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									Government Recordkeeping Update
March 2009
Kate Jones, Senior Advisor Government
Recordkeeping Programme,
     •   PRA audit programme development
     •   Appraisal standard review
     •   E-recordkeeping systems standard review
     •   Web information continuity
     •   Storage guide
     •   RK Survey 2009
     •   Continuum publication news
     •   Government recordkeeping training update
     •   Newcomers network

March 2009    Update on Current Developments   2
     PRA Audit Programme Development
     • Audit Tool consultation period begins in early March

     • Briefings to be held in major centres

     • Details of the audit strategy are on the Continuum website:

     • For more information please contact Kate Jones, Senior
       Advisor, Government Recordkeeping Programme

March 2009    Update on Current Developments    3
     Appraisal Standard Update

       • 18 month programme of work, starting now
             • 1st project in initiation phase
             • Work programme will result in new guidance product,
               appraisal framework and standard redevelopment
             • More formal announcements will follow, once programme
               of work established, esp regarding consultation phase/s
       • For more information please contact Cheryl Pointon,
         Senior Advisor, Appraisal

March 2009      Update on Current Developments   4
     E-Recordkeeping Systems Standard Review
     We are reviewing ERKSS to reflect the rapid change in the digital
       information management landscape:

     • Phase 1 of the project is to embark on a research and scoping
       process to report back March / April 2009
             • A cross disciplinary focus group was undertaken on 18/02/09
               and we got really good feedback
             • Research outputs from the eDRMS Interest Group Survey will
               inform the process (it must be fit for NZ purpose)
             • An international research project to get an informed picture of the
               global environment is underway (adoption of an existing standard
               is an option)

     • Phase 2 will be to produce the new standard

March 2009         Update on Current Developments         5
     Web Information Continuity Project

     Project will include:
     • A new Continuum Guide focussing on managing web
       information as records and continuity issues associated
       with managing web records over time
     • Disposal advice for web information
     • Research into current local and international trends on
       web information management and web archiving
       (research report and case studies)

     Project to be completed by June 2009

March 2009   Update on Current Developments   6
     Guide to Best Practice in Storage

     • Developing guide to support the Storage Standard
     • Provides support around:
             • risk management approach to storage
             • planning for improved records projects
             • disaster protection
     • Currently under going external review process
     • Publication expected by 30 June 2009

March 2009        Update on Current Developments    7
     Recordkeeping Survey 2009
     • The project to undertake the 2009 Government
       Recordkeeping Survey is now underway
     • Letters to CEOs will be sent out shortly asking them to
       nominate a staff member to complete the survey
     • The survey will run, online, for 3 weeks
     • We are surveying public offices and local authorities
     • We look forward to receiving your responses!

       For more information on the 2009 Government Recordkeeping
               survey contact the Project Manager: Lisa Judge

March 2009    Update on Current Developments   8
     Continuum Publications News

     • Now available:
             • New Factsheet on Trusted Computing & Digital
               Rights Management (TC/DRM) for Records
               Managers. http://continuum.archives.govt.nz/F18.html
             Coming up:
             • New Guide to Administrative Change

March 2009        Update on Current Developments   9
     ISO 15489 – Licence Expiry
     •   Archives New Zealand’s licence arrangement with Standards New
         Zealand to supply public offices with ISO 15489 expires on 31 March.
         It will not be renewed.

     •   Existing holders of standards are required to destroy their copies
         (letters have been sent)

     •   Archives New Zealand has incorporated the principles of ISO 15849
         into the Create and Maintain Recordkeeping Standard

     •   From 31st March, please obtain copies from SNZ -

     •   If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

March 2009      Update on Current Developments         10
     Government Recordkeeping Training – Update

     • A Recordkeeping Metadata course, to support the mandatory
       Electronic Recordkeeping Metadata Standard, is under
     • The existing Disposal and Transfer course will be split into two
       separate courses
     • The new courses will further support the creation and
       maintenance of electronic records
     • For further information, contact Alice Patterson:

March 2009    Update on Current Developments     11
     It’s Time to Book Your Training!

       Introduction to the Public Records Act
               – Wellington – 20 May, 13 Aug, 25 Nov
               – Christchurch – 18 Jun
               – Rotorua – 20 Aug

       The Public Records Act and Local Government Records and
              – Wellington - 14-15 Oct
              – Dunedin - 14-15 Jul
              – Christchurch - 21-22 Oct
              – Auckland - 18-19 Nov

March 2009     Update on Current Developments     12
     Newcomers Network

     • Aim: support newer records people by building a
       community of practice
     • A collaboration between Archives New Zealand, RMAA,
     • First meeting:
             • Wednesday 8th April, 10.30am - 11.30am
             • Archives New Zealand Training Room, Mulgrave Street
             • To encourage discussion and networking, numbers will
               initially be limited to 40 people.
             • To register your interest, email rkadvice@archives.govt.nz

March 2009        Update on Current Developments    13
Further Information
• Continuum Website: http://continuum.archives.govt.nz/
• Email: rkadvice@archives.govt.nz
• Telephone: (04) 499 5595

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