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The more that you read,
the more things you will know.
The more that you learn,
the more places you'll go.
~ Dr. Seuss ~
                       1 Gondola Point Road, Suite One, Rothesay   THE SOUND OF MUSIC is presented through special arrangement with R & H
                                  Tel: (506) 848-1234                   Theatricals, 1065 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 2400, NY 10018.
                                                                                          About Interaction Theatre Company
                                                                                          Interaction Children’s Theatre was founded in 2001 to provide quality theatre pro-
         Director’s Notes                                                                 gramming for and by children in the Saint John and surrounding areas. We are a
                                                                                          theatre company that provides training to young people ages 3-18 in all aspects of
         The Sound of Music is one of the world’s most cherished musicals.                theatre performance, with a strong focus in creative self-expression and group
         Everyone has a favorite scene, song, or moment from the show.                    dynamics. The philosophy behind IACT is if you provide a young person with a safe
         “Favorite Things,” “Do-Re-Mi,” Leisl and Rolf’s first kiss, the Grand            and creative environment, they will gain the skills and outlet needed to be strong, self-
         Waltz—each time I’ve mentioned I’m directing the play people feel an             confident, intuitive, and proud. Our workshop and rehearsal environments encourage
         instant connection and tell me their favorite memories of watching the           creative play and thinking on your feet, and lead to entertaining and professional
         movie with their family.                                                         quality productions.

         From the cashier at the photocopy store to the fellow at Tim Horton’s                                                                  Saint John
                                                                                                                                  like a kid in
         who stopped me when he saw my hoodie, we all have a favorite Sound                                The Bes t place to act
                                                                                                                                                       vey 2006
         of Music moment. Here are some of mine: the Von Trapps mastering                                                                 Readers Sur
         four-part harmony and collapsing in tears of joy and exasperation; find-                             [here] Best  of Saint John
         ing Gretl in a corner playing cards with the nuns; the moment Elaine
         told me, from a cell phone in an airport in NYC, that she’d step in and
         become our accompanist,; watching the cast learn to waltz; watching                 Spend March Break Acting Up at IACT Day Camps
         Robin, Tristan, Anna, and Andrew in rehearsal and remembering those
         early days in the Arts Centre; boys learning to march as German Sol-
                                                                                                                            Ages 6-11 years
         diers; hundreds of Daryl’s costumes arriving in my office; boot camp;
                                                                                                                       Imagination Playground!
         late night talks with the nuns; John’s arches; Hilary’s first published
                                                                                           Spend a week of creativity and fun as we delve into our imaginations! Each Day is a
         article; and knowing that we have had the support of the IACT family
                                                                                                     New Adventure! Sign up for one day or a whole week of Fun!
         and the community to stage this show.
                                                                                                                                 Ages 12-15
         In Sound of Music boot camp back in early September, we talked about
                                                                                                                         Young Actors Collective
         what the show is really about. First Love. Children. War. Singing.
                                                                                          Got Something To Say? Want a new and creative way to say it? We have the forum for
         Nuns. The show is a fantasy based on a true story, but most impor-
                                                                                           you. We will create a performance piece based on YOUR ideas and perform it on the
         tantly, we discovered, it’s about standing up for what you believe in,
                                                                                          final day. We’ll use games, storytelling, costume, mask, improv, and acting techniques
         coming together in the face of diversity, and being a family.
                                                                                                                      to bring to life a play by YOU!
         I’d like to thank our Board of Directors, The staff of Imperial Theatre,
                                                                                                    Space is limited. Details available at
         Dan and Anne Elman, John Johnson and Michael Wilcott for keeping
         things running smoothly on the home front while their wives and chil-                          Contact us: 674-9192 or
         dren were in Austria, Elijah, the Crew, the Cast, Adrienne Kasdan,                               Kate Wilcott, Executive Director/Artistic Director
         Jesse Redmond, Taylor Johnson, and Robin Hebb, Marty McCarthy,
         and Elaine Boulanger!
                                                                                                      Interaction Theatre Company Board of Directors 2007/08
                                                                                                                       Daryl Johnson, President
                                                                                                                   Michael Wilcott , Past President
                                                                                                                     Paula Small, Vice President
Originally presented by Leland Hayward, Richard Halliday and Rodgers and                                                Jill Michaels, Treasurer
Hammerstein, THE SOUND OF MUSIC, starting Mary Martin, opened at the                                               Lynda Stamers-Gaunce, Secretary
Lunt-Fountaine Theatre in New York on November 15, 1959, and ran for 1,443 perform-                                        Directors-at-Large
ances. It won six Tony Awards, including Best Musical 1959-60. The film version, re-                     Omer Fournier, Michael O’Neill, Wendy Papadapolous
leased in 1965 and starring Julie Andrews, received five Academy Awards including Best
Picture. The most popular movie musical ever made, it has broken records at the box of-
fice and with sales of its soundtrack and home video.                                                                                                                    Page 19

Page 2
                                                                                       In Consideration of the Players & the Audience — No photos or video
              Special Thanks to Those Who Worked Behind the Scenes
                                                                                     Video recording or photography during the show is not permitted—it could be unsafe for
                           Wardrobe & Costume Design                                  the performers. Also in consideration for the performers and those around you, please
               Daryl Elizabeth Johnson, Giselle Higgins, Nancy Riven.                       turn off , or turn to vibrate, your cell phone or other devices that go beep!

              Tzigane Caddell, Christine Fournier, John Higgins, Bryce                        The Cast of The Sound of Music
    Johnson, Karen Stephen, Susan Lee Williams, Alison Calder and Helen Louise
                                      Mitchell.                                              Samantha Hermack                 Mother Abbess
                                                                                             Kylie Fox                        Sister Margaretta
                                       Props                                                 Lauren Stead                     Sister Sophia
             Christine, Omer and Paulina Fournier, Anne and Dan Elman.                       Becca Griffin                    Sister Berthe
                                                                                             Marley Caddell                   New Postulant
                              Set Design & Painting                                          Cherise Letson                   Nun
                      John Kerrigan and Nancy Forbes-Kerrigan                                Katherine Simon                  Nun
                                                                                             Veronica Kerrigan                Nun
                                     Sets                                                    Jacqueline Higgins               Nun
     The Caddell Family, Anne and Dan Elman, The Fourniers and Nancy Riven                   Hanna Dingwell-Daltrop           Nun
                                                                                             Rachelle Smith                   Nun
                                     Make-up                                                 Anna Margaret Duncan             Maria
                               Lynda Stamers-Gaunce                                          Matthew Christie                 Franz, the Butler
                                                                                             Zoë Caddell                      Frau Schmidt, the Housekeeper
                             Choreography Assistance                                         Tristan Johnson                  Captain Von Trapp
                                  Amanda Cook                                                Allie Fournier                   Leisl
                                                                                             Garrett Dixon                    Freidrich
                           Website, Posters & Programs                                       Rachel Caddell                   Louisa
                                    Paula Small                                              Will Sinclair                    Kurt
                                                                                             Hannah Martin                    Brigitta
                                   Sign Painting                                             Danielle French                  Marta
                            The Fabulous Fournier Family                                     Lauren McGrath                   Gretl (Saturday matinee)
                                                                                             Sophie Wilcott                   Gretl (Friday evening)
                                   Transportation                                            Daniel Britt                     Rolf
                                     Ray Small                                               Robin Hebb                       Elsa Von Schraeder
                                                                                             Andrew Gaunce                    Max Detweiller
                                     Junior Crew                                             Chloe Tibbet                     Baroness Elberfeld
          Elijah Wilcott, Bryce Johnson, John Higgins, and Veronica Kerrigan                 Ben Floyd                        Baron Elberfeld
                                                                                             Ryan Floyd                       Herr Zeller
               Thanks also the parents who organized the cast party.                         Daniel Flood                     Admiral Von Schreiber (Saturday matinee)
                                                                                             Ben O’Neill                      Admiral Von Schreiber (Friday night)
                      We’re always looking for a helping hand,                                                                Lieutenant Hauptmann (Saturday matinee)
    call 674-9192 to be put on a volunteer list where you feel you can contribute!           Drew White                       Lieutenant Steinhardt
                                                                                             Lindsay French*                  Party Guest/Concert Patron
                                                                                             Ashley Vautour*                  Party Guest/Concert Patron
      Advanced Performance Company photographer—Marty McCarthy                               Bryce Johnson*                   Party Guest/Soldier
                                                                                             Gavin Adams*                     Party Guest/Concert Patron
                    Thank you also to the Telegraph Journal &                                Kathleen Flynn*                  Party Guest/Concert Patron
              Steve Webb and CBC Radio One Information Morning                                   * Apprentice Members of the Advanced Performance Company
Page 18
                                                                                                             Accompanist: Elaine Boulanger
                                                                                                                                                                      Page 3
                                               “You get a great chance to perform and make new friends and learn lots of new
                                               things.” - Cherise Letson
                      ACT I
                                               “The positive aspects of belonging to the IACT community are that you make life-
                (1 hour 10 minutes)            long friendships and it’s like being part of another family.” - Daniel Britt

                The Sound of Music             What skills will you carry on to adulthood?
                My Favorite Things             “Hard work can be fun.. Everyone has an important role to play in the team. Keeping
                     Do-Re-Mi                  ‘play’ fun, otherwise it’s really no fun at all. Focus doesn’t have to be serious ALL of
                                               the time.” - Matthew Christie
            Sixteen Going on Seventeen
               The Lonely Goatherd             “I’ve learned not to judge, not to care what others say about me...unless it’s a totally
              How Can Love Survive?            awesome compliment about my stage presence...and of course I’ll be taking the very
            Reprise: The Sound of Music        wonderful skill OF ACTING along with me :) - Becca Griffin
                 So Long, Farewell
                                               “Too many to list!” - Cherise Letson

                                               “I will carry many skills on to adulthood that will help me in many situations such as
                                               making presentations to large crowds or speeches. In fact, when I was running for
               15 Minute Intermission          grade 10 VP at SJHS I had to make a speech in front of the entire student body and
                                               my skills that I learned from IACT gave me the confidence to do it. It also gave me
                                               the confidence to make me go for the high school musical. There are also many situa-
                                               tions in life that require quick thinking and improvisation and I know my experience
                                               with IACT will help me.” - Daniel Britt
                       ACT II
                    (45 minutes)

         Nuns Processional (Morning Hymn)
                Climb Ev’ry Mountain
                  No Way to Stop It
                    Reprise: Maria
         Reprise: Sixteen Going on Seventeen
                     The Concert
                  Reprise: Do-Re-Mi
             Reprise: So Long, Farewell
           Reprise Climb Ev’ry Mountain

                                                                                                                                 Page 17
Page 4
Earlier this year we asked the Advanced Performance Company to tell us what               Gavin Adams (Party Guest/Concert Patron)
they most like about their time with InterAction and what they may have learned,          Gavin Adams has been a member of the InterAction Children’s Thea-
here is what a few of them had to say:                                                    tre Company since 2002 and has performed in several productions.
                                                                                          Gavin, age 11, attends Saint John the Baptist King Edward School. He
How has your participation in IACT benefited you?                                         plays the violin and piano. He is a member of the District 8 Junior
                                                                                          String Orchestra and has performed in the NB Competitive Festival of
“I’ve met lots of new people with the same interests. I now understand everybody          Music. Gavin enjoys fencing, swimming, video games, and horror
needs to work together, everyone CAN depend on everyone.” - Matthew Christie              movies.

“I feel that InterAction has made me who I am today. If I was not involved with IACT
                                                                                                            Daniel Britt (Rolf)
I most certainly wouldn’t be Becca, I feel like I belong there and that where ever I go
                                                                                                            Daniel, age 15, is a grade 10 student at SJHS. He has been a member
I know I always have a family at InterAction. Every day I have a rehearsal or a class
                                                                                                            of IACT since the age of 11, performing recently as Black Dog in the
with InterAction, I look forward to it. I get through tough times at school just know-                      Advanced Performance Company’s production of Treasure Island, and
ing that I’ll be seeing my second family in just a few hours, the people who make me                        as Hans in Saint John History Mystery. Past IACT stage credits in-
feel better when I’m low.” - Becca Griffin                                                                  clude East of the Sun West of the Moon, Alice in Wonderland, and
                                                                                                            Jacob Two Two and the Hooded Fang. In March, Daniel also played
“Well it has definitely helped me be more outgoing and step outside the box, and                            the role of George in SJHS’s production of the musical Cats. His film
helped me do what I love to do most...act! :) - Cherise Letson                                              credits include the role of young Thomas Phelan in the film Vendetta
                                                                                                            (2001-formerly Irish Eyes). A talented pianist and cellist, Daniel has
“My participation in IACT has benefited me by immensely increasing my self-               been entertaining audiences since the age of 6 and has won many awards in cello and
confidence.” - Daniel Britt                                                               piano performance at the annual New Brunswick Competitive Festival of Music. Daniel
                                                                                          is a member of the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra and the District 8 Senior Strings
What are the positive aspects of belonging to the IACT community?                         Orchestra. He is also actively involved in the SJHS Choir, Club One-Five-O Ensemble,
                                                                                          and SJHS String Ensemble. Daniel enjoys reading, music, rowing, swimming, tennis,
“I love to act. I have learned so much about technique.” - Matthew Christie               skiing, playing video games, and spending time with friends.

“There are certainly too many positive aspects to name, but I think that the most im-     Marley Caddell (New Postulant)
portant is that you always fit in, whoever you are, whatever age you are, whatever        Marley Caddell is an 11 year-old girl. She is in her first year
race, everyone’s equal, like it should be.” - Becca Griffin                               at Rothesay Park School, grade 6. Marley's hobbies are acting,
                                                                                          reading, and playing the piano. This is her 3rd year with
                                                                                          InterAction Children's Theatre, and her second year in the Advanced
                                                                                          Performance Company. The thing she likes about the theatre school
                                                                                          is that it isn't always about one person. Marley has performed in:
                                                                                          How to Eat Like a Child, East of the Sun West of the Moon, Treasure
                                                                                          Island, and The Saint John History Mystery. She has also played parts
                                                                                          in school plays. Her hope is to carry on in life as an actor.

                                                                                                            Rachel Caddell (Louisa)
                                                                                                            Rachel Caddell is 13 years old and attends Grade 8 at Rothesay Park
                                                                                                            School. She has been in InterAction Children’s Theatre for four
                                                                                                            years, and has been acting for five years. Rachel enjoys acting, sing-
                                                                                                            ing, playing the piano, sports and hanging out with Hannah Mar-
                                                                                                            tin. She has been in the plays, East of the Sun West of the Moon,
                                                                                                            Treasure Island, Saint John History Mystery and How to Eat Like a
                                                                                                            Child. Kids at InterAction are like a family to her. Rachel hopes
                                                                                                            continue her dream on Broadway.

                                                                                                                                                                          Page 5
Page 16                      Photo credit: Marty McCarthy
                   Zoë Caddell (Frau Schmidt, the Housekeeper )
                   Zoë has been with Interaction two years now; The Sound of Music is
                   her 4th production with the company. She attends SJHS and is in           Will Sinclair’s character work for the role of Kurt Von Trapp
                   grade 10. She was in the choral for East of the Sun West of the Moon,
                   was Dirk in Treasure Island and performed in the Fort Latour scene
                   in Saint John History Mystery. Zoë loves to play piano, sing, act,
                   draw and be around her friends. Over the last few years she has be-
                   come very close with her fellow actors and is sad to think about all of
                   the fantastic members graduating this year. She would like to thank
                   everyone who knows they should be thanked. The rehearsals have
flown by, it’s time to put on a great show. GO TEAM!

Matthew Christie (Franz, the Butler)
Matthew has always enjoyed live theatre in any form: plays, con-
certs, buskers, magic shows, even a good book reading. Often caught
singing and quick with a joke, it was evident early on that perform-
ing was something he wanted to do. He asked to join InterAction
Children’s Theatre Company after seeing the company’s production
of Alice in Wonderland. Matthew is very proud to have become a
member of the Advanced Performance Company’s production of The
Sound of Music.

                Hanna Dingwell-Daltrop (Nun)
                Hanna Dingwell-Daltrop– 13 has been with Interaction Theatre Com-
                pany for 3 years and has participated in; East of the Sun West of the
                Moon, Saint John History Mystery and now, the Sound of Music.
                Hanna has been writing her own stories and plays since she was 2.
                Hanna also studies violin, dance, Hebrew, and has been known to be
                dramatic for most of her young life. Hanna attends grade eight at Mil-
                lidgeville North and hopes to make a career of acting.

Garrett Dixon (Freidrich)
Garrett Dixon is a member of the InterAction Children's Theatre. He
is 13 years old and attends Rothesay Park Middle School. In grade
six he appeared in the school play called the Old Folks Home(2006).
With InterAction Children's Theatre, Garrett has performed in the
Saint John History Mystery (2007), his first solo performance was in
the summer production of Broadway Bound (2007) and is Friedrich
in Sound of Music. Garrett loves to sing and act and has written his
own songs which he has sung at his church. He also enjoys skiing,
hiking swimming and running.

Page 6                                                                                                                                               Page 15
Drew White (Lieutenant Steinhardt)                                                                                Anna Margaret Duncan (Maria)
Drew is an eleven year old boy who has been involved in many extra-                                               Anna Duncan is 15 years old and has been performing with Inter-
curricular activities but none have inspired such enthusiasm or passion                                           Action for 5 years. She has been in numerous productions including
as his theatre experience. His interests in acting/theater began 4 years                                          Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island, Charlottes' Web and many
ago when he was chosen to take part in his schools district’s enrich-                                             more. A native of Saint John, she attends SJHS and has embraced
ment camp for high achievers. Drew’s roles have varied in size from                                               the artistic and theatrical culture of this city with her involvement in
lead roles to small parts but he is guided by the advice of Kate Wilcott:                                         InterAction. She is very excited to be playing Maria in the Ad-
“it’s not how many lines you have but what you can do with your                                                   vanced Performance Company’s production of The Sound of Music.
lines”. Drew was cast as one of the lead roles in his school’s production
of Charlotte’s Web, playing Templeton. As well, Drew performed in
the IACT production The Saint John History Mystery as a man in the 1800s battling a fire.
Drew conveyed the panic of a man in an emotionally charged scene where his character          Daniel Flood (Lieutenant Hauptmann—Friday Night/Admiral
was overwhelmed by the intensity of the fierce flames. Most recently Drew was involved        Von Schreiber—Saturday matinee)
with IACT in a dinner theater performance, A Murder in St. Andrews. Presently, he is per-     Daniel is 12 years old and has been involved with InterAction Chil-
forming in the production of the Sound of Music.                                              dren’s Theatre Company for three years with both acting classes and
                                                                                              workshops. He has performed in a variety of roles in plays and skits
                                                                                              including Alice in Wonderland. He also performed roles in school
                  Sophie Wilcott (Gretl—Friday evening)                                       productions at both Kennebecasis Park Elementary School and
                  Sophie is 6 years old and lives in Saint John with her parents, her big     Rothesay Park Middle School. Daniel also appeared as Robbie in
                  brother, and her dog, Samuel Beckett. Sophie has been involved in           Saint John Theatre Company’s production of A Christmas Carol in
                  IACT since the age of 8 months, when her mother brought her to re-          2005.
                  hearsals for Nicholas Knock. Since then, Sophie has appeared in
                  Hansel and Gretel (the Wicked Witch), Charlotte’s Web (Baby
                  Wilbur), East of the Sun West of the Moon (Monkey), and the Saint                                Ben Floyd (Baron Elberfeld)
                  John History Mystery (Child and Pigeon). Sophie has appeared in two                              Ben is a grade nine student at Hampton High School and has been
                  films, and won an acting award at the Silver Wave Film Festival in                               involved with InterAction for a number of years. He first appeared
                  2006. When not hanging out at IACT, Sophie likes to play with her                                in the 2003 production of Peter Pan. He has also appeared in
                  friends, visit her grandparents, draw, climb trees, do puzzles, and play                         Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang (2004), Alice in Wonder-
in her room. She is delighted to be sharing the role of Gretl with her best friend, Lauren.                        land (2005), Charlotte’s Web (2005), East of the Sun West of the
                                                                                                                   Moon (2006), Treasure Island (2006), and the Saint John History
                                                                                                                   Mystery (2007). Ben also was involved with Dramafest 2007, an
Kate Wilcott (Director)                                                                                            Atlantic Theatre Competition, in The Ever After.
Kate founded InterAction in the fall of 2001. A former instructor of
Acting in Dalhousie University’s Professional Actors Training Pro-
gram, Kate has directed, written, and taught for Professional Theatres
across the region, including Neptune Theatre, Chester Playhouse, Mul-
grave Road Theatre, and Zuppa Circus. Kate has directed all of Inter-                         Ryan Floyd (Herr Zeller)
Action’s Main Stage Productions, as well as writing and adapting Peter                        My name is Ryan Floyd. I have been with Interaction for almost 5
Pan and Alice in Wonderland. In 2006, Kate was awarded The New                                years now. I have been acting since I was six years old. I am now
Brunswick Day Merit Award for Contributing to the Arts in Saint John.                         thirteen. I go to Quispamsis Middle School. I like reading and writ-
When not spending her time with the amazing people that make up                               ing books. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I play Herr Zeller in The
IACT, Kate enjoys hanging out with her friends and spending time                              Sound of Music.
with her own crew, Michael, Sophie, Elijah, and Beckett.

Page 14                                                                                                                                                                           Page 7
Kathleen Flynn (Party Guest/Concert Patron)                                                 Will Sinclair (Kurt)
Kathleen is an avid reader, who enjoys listening to her ipod, watching                      Will Sinclair has been in: How to Eat Like a Child, East of the Sun,
movies, spending time with Olivia and hanging out with friends. She                         West of the Moon, Treasure Island, and Saint John History Mystery. In
is a grade seven student at Millidgeville North School and a passion-                       July he appeared as Harry Potter at Benjamin Books for the release of
ate admirer of Shakespeare and his works. Participating in Shake-                           the 7th book. Will is a grade 5 student at Princess Elizabeth School and
speare Idol with the Shakespeare Society last March gave Kathleen a                         enjoys drumming, listening to music and reading, as well as golfing and
renewed appreciation for all aspects of theatre, both from on stage                         snowboarding.
and off. She has a special appreciation for musical theatre. Having a
musician as a father has exposed Kathleen to all different genres of
music from an early age. Kathleen has been with Interaction Theatre
since 2002 and loving every minute of it.
                                                                                                              Lauren Stead (Sister Sophia)
                  Allie Fournier (Leisl)                                                                      Is a grade nine student at St. Malachy’s Memorial High School and been
                  Allie is fifteen years old and attends Samuel-de-Champlain school.                          with InterAction for one year. She has also completed two summer pro-
                  She has been a part of InterAction since 2003 and has proudly partici-                      grams at of ACT IT at the Imperial Theatre. With InterAction Lauren
                  pated in many wonderful productions. She adores writing, reading,                           has appeared in Saint John History Mystery (2007). Her other acting
                  drawing, painting, music and travelling and her favourite place in the                      credits include: Gretyl in Sound of Music (1999), a Munchkin in Wizard
                  world is New York City. She has visited this beautiful city three times                     of Oz, Beth (Anne) in Anne Arky (2006), and six different parts in School
                  and loves attending Broadway shows. She would also like to thank                            Daze (2007). Lauren has taken voice lessons since 2003 and has been a
                  her parents for driving her here, there and everywhere for her rehears-                     member of the Fundy Tide Swim team since 2002.
                  als and her sister for constantly running lines with her! She hopes you
                  enjoy the show!

Kylie Fox (Sister Margaretta)                                                               Chloe Tibbet (Baroness Elberfeld)
Kylie is 12 years old and this is her sixth year with InterAction                           Chloe is a fun-loving 12 year old who loves life, dogs, and IACT. She
Children’s Theatre Company. The various productions she has been                            joined IACT in 2004 and has been in all of their major productions
involved with include: Peter Pan (Tootles), Jacob Two Two and the                           since. The love, support and energy of the IACT family has really
Hooded Fang (prisoner), How to Eat Like a Child, Charlotte’s Web                            helped Chloe grow as an actor and as a person.
(Wilber) East of the Sun West of the Moon, the Saint John History
Mystery (Edie) and with her school in the Wizard of Oz as the Lion.
Kylie loves the smell of Subway and thinks the sky is fascinating.
She could live on ice cream and turkey soup and could wear a
flowy peasant skirt every day. Kylie is a Pathfinder, she believes in
fairies and plays the piano. She enjoys kayaking in calm water and adores the thrill of                         Ashley Vautour (Party Guest/Concert Patron)
being on stage. She hopes to be in InterAction for as long as she is allowed and to con-                        Ashley Vautour is 13 years old and attends Samuel-de-Champlain
tinue acting for a long while after that.                                                                       school. She has been in InterAction Children’s Theatre for 3 years.
                                                                                                                Previous productions include East of the Sun West of the Moon and the
                                                                                                                Saint John History Mystery. Ashley loves to act, swim, and sing. One
                   Danielle French (Marta)                                                                      day Ashley wishes to be a famous actress.
                   Danielle is a ten-year-old grade five student at Island View School.
                   She has attended InterAction for five years and has performed in
                   Jacob Two Two, Sleeping Rosie, East of the Sun West of the Moon,
                   and Charlotte’s Web. Her most recent role was that of Birdie, in the
                   production of Saint John History Mystery.

Page 8                                                                                                                                                                        Page 13
                     Ben O’Neill (Admiral Von Schreiber—Friday Night/Lieutenant
                     Hauptmann—Saturday Matinee)                                                                   Lindsay French (Party Guest/Concert Patron)
                     Ben has been with IACT since the fall of 2003 and he has loved every                          Lindsay is eight years old and attends Island View School. She has been
                     minute of it. Learning how to speak and perform publicly has been a                           a member of the IACT for 5 years and her performances have included.
                     huge benefit to Ben in all areas of his life. In Ben’s first year with                        Jacob Two Two, Charlotte's Web, East of the Sun West of the Moon and
                     IACT, at the age of eight, he played the lead role of Jacob in Jacob                          the Saint John History Mystery. When not performing she enjoys playing
                     Two Two followed, in other years, by parts in How to Eat Like a Child,                        basketball, swimming and playing with her friends. Her dream is to be a
                     Charlotte’s Web, East of the Sun West of the Moon, and again, a lead                          teacher when she grows up.
                     role in The Saint John History Mystery in 2007. Ben is a grade seven
                     French Immersion student at Harry Miller Middle School where he is
                     in the Drama Club and has played the co-lead as a talk so host in “The
Mystery Guest” and the part of a hippie in “The Competition Piece” that went to Dramafest        Andrew Gaunce (Max Detweiller)
in Fredericton in the spring of 2007. Ben loves to act and all of the parts, no matter how big   Sound of Music will be Andrew's 8th show with Interaction, with his
or small, were an excellent adventure!                                                           various parts over the years ranging in magnitude from a cameo as a
                                                                                                 street-sweeper in Saint John History Mystery through more prominent
                                                                                                 roles such as Dr. Livesay in Treasure Island and Master Fish in Jacob
Katherine Simon (Nun)                                                                            Two-Two. Currently a grade 12 student at Saint Malachy's Memorial
Katherine is a twelve-year-old grade 7 French Immersion student who                              High School, Andrew also participates in any-and-all theatre related
loves acting, sports, and hanging out with her friends. Her acting credits                       activities he can find outside of IACT, including playing Peter Cratchit
include Mary in Our Town, the Turkish Princess in East of the Sun West                           in Saint John Theatre Company's production of A Christmas Carol. In
of the Moon and an Irish immigrant in The Saint John History Mystery.                            school, along with an outing as George Gibbs in Our Town and chorus
She has played volleyball, badminton, and softball for school teams.                             parts in two musicals at Saint Mac's, he had villainous role as the Constable in their pro-
She especially likes music and is really looking forward to this produc-                         duction of Fiddler on the Roof last year. He'll once again be portraying a nasty character
tion of the Sound of Music.                                                                      this year in their production of Oliver, where he plays Bill Sykes. Andrew would like to
                                                                                                 thank (clichéd as this sounds) his friends and family for all of their support. He'd also like
                                                                                                 to thank his co-stars for making this one of the most fun and rewarding shows that he's
                   Hilary Smith (Stage Manager)                                                  ever be lucky enough to work on!
                   Hilary Smith has been involved with Interaction for the past 6 years. She
                   has performed in plays such as Charlotte's Web and Treasure Island.                            Becca Griffin (Sister Berthe)
                   Following her years of acting, she took on a new role; stage manager.                          Becca Griffin is a grade nine student at St. Malachy's memorial high
                   Hilary is currently in grade 12 at Saint John High School and plans on                         school. She is fourteen years old and has been with Interaction since Sep-
                   attending university next year to study English or Journalism. Hilary's                        tember 2004. She loves interaction and feels that is it her home away from
                   eventual goal is to become a journalist and hopefully, a novelist. She                         home. Becca recently played Madame LaTour in Interaction's Saint John
                   loves reading, writing, travelling, her friends and of course, Interaction.                    History Mystery and will be in St. Malachy's February production of
                                                                                                                  Oliver Twist, directed by Mr. Carl Killen. Becca really enjoys the arts and
                                                                                                                  dreams of one day becoming a star on Broadway. Other than musical
                                                                                                                  theatre, Becca is devoted to hanging around with friends and family.
                                                                                                 Becca would like to thank her friends (too many to thank in one paragraph), her mother's
Rachelle Smith (Nun)                                                                             friends , and especially her mother , father , nanny and kind-hearted sister Emma for mak-
 Rachelle Smith attends Princess Elizabeth School and is in Grade 7 in                           ing her musical theatre and high school life less stressful. I really couldn't have done it
the late immersion program. She enjoys acting, singing, song and story                           without you all.
writing, reading, downhill ski racing, swimming, badminton, and vol-
leyball. With InterAction she has appeared in East of the Sun West of                            Robin Hebb (Elsa Von Schraeder)
the Moon, Saint John History Mystery, Broadway Bound, and now the                                Robin is a grade 12 student at SJHS and is her 5th and final year at
Sound of Music. Rachelle has also appeared in many school concerts                               InterAction. Robin was recently accepted into Dalhousie University’s
and plays and the NB Competitive Music Festival for singing. She                                 acting program. Robin’s past roles include Chi-Chi the Free Sample
takes both piano and voice lessons and is a member of the Junior Choir                           Lady in Alice in Wonderland, the goose in Charlotte’s Web, and Israel
at Portland United Church.                                                                       Hands in last year’s production of Treasure Island. Robin also has
                                                                                                 been working at IACT for the past two summers and was a member of
Page 12                                                                                          Green Wagon Street Theatre in 2006. Robin loves all of her IACT
                                                                                                 brothers and sisters and will miss them horribly next year!
                Samantha Hermack (Mother Abbess)                                                           Veronica Kerrigan (Nun)
               Samantha Hermack is 15 years old, in grade 10 and has been home                             Veronica Kerrigan started with IACT the spring of 2002 playing Mira-
               schooled most of her life. She loves musicals, her favourites being Phan-                   belle Wolf in the Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig, from then
               tom of the Opera, The Sound of Music, and Wicked. Her favourite things                      on there was no stopping her she loved the theatre on stage or behind
               to do are read, write, listen to music, and obviously, act! She has only                    the scenes it didn’t matter. Presently she enjoys being involved in
               been part of IACT for a little over a year and already she loves it, and                    school activities such as K-Kids, Choir, hanging out with her friends,
               plans on staying until someone forces her to leave because she’s too old.                   taking guitar and youth group at The Church of the Good Shepherd.
               She was in dinner theatre last summer, and the Saint John History Mys-
               tery, as well as Shakespeare Camp over the March Break. She has no
problem being different or unique and can often be seen wearing some sort of crazy hat.

                                                                                           Cherise Letson (Nun)
Jacqueline Higgins (Nun)                                                                   Cherise is 15 years old and attends SJHS. She has been in theatre since
Jacqueline is 13 years old and is in grade 8 at Samuel-de-Champlain. She                   she was 12 years old and has been at InterAction since 2004. She has
has been with InterAction Children’s Theatre Co. for 6 years. Previous                     acted in the productions Alice in Wonderland, East of the Sun West of
productions include Peter Pan, Jacob Two-Two, How to Eat Like a                            the Moon, Treasure Island, Saint John History Mystery, and now The
Child, Charlotte’s Web, East of the Sun West of the Moon, and the Saint                    Sound of Music. She plans on being in the company as long as she can
John History Mystery. Jacqueline loves to swim, read, and play piano.                      and would love to pursue acting as a career after high school.

                                                                                                                Hannah Martin (Brigitta)
                 Bryce Johnson (Party Guest/Soldier)                                                            Hannah’s acting debut was in church when she was two-years old.
                 Bryce Johnson has been an IACT member for 3 years, and is a grade 6                            She played the part of an angel but would have preferred to be king!
                 student at Lorne Middle School. This is his first opportunity with the                         In grade five Hannah performed the role of Wendy in Seawood
                 APCo as an apprentice member. He has enjoyed his stage experiences in                          School’s production of Peter Pan. She thoroughly enjoyed this and
                 IACT’s How to Eat Like a Child (2005), East o the West of the Moon                             decided she would like to become more involved in drama. She
                 (2006) and Saint John History Mystery (2007). Bryce also loves to play                         joined InterAction Children’s Theatre Company in 2006. Here Han-
                 the piano and plays soccer.                                                                    nah took part in Saint John History Mystery where she played both
                                                                                                                the part of a wife and the tide. She has made many friends and
                                                                                                                learned new acting techniques. Hannah also played various support-
                                                                                           ing roles in Barnhill’s production of The Wizard of Oz. Along with drama, Hannah
                                                                                           takes voice lessons and has performed on the “Empty Stocking Fund” and has partici-
Tristan Johnson (Captain Von Trapp)                                                        pated in the Music Festival. Hannah’s favourite plays are Phantom of the Opera,
 At 15 years of age, Tristan has been involved in theatre for 5 years,                     Grease, Cats, Hairspray and the Sound of Music. She is really looking forward to play-
having appeared in 8 productions with IACT, including Peter Pan                            ing the part of Brigitta in The Sound of Music.
(2003), Jacob Two-Two (2004), Alice in Wonderland (2005), Char-
lotte’s Web (2005), East of the Sun West of the Moon (2006), as “Billy                     Lauren McGrath (Gretl—Saturday matinee)
Bones” in Treasure Island (2006), “Loyalist Man” in Saint John His-                        Lauren is a grade one student and has been a member of IACT for a
tory Mystery (2007), and “Hamlet” in Hamlet in a Hurry (2007). Out-                        little over one year. Her debut appearance was in Saint John History
side of IACT, Tristan has been in The Saint John Shakespeare Festi-                        Mystery (2006). When Lauren is not in school she likes to draw,
val’s Macbeth (2006), Harbour View High’s Fame (2007), and has                             paint, sing, ride bikes and scooters, run around, play on swings, play
appeared in a TV. commercial produced for the NB Dept. of Wellness                         soccer, and go for walks. She loves anything she gets to do with her
and Health (2005). He enjoys being a member of The Harbour View                            friends. Lauren really loves to read and her favourite books are the
Choral Ensemble, and Honor Roll Student, and a Soccer Player.                              Harry Potter and Nancy Drew series. Lauren would like to be a
                                                                                           teacher when she grows up, as well as an artist and a horseback rider.
                                                                                           Her favourite TV shows are Balamory and the Doodle Bops.

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