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AdMOS GmbH Advanced Modeling Solutions

                PSP Modeling Package in IC-CAP

                       Arbeitskreis MOS Modelle, Böblingen
                                  March 24, 2006

          Thomas Gneiting, AdMOS,
          Franz Sischka, Agilent Technologies,
AdMOS GmbH Advanced Modeling Solutions
                                             Extraction Strategy

                                                                          Extract Further
                                                                          Global Effects

                                                           Global Model


                                     Local Model
                                                            Flexible Extraction
      Basic Capacitance                                 Strategy For Local/Global
                                                                PSP Model
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AdMOS GmbH Advanced Modeling Solutions
                                         Basic Capacitance

                                                            The oxide capacitance as well
                                                            as the overlap capacitance
                                                            effects are derived from the well
                                                            known test structures.
                                                            For this purpose, the global
                                                            model of PSP is invoked
                                                            and the fitting is done on
                                                            multiple devices simultaneously.

This extraction must be performed prior to the generation
of local models of single transistor devices !
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AdMOS GmbH Advanced Modeling Solutions
                                         Local Model Extraction (1)

  In general, the extraction
  flow control of the PSP
  Modeling Package can mix                                             Global Model
  both, local and global
  parameter extraction. This is
  necessary due to the
  dependency of local models                                           Local Model
  on basic parameters from
  Cox and Coverlap

                 Initial conditions can be specified for each local
                 parameter extraction. Complete start parameter sets
                 as well as single parameters can be taken from
                 previous results.
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AdMOS GmbH Advanced Modeling Solutions
                                         Local Model Extraction (2)

                                                             Extractions of local
                                                             parameters are defined
                                                             according to the
                                                             recommendations of the
                                                             model developers.
                                                             All extractions /
                                                             optimizations / tuners
                                                             can be easily
                                                             customized in the above
                                                             GUI with respect to the
                                                             selection of parameters,
                                                             optimization algorithms,
                                                             optimization region etc.

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AdMOS GmbH Advanced Modeling Solutions
                                         Scalable Parameter
       Plot local parameters vs. gate length
       or gate width to extract and adjust
       global model parameters.

                                                      Devices with “suspicious”
                                                      results can be deactivated
                                                      and excluded from the
                                                      global fitting.
       The extraction flow provides 3 groups for
       global model parameter fitting according to
       the different device dimensions categories.
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                                         Verification and Finetuning
AdMOS GmbH Advanced Modeling Solutions
                                               of Global Model
                                                  It is very likely, that it will be necessary to
                                                  finetune a global model after extracting the
                                                  global model parameters from local

         This functionality is provided by
         the combined data display and
         the Plot Optimizer inside the
         PSP Modeling Package. The
         user can select a huge variety
         of characteristic diagrams and
         can apply own graphically
         defined optimizers/tuners to
         those diagrams. Once such an
         optimizer is defined, it can be
         reused for later extractions.

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AdMOS GmbH Advanced Modeling Solutions
                                         Extract STI Parameters

  The STI (Shallow Trench Isolation) stress
  parameters can only be extracted after
  having a well fitted global model
  This is done as a final step in the
  described extraction flow.

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