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                                                       Seminars and Conventions
                           Menu Choices for Three Main Dish Options
                                       Morning                           LUNCH                         Afternoon                 DINNER
    Breakfast                           Snack                        (three main dishes)                 Snack                (three main dishes)

     Coffee or tea                  Ham & Egg or                  Sinigang na Isda sa           Pandesal w/ menudo or         Crabmeat Soup
       American                     Ham & Cheese                         Miso                      Suman sa Ibos           Beef Brisket w/ carrots
(choice of Ham, Bacon,                Sandwich                   Pinakbet w/ chicharon           Native Chocolate w/             and radish
        Hotdog)                      Soft Drinks                    Chicken Afritada                    pinipig                Chicken Curry
Toast Bread with butter                                           Guinataang Laman                                         Tanigue in garlic sauce
        and jam                                                     Dagat w/ aligue                                            Steamed Rice
       Fried egg                                                       Beefsteak                                           Almond Gulaman with
      Fresh Fruit                                                    Steamed Rice                                                 toppings
      Coffee or tea               Chicken or Tuna                 Gulay na Monggo w/             Pancit Luglog w/ puto          Hototay Soup
       Filipiniana                   Sandwich                       ampalaya leaves                  Soft Drinks               Beef w/ brocolli
   (choice of Tocino,          Soft Drinks or Iced Tea             Gulay na labong w/                                       (seasonal) or Beef w/
Longganisa, Beef Tapa)                                              saluyot, baboy at                                          young corn etc.
       Fried Egg                                                        bagoong                                             Fish in tausi and tofu
 Fried Rice or Steamed                                                Pork Menudo                                              Lechon Kawali
           Rice                                                   Crispy or Guinataang                                          Steamed rice
       Fresh Fruit                                                         Hito                                                Fruits in season
                                                                       Beef Stew
                                                                     Sweet Banana

     Coffee or tea             Assorted Asado Roll or                   Batchoy                   Chicken Arrozcaldo             Corn Soup
 Chicken Pork Adobo                 Adobo Roll                    Fresh Lumpia (Ubod)                 Soft Drinks            Mixed Vegetables
    Scrambled Egg                   Soft Drinks                    Chicken Barbecue                                           Buttered Chicken
Fried Rice or Steamed                                              Steamed Assorted                                         Camaron Rebusado
         Rice                                                           Seafoods                                             Sweet and Sour or
      Fresh Fruit                                                  Beef Kare-Kare w/                                       Steamed Fish in oyster
                                                                       vegetables                                                  sauce
                                                                     Steamed Rice                                              Shanghai rice
                                                                    Fruits in season                                               Sweets
     Coffee or tea                   Assorted Roll                    Tinolang Isda              Guisadong Sotanghon        Chicken Mushroom
Fried Daing na Bangus                 Halo-Halo                  Nilagang Kamote tops                  w/ puto                     soup
       Fried Egg                                                 w/ okra and guisadong                Soft Drinks             Coleslaw salad
Fried Rice or Steamed                                             bagoong or gulay na                                        Chicken ala kiev
          Rice                                                           labong                                             Fish Fillet w/ gravy
      Fresh Fruit                                                    Lechon Manok                                           Roast Pork w/ gravy
                                                                     Inihaw na Isda                                               Sweets
                                                                      Beef Pochero
                                                                     Steamed Rice
     Coffee or tea                Assorted Cakes                   Macaroni Soup or               Spaghetti with Garlic     Cream of Asparagus
 Tinapa and Daing na             (Choice of Custard                Sinigang na baboy                    toast                       Soup
         Tuyo                  Cake, Macapuno Cake,                  Tortang Talong                   Soft Drinks             Vegetable Salad
    Salted Egg with             Upside DownCake)                   Chicken Pineapple                                         Breaded Chicken
 tomatoes and onions               Mais con Yelo                   Escabecheng Isda                                             Spicy Squid
Fried Rice or Steamed                                               Inihaw na Baboy                                         Beefsteak in oyster
         Rice                                                         Steamed Rice                                                 sauce
      Fresh Fruit                                                    Fruits in season                                          Steamed Rice
                                                                                                                              Fruits in season
                                 Special Ensaymada               Sinampalukang Manok               Guinataang Halo
                                    Buko Juice                        Fresh Lumpia                  Suman sa Ibos
                                                                     (Baguio Beans)                  Soft Drinks
                                                                    Paksiw na Baboy
                                                                  Fried Fish w/ boiled
                                                                  tomatoes (Daing na
                                                                   Kalderetang Baka
                                                                      Steamed Rice
                                      Buko Pie                                                    Dinuguan with puto
                                    Soft Drinks or                                                    Softdrink
                                   Dalanghita Juice

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