian Lawyers. He is the author of academic
                                                                  Law School of the HSE. In 1993 he was the Chairman of the        works on the problems of democracy, the fundamentals of
master’s thesis and research practice. The                                                                                         the constitutional system, constitutional rights and freedoms
                                                                  Committee for Constitutional legislation of the Supreme
aforementioned subjects shall be taught                           Soviet of the RSFSR, in 1990−1993 he was a member of             of citizens and legal regulation of public domain.
by the leading professors of the Law School                       the Constitutional Commission of the Russian Federation,
of the HSE, who possess a broad teaching                          Chairman of the Committee for legislation and judicial and
                                                                  Legal Reform of the State Duma in 1993−1996, head of the
experience and combine teaching with the
                                                                  Legal Department of the Apparatus of the State Duma in
legal practice in public authorities:                             1996−2002. Active State Advisor of the RF — I class. Director
                                                                  of the Department of Legislation, Vice-President of the
                                                                  Chamber of Trade and Commerce of the RF, chairman of the
                            The Head of the Masters’ Program
                                                                  Commission on legal information and Informatization of
                            professor Mikhail A. Krasnov,
                                                                  the Association of Russian lawyers. He is the author of more
                            doctor of law, head of the
                                                                  than one hundred articles on the problems of the theory of       Professor Vladimir A. Chetvernin, candidate of law, professor
                            department of constitutional and
                                                                  state and law and legal education. Co-author of manuals          of the department of theory of law and comparative law,
                            municipal law of the Law School of
                                                                  on the theory of the state and Commentaries to the RF            head of the laboratory of theoretical studies of the HSE Law
                            the HSE, full professor of the HSE.
                                                                  Constitution.                                                    School. He is one of the founders and famous advocates of
                            In 1987−1993 professor Krasnov
                            was the head of the department                                                                         the libertar-legal theory of law and the author of numerous
                            of municipal law of the Institute                                                                      publications on the problems of theory of law and the state.
                            of State and law of the Russian
Academy of Science. In 1995−1998 M. Krasnov hold the
position of the assistant for legal issues to the RF President.

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