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					Annual General Meeting

       March 23, 2011
                                  The President shall be the chief
                                      executive officer for the
                                   Chapter and of the Board of
                                   Directors, and shall perform
Kate A. Shorey, CBAP               such duties as are customary

      2010-2012                   for presiding officers, including
                                   defining goals and strategic   objectives and supporting the
                                   Board and volunteers as they
                                    work to build and sustain a
                                     high-performing chapter.

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Chapter Business
 Nomination Committee / Board of Director Elections
 2011 Annual General Meeting
    Approval of 2010 AGM Minutes
    Hartford Chapter Organization
    Reports of Officers
       Treasurer, John Grella, CBAP
       VP Membership & Sponsorship Services, Kevin Mills
       VP Marketing & Communications, Brandon Marino
       VP Education, Bill Marut
    Election Results
    Next Meeting / AGM Adjournment

Nomination Committee Chair

                  The Nomination Committee is
                  made up of chapter members
                  in good standing who are not
Marsha Wolfberg
                  on the list of candidates to be
                    considered for the annual

Board of Director Elections
The Secretary shall keep the records of all business meetings of the Chapter and meetings of the Board, as
required in Bylaw 1. The Secretary will also manage all communications received by the chapter. The
Secretary will chair any respective meetings in the absence of the President.
Vice President Education
The Vice President of Education will be responsible for promoting Business Analysis Professionalism through
the organization and delivery of educational publications, seminars, and workshops designed to help
Business Analysts achieve certification as Business Analysis professionals. The VP is responsible for the
Chapter's professional development programs designed to increase the competence of the Business Analysis
community. The VP is responsible for chairing the committee that engages speakers of interest at the general
member meetings or chapter -sponsored events.
Vice President Marketing and Communications
The Vice President of Marketing & Communications is responsible for the timely dissemination of information
to the Chapter membership and those interested in the discipline of Business Analysis. The VP will lead the
development and execution of a strategy for producing and delivering all chapter promotions and
communications. The VP will lead the marketing of the chapter via promotional giveaways, signage, flyers,
awards, etc. The VP is responsible for the delivery of information about the Chapter and other events related
to Business Analysis, via the Chapter’s website, newsletters, surveys, local media, social networking sites,
etc. The content of these communications is to be consistent and in accordance with the objectives of the
Chapter and with approval of the Chapter Board.

Board of Director Nominations

 Position           Nominees
 Secretary          Christine Gatten

 VP Education       Elizabeth Santa
                    George Hresko
 VP Marketing and   Belinda McClain

                                  The Secretary is the chief
                                  information officer for the
                                   Chapter and the Board of
    Nina Buldrini                  Directors. The Secretary

      2009-2011                   shall be responsible for the
                                   facilitation of information
                                     (correspondence and
                                   artifacts) among Chapter
                                   members and the IIBA®.

Approval of AGM Minutes

2010 Minutes

Ratification of Bylaws


                                  The Treasurer is the chief
                                   financial officer for the
                                  Chapter and the Board of
John Grella,          CBAP®
                                  Directors. The Treasurer
     2010 - 2012                  shall be responsible for
                                  managing the day-to-day
                                   financial affairs of the

Treasurer’s Report - Processes
    Maintains financial records. Receives, reviews
     and files all receipts for payment of chapter
     expenses. Issues checks. Pays the chapter bills
    Receives payments from multiple sources,
     records and files those receipts.
    Deposits funds in the bank and reconciles bank
    Provides monthly treasurer report to Board of
     Directors on disposition of funds. Reports
     periodically at chapter meetings on chapter
     financial matters
    Plans cash flow of funds to match expenses
     and budget.

Treasurer’s Report - Additional Processes

    Preparation of state and federal income tax
    Payment of state sales and business use tax
    Cash reporting and reconciliation of funds
     received at chapter meetings
    Reporting and reconciliation of funds received
     and service charges through Paypal
    Increased number of bank deposits and
     recording of cash and checks received.
    1099 forms processing for vendors including
     legal and accounting

Treasurer’s Report – Year 2010

          Revenues (01/01/10 – 12/31/10)
Sponsorship                                   16,000.00

Membership – Chapter Dues                       1,270.00

Non Member Meeting Fees                            690.00
Career Center                                        59.88
Total Revenue                               18,019.88

Treasurer’s Report – Year 2010

  Expenses January 1 – December 31, 2010
             Marketing                      $       1,321.51
              Catering                          $ 4,147.04
     Speaker Fees/Study Group                   $    692.62
       Banking & Paypal Fees                    $      61.14
      Administrative & Supplies                 $ 6,950.95
       Membership Services                      $ 3,667.57
                         Total Expenses $ 16,840.83

Treasurer’s Report – Year 2010

  Checking and Paypal Account Balance as of
             December 31, 2010
Beginning Bank Balance 12/31/09             11,564.84
Revenues Posted 01/01 – 12/31/10            18,019.88

Expenses Posted 01/01 – 12/31/10
Ending Balance as of December 31,

Treasurer’s Report – Year 2010

 Administrative - January 1 – December 31, 2010
       Accounting and Tax Preparation                       950.00
Legal (Attestation Agreement Bylaw Changes)              2,990.00
             Federal Income Tax                             635.00
           Connecticut Income Tax                           313.00
  Connecticut Sales and Business Use Tax                    375.00
State of Connecticut Sales Tax Application Fee              100.00

Treasurer’s Report – Year 2010

Administrative - January 1 – December 31, 2010
     Constant Contact Email Services                      540.00
  State of Connecticut Annual Report Fee                    50.00
     Directors and Officers Insurance                     100.66
       Property Casualty Insurance                        764.00
            Chapter Supplies                                61.29
           Post Office Box Fee                              72.00

Treasurer’s Report – Budget 2011

     Revenues January 1 – December 31, 2011
Sponsorship                                 12,500.00
Membership – Chapter Dues                    2,000.00
Non Member Meeting Fees                       1,500.00
Career Center                                    100.00

Total Revenue                          $16,100.00

Treasurer’s Report – Budget 2011

  Expenses January 1 – December 31, 2011
     Marketing & Communications                   4,090.00
             Education                            3,500.00
       Banking & Paypal Fees                         220.00
      Administrative & Supplies                   4,200.00
        Membership Services                        4090.00
                         Total Expenses $ 16,100.00

 VP Member Services and Sponsorship
                                    The Vice President of Member
                                    Services and Sponsorship is
                                   responsible for developing and
                                       maintaining a Chapter
      Kevin Mills
                                   membership plan that assures
      2008-2010                   industry diversity and continued     growth as well as cultivating
                                  partnerships with local companies
                                  to increase awareness and attract

Member Services and Sponsorship – Chairs

  Member Benefits
    Steve Jones, CBAP
  Member Administration
    Sheryl Kopel
  Event Planning
    Jennifer Fournier-Dubree
  Sponsorship and Career Center Liaison
    Belinda McClain

VP Member Services – AGM Update
Increased Local Sponsorship
Membership fee for the Hartford Chapter
Membership Kit

Member Benefits

1. Discounted professional development events.
2. Voting privileges for defining chapter direction.
3. Free access to local and virtual IIBA BABOK and
   CBAP study groups.
4. Effective 6/1/2011 – Exclusive access to BA’s in
   transition Linked In group.
5. Raffles are for members only.
6. Membership kit

Membership Benefits

 Membership Kit

 Member only Raffles

           Sponsors in 2009 - 2010

Premier:                      Silver:



 Sponsors in 2010 - 2011 Premier and Gold



Sponsors in 2010 - 2011 Silver

Sponsors in 2011 Bronze and Recap

                  Premier – Lexis
                   Nexis for third
                  Gold – 1 to 3
                  Silver – 2 to 4
                  Bronze – 1 to 2

VP Marketing & Communications
                                 The Vice President of Marketing
                                      & Communications is
                                 responsible for maintaining the
Brandon Marino                   Chapter’s website, disseminating
                                 information both to and from the
     2010-2011                     Chapter’s members and for   promoting the Chapter and IIBA®
                                   through internal and external

Marketing & Communications – Topics

 Objectives – Accomplishments
 Marketing and Communications

Marketing & Communications Accomplishments
                  1 of 5

Accept Membership & Event Payments
Marketing Items
Increase Reliability & Quality:
 Newsletter / Email / Web
Formalize Social Networking Strategy

Marketing & Communications Accomplishments
   Homepage Focus / Career Center - 2 of 5

Marketing & Communications Accomplishments
      Revamp Certification - Print - 3 of 5

Marketing & Communications Accomplishments
       CBAP Certification - Web - 4 of 5

Marketing & Communications Accomplishments
        Past Event Photos - Web - 5 of 5

Marketing & Communications – Team
            Core Volunteers
A great thank you to these dedicated, core
   Chris Arndt
   Anna Boose
   Stan Tetrault
   Gerald Williams
   Lenora James
   Janice Rubin

Marketing & Communications – Team
          New Volunteers
Please help me thank the following
new/other volunteers!
 Harriet Hodge
 George Hresko
 Ursula Soltysik
 Sam Cherubin
 Andrew Strassmann
 Monica Zapatka, CBAP

VP Education

                                     The Vice President of
                                   Education is responsible
                                   for the Hartford Chapter’s
      Bill Marut
                                   professional development
                                    programs designed to
                                   increase the competence
                                   of the business analysis

Education Committees
   BA Community – Liz Labbe, Elizabeth Santa, Diana Stephens - Co-Chairs
      Foster a continuous community that lasts beyond monthly meetings.
   BAs in Transition – In LinkedIn as group "IIBA Hartford CT BAs in Transition"
      For BAs between jobs or looking to change jobs.
   Member at Large – George Hresko
      Works across and between other sub-committees.
   Mentorship – Diana Stephens, Chair
      Mentor/Mentee relationships.
   Monthly Meetings – Bill Marut, Chair
      Speakers, panelists, etc.
   Newsletter & Web – Cynthia Mahoney, CBAP, Chair
      Collaborate with Marketing & Communications
   Outreach – George Hresko, Liz Labbe, Co-Chairs
      Works with other user groups, IIBA Chapters, Colleges
   Seminars & Workshops – Bill Marut, Chair
      In addition to regular monthly meetings.
   Study Groups – Mary DeCarlo, Liz Labbe, Marsha Wolfberg, Co-Chairs
      Study BABOK®, prepare for CBAP® certification.

Education 2010-2011 Mix ‘n’ Match
   Agile Business Analysis
   BA and PM – A Winning Combination             Bob Boehringer
   Business Process Improvement:                 Anne DiNoia
    Methods, Tools, and Competencies for
    Business Analysts                             Jennifer Fournier-Dubree
   The CASTLE Principles                         Donna Gendreau
   Challenges of a BA in a New Role              Ellen Gottesdiener
   Corporate Outreach                            Barbara von Halle
   Introducing the Decision Model                Todd Kent
   Involve the Right Stakeholders and Get        Artie Mahal
    Signoff on Just About Any Deliverable         Roxanne Miller
   Unstoppable Tools to Reach Your               Karl O’Brien
    Audience                                      Elizabeth Santa
   Using System Maps to Scope Your               Karen Senteio
    Process Improvement                           Diana Stephens
   Validation: The Key to Delivering Better

Watch this Space
   Mentoring Program                    March 31 – CT Usability Professionals
   Seminars and Workshops                   Idea Market
                                                  Four idea stations are set up in the meeting
   Study Group                                    room with a facilitator staffing each station
   Open to Suggestions                           Each station poses a relevant
        Events                                    question/issue
                                                  Participants move from station to station to
        Joint Meetings with . . .                 discuss and contribute to these issues
        Topics                          April 5 – Agile CT Users Group
        Speakers                            12 Steps to Agility
        Other                                      Be Punctual
                                                    Get Coached
 Pop Quiz                                          Play Games
      To which email address should                Announce Your Intentions
       Education-related suggestions,               Manage Visually
       questions, and comments be                   Structure Your Interactions
       addressed?                                   Conduct Frequent, Cheap Experiments
                                                    Examine Your Norms
                                                    Promote Specific Books
                                                    Inspect Frequently
                                                    Pay Explicit Attention
                                                    Manage Your Boundaries

Election Results

 Secretary

 VP Education

 VP Marketing & Communications

April Chapter Meeting Event
When:         April 27, 2011
Time:         5:30 to 8:00 pm
Where:        LexisNexis
              170 Huyshope Ave
              Hartford, CT 06106
           Architecture for BAs
Speaker:      Dave Senak, The Hartford

Thank You to our Sponsors


 Thank You to our Sponsors