Medical Thrillers

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					     Medical Thrillers and Novels at the Ridgefield Library
Bazell, Josh. Beat the Reaper.                 Thrillers featuring medical disasters or
Chiu, Tony. Positive Match.
                                                            germ warfare:

Christofferson, April. Clinical Trial.       Bear, Greg. Darwin’s Radio.

Connelly, Joe. Bringing Out the Dead.        Benson, Ann. The Plague Tales
                                                     & The Burning Road.
Cook, Robin. Coma & many other titles.
                                             Child, Lincoln. Deep Storm.
Cordy, Michael. The Miracle Strain.
                                             Demille, Nelson. Plum Island.
Crichton, Michael. Andromeda Strain
        & other titles                       Follett, Ken. Whiteout.

Delbanco, Nicholas. In the Name of Mercy.    Kalla, Daniel. Cold Plague.

Fender, Sandra. Side Effect.                 Kava, Alex. Exposed.

Fisher, Darryl. The Broker.                  King, Stephen. The Stand.

Follett, Ken. The Third Twin.                Lynch, Patrick. Carriers.

Gerritsen, Tess. Harvest & others.           Mayer, Bob. Z.

Hall, James W. Red Sky at Night.             Nance, John. Pandora’s Clock.

Olshaker, Mark. Unnatural Causes & others.   Ouelette, Pierre. The Third Pandemic.

Opel, Kenneth. Devil’s Cure.                 Preston, Richard. The Cobra Event.

Palmer, Michael. Extreme Measures            Sherbaniuk, Richard. The Fifth Horseman.
        & many others.
                                             Watkins, Graham. Virus.
Robinson, Leah Ruth. First Cut & others.

Spanogle, Joshua. Isolation Ward.

Spruill, Steven. My Soul to Take.

Stein, Harry. The Magic Bullet & others.

Vachss, Andrew. Pain Management.

White, Stephen. Kill Me.

Wilson, F. Paul. Implant & others.

                                             Ridgefield Library          November 2009