Problems registering for an account with SCOPUS by chenmeixiu


									Problems registering for an account with SCOPUS.
If you are having problems creating an account with SCOPUS this information sheet should
help you.

   1. Register from University PC anywhere on campus.

   2. Go directly to SCOPUS at Do NOT use the link to SCOPUS from
      the library pages

   3. Click on Register and fill in your details.

   4. Fill in your details and select
      your role and area of interest
      from the drop down menus

   5. Click on Register to complete
      your registration.

   6. You can now login to use SCOPUS and save your searches.
     7. When you want to login next time you may find that you can’t access your account. If
        you try and login and nothing happens and you know you have the correct username
        and password follow this process.

            a) Try to login once (which may fail)

            b)   If the login does fail, select the 'My Settings' option:

            c) Click on the ‘My Profile’ option:

            d) This will log you in and you can click on the ‘search’ option to begin your




Any problems please contact me
Beryl Stanley Liaison Librarian – Health Sciences

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