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                               Child Security


               Nurseries, Hospitals & Playgrounds
The Child Security Manager (CSM) is an effective real-time
solution for childcare facilities (playgrounds, nurseries,
schools and hospitals). It is designed to help childcare staff
in protecting our loved ones and to give parents a piece of
mined. The system keeps an eye on each child, ensuring
that no child will be allowed to leave with any person who
cannot be identified.
Children are electronically tagged, by placing a tag on the
child's wrist or attached to uniform. The parents will be
issued with a passive tag that needed to be presented on
child collection. Child and Parent details, Including
photographs will be linked to the designated tag. The
system, automatically or manually clock in/out both staff
and children. The complete system put premises under
complete observation, ensuring that the staff are always
aware of children`s whereabouts.
Key Features
   Access control
   Clock IN/OUT
   Emergency/medical
    information at hand
   End of day report
   Messaging service
   Provide electronic and visual assistance to staff in
   monitoring and tracking babies in hospital infant
   wards and children in nurseries.

    Control all access points and handle emergency
    situations in the event of fire or building evacuation.

    In the case of unsafe situations, an alarm is initiated
    and a near by video camera triggered.

   Provides complete information on children, staff
   and parents.
General Specification
   Integrated RFID, video monitoring, and access control in
    one system
   Reading multiple tags (i.e. children) in the same reader
    field, at the same time
   Automatic child/ staff/parent/visitor recognition
   Contactless read and write functions
   Software recognition of unused tags
   Variable tag’s memory size
   Tag programming facilities
   Portable, portal, and long range readers can be used in
    network configuration.
   Up to 16 wire or wireless video camera can be connected
    to the system
General Specification
   Digital event recording and play back
   Large data storing capacity
   Children/Parent/Staff data base management
   Automatic control on all doors
   Local and remote alarm via network
   Anti tamper alarm
   Different level of passwords
   Networking capabilities
   Simple operation and use
   Fully customisable
   Online help
   Possibility of future expansion
 System Configuration
   The basic components of the system are:

              1. RFID tagging
              2. Digital video monitoring
              3. Access control
              4. Central computer & software

The central computer gathers information from each RFID
reader within the system. It then implements a special
tracking software to survey, manage, record, and analyse
as well as specifying how and when notifications of
occurring events should be sent. Patient information and
movement can be viewed on screen. The alarm can be set
to take different forms for different locations.
          CC: Central Computer CR: ID Card Reader DL: Door Electric Lock
          LA: Local Alarm PC: Personal Computer RFID R: Radio Frequency
          Identification Reader RS-232: serial Bus PCI: peripheral computer
          Interface SMx: Serial Multiplexer TP: Tagged Person VR: Video
          Receiver VC: Video Capture WC: Wireless Video Camera

Basic system configuration
Software Package
ID Form
Premises Plan
Efficient and user friendly software

Access control prevents unauthorized entry
Safer environment for children

Modular structure allows easy future expansion

Low cost
How to contact us
   For any additional information please contact us at:
   High-tech Electronic Solutions Limited
   610 Dumbarton Road, Partick
   Glasgow, G11 6RJ
   Lanarkshire, UK.
   Tel: +44(0) 141 339 2333
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