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									How to Make Ice Cream from Scratch
There are literally over a hundred ways, techniques and recipes for making ice
cream from scratch. Don’t be intimidated by that “scratch” word because scratch
doesn’t always have to mean, difficult. And, in this case, it definitely does not
mean that at all. Ice cream can be made from scratch in a variety of ways that
include using a bag, a can or a container that will actually allow your recipe to turn
into ice cream, such as a glass bowl that is freezer friendly.

You will need the following ingredients:

4 cups half and half

14 ounces condensed milk

2 tablespoons vanilla

To make the ice cream from scratch, just mix the above ingredients in a glass
bowl. Another type of user friendly container may also be used, but the glass bowl
seems to work out the best. Make sure it is all well mixed. Cover it with Saran
wrap and carefully place it in the freezer. Allow it to freeze overnight. Remove the
bowl from the freezer and with a spoon, gently begin to scrape the ice cream into
smaller pieces, thus, breaking up the crystals of it and turning it into a creamier
version of your recipe. Continue scraping, yes this is a bit of work, until it is fluffier
and creamier thru out the entire bowl. An alternate method to this is to scrape all
of the ice cream from the bowl into a mixing bowl and then beat it into a creamier
version of ice cream. Either method works out just fine for making homemade ice
cream in your own kitchen.

This is the time to add any additional ingredients you may like in your ice cream. A
few that come to mind are: broken up Oreo pieces, bananas, mini-choc chips,
mini-candy pieces, frozen strawberries, chocolate chunks or other fruits, walnuts,
raisins, broken up cookies or even Rum. Flavoring can also be added that include
chocolate, peppermint, etc., but be sure to add those with your initial ingredients
prior to freezing the homemade ice cream from scratch.

There are also lots and lots of much more complicated recipes for making ice cream
from scratch on the web depending how deeply you would like to get into the ice
cream making business. The recipe that is included here, is the absolute easiest
and fastest one available. If you prefer a more custard type of ice cream, you will
need to use an ice cream recipe that adds milk and/or cornstarch to it. If you are
loving the idea of making home made ice cream from scratch, then visit This internet site offers many, really good, recipes for a
variety of flavors of ice cream and they are all user-friendly, too. There is a cherry
chocolate chip recipe that literally looks like it just came from an ice cream plant
right to your door to enjoy. This website is definitely worth taking a look at for ice
cream recipes.

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