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					                                     Blogging Basics Good

        I think that I should establish in     advance how the       basics of      writing articles
and developing a good blog that I will apply. After thinking a while, I finallyconcluded there
are four important things:
        1. title
After selecting article topics that will be created, choose a title thatappeals
to visitors to read our article. In addition it also gave a briefdescription of the contents of the
article by using the meta data.
         2. Promotions
Why is point number 2 here is not the content? After the article was made, promote
their blog. Because as good as any article that you create if not promoted then others will
not ever        know. So      what     if no    one     knows? Surely no       one     would read.
Moreover, appreciate visitors who come. When they commented greetthose comments and if
possible do a reciprocal visit.
        3. content
Make it good content, and in accordance with article titles. When a fewtimes to find the title
and article content is "incoherent", visitors tend to be"cured" and ignore our other articles.
        4. learn
Always learning and never selfish. Let's just say we're learning abouteverything. Whether
it's learning to write, persistence, research, networking and friendship, develop a blog, and
 most important is to learnto always try and do not despair.

Hopefully useful.