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					                        RETRO ROBOT CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT

This agreement is made on _______________ between Retro Robot, herein referred to

as "Seller", and ___________________________________________, herein referred to
                                       (your full name)

as “Consignee”. Whereas Consignee wishes to sell                     Vintage         Craft     Art      Other
                                                                           (circle all that apply)

by consigning said item(s) to Retro Robot for sale, it is understood:

(1) That Seller will decide the purchase price for items, and that all items are subject to price reduction at
the discretion of Seller. Exceptions may be made if Consignee makes a price request and agreement is
reached between Seller and Consignee prior to exchange.

(2) That for his/her efforts Seller is entitled to retain 50% of the purchase price for vintage and craft
consignment items, and 35% of the purchase price for art consignment items. Consignment percentages for
other items are to be negotiated by Seller and Consignee.

(3) That should a sale be effectuated, Seller shall forward a check for the amount of the full purchase price
less the aforementioned 50% to Consignee within 14 days of the receipt of same.

(4) That Seller assumes no responsibility for the loss or destruction of any item.

(5) That Consignee is responsible for repair and cleaning of merchandise prior to the delivery of same to

(6) That any costs incurred by the delivery of items to Seller shall be borne by Consignee.

(7) That Consignee may reclaim merchandise at any time during duration of the specified agreement period
after giving Seller two (2) days notice, wherein any costs incurred by the delivery of same to Consignee
shall be borne by Consignee.

(8) That should the merchandise remain unsold after six (6) months from day of consignment and an
election be made by the Consignee to reclaim said merchandise, any costs incurred by the delivery of same
to Consignee shall be borne by Consignee.

(9) That Consignee must pick up all unsold items within six (6) months from the date of consignment.
Consignee will be notified ONCE at the end of the consignment period, and unless otherwise stipulated by
Consignee, all unsold items not reclaimed after notification will automatically become property of Seller.

Agreed upon consignment percentage for Other items ___________________________________

__________________________________                         __________________________________
(Consignee full name, print)                               (Seller full name, print)

__________________________________                         __________________________________
(Consignee Signature)                                      (Seller Signature)

__________________________________                         __________________________________
(Date)                                                     (Date)

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