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					             CHALLENGING WORDS



Marvin is a little elephant. He likes to splash with his trunk.
     Marvin gets in trouble, while splashing someone.
                        --- Conversation Questions---

(1)    Share what this story was about.
(Answer)      Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)     Did you like this story?

(2)   Imagine you were an elephant. What would you like to do?
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)     Have you ever seen an elephant before?

(3)   Pretend you are Marvin. Would you splash the other elephants?
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)     Do you think the elephants were upset with Marvin?

(4)    Compare Marvin playing a trick on the other elephants to a time that you
       played a trick on someone.
(Answer)        Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)       Did you get in trouble for that?

(5)   Explain the word “herd.”
(Answer)      A number of animals of the same kind keep together as a group.
(Follow Up)      Name another animal that lives in a “herd.”

(6)   Recall the name of the little elephant.
(Answer)      Marvin.
(Follow Up)      How old do you think Marvin was?

(7)   Look for what Marvin liked to do.
(Answer)      He liked to splash water with his trunk.
(Follow Up)      What do you like to do for fun?

(8)   Find what happened to the elephant that was sleeping.
(Answer)     Marvin splashed water on it and woke it up.
(Follow Up)     Do you think the elephant got mad?

(9)    Remember what the other two animals were doing when Marvin
       splashed them.
(Answer)      One was eating grass and the other one was rubbing his back.
(Follow Up)

(10)   Tell what the three elephants did to Marvin.
(Answer)      They splashed water all over him.
(Follow Up)      Do you think that was fair?

1.      Draw a picture of an elephant. Write some things that you know about

2.      Write about a time that you got in trouble for doing something

3.      Write an apology letter from Marvin to the other elephants apologizing for
        splashing them with water.

4.      Write down activities that you like to do for fun. Then pick one and draw


       1. Show pictures of elephants. Ask student things they know about elephants. Say
          today in our story, we read about an elephant who like to splash water with his
          trunk but he gets in trouble. Let’s read and see what happens.

       2.    When student comes in discuss with them about being mischievous. Ask student
             if they know what that means and have them talk about times they were
             mischievous. Say today in our story, we read about an elephant who gets in
             trouble by being mischievous.

       3.    Show pictures of kids or animals playing and splashing in water. Discuss with
             students about what they like to do in the water. Ask if they think animals like
             to play in the water. Say today in our story, we read about an elephant who
             gets in trouble by splashing in the water.

Book Title: Elephant in Trouble
Author: Thomas Crawford                                      Illustrator: Veronica Buffington
ISBN:                                                        # of Text Pages: 21          AR: N/A LEX: N/A
                                                 Building Oral Vocabulary
 1                       herd                 2               trunks              7            splash
                                                   Prediction Questions
 9          Do you think Marvin is going to bother the elephant that is sleeping?
17          Is Marvin going to splash the elephant too?
21          Do you think the elephants are going to get Marvin back?

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