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                               Wedding Guide

From Engagement Party to Wedding Reception…
Chalet Party Shoppe Satisfies all of Your Beverage Needs!

  If you are planning a   staff will consult with   events.
wedding reception in a    you and help you            Give Chalet Party
location where you are    select wines,             Shoppe a call and
making the bar            champagne, liquor,        start planning your          What’s Inside:
arrangements, it can      and beer suitable for     dream day! (574) 296-
be a mind boggling        both your menu and        9704.
task. But don’t worry,    guest list.                                          How Much Liquor 2
                                                                               Should You Buy?
Chalet Party Shoppe         At Chalet Party
can help!                 Shoppe, we recognize
                                                                               Bar Checklist for   2
  Chalet Party Shoppe     the importance of                                    a 100 Guest
has been helping          sticking to a wedding                                Reception
couples plan wedding      budget. We have
receptions for over 26    thousands of beverage                                Tips for a Rousing 3
years. Whether you’re     choices that are sure                                Reception
planning a small          to satisfy any budget,
intimate reception or     large or small.                                      Champagne           3
an elaborate event,         Chalet Party Shoppe                                Toasts
Chalet can help you       is there for you from
choose the perfect        the beginning. We can       Chalet Party Shoppe      Theme Wedding       4
beverages to make the     help with the engage-        has been helping        Showers
occasion memorable        ment party, bridal         couples plan wedding
                                                     receptions for over 26    Champagne &         4
and affordable.           shower, and the
                                                             years.            Dessert
  Our experienced         bachelor/bachelorette                                Receptions

                                                                               Custom Gift         4

           Chalet Party Shoppe Delivers!                                       Chalet Party
                                                                               Shoppe Bridal

   At Chalet Party                                  Chalet can provide de-     Registry
Shoppe, we know the                                 livery service. Just let
last thing a couple                                 us know when and           Wine Tastings at    5
                                                                               CR17 Store
needs the week of                                   where and we will guar-
their wedding is more                               antee prompt delivery.
stress. (We’ve seen our                               And remember our         Store Locations     5
share of grooms in        hours before their        kegs are always
tuxedos trying to load    wedding!)                 delivered cold!
kegs into their car         For a small fee,        Call (574) 296-9704.
                    How Much Liquor Should You Buy?
  You need to provide your             •   There are about 5             •   Beer kegs are sold in 1/2
guests with some type of                   glasses in a bottle of            (half) barrel and 1/4
refreshments at your reception.            wine.                             (quarter) barrel sizes.
Deciding what to buy and how                                             •   A 1/2 barrel keg is equal to
much to buy can be confusing.          •   For a champagne toast,            6 1/2 cases of beer; a 1/4
Here’s some general information            figure on 75 glasses per          barrel is equal to 3 1/4
to make things a little easier:            case.                             cases of beer.
                                                                         •   If 10 oz. cups are used, a
 •     Plan approximately 2                                                  1/2 barrel will yield 200
       drinks per hour,               “If you have the ability to            cups and a 1/4 barrel will
       per person.                    purchase your own liquor               yield 100 cups.
                                       for the bar...that’s great
 •     There are approximately 23       news because you can            Note that these amounts are only esti-
       drinks per Liter of liquor.       save lots of money!”           mates. Remember, the choice is al-
                                           - USA BRIDE.COM              ways up to you as to what you serve
                                                                        and how you serve it!

               Bar Checklist for a 100 Guest Reception
                                (Cocktail Hour and 3 hour Reception)

     Beer 9 cases total               Champagne                   Wine 5-8 cases total

     √ Domestic 3 cases               √ 1-2 cases                 √ Chardonnay 3-4 cases

     √ Imported 3 cases                                           √ Cabernet Sauvignon 1-2 cases

     √ Lite 3 cases                                               √ White Zinfandel 1-2 cases

     Hard Liquor                                                  Other Liquors to Consider:

     √ Vodka 4 liters                                             √ Bailey’s Irish Cream 750ml

     √ Gin 3 liters                                               √ Grand Marnier 750ml

     √ Rum 2 liters                                               √ Amaretto 750ml

     √ Scotch 3 liters                                            √ Sambuca 750ml
                                       The Chalet Party Shoppe
     √ Bourbon 2 liters                  staff is eager to help   √ Brandy 750ml
                                        customize a beverage
                                       menu for your reception.
     √ Kahlua 3 liters                                            √ Frangelico 750ml

     √ Blended Whiskey 2 liters                                   √ Chambord 750ml

     √ Tequila 1 liter
     Page 2                                                                                       Wedding Guide
                     Our Tips for a Rousing Reception!

 •   Serve specialty drinks like              micro-brewed or import             •   Always include a wide
     Martinis, Mojitos, Cosmo-                beers. You can still offer the         assortment of interesting
     politans, Margaritas, Pina               old stand-bys for those                and delicious non -
     Coladas or Sangria. For an               guests who are committed to            alcoholic beverages.
     early afternoon reception, try           “their” brands, but you’ll be          Chalet Party Shoppe carries
     Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s.               pleasantly surprised by the            the traditional sparkling
                                              feed back you’ll receive on            grape juice, as well as more
 •   Have a wine bar that serves              being somewhat adventure-              sophisticated non-alcoholic
     a variety of specialty wines.            some!                                  champagnes, beers, and
     These don’t have to be                                                          wine.
     expensive either—there are           •   Offer your guests a
     plenty of great moderately               choice of red or white wine
     priced wines available.                  with dinner. Many times if
                                              wine is served with dinner,
 •   Be creative! Instead of                  guests will be less likely to
     offering your guests the                 order another drink which
     typical run of beers, try to             can cut down on your bar
     include some of the newer                costs.

                                        Champagne Anyone?
   Beginning with the                    the dessert course.                   the entire head table.
 engagement party and                        Chalet Party Shoppe                   We highly recommend the
 continuing through the                  carries an extensive selection        Perrier Jouet glass and bottle
 wedding reception, a new                of champagnes and sparkling           set- hand painted with real
 couple is bound to be the               wines. We can help you                gold! The bride and groom can
 subject of many champagne               choose the champagne that             keep the glasses and toast each
 toasts.                                 suits your taste and your             other every year on their
   At the wedding reception              budget. We have outlined a            anniversary.
 alone, there are usually two            few tips below on choosing a              An American sparkling wine
 traditional toasts. The first           champagne for your reception.         always great for a celebration is
 toast is made at the beginning             If you are having a cham-          the infamous Gloria Ferrer Blanc
 of the meal as a general wel-           pagne toast, find out if the          de Noirs. It is a bargain for $20.
 come to the guests. A second            guests will see the champagne             For about $130, the bride and
 toast is usually given to honor         being poured.                         groom can raise their glasses to
 the couple at the beginning of             If not, it’s a good place to       the always popular Dom
                                         save some money by selecting          Perignon Champagne.
                                         an inexpensive brand, since               Banfi Brachetto D’Acqui is a
                                         most people just sip for the          wonderful rose colored Italian
                                         toast. Saving money here will         sparkling wine and moderately
                                         enable you to spend a bit more        priced under $20.
                                         on the wines you’ll be serving            We also offer a wide selection
                                         with dinner.                          of Italian Moscato di Astis.
                                             We recommend a more               These sparklings are more softly
                                         elegant champagne for the             carbonated. The tiny bubbles of-
                                         bride and groom to toast with.        fer a lighter effervescence. It is a
                                         Or, if the happy couple wants         refreshing and semi-sweet wine
 Chalet Party Shoppe has a variety of    to share, they should try             that is very popular.
   champagnes sparkling wines to
                                         something a little special for            These are just a few choices.
       toast the happy couple!

Wedding Guide                                                                                                   Page 3
  Wedding Showers: They’re Not Just Tea Parties Anymore
   Showers used to be all-                                                with any sweet foods. Register
 women tea parties, but these        “The theme at my shower              for gifts that can be used for a
 days just about anything goes.       is going to be ‘wine and            wine tasting party, like red and
 Chalet Party Shoppe has done                                             white wine glasses or
                                      party items’. It includes
 some research and found that                                             champagne flutes.
 there are two new popular                bottles of wine,
 theme showers: a wine tasting        cheeseboards & knives,              Stock the Bar Theme:
 theme and a stock the bar          picnic basket, (my favorite)             Every guest is assigned a
 theme.                                                                   different kind of liquor, like
                                          and food trays.”
                                                                          vodka or brandy. As gifts,
                                      Lieghann, USABRIDE.COM
                                                                          guests not only bring their
                                                                          assigned liquor, but the
                                                                          appropriate glasses to serve
                                    Wine Tasting Theme:
                                                                          them in. Guests can also bring
                                      Have all of the guests bring
                                                                          bar ware, like corkscrews,
                                    their favorite bottle of wine and
                                                                          trendy drink coasters, or ice
                                    serve fruit, cheese and crackers.
                                    Provide a dessert wine to serve

Champagne and Dessert Receptions—An Elegant Alternative
  Champagne/dessert wine and
dessert receptions are a money          “If you’re trying to save
saving yet elegant alternative to    money, a champagne/dessert
a full course meal reception.        wine & dessert reception is a
  These receptions generally
                                            lovely way to go.”
take place after 8:00 p.m. to
                                      -WEDDING KIT FOR DUMMIES.
celebrate the marriage with
dessert and cocktails.
  Dessert wines are rich,
intensely sweet wines. Dessert
wines are actually a better
match for the wedding cake than
a champagne beverage.
  Chalet Party Shoppe carries an

          Chalet Gift Baskets Make Great Thank You Gifts!
     Gift baskets are a great way   compliment your beverage              for the newlyweds in
 to thank wedding party             choice.                               their honeymoon suite.
 members, new in-laws, and              Or, if you are in a hurry, give       Chalet Party
 parents of the bride and groom.    our staff a general price range       Shoppe also carries a
              Chalet can create a   and we will create a tasteful         wide selection of
              custom gift basket    basket for you.                       backpacks and picnic
              using our fine            Here’s a Chalet Tip: Have a       baskets for wine lovers on the
              wines, spirits, and   custom gift basket waiting at the     go. These are practical and gifts
              import beers.         hotel for guests who have             that will be used for years to
              Select from a         arrived from out of town and          come by those who helped make
              unique line of        other members of the wedding          your wedding day memorable!
  gourmet food products to          party. Or have a basket waiting
 Page 4                                                                                        Wedding Guide
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         PLA NNIN
            YOUR               Chalet Party Shoppe is conveniently located for both Elkhart and
                               St. Joe County residents. Just take the U.S. 20 bypass east and
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                               and turn south onto C.R. 17. Chalet Party Shoppe is located just
                               north of Bullards Farm Market at the C.R. 14 and C.R. 17 intersec-
Visit our Newest Location on
       CR17 in Elkhart!

      The Chalet Party Shoppe                                    Learn about Wine with
         Bridal Registry                                      Wine Tastings at our CR17
   The Chalet Party Shoppe Bridal Registry
                                                              and Caragana Court Stores!
allows couples to register for any item in the
                                                                Are you a wine novice and a little uncertain
                                                             about serving wine at your
   Choose from an extensive selection of Wine
                                                             wedding? At Chalet we know
Enthusiast accessories including varieties of
                                                             the best way to learn about
wine glasses, corkscrews, coaster sets, bags,
                                                             wine is to taste it.
carriers and bottle chillers.
                                                                Chalet Party Shoppe hosts
   Register for party accessories such as wine
                                                             in-store wine tasting events
charms, decanters and bottle racks.
                                                             where you can sample
   Picnic Time picnic baskets and back-packs
                                                             numerous wines and partici-
are great for wine lovers on the go! Check out
                                                             pate in lively conversation with wine consult-
our “Wedding Heart” picnic basket for
                                                             ants. Sign up to be on our mailing list and we
                                                             will let you know about all the events we have
   Just beginning to stock your bar for enter-
taining? Register for your favorite brand of gin,
                                                                When you begin entertaining as a married
vodka, or scotch. And don’t forget the drink
                                                             couple, Chalet can help you plan a wine tast-
                                                             ing for you and your friends. Just provide our
                 Visit any of our six convenient
                                                             consultants with a menu and they will help
              locations to set up your registry.
                                                             you choose wines that will compliment the
              Your guests can also purchase
                                                             food. Or perhaps you’d like an evening dedi-
              gifts at all locations.
                                                             cated to wines from a certain country, such as
                                                             France or Germany. It’s all up to you!

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