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Blogging Basics Guide For Beginners


									                           Blogging Basics Guide For Beginners

       Until this moment there are still many who question how does the way blogging is good
and right? Are there any special tips that blogging can last a long time, even if I have to be
increased to the stage of monetization or earn money through blogging? Well, this time I say,
there's no recipe blogging is really proven successful for everyone. Each person is unique and
has individual learning styles. One way suitable for me, not necessarily right for another.

       Hence, if there is a blogger too weird that I have not met before suddenly asked: What
steps are best for me? Make money from internet how?Blah .. blah .. blah ... Wow gold, not
that I do not want to share knowledge.But yes funny wrote, yet he knows the capacity and
capability, but I was told to love advice. Like patients who entered the doctor's office, not to
say anything had already asked for an injection. If you do not either injecting drug use
headache for the elephant wrote him a profit already.
       What I mean. Unless every day I monitor the development of one's blog, follow the
step by step ebook that is read, just deh I could love a little criticism and suggestions for
improvement. So the newbie must also be intelligent. Do not be hurried asked before
googling implemented.
       According to my experience and other colleagues, there are several things to note in
this regard.
          1. Love to read.
       because reading is a mandatory requirement if you want to exist on the internet. Nearly
80 percent of blogging is reading. The rest was listening to the video and consultations via
telephone. Reading is not only beneficial to add a science, but also teaches us to be patient
and enjoy the process. Very strange happens when bloggers do not like reading. Unless he
can science telepathy.
          2. Starting with simple.
       Before reaching the number 9 we have to go through the numbers 1, 2, 3 and so
on. Had a dream of the skies is okay. You can start from simple things. Collection of small
success will eventually accumulate a huge success in the future. Even if you never realized
you can have little success. Next thing I know duarrr ..! Tremendous leap occurred in your
          3. Posting every day.
       One blogger who practice one post per day is Andi Sakab. At first I was not sure this
method could help bloggers explore ideas continuously.Hurry to write, open a laptop every
day aja not necessarily. But the results, please refer to himself in the blog. Like a knife, more
and more on sharpening sharper. If time does not usually tend to use rusty and brittle.
          4. Avoid controversy article.
       Controversy on the one hand can be catapulted the popularity of a person. But this is
the technique of writing the most grueling I've ever experienced. I prefer to share information
through the pillars of relevant content that can still be studied throughout the ages. Blogs are
taking this way such a diligent Satrya Milky WordPress tutorial discussed.
          5. Join the community.
       Communities should not be synonymous with the event or get-togethers kopdar while
showing off the style. Emphasized in this case is the sharing of information about one area
with people who have the same interests.For the online community, you can join in an open
discussion forum on the news portal, Yahoogroups mailing list, forum membership affiliate
products and so on.
            6. Blogging clearly stated objectives.
       What if blogging is not got the goal. Like a motorist who exploratory ngidul calculate
the length of the road and not have a purpose. If you do not run out of petrol in the middle of
the road, could-be got a ticket the police officer for violating road markings. Determine the
purpose of blogging now that you take steps not in vain.
            7. Keep the quality of the writing.
       It is not easy, but not impossible. To maintain the quality of writing, we must be smart
read the latest news updates and info about the field that we field. Because a foreign language
can not fixated on the reasons do not make reference in the country. Science out there are
very abundant and waiting to be read and practiced. Said in a television advertisement: open
your mind.
            8. Create your blog archives in particular.
       Blog archives could be backing up the database (this is often forgotten), make a list of
articles that have been published (I usually make in Excel) and save a copy of the article text
in pdf format. It seems trivial. But many blogs who have lost data because not forget to make
a neat filing system.
       Articles like this model has been widely circulated on the internet. But I'll never get
bored repeating in writing. Every day it appears newcomers try their luck at blogging. And
I'm sure they still need the basic information even though blogging.

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